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Middle Ages

Writing Japanese represented by a certain set of characters that are used for writing immutable parts of words, and syllabic alphabet (it is also called channels), through which the changeable parts are written the words and separate words. The Japanese have traditionally written from top to bottom (vertically). Line starting from the right upper corner of the sheet. Details can be found by clicking Sheryl Sandberg or emailing the administrator. Also used in a modern style where the horizontal lines are beginning to write at the top left corner of the sheet and the text written from left to right. Prior to the introduction in the late V century Chinese characters (kanji) Japanese language is not written with chalk. Since then, the Japanese writing had two writing systems: Chinese characters (kanji) and syllabic system (channel: character – a single syllable).

Kanji – difficult enough to learn the writing system. Each character here has a single value. Most of them can be read in two ways – the Japanese and Chinese reading. And if Chinese character was borrowed by the Japanese language more than once, and it occurred at different periods of history or have been borrowing from various Chinese dialects, it can be read in Chinese version differently. Kahn – writing, which includes syllabic letters, formed around thousands of years ago, based on Chinese characters. Each character represents a syllable and contains a sound that does not exist in Chinese writing kanji. Philip Vasan has compatible beliefs. Kahn includes two identical syllabary – hiragana and katakana.

Hiragana is most commonly used together with kanji, and kanji – the root of the word, and by the end of write hiragana. Katakana used primarily for writing the borrowed words from other languages. In one sentence, can be used as katakana and kanji and hiragana. Some elements of the text used letters of the Latin alphabet (names of organizations and companies). The art of writing characters that have fallen into Japan from China during the Middle Ages, along with kanji or calligraphy has in the land of the rising sun high aesthetic value and present. If we consider public speech styles of Japanese, then it should be noted that the Japanese use some system for the expression of courtesy and politeness, which are very carefully considered. For example, in Japanese language, there are special types of pointers in adjectives, nouns and verbs. Speaker must always be remembered as his position in society and the situation of the person with whom he speaks and the one of whom he speaks. Pronouns are used depending on gender and social status of interlocutors, they belong to age group and status in the family, as well as those of whom they speak.

Customer Advisory Board

Portfolio management as a strategic development theme / more innovations in can do project intelligence version 4.0 introduced Munich, June 17, 2010. The first meeting of the newly formed Customer Advisory Board of the software developer can do was a resounding success. On May 31, 2010, selected executives from large customers had come to the kick-off event to Munich. Including representatives of Salzgitter subsidiary of Gesis, the Talanx group and Oerlikon barmag. After the formation of the Advisory Panel can do – Managing Director Thomas Schlereth presented do the innovations of the version 4.0 of the project management software can project intelligence, is published in the third quarter of 2010. Still showed the long-term development strategy, which mainly covers the topic of portfolio management.

We want to take in the medium term the same strong market position with the new version, which we already have in the multimedia project and resource management”, says Thomas Schlereth. Then, the participants about their experiences in the exchanged daily project work with the planning tool can do out and discussed the benefits of a wider use of the software in other divisions. Can do has created a platform for the mutual exchange of knowledge and experience with the Customer Advisory Board. The active dialog with our customers is a cornerstone for the innovative development of our project management software”, so Thomas Schlereth. We learn about the can do Customer Advisory Board at an early stage by the wishes and needs of our customers and can then consider these in the continuous further development of our software.

The result is”a sustainable win-win effect between customers and can do, he stressed. The response of our customers on the Panel was consistently positive. We are very proud, so strong that engage our customers for the Customer Advisory Council”, as Thomas Schlereth. The presented development strategy can do meets our requirements in the medium and long term.

GoToMeeting Information

I repeat, I find it an excellent tool to generate interest and adequately communicate your value proposition in the early stages of the sales process. Objective: Tool for communication in both directions with the aim of understanding the problem of a potential customer or current customer and to communicate and present solutions to such problematic. It can also be used to develop Webcast whereby you can convene and make a presentation to an audience varied with