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Web Hosting

First of all and it is the most important is how much is what you will pay monthly and that services? usually costs fluctuate between $4.00 to $12.00 dollars a month for a simple website either so d’Armes 5 leaves and I mean 5 sheets since it is the basics that these companies give you, here I give you an example of a web page of someone who gives catering and cooking classes, the first page will be the home page where you give a small explanation what you’re going to offerthen the second page can be yours some recipes with photos, the third page may be which are the products and services you offer, the fourth can be your curriculum vitae and the fifth information where these located and your email information. Second look if these companies charge you a fee for one single you see by activating your account, it is usually $ 20 but many of these companies have opted to delete this cost. Thirdly that these companies give you free domain, when you activate an account with any company that provides the Hosting service they give you the possibility to look for the domain of your choice example ( and that domain will be yours until you finish the service, the cost for this domain should be free. Fourth is the ability of Menorca you have to be able to enter already data in text, photos and videos there are many companies that provide unlimited this service as there are others that give you certain amount, and if you exceed you will be charged a plus for the difference, what I recommend is that if you want to enter videos enter them to YouTube and copy the code and paste it into your web pageThis is going to help that does not consume excessive memory that you’ll have for the information you want to put on your website. Fifth is the transfer of data, it is the information that enters and leaves each time that visitors come to your website usually the amount that these companies give is more than enough, in the event that you require more you can buy more space to the company that provides you the service of hosting but there are many that provide this service in an unlimited. Now there are many more options that will depend on what you want to do in the event you want to do an Ecommerce, prices and services will vary, it is so below you’ll find the Link where you will find several alternatives for web hosting when you click the icon going to go to the website of the company in which you will gain access to more information depending on what you want to do.