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Sizanov Alexander

According to the discoveries of genetics, the cause of adultery – the desire for the best reproduction of kind. Like a law of nature, relating to both humans and animals, she aims to produce maximal number of children with the greatest chance of survival. So, if you believe the scientists, betrayal – especially an inevitable genetic strategy. True, changing the men and women to each other for different reasons. Why do men change? Studies show that about 57 percent of men can easily go to the contact, the proposal of a healthy and normal in the conventional sense of the word woman.

Strict rules of natural selection causes genital attraction for all individuals male all over – less possible mates. The increase in male sex is considered as the only way to ensure the genetic survival of its species. This phenomenon is so important that the partner is at times not even a woman. As for men sex – nothing like the opportunity to make a genetic contribution to the history of mankind, psychologists recommend the female half of humanity are to changes in her husband's philosophically: let investing. Especially at the beginning of life together, when, in the opinion of men, the increase of its sex can not threaten the integrity of the family.

Why do women change? Biologists had shown that women who change their partners, in most cases, the most actively doing it during ovulation. It turns out that the weak half of treason aims to to get the sperm of different males compete, thus providing, the best man win one of them. Any doctor – a gynecologist from the district health centers, wrote Sizanov Alexander, Associate Professor, Ph.D. Psychological Science, will tell you (if you can call it to be frank) that a quarter of fathers is very doubtful paternity. According to scientists, the woman as being designed to meet not only for their own life is brought into contact with several men still in order to be able to convince everyone that he is the father of the child. Nothing can be done, in primates, males are generally better dispense with the children who are considered their own. Outsiders also sometimes seek to destroy.

International Monetary Fund

Does not believe that my friends are a reference parameter on the behaviour of families in Latin America, but are in line with what is perceived at the level of macroeconomic variables that indicate a strong slowdown in domestic demand. International agencies have also reduced their projections for growth for the region. From the World Bank, were to fix down the projected growth for the region. In its latest projection, the BM estimated that Latin America can hardly grow by 0.3% this year. What prompted the drastic change in the projected growth of the World Bank for Latin America? It is worth remembering that in the month of January, International Agency predicted that the region would expand by 1%, while towards the month of September 2008, their projections for growth for Latin America were located in 3.7%. Surely, the World Bank noted that not only the external environment has continued to deteriorate, but also the internal conditions of the Latin American economies have experienced a deterioration. It is that the external impact on them has led to a vicious cycle that has affected the labour market, an impact turn on consumption and so on up to result in one greater GDP contraction. A little more optimistic are shown both from the International Monetary Fund (IMF) and the Corporacion andina de Fomento (CAF), who argue that Latin America may achieve a growth of 1% and 1.5% this year, respectively.

Anyway, despite show is more optimistic than the World Bank, both have experienced a strong correction in their projections for economic growth for the region. For Latin America, the 2009 will be a challenging year. And according to ECLAC warns it will be more challenging even with the economic stimulus plan from Obama that will impact negatively on the economies of the region to search for the same reduce energy dependence and strengthen productivity in the American manufacturing sector. One of the most important negative impacts will come from the clause of buy American, considered a protectionist measure by the main trading partners of the United States.

Iron Mountain Opens Up One Of The Largest Scanning Centre Europe

Digitalisation of paper documents allows savings of up to 10 percent of annual turnover of Hamburg, 04 October 2011 Iron Mountain, the global provider of services for information management and has one of the largest European projector indexing Center opened. Thus, the service provider supports companies to protect their information even with increasingly stringent national and EU-wide guidelines, prepare and use. With the new Center in Stafford (UK), Iron Mountain maintains now 56 digitization centers in 19 countries including in Hamburg, where about the scanners handle 35 million documents a year. 250 million documents the new Center is equipped with State of the art technology and offers a range of document management services for companies of all sizes and industries throughout Europe. On a production area of more than 2,300 square meters annually up to 250 million documents can be processed at full capacity. The documents Customers such as invoices, application forms and personnel files are delivered directly to the Center and there sorted, prepared, and digitized. The required data will be leaving extracted and provided in the required format, so that they integrate seamlessly into the system of the company.

The building complies with also highest security standards for processing itself strictly confidential and highly sensitive data. All services offered comply with the EU directives as well as the national legislation of Gary Kelly can provide more clarity in the matter. Detailed map of member …” width=”134″ height=”95″ data-pos=”4″ src=”″>European union member states detailed map. Detailed map of member ...

