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Being Brazil

(VILLAA, 2003. P. 32-33). In this context the direct action of the capitalism in the Brazilian urbanization and even though for the construction of the Brazilian space is perceived. In some literatures we see that the urbanization goes to be characterized for the modernization of the field where of this form it has necessity of if looking exit in the ones until then centers.

This occurs, in its bigger part, for the phenomenon of the industrialization still at the beginning of the decade of 1930. Being Brazil, a privileged country for its natural wealth, one ' ' casa' ' of the great foreign investments. In this the capital one not only starts to be work as monetary value, but also as tool of being able. It is in this period, already for return of the decade of 1950 and 1960, it is that Brazil passes for very great a economic impulse, certainly this capital one was restrained in the hand of few. The jobs in the cities start to increase and the urban contingent consequentemente also was elava.

It is in this in case that, therefore, that Villaa (2003) affirms: Our image of the city, even so strong shaped for the experience of life, it is also, to a large extent, for the medias. These include the TV not only, but also the periodicals, and even though the radio, although more popular. Story here a symptomatic experience. I hear as I believe, many you all the mornings a radiofnico reporter, through one sanctioned emitting one of So Paulo …. In this context, the propaganda, the marketing and the medias are far from playing a innocent and neutral role. They contribute very to construct and to define a style of life and a model of happiness and modernity that are escancarados to the minority, and that they contribute to become conscientious the exclusion and injustice in the mind of this minority.

Reorganized Principle

The main question that arises before the reorganization of the participants – what is the rights and responsibilities must go to successor. Legally it was definitely that: 1) The full rights and duties can be transformed into a merger, takeover and transformation, ie to the same assignee, and 2) The full volume – more than one successor in accordance with their shares. This can happen only in case of separation. 3) In case of separation, when one company is allocated one or more of the rights transferred partially. To answer this question, we need to begin to define the principles on which to follow the reorganized entity. There are four basic principles: the principle of technologically– the territorial principle – conservation principle and the principle of repetition. Technological principle involves the separation of assets and liabilities of commercial or non-profit organization. The division of assets and liabilities is based on activity of the organization.

This principle finds its application in the distribution of assets, with the definition of succession, with the distribution of unfinished construction, manufacturing, accounts receivable and payable. Regional printsippodrazumevaet division of assets and liabilities, depending on the area where the property will be located at the outbreak of a legal entity rights to use it. The territorial principle is applied to objects of general economic fitness center, children's camps, and so on. The principle of conservation grants rights and obligations related to payment taxes, an injury to the health and lives of workers who appeared before the restructuring process of the legal person. Finally, the principle of repetition, which is used for the distribution of accounts payable, loans and other obligations. The main requirement is that shareholders may propose the reorganization – a fair division of property the organization and its obligations. The criteria for equitable distribution of assets is liquidity ratios, financial strength, solvency and others.

Web Design And Development

Web design – is, first of all, creating a unique design. This is what our company is engaged. The uniqueness of the design lies in its originality and being different to all other projects. In addition, when site creation and design should take into account ease of use that resource to the company's customers can immediately and easily find the necessary information, price lists and contacts. Our company has over many years of developing quality sites, and we have already learned to avoid mistakes in their work. Our designers are specialists in their field and know about web design and development of the site's all. All sites developed by several again tested for usability with the target audience and commercial orientation of the resource. Every project we begin with the development of concepts, by explaining the aims and objectives of the project, with an analysis of your business.

We already know what is expected of your site's potential customers, and how to stand out among competitors. In the second phase of development, we create a design model of the future site of course, in compliance with all requirements and customer's wishes. The important point here is personal contact with customers and discuss the project at every stage of its implementation. A few words I want to say the price development of the site. It can not be low (between 10 rubles), if we are talking about really high-quality website. Cheap website often created based on a template for a couple of hours and does not constitute a modern and unique online resource. We are working on commercial sites "from scratch", which is a key to the success of your project. All our projects have their own content management system that allows you to manage without the involvement of a specialist site contents. The site you can see the portfolio of our company and make sure that we create a truly original and modern trends of development of the relevant project site.

Three-phase Transformers

Any power transformer, voltage or current member of the primary winding, secondary winding (there may be several) and a ferromagnetic core, which performs the function of the magnetic wire. Three-phase transformers equipped with a voltage stabilizer with three phases, to withstand significant loads to the mains. High-voltage transformers are often transformers, but their main feature lies in the fact that they can cope with loads up to 110 kilovolts. Typically, three-phase transformers have a definite purpose: they either raise or lower the. In practical design of the transformer manufacturer chooses between two different basic concepts: a core, or armor.

