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European Metal

When buying a metal door at first note of the manufacturer of this product. Quality European doors of metal, perhaps unparalleled degree of reliability, but also products domestic production is known for its excellent performance, also has several additional advantages. Having made the decision to purchase the doors of European production, specify how the parameters of your door correspond with the size of the European standards. If they match, feel free to purchase imported door. If the same size as the door does not conform to European standards is better to buy the door from a local manufacturer, producing high-quality doors for standard doorways.

The sheer quality of the doors, made of metal, their design will depend on the particular profile used in the manufacture of box door. Also door design will depend on how the door leaf is attached to the box with hinges. The overall level of security doors will depend on the thickness of sheet metal that make up the surface of the leaf. Are reinforced metal double doors with a thick sheet of 2 to 3 millimeters. Hear other arguments on the topic with Verizon. It is believed that the door leaf which reinforced double-leaf, have a special degree of reliability and safety. The quantity and quality locks also affects the overall level of security doors. On the door standard, experts prefer to install at least two locks. It is desirable that these locks were of different types: a lever, the other cylinder.

As a rule, lever lock used for locking the door for a long time. Cylinder lock is used to briefly hold the door in the closed position, for example, on a hike to the store. Significant amount of time choosing metal doors should be paid to their ability to insulate the space from the noise. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Munear Ashton Kouzbari by clicking through. This effect of isolation is achieved through room inside the door of a special material, the filler, which serves as a substance that absorbs sound. The ability to absorb door extraneous noise can enhance the special seals along the entire perimeter of the side doors of the space. Mounted on the door, a sealer will protect your hallway or foyer, not only from harassing, loud sounds, but also from unpleasant odors. Properties of metal doors save heat in the room is also very important. They are achieved through the installation of sealant and filler, which were discussed above. If the security and insulation properties of metal doors set aside sufficient consideration could be given the time and the choice of type of finishing of doors, as well as their accessories. Method of finishing metal door will depend, in many cases, the class of metal doors. Inexpensive, but at the same time functional and stylish look finish class economy is a surface treatment of fabrics such doors with vinyl artificial leather. Finish the same surface of the door with spray paint also features a reasonable price. In addition, she has excellent vandal-proof features, looks great and requires careful maintenance. Door trim with laminate, lining, mdf, solid wood or wrought iron front door with big demand investment. During the selection of doors, made of steel, do not be afraid to directly ask the seller about whether the company engaged in the installation of doors sold. If the answer to your question is yes, boldly purchase your favorite input access door.

Western Europe

First of all, we should note that the conception and development of art forms and genres in a series of centuries and millennia is an international, universal human nature, regardless of the specific features of East and West and the peoples of the world. Achievement of some nations become the property of others, that most clearly seen in the development of European civilization and with kultruy primary source of classical antiquity, the Renaissance in Western Europe and the Renaissance in Russia in its historical terms. Borrowing and a lifetime – the natural process of development of human culture, but new peaks in its development, as in the Renaissance era, given the amazing shoots high classics. This is seen in Russian painting, music, opera and Russian ballet Diaghilev and introduced the West to open your eyes not only of Europeans, but also in our classical Russian art, the phenomenon of the Renaissance in the long run. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Gary Kelly and gain more knowledge.. And this is especially clearly expressed in the Russian ballet. “The investigator wrote:” After the “Russian Seasons” in 1910 Diaghilev tried it define “the essence and mystery of” the new ballet performance: “We wanted to find an art by which the whole complexity of life, all the feelings and passions are expressed in addition to words and concepts are not rationally, but spontaneously, clearly, indisputable. ” “The secret of our ballet is in a rhythm – echoed Bakst. – We found it possible not to transmit feelings and passions, as it makes drama, not the shape, as does the painting, but the best rhythm of feeling and form. Additional information is available at Verizon.

