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Specialization Management

AD Carlos Mora Vanegas justification undertakings to ensure competitiveness in the present, they must offer products and services of quality in order to meet the needs of consumers require, in addition to having a good productivity that ensures demand. The Area of postgraduate Faces, Universidad de Carabobo, Valencia, Venezuela has created in February 1999 the graduate program specializing in quality management and productivity once researched and analyzed the needs of the Venezuelan business environment for professionals trained in the use of the knowledge and tools of quality and productivity according to competitive demands that the present scenarios demand according to the economic dynamics in the globalizing world. The role of these professionals within the Venezuelan business sector was considered very important in order to guarantee companies a competitive, effective use of these competitive advantages that allow conquer and remain in the markets, satisfying the requirements demanded by current consumers program emphasis is given to the personal and professional growth of the specialist in quality and productivity; States theoretically and practically that the human being is an end in itself and not a medium or instrument for a specific objective. Emphasis on the training of persons capable of autonomy, reason and conscience; build supportive relationships in the society to which it belongs, and a knowledge that supports this purpose. Cares about providing modern knowledge that the present demand interpreting requirements requiring the national stage to come out ahead, as well as it emphasizes the permanent development of their human capital and improvement of internal relations between its various units and activities, seeking to create the synergies of complementation and upgrading. It ensures that the impact of the contribution of the institution to the various activities of the society would lead to a strengthening of sustainable development and sustainable auto. OBJECTIVE provide theoretical and practical knowledge, skills, abilities currently the management of quality and productivity require in order to be highly competitive and contribute to the development of successful organization where he works or laborara.

Dre Earphones for Great Sound

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