However, any of these concepts does not affect the performance or reliability of the transformer, but there are significant differences in their manufacture. There are also Baluns three-phase transformers, which required the presence of three-phase mains supply and are designed for balancing the phase voltages in Mains 380 V (phase voltage imbalance elimination due to the unbalance of the load currents in phases, including the dynamic modes of operation), reducing the drag of zero sequence, creating a stable zero point, in many cases eliminate the need for a three-phase stabilizers .Moschnost transformatorVybor transformer is to determine their required number, type, rated voltage and power and groups and the wiring of the windings. If there are some stocks on the installed capacity of transformers, compared with the power optimization of the number of consumers included transformers can be difficult task. Power transformer must be 2 times greater than the rated amplifier power, or under heavy load on the network can cause an overload of the transformer due to the low frequencies. Rated power transformer must be chosen from the following series (in KVA): 0.010, 0.016, 0.025, 0.040, 0.063, 0.100, 0.160, 0.250, 0.400, 0.630, 1.000, 1.600, 2,500, 4,000. According to sep is permitted overloading of the transformer at 40% rated power for 6 hours a day for 5 days. Consequently, the power transformer must be at least 0.7 load capacity of the whole site. Choose the power transformer can be difficult.

Western Union Sales

5. Letter of sales (Sales Letter): also known as sales page It is the one where samples the prospect your product or service and try convince that you should buy. Create an effective sales letter is paramount. We must learn how to make them, what to put in them and in what order do so, otherwise, the chance of selling are increasingly less.? Through the sequence of autoresponders you can send to your subscribers to this page so that they are aware of your proposal and invest in it. 6 Payment processor: once the person decides to buy you must have some way to do so and the ideal is to have a credit card processor for sale is not cool. If unique payment methods you offer are bank transfers or sending money via Western Union or Money Gram, you lose perhaps 90% of sales from your web site.On the internet, people usually act on impulses at the time of purchase, recalls that it is not easy to convince anyone to trust in yourself and your product so once this person decides to buy you should be able to do it fast and easily.? 7 Product page: once the person successfully made its payment system must be a page where it has access to your product or service. In the event that the service that you offer is a coaching session, a live seminar or any other event the product page is one where the person confirms that he managed to buy and also receives the information of what you get with your purchase and how to leverage it.

These 7 aspects I have just shared with you are forming a basic system in a business on the internet. There are people who just create a sales letter and there come all his visits so you only use points 5, 6 and 7 and that of fine, but can be more complete and effective in the way that I have explained here. There are many ways, models or ways of doing your business online and the more you study, you see, buy and analysis you can accelerate your level of understanding around this business more. Trying to understand all this in a day can only be overwhelming, but believe me that it is question of habit and go see how each web page of this style with which you find yourself. I hope you have been helpful this publication. For more articles like this visit my web site and also download the free special report there gift.

Everything Worth Knowing About Basel II

Functioning and impact of Basel II for borrowers and banks. With Basel II and the rules adopted by the Basel Committee on banking supervision to the capital adequacy of banks every consumer but also every entrepreneur at a credit application or finding comes after funding opportunities inevitably in touch. But only the fewest consumers already have grappled with this issue and usually insufficiently about topics such as interest spread, rating or minimum capital requirements are the operators of the credit and financial portal has now set II online a detailed guide about Basel on its Portal. Currently 18 pages, interested readers at the Internet address find basel-2 / the most important details of Basel II and the associated regulations. So after reading this guide of also financial laymen it soon becomes clear why most banks making loans today with credit-related interest and why about compared to loans /… to find Interest rates for loans of different maturities and amounts can be indicative for a comparison. Who looks through the principle of risk management by the own funds to be deposited depending on kind of the creditworthiness of the borrower and know the factors that positively or negatively affect the rating of a borrower, can systematically improve its rating and therefore better terms for required financing needs.

Particularly interesting for companies is the fact that almost every company bank internally or by an external agency already gerated, so was assessed in terms of its specific risk. The knowledge of the presence of such ratings, as well as the classification took place makes it easier to decide whether they want to meet their financing needs through additional loans or would rather rely on other methods of raising capital it companies. A total so lots of interesting information for consumers as well as businesses. Daniel Franke


Many employers, realizing the importance and value of their own mailing list, quickly begin to fix this annoying bug. Coming close to the subject in front of them gets up happy issues one of which is as follows. "Should we start to send a personal page on the Internet, provided that the mailing will go out on a free service of mailing lists?" The answer to this question and the subject of this article. Of course, the simple answer to this question is very difficult to give. Much will depend on the goals and objectives set by the author. Let's look at different situations, we estimate the pros and cons, then the answer itself manifest.

After registering your mailing service is free mailings you are given a page that will contain a detailed description of your mailing and the form for the subscription. After a certain period Time your mailing entered in the main directory of the service and then held her announcement to subscribers of this service. This allows you to dial starting signature sheet in size from 1000 to 3000. The free advertising email service helps you as it were quick Start and type in some readers. After that you may have to promote and recruit subscribers. Let's look at options for the development of this situation. Opening the mailing list, receiving a page, you are doing nothing to increase the number of its subscribers. As a result of these developments, you will only be presented to service subscribers and those who will find a description of your e-zine in the directory service and subscribe to it.

