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Lamborghini (Italian: Automobili Lamborghini SpA)-one of the most well-known companies – manufacturers of expensive luxury and sports cars. Despite the fact that the cost of these machines starts at several hundred thousand U.S. dollars, Lamborghini enjoys great popularity among wealthy connoisseurs. And it is no accident, because only one view enough to understand – before you easy machine. Lamborgini firm is located in a suburb of the Italian city of Bologna (Italian Bologna) – administrative center of the homonymous province. Ferruccio Lamborghini – while the so-called "tractor magnate, in 1963, founded his firm set to create its first model. At the time he was 47 years old.

In village of Santa Agata – not far from the place where it was located plant producing machines Ferrari, and began the history of this brand. Interestingly, he hired two former engineers from all of the same Ferrari. At this currently there are two versions of how a person engaged in tractors has suddenly decided to engage in sports cars. The first version says that is to blame for Enzo Ferrari. Ostensibly, in discussing the mechanisms unreliable clutch used in machines Ferrari, Enzo said that the tractor manufacturer has no right to criticize the sports car.

In response to an insult Ferruccio decided to create a Ferrari is better than Ferrari. The second version explains all that he is very interested in racing and wanted to make a better car. In general, these versions do not contradict each other, so it's quite possible so that they reflect both the then realities.

The Train

On my first trip to London I had a lift to the station. It was only fifteen minutes, then I stayed on the platform waiting for the train. There was a train every fifteen minutes and after about ten minutes later one. The travel time was an hour so I sat down to read some tests. When the train was coming to London was filled to the presenter said that the train was full and now will not stop until they reached London.

I have since discovered that this is the normal routine, yet was encouraged to hear what I thought was a sensible decision being taken. The train was full but not uncomfortable in the same way that a full train is a tube. After another ten minutes, the announcer came back to tell us that the train was broken and instead of delivering our election season in London, now leave us outside where we should make our own way into town in the tube. It took a while, and a conversation with the man next to me, to decipher what the change meant to me in terms of connections, etc, but gave an upbeat 45-minute buffer for my talk, I gathered that could face the additional delay. Having settled my own mind I looked to my companions and I realized that when the announcement was made had been no reaction from the other passengers. There was no sign of indignation, no sigh of resignation and not to heaven cast eyes of despair.