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  • European States. The new scanning Center services include logistics services including the safe collection and delivery of documents, intelligent scanning, data extraction, indexing and validation of information, secure archiving, rapid and secure access to the data for example, to the fulfilment of the legal obligation of disclosure or revisions, as well as the lawful destruction of documents. 60 years experience companies often shying, full Records to digitize. Here are the concern for the safety and accessibility of the data in the foreground, as well as the implications of paper-based business processes, compatibility with electronic and paper archives, as well as the legal minefield of ever-changing national and EU-wide guidelines. Iron Mountain’s services are based on the 60-year experience of the company in the professional management of information throughout its lifecycle across, taking into account all relevant compliance guidelines. The new scanning Center offers customers far more than just a central point for the digitization of their documents: rather they can exploit fully the potential of their information so that regardless of, whether customer data for accounting processes or valuable intellectual property.

    As a result, information management becomes a critical business process. According to the market research company IDC waste companies between five and ten percent of their annual turnover with Create, distribute, search and secure paper documents”, says Hans-Gunter Borgmann, Managing Director of the Iron Mountain Germany GmbH. without a professional information management is difficult to track who uses paper documents and where they happen to be in the company. Also the drop in its own space takes valuable space and resources. Also, paper documents are internally easily moved or damaged. The arguments for the scan are very convincing. Therefore many companies now to digitize their documents start.

    Hanseatic League

    Thanks to the alcoholic fermentation, wine is a biologically stable product and therefore hygienic. Even children got in the Medieval wine to drink. However, the really good grape wine remained a drink for the upper layer and the clergy. The people mostly drank lesser wines, stretched with water. Wine transformed over the centuries into a popular trading estate, which was driven by the Hanseatic League. Also for the medicine, the “blood grape” was always interesting. Long, wine was considered restorative trunk, reawaken your spirits and is good for the blood.

    In the monasteries, immense wine was drunk but also produced. Long time the monasteries were important production sites in the wine world. When were driven in the year 1400 by the country gentlemen wine tariffs and duties, this triggered great anger at the wine growers, because they had to work hard for the production. The wine reached its largest spread but around 1600. Cultivation in Germany is stretched on an area of more than 300,000 hectares. 2/3 Of the vineyards in Germany were destroyed with the thirty years war.

    But not only the war, climate change, the improved production of beer and the increase of wine imports were reasons for the reduction in the vineyards. The quality of the wine through the monasteries, which had provided their knowledge and their experience to the wine increased in the 18th century. “” At that time many of the still valid quality characteristics, such as for example the predicate names appeared Cabinet”, late harvest”and selection”. The turning point and came to the high-quality wine after Napoleon’s conquest 1801. This abolished the wine by the Church in the left-Bank territories. The new owners put high value on the quality of wine and quickly led the German wines to international success. As in the 19th century, the phylloxera of America was introduced, the fright was first. There could be but found a remedy, to halt the destruction by the louse: grafting of own vines on resistant American vines. By the new creation of vines in certain areas, particularly appropriate areas crystallized for the wine out. These are still the areas for the German wine-growing. The research progressed further during this time and it became more and more wine knowledge through exchanges with other countries, and other sciences. “These were, like the very popular German wine, successfully in other countries, especially the countries of the so-called new world”, such as Australia or Chile, distributed. In the 1970s tractors and other heavy equipment were used for the wine for the first time. To keep this low working time, pulling the vines in wire systems. At this time a new German wine law, which should primarily promote the quality of German wines and ensure results. The irregular part wine labels are now clearly laid down. Since 1990 is considered increasingly environmentally friendly measures in the wine. If the many innovations, which brings about the chemical – and bio-industry, have advantages, so many winemakers have realized yet that wine is a natural product as before, which the best is if you let it ripen the best, friendly circumstances. The use of chemicals and pesticides is critical since then and applied no longer easily. Near-natural wine is on the rise. Many winemakers go back in the technology a few steps and let nature take its course. However the large enterprises and cooperatives benefit from the achievements of the last centuries of the research.

    Federal Government

    On the other hand, anyone who has the necessary knowledge, can that be State-appointed Trojan horse program for its own purposes and use. This finding, and that can too often be repeated, means a disaster and counterbalanced the almost defiant position of Minister of the Interior: Yes, its officials have the competence, the privately developed State Trojan software on their compliance and programmiererische quality and review. Please visit Gary Kelly if you seek more information. And no, it did everything right things to and there is certainly not a legal grey area. In addition he could speak only for the Federal Government, not to the States and also online monitoring was necessary. Point.