The influx of the number of subscribers will be minimal. The next development. Opening the mailing list, receiving a page, you perform certain actions for its promotion. This development has both advantages and disadvantages. Of the advantages is to provide something you do not have to create their own page with descriptions for your mailing service you provide it for free. You will not need to buy domain name and pay for hosting services to fit the web page with descriptions and subscription form. It will do the service. Among the shortcomings especially worth highlight what you do not untwist your page. This is bad! Since signing up for your newsletter, the visitor can sign up on a competing list. Information on your page, you can not change, and it will be like all the rest of your subscriptions this service. Optimize this page for the search service system, you just can not. Another variant of the situation. Opening the mailing list, receiving a page, you create your own page for her and unwind. Y This option is only one drawback. You'll have to if you are, of course, has its own site to buy a domain and pay for hosting services. But with regard to the merits of their set. Untwist you own page if you want you can always edit it, change the description, add new information to optimize for search engines, place links to their other commercial projects and so on. You will be See Statistics page on which you will be able to carry out various tests. I hope that after reading this article you have manifested an answer to a question posed at the beginning. And you know what you need do. Thank you for your attention. Earnings on the Internet, e-commerce

Datango Group On The Rise

Hasso Plattner ventures investment shows results Berlin, May 30, 2008 the datango AG, manufacturer of E-learning and electronic performance support systems (EPSS), announces a growth of more than 100 percent for the past year. Customers – as well as the volume of sales and number of employees have more than doubled and the company has surpassed all targets set thus. Due to the rapid development at the end of 2006 made investment by Hasso Plattner ventures and Falk Strascheg, the Grand seigneur of the VC is industry and founder of EXTOREL. Datango objective is to help companies all over the world the successful launch and smooth operation of enterprise applications such as SAP, Siebel, PeopleSoft, Oracle applications, etc. and thus contributing to the optimization of the business processes.

The datango knowledge suite, which has recently received the SAP certification and with the Deloitte Technology Fast 50 award was awarded, is by many large companies such as RWE, used, BayerSchering Pharma, UBS u.v.m. at the global level. In the last fiscal year, the company on an international level has important strategic steps and has therefore an exorbitant increase. So the activities of 2007 in the United States, as well as in various European countries has strengthened datango and increasing the presence with new offices, as well as the participation in international trade fairs and events. The groundwork for the expansion of global presence were provided, inter alia through the support by Hasso Plattner Ventures and EXTOREL.

With an investment of several million euros, the Consortium has promoted the company 2006. Furthermore the acquisition of complete knowledge and performance solutions was made possible datango by the investment (KPS) business of the company Enlight AS in May 2007. The integration is now complete and a newly developed product will be placed this year on the market. The investment by Hasso Plattner Ventures and EXTOREL has achievements shown.

LEGIC Standards

3rd Edition of the brochure of the Barcodat GmbH, provider of bar code systems, industry standards has reissued its popular brochure for standards in the industry. Uniform standards in the area of quality assurance are of great importance especially in the automotive and automotive supplier industry. The VDA-label has prevailed now according to the VDA recommendation 4002/2. Also the Odette – or the LAV transport label play a major role. The increasing importance of RFID technology has been taken into account. Terms such as EPC, I-code, tag-it, or LEGIC are on everyone’s lips. The author team has tried to capture the standards in the field of automatic identification, areas of RFID and bar code and to explain.

The booklet sees itself as introduction in these techniques. For further research, a link directory of the default issuing organizations located at the end of the booklet. A small introduction to the technology of radio frequency identification (RFID) is prefixed. This introduction includes short and informative the facts to This technology. The brochure is released for free by Barcodat. An order form is on the Web page available for hurried.

Public Relations

Innovative Internet portal offers the idea of own photos and texts to provide with personal items and interesting design ideas, individual gifts from 1 piece presents”the operators of Mugking – in his shop in a completely new form. Here, each article is unique, well designed unique for friends, family, and as a give-away for business partners. In contrast to similar portals Mugking differs, that the type of content and finished attractive templates for the design make it easier for the customer, to become creative yourself and to implement your own idea in a perfect end product. Simple but effective steps implemented the components into a successful whole. The customer simply upload his photo, chooses an appealing article, chooses from the wide variety of design templates that are easy to use optimized to insure, ordered the product and receives the article directly to the post in the House.

A special feature of the Internet portals are there small quantities can be ordered from 1 piece! The range of creative online-shops was commissioned in February 2008 for the first time and is since then constantly optimized. Current design ideas that satisfy also special events or seasonal themes, are continually being added. Also the range of standard templates for any events – similar to the popular greeting cards – is constantly expanding. Currently custom car flags for wedding corsos are fully in line with the trend. Key to the success of the portal is the fact that more and more people on clothing, personal possessions and accessories represent. Special emphasis is placed on absolute uniqueness, for example when auto tuning or case-modding for computers. The Mugking products are applied on this line, about T-Shirts, bags, backpacks, stationery, and coffee mugs, which are individually printable, for example, with the own logo.

Is the customer through the creative templates in the shop, and he was still so untrained one unique, beautiful, personal item or piece of clothing helped, which is admired everywhere. Can pay all common means of payment, even the purchase invoice is possible all in all is guaranteed a quick and uncomplicated processing. Through a partner program operator allows itself to participate in the business idea also interested Networkers – attractive remuneration model is ideal for a part-time job in a serious environment.