Our dances, and decorations, and costumes – it’s all so exciting, because it reflects the most subtle and intimate – the rhythm of life. ” Diaghilev and Bakst, like Benoit, completely unaware that their passion for music, painting, opera and ballet, with fully and deeply professional, gained its essence is not just a ballet, namely the Russian ballet, classical ballet in its highest development, with the introduction of a new rhythm in the plasticity of the dance, thanks to innovations of Fokine, in elements especially of Russian music in the new stage area, re-created first-class artists. These were not individual performances – “Pavilion of Armida,” “Cleopatra”, etc., decorated and filled with more or less successfully, and productions in addition to the actions and themes, having in their world outlook based on current age, when past, mythological times, antiquity, the Orient, Europe, all the poetry and erotic tales came to life in this through music, painting and a new plastic dance, creating a sense of immediacy, self-worth of life and eternity. Nothing of the kind on the European scene at the time was not and could not be. Go to Munear Ashton Kouzbari for more information. It revived the aesthetics of Renaissance artists from Sandro Botticelli to Raphael Santi paintings, and even in music and the plastic dance in co-creation of brilliant composers, artists, dancers and dancers with a unique corps de ballet. Russian ballet of Diaghilev because entreprise Paris stunned that this was a vertex in the development of world ballet Renaissance phenomenon, which will break out new stars during the xx century.

Weber Joint Souple

Another option – glass fiber (WELLTON, Vitrulan, etc.). They made of clean glass, almost afraid of humidity, can withstand multiple colors, and besides, do not require prior preparation of walls, since they possess reinforcing properties and able to hide cracks and other surface defects. Costs glass wall in 15-20 rubles per m2, and will last – up to 20 years. However, even the highest-quality wallpaper is unlikely to become a good solution for walls in wet rooms, For example, a bathroom. Here, the absolute leader in durability and resilience over the years is glazed tile. According to Oracle, who has experience with these questions. Of course, the process of laying a rather complex and requires special skills, but the result is worth it. Whatever the price of a tile, it can be so long that life is usually not even considered among his characteristics. For example, age tiles, decorating the walls of some temples, has a century, and yet in fact it is also a tile.

However, today you can find the options "on every pocket – from 300 rubles. per m2 up to Perhaps the upper limit does not exist. Unfortunately, filling the seams of the cement intertiled destroyed much faster. Therefore, experts recommend to use for this purpose special formulations – grout having water-repellent properties (Weber Joint Souple, Bolix Bolina, Ceresit ce 40, and so forth). Also You can handle intertiled seams means that increase their resistance to humidity, for example, Atlas Delfin. Windows and doors Along with the tile, one of the most profitable in the long-term investments are plastic windows.

Caucasian Mineral Waters

Gray, all of mark marking asphalt ribbon stretched to move to the city of Kislovodsk. We, the two architects, traveling by car from the airport Mineral Waters somewhere about forty minutes. The city welcomed us very friendly, unlike the weather Mineral Waters. As we said the driver, such shifts of weather is normal for the region of Caucasian Mineral Waters. Mountains encircled the city and inside the small speaking polugorami poluholmami create interesting landscape. A tale for the modernist architect. We drove in silence, just watching with interest pezazhami which flashed past the windows of our car.

City high-rise buildings opened to us the Soviet period and modern buildings in between, although there were also a new high-rise building. Crowding in the city ring of mountains raised the price of land that is naturally forced to put investors at the height of the houses. Driving along the main street – Avenue of Victory, we It turns out no one had crossed the city. But to us it was not noticeable, the town itself is small and the differences in areas not so striking. But the noticeable difference in the number and height of buildings. Victory Avenue is the longest street with one ring of which we entered the city, and from another we went to the central circular area of Kislovodsk. In general, a passion for roundabouts in urban Kavminvod widespread. From the area circled on it, we went to the left towards the old railway bridge, and a small pump-room mineral water Zhelyabovsky known as seltzer.