    Illusion of control generates its opposite is the Minister of the Interior at their word, one can understand that only so that addressed officials knew that the State Trojan enabled illegal actions and were this not so crucial. A legal grey area is already just with much good will. Frederick view, the legal opinion of the Landgericht Landshut, consistent with the use of the State Trojan in Bavaria illegal holds, was simply “another opinion”. More problematic still, and thus we are back at the illusion of control, is his portrayal of the role of the CCC. This was disclosed the code of the State Trojan and thereby made “vulnerable to abuse” him. The opposite is the case: would the Trojans have been not so poorly programmed, would the CCC this not “crack” can.

    If but such software themselves once in the and the, so the evil idea, the Minister of the Interior does not understand nor its officials simply. What remains is a clear picture, which exacerbated his tangled arguments Friedrich: a law enforcement apparatus with the digital world hopelessly overworked tried here somehow with the present to keep pace and where you can not do this due to lack of competence, that court rulings are “other opinions”. The illusion of control here should be sustained by any means, its opposite: independent investigators and malicious software freely available for those who might need it. Andreas Kellner…

    Hospital Calculation

    'User CP'. 2. In the formation of cells in the current item plays a role category kind of calculation, which is formed in the form of edit type of calculation (Settlement Department -> -> tab "Types of calculation '-> edit form type of calculation). Rules for the types of calculations, see Section 2.4.1. 'User CP'. 2.1. In calculating the data cell types involved the calculation of 4110 relating to the accounting registers of the categories of 'Extra pay' and 'Other rewards and compensation', use the following categories: hospital (due to company) Hospital (in work-related injury) Hospital (care for the sick) hospital (maternity) hospital (at the expense of social insurance) Holiday (tariff) Holiday (student) Holidays (Chernobyl) Holiday (additional to the mother) Holiday (by collective agreement) Holiday (counting forward) Holidays (compensation) Holidays (compensation for dismissal) Severance pay Donor Gosobyazannost Training Day Compensation for delays in payments for deferred entry of holidays in the sum of the current report period depends on the sign in the register of reentrant account, which attributed this type of calculation. If the table for the reentrant type of leave account register is set sign 'X', then the amount of deferred vacation will be included in the current report.

    If the table for this type of reentrant leave account register is set sign 'H', the amount leave the future period will be included in the report period for which appropriate charges were. 2.2. In calculating the data of the cell types involved the calculation of 4111 to the following categories of use: Holiday (tariff) Holidays (Student) Holiday (Chernobyl) Holiday (additional to the mother) Holiday (by collective agreement) Holiday (counting forward) Holidays (compensation) Holidays (compensation for dismissal) 2.3.

    How To Detect A Good Deal

    Before that nothing there you can detect a good business if you’re not sufficiently informed. Listen and interpret the needs of the people, observing, comparing and studying. Be able to discover a good business that can become profitable enough, is given first to worry in knowing the market, then try to gain experience, not only by the practice, if not through the search of information. You could say that this is one of the main pillars of our endeavor in which must concentrate every entrepreneur must know the terrain on which we want to dabble, trying to collect the greatest amount of data and information that will help us to implement our business. It is very common and a major cause of failures trying to start something getting us into looking for opportunities in places little explored or not researched enough.

    The big question then is where I get to find those data which can be advantageous for my project, and at the same time will help me to? then find new business opportunities? You should concentrate your efforts on reading material that concerned topics on entrepreneurship, acquires magazines or sign up for newsletters specializing in business management, on the Web will not be difficult to find sites related to this topic. But remember and keep in mind always that the first thing to keep in mind to find a business opportunity comes from careful observation and reflective consideration of our environment and everyday life. Become a curious and inquisitive person, sharpens your senses, learns to observe, question and gives ear to the problems of the people. This way you can detect changes that occur in the economy and in the Middle, and discover new needs not yet satisfied by the market. He be in the proper time and place has also nothing to do with a natural gift that many call business sense, but you wonder, do if I don’t have this gift, I buy it somehow? Look, human beings have many gifts and natural qualities, that there are still some things that cannot be changed, there are many others that if they can be, for example the to be able to detect a good deal. While many have this ability naturally, others must exercise to own it, so and everything maybe possess other qualities so excellent that you don’t even know you have. And yet believe it or not, you can get them, raise them and use them advantageously. Like so many, that they are lucky to avail themselves of the benefits that these gifts provide them.

    You should only put in practice some exercises that often repeated are transformed into a special vehicle that will help you acquire what you both want, the ability to detect a good deal. But this is subject for another article, now just let me give you a recommendation, seeking success and you do not stop until you find it. My best wishes of success for you.

