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Switch Terminal

For attachment to the outlet box is equipped with strutting legs with jagged ends, with special tightening Screw these feet are divorced and run into the wall box. Before you tighten the screws are tight, you need to hand in these outlet in the box to two stops mounting bracket formed on the edge of the box. In modern models, the installation boxes provided smarting bovye socket screws, which flange socket is attracted to the box. Outlet should be installed so that the sockets for plug positioned horizontally. When laying power lines outlets directly to the height of their deployment setup boxes simultaneously used as switching: for each terminal is fixed at the same time and the transfer, and a lead wire. When mounting switch should be aware that live wire should be connected to the terminal sliding contact, and zero – to the terminal fixed contact.

If the switch two or trehklavishny, he has all the moving contacts displayed on the one terminal (for her and connect live wire), and the terminals fixed contacts connect two or three neutral wire. Zero sum up the wires from the switches for lamps (or groups of lamps chandeliers) as a phase, they must be connected to a central electrical contact holder. Wire is threaded from the contact, which is screwed into the lamp cap, is connected to the neutral wire. If you want a single point, multiple socket or power sockets and switches, you can use special installation box with adapters to integrate them into one unit. For switches and outlets, there are also frames, overlays, which combine two, three or four device into one unit – vertical or horizontal. Wiring junction boxes in each room can have one or more groups. Each group must be connected to your junction box (Or to the total, multigroup), which, as already stated, is housed in a room or hallway closer. Switching the wires can be carried out at the terminal block, although permitted and twisting. The correct twisting of wires (with subsequent isolation by tape or by using a commercially available insulating cap that fits over a pair of wires and twist them, turning the screw cap) provides a better contact than the terminal block with side clamp the wire. Such contact is not heated and does not spark. However, the twist is very inconvenient for repair or overcommutation.

The Human Aura Sport

THE HUMAN AURA Jose Luis Gimenez a Since antiquity, man has asked that it was due to some bodily luminescence could be observed in certain high-profile figures, especially those considered of divine origin. Just as in ancient Egypt, we could see how certain figures of goddesses or gods were portrayed with a halo on top of the head, this would be the case of the goddess Sekmek. This quality was maintained with the passage of time, and in every known culture, one can observe this phenomenon is still represented in the various prints and paintings, where a certain character of a religious and spiritual, like Buddha, Mohammed, Moses and above all, Jesus, for instance, are represented with a bright halo of light around them head. a But why this phenomenon occurs?, what is the aura? a The aura has always been a subject of controversy and debate, as the scholars have come to be ever agreement in its composition or origin of their origin, which has led to mixed reviews, while it is generally accepted the existence of the phenomenon, which has been the subject of exhaustive studies by the scientific community to find the explanation to the display of a phenomenon that seemed reserved for individuals with the ability of clairvoyance, or religious figures in a state of mystical trance. a The force field energy of the human aura, is produced by the various vibrations and frequencies, which emanate from our body through the various energy points or Chakras (Sanskrit meaning wheel, and his description would correspond to the fumes energy, to control the flow and configuration as the body-mind system needs, such energy being composed of a subtle matter, which is imperceptible to the human eye not tested), is manifested through a range of a emanations of light at a frequency UV spectrum, so generally not perceptible to human vision, except to those people who say they have some power of clairvoyance and could be related to a particular type of plasticity of such individuals in the lens of the eye.

Asi Work

Then asked directly Guillier five: a Do you support the project HidroAysen, or agree with similar projects? a . The first to respond was the independent candidate of the pact appropriations by a Chilean Clean, Merry Rate , Eduardo Cruces. a En our region has become fashionable, and the question is you are in favor or against mega power, which has allowed the views are polarized, and that divides us. Today as a region we must be able to talk on the subject and ask how to deal with, not only dams but the mega projects in our region that are necessary because they allow to absorb unemployment and occupy our local workforce, but that we have required said the doctor. Before you notice it Guillier a entonces yes, but a , which was requestioned by reiterating that a Cruces Oeno, the condition is that we require all environmental protection projects . Antonio Horvath reiterated: a Asi as the project is raised because it has 2000 miles of line that does not know where they are going to happen and that’s an aberration. Second, Chile has a wonderful unconventional renewable energy to be developed in each of the regions. And, as noted, this will not work because it will create work to bring out is a matter of going to see the large central and left after the pie from the social point of view . For even more details, read what baby clothes says on the issue. MP added that a nosotros we must be able to make demands as a region of very, very clear.

The Mystery Of Things

Mystery of the things (the mysteries of interior) probably was not such a period of many centuries of human history, when people make do without a home. Person's home – is not only a roof over your head, this place concentrating all his life, has a mystical power over him. There is no greater tragedy than the loss of home, or destroy it. And now, through the last millennium, the space of a modern home, still permeated mystical, preserving the force, expressed in architecture and interior. "The home should be an expression of our most ambitious dreams and aspirations, our life mark the height and confirmation of our place in the world. " This is the philosophical concept of Eugene Tsui, one of the most original architects and designers of the XXI century.

Strictly scientific way, he tries to penetrate into the heart of nature, studying the interaction its structures, materials and atoms, and creating on its basis a new direction in design and architecture, called "zoomorfik. Nevertheless, his zoomorphic architectural works are not without a mysterious mystical beginning. Forms resembling the plastic grace of the natural movements of the human body, curled, flowing lines, mysterious interactions of light, color and texture create a sometimes metaphysical images that look alive creatures that breathe and move – so strong dynamic impetus streamlined lines. Architecture of Antoni Gaudi is similar to a fragment of a fantastic world, as if snatched from children's dreams and fantasies, and reflected a magnifying glass. The immediacy of these metaphorical images sometimes causes a smile: that here and there suddenly looks bottles Donets, catching a ray of sun and reflect light.