The purpose of our trip was a sanatorium Plaza, where we were supposed to get organized in Kislovodsk meeting a number of architects whose purpose was to discuss several issues and interactions in multiple projects. Slipped through the blue spruce adorned with some interesting and sanatoria of Kislovodsk, Zhelyabov street we turned briskly to the side and we were told were on Lenin Avenue, and within five minutes were on the scene. Gleaming in the sun and molding foreign shine, we were met by our resort in the short time he became our home. Despite the long-range flight air of Kislovodsk and its species we cheer and we were tired though but would also make a walk after dinner in the surroundings of our resort, good as we were told there was something to look. But our plans as we would expect mixed meal, which turned us from a persistent climbers of mountains in relaxed and willing to nuzzle the elderly. We fell asleep in a room under the gentle sounds of some unknown birds that perched on a branch that is singing about her on bird …

Forex Indicators

Indicators serve three broad functions: * warning * * confirm the predictions of light may act as a warning to learn the price movement of a little more closely. If the pulse (driving force) decreases, it may be a signal that can be expected to break the support line. Or, if formed more positive divergence (divergence), it can serve as a warning to watch for a sharp break resistance line. Indicators can be used to confirm other technical analysis tools. If there is a sharp change in prices on the price chart, corresponding to the intersection of the sliding average value could serve as a confirmation of this breakthrough. Or, if the market breaks the support line that corresponds to the graph display Low On-Balance-Volume (OBV), it can serve as confirmation of the weakness of the market.

Some investors and traders use indicators to predict the direction of changes in future prices. Indicator – there are a number of data points, which are obtained by applying the formula to the price data protection. Price data includes any combination open (open), the highest value (high), the lowest value (low) or closing (close) over time. Some indicators can only use closing prices in tovremya others include in their formula for the volume and open interest. We introduce the price data in a formula and perform calculations. For example, the average number of 3 final price – provides a single data point ((41 + 43 + 43) / 3 = 42.33). However, one data point does not provide much information and does not show that makes light. For analysis requires a number of data points over time.

Creating a time series of data points, the comparison can be made between present and past levels. For purposes of analysis, indicators are usually shown in graphically above or below the price chart (chart). Shown in graphic form, the indicator mozhator can be compared with the corresponding price schedule. Sometimes the indicators are above the price chart for more accurate comparison. Earn 1% to 50% per month! Indicator offers a different perspective to analyze price movement. Some, such as moving averages, are derived from simple formulas and mechanics relatively simple to understand. Others, such as stochastics (Stochastics), have complex formulas and require more time to study, to fully understand and appreciate. Regardless of the complexity of the formulas, indicators can provide unique perspective in determining the strength and direction of price change. Simple Moving Average (Simple moving average) – an indicator that calculates the average price for a specified number of periods. If the fluctuations in price extremely volatile, then moving average helps to smooth the data. Moving averages filters out random noise and offers a smoother future price movement. Schedule of Veritas (VRTS) displays greater volatility, and analyst may have difficulty in determining the trend. Applying the 1 0-day simple moving average to the price schedule, random fluctuations are smoothed out to make it easier to identify the trend.

Mothers Ask Gazizullina

The story began seven years ago when his son Farit Gazizullina, Renat, left his wife, Elmira, with two children: seven-year-old Timur and Amir. Farit Elmira offered a deal: she does not go longer married, he provides material well-being and her heirs. But the deal did not materialize, Elmira married Dmitri Matveev, we now have them, but the boys from his first marriage, son, Arkady, and adopted daughter Mary, and a happy family. Was, until Farit Gazizullin not decided to pick his successor, his grandson, which chose the time – 14 years of Tamerlane, a passport. Method of weaning children from the mother was chosen as the most unsightly, although apparently methods such ungodly things does not happen. November 22, 2008-year Timur went to stay with his grandfather and did not return, as it turned out, it is illegal without the consent of parents have taken out abroad. Three months later, in March 2009, police received a complaint from the father Timur – Renata, the same Renata, who left their children seven years ago Son de complained to him that his stepfather regularly beat and tortured him And this statement with reference to the complaint was sufficient. Consequence started just once, to the same was put to the control of the Central Investigation Department (!), as if there was a case of some unthinkable crime of special importance to the state.