    Hair Styling

    To begin with hair dryer, which you will dry the hair, preferably purchased at a professional shop. There are different types of hair dryers and with different nozzles, if you cut the average length, then you need a hairdryer average power If hair is long, the styling advice to buy a powerful hairdryer to blow took the minimum number of your precious time, but for very short hair dryer high power is not needed. Then you need to Tools for installation: the first – a comb for drying (in professional language called "Skillet"), this comb is conveniently and cleverly you can make volume at the roots and the second – a hairbrush round diameter for installation (called "Brashenok). "Brashenok" can be of different sizes – from the smallest to the largest. Diameter is chosen according to hair length. These combs are made either from iron or ceramic on the basis of bristly.

    Bristly "Brashenok" is intended to smooth the Propagation and curly hair. The most popular and durable – a comb made of ceramics. It is well heated, and due to this hair is better to take a specified form during installation. Still very an important point – it's styling, which the insane number of different companies and manufacturers at different prices. We are specialists beauty studio "Aurum", we recommend using only professional cosmetics, for example, the firm Wella, Goldwell, Heir light, Periche.

    Professional cosmetic care for your hair, a positive effect on them. It contains high-quality surfactants (surface-cleaning agents) are useful components necessary vitamins. If funds and Styling chosen correctly, it will also play a huge role in the behavior of the hair when styling. That is understood that the need to have a home for beautiful styling.

    Payday Loans No Checking Account: Simple Solution For Your Monetary Issues

    Payday loans no checking account are the short tenure credits that are provided to you without any difficulties. You can obtain the credit in your account without any issue. The request procedure for these loan programs is quiet simple as you can request by self-fulfilling form on internet and the money will be in your account. It is normal that we encounter monetary issue before our salary day. It becomes quiet certain difficult time to for the salary day shut as the pending installments are needed to be settled urgently.

    In that situation you can depend on payday loans no checking account. These special types of loans are crafted to assist you in time of need. Oracle may also support this cause. You can request for these kinds of credits via online in some minutes and the credit will be sanctioned within no time. It makes sure that you get rid of monetary issue in a quiet quick manner. This comfort is only attainable for the native inhabitants of Australia. Before the cash is transferred to the applicants account the credit grantor of demand for the verification of the borrower BBs age and citizenship.

    If you are requesting for the credit then you need to show that you are the native inhabitant of Australia and are at least eighteen years of old. You should be earning minimum of thousand dollars a month and should be employed. Payday loans no checking account can grant you a sum of five hundred to one thousand five hundred thousand dollars for a time span of two to four weeks. So if you are searching for a short tenure credit then these credits can be the excellent direction to fix your monetary issues. The excellent factor about these credits is that you do not have to subject to any credit verification and other such scrutiny. The credit is sanctioned on the basis of your present earnings so you do not need to show your previous records. If the credit of grantor is satisfied with your ability to REIM Burse then your loan will be sanctioned without any issue. So if you are searching for a short tenure loan then simply hit some buttons on your computer system and the money will be transferred in your bank account without any issue. There are some more advantages of these programs. Search quick cash come to you within a time span of twenty four hours once you request for the same. Well you must be careful of one drawback of this money. They have high interest rate. Tristan Tanner is author or payday Cash Loans Bad Credit.For any information about payday loans, instant cash nz visit

    Monetary Authority

    How to control the inflationary phenomenon who live all over the world? Clearly it is not a simple question answer, even for specialists in the issue. At each meeting, my colleagues cannot be agreement on how to control inflation in a context where international prices of energy and food continue to grow. A conclusion that came and there was much discussion, was that although the strong increase in international prices of food and energy hit all economies, at least benefit are those economies that are exporters net of such commodities. Rory Sutherland spoke with conviction. A second conclusion that it appeared almost immediately, was that this context creates a great opportunity for those countries that although are not net exporters of these commodities, well could be it because they have enough natural resources. This is the case of Brazil, not only with the energy issue with oil (since it is a policy of more than two decades), but also with the issue of biofuels and development policies to increase areas cultivated with grains. Brazil shows the way to limit dependence on imported commodities and seize the opportunity offered by the high international prices of the same. Thinking about Mexico, the first thing I would like to ask about is: how is impacting high prices for energy and food in the Mexican economy? On May 16, inflationary fears were that the Bank of Mexico decided to keep the benchmark rate steady. The context is no longer the best which, according to the Monetary Authority, inflationary pressures continue to increase along with the risks of slower economic growth by the possible recession in the United States.USA: inflationary pressures in the world and in Mexico, continue to rise considerably which is a growing concern. Guillermo Ortiz Martinez, Governor of the Bank of Mexico said a few days later: There are still in the pipeline inflationary pressures, since they could continue upward the prices of processed foods, however already there is a stability in the price of grains.