And two months later, on April 22 unsuspecting, interrogated Dimitry Matveev – was taken into custody! The first reaction of the prosecutor’s office was a natural: the deputy prosecutor of the Western Administrative District of Moscow, Counsellor of mv demanded an end to the prosecution, dv Matveev, citing numerous violations of the investigation. Immediately after this Voschinsky was removed, and Lypove investigation continued to gain momentum, despite the obvious: a crime was not. Photos allegedly tortured the boy, made the resorts Arab Emirates, Italy and so on, where he is happy and cheerful, without any traces of beatings and other violence, speak eloquently about the falsity investigation. For decency Matveeva gave a personal guarantee representative of the Patriarch of Moscow and All Russia on cooperation with law enforcement authorities Dimitry Smirnov. It says a lot. Appeal to the Public Prosecutor Moscow Semin jj on this issue did Grishankov mi, first deputy chairman of the Duma Committee on Security, the Chairman of the Commission of the State Duma Anti-Corruption. But all to no avail. Here, Larry Ellison expresses very clear opinions on the subject. Apparently, the former Minister, now a member of the Board of Directors of Gazprom Gazizullina who is behind all this professional case, did not care.

Do not confuse investigators, who dazzled a professional case merely on the statement Gazizullina. Do not bother Prosecutor’s Office, which is ready to support such absurd accusations in court and does it. The court is now. Along with the excitement of this professional case in another court began the process of withdrawal from the family’s second son – Amir. It is clear that the “take” it can be used only if the court finds Dmitri Matveev “victimizers.” To venture this second process, it was only possible in the case of full confidence in dealing with this professional trial Dmitry Matveev. An amazing confidence! That’s how we live on their land in their country. Senior officials rob children put their parents, the press was silent, everyone is happy.

USD Rubles

FINAM is still the largest investment company. I switched to them from another broker, because they had a small commission on that date, which is about 0.03% of turnover, cost shoulder and bad news feeds. And all it was OK! I would cut loot for themselves and not bring a bad profit FINAM. Life was good, the market began to recover after the crisis the fall, my income has grown steadily and there were no signs woes! But now fate has written next trick in the form of an order by Finam 002 from 19.02.2009! It said that from 24.02.2009 the amount of commission the Broker for execution (partial response) of one of the Client's order is not less than 35 rubles without VAT. Kick! As a sickle on Faberge! This is what you get? I do not buy more for their position is valid share of Sberbank, if it cost 15 rubles. And pay commission 35 rubles. Sells for 16 rubles, pay another 35 USD. ! Finam, are you crazy? Obdiralovo what is! Profits and so do not just give, and here also a zapadlyanka! And because of radishes, so that no advance warning! When the income tax at the end of last year was taken, so the entire mailbox spammed, so I have an account there is enough funds for the transfer tax, but here in your site, somewhere in the lower right corner (FIG immediately and you will see) have placed an order and everything! I chuhnulsya only if after the next trading day my merchant account instead of increase noticeably thinner.

Lutsk Vladimir

Soon there was a well fortified outpost – the first barrier in front of the Vladimir principality. Andrew loved and respected and vigilantes, and common people for his valor and integrity judgments. In those days, selfishness and lust for rich overwhelm the mind of some of the princes. Gary Kelly contributes greatly to this topic. Justifying himself, believing himself deprived and resentful brother forgot the ties of blood and went to his brother, a nephew of his uncle. And there was no end to this until someone does not prevailed in this terrible struggle. That and the princes Vladimir and Izyaslav not resist, went with weapons on their relatives. Yuri Dolgoruky assembled princes and boyars, and decided to punish the wayward princes.

The first meeting of the teams occurred in the city of Lutsk, which kept the defense of Vladimir. Too were confident in their superiority princes, without investigation, they came near to Lutsk, and here they awaited the punishment for their carelessness. Opened the doors of the city, and a large group of archers of Prince Vladimir in order of battle came down to meet soldiers and began to shower cloud of arrows of his opponents. Many soldiers were killed, and the army in the confusion was ready to disperse. But Andrew with the team pounced on his prey, the enemy was express his sword.

Inspired by the bravery their commander's soldiers rushed to the enemy and turned it into flight. The prince saved the army from defeat. Many feats of arms done Andrew and for that his father gave him in the reign of the city Vyshgorod.

Unique Gifts

Of course, times have been shortages, but the marketplace of ideas is far from full. We are very pleased to bestowed things, which we lacking. And if you offered in a "missing" item will be exclusive, then you combine business and pleasure not only useful but also very nice:) Now that we understand what we do and how we formulate basic rules of creating a "homemade" gifts. Rule number 1. Do not be afraid to create unique things.

Even if the greeting or the thing will turn out not perfect, it's likely it will be like in the proverb, noticeable only master, the have you. In addition, a gift made by his own hands to get in any case much nicer than "shop". Gary Kelly is open to suggestions. Rule number 2. Love every thing you created, invest in them the warmth of your hands and then they will be truly expensive. Rule number 3. Creating a gift, think about who you are it will present. Not only do the unique thing you need to fit a birthday.

Rule number 4. Combine gifts. Together with an unusual bouquet can teach cute souvenir congratulation address is quite possible to reconcile with the thing less than the original. Rule number 5. Do not stop there. Look for new ideas and new forms of embodiment, since even "tame" gifts can become a "template" if make them "on stream". Rule number 6. Keep your ideas. Keep a notebook computer file drawer or something like that, where you will record all the ideas that embody (or embodied) in life. On the one hand, it helps self-improvement, on the other – never to repeat. Rule number 7. Do not strive to do everything yourself. If you create an arrangement, that a wicker basket for her can be purchased at the store, and for panels embroidered with a cross border fully available in the cabin. Rule number 8. Do not count your time. If you think that the creation of gifts takes a long time, then think about how, not whether you have spent more on it to find the right gift? Rule number 9. From time to time to rest from their hobby. Birthday, as we know, only once a year. Except holidays, there are routine. Let people close to the establishment of gifts will be for you to relax. Rule number 10. Do not give everything to everybody. Let the birthday boy is proud of your gift, telling your friends about it. Among all who are you going to donate something, must be those who will receive something you bought in a store.

The Surface

To reinforce the material, increase its strength and improve its performance the most suitable are polymeric binders. Some manufacturers began to apply for manufacturing artificial stone fiberglass, which increases the strength of the material prevents moisture penetration and destruction of the cement and prevents chipping, which can occur due to improper installation or under the influence of atmospheric phenomena. The process of manufacturing a decorative facing stone is not complicated and does not require lengthy preparation. He concludes that the prepared mixture is poured into a special form, which results in the unusual tiles: on the one hand, it is as it should be tile, completely flat, but on the other side of the surface in exactly the same shape, color and texture of natural stone. The quality of the product is determined not only by its composition, but also those forms which have been used in production.

And the more the manufacturer of such forms, the more varied and it looks spectacular artificial stone, and the more difficult to recognize the imitation. Artificial stone has a smooth surface, it does not need to handle it very well falls on any cover, and for the lining is not necessary to strengthen the wall special iron armature. And if one is an artificial stone intended for facing the basement, but today it is used almost in any tiling: artificial stone decorated facades, fences, patios, arbors, grottos and interiors, balconies, is used in the design of other architectural elements of buildings. In connection with such obvious advantages of artificial stone, and rising demand, which can not interest of potential investors. Benefits that they derive from the production of artificial stone, of course, is high.

Importantly – the right to produce from the outset, selecting high-quality matrix, because flexible molds and shaped snap – the core of the process and most important, although the most expensive element in the structure of the plant for production of artificial stone. In order to ensure a high degree of imitation natural stone, you must have high-quality forms that allow perfect copy of natural stone relief, to avoid the effect of “smearing” and shrinkage deformation, and also to keep on its internal surface of the pigment composition. Important moment in the process of ensuring profitability of the business – the strength and durability of the matrices. Can we succeed in producing artificial stone using formoplast as a cheaper version of the matrix? Trying to save a very important part of the production of decorative stone – a form, you may lose a very respectable customers and hurt its reputation, since the buyer had already learned distinguish high-quality stone from the short-lived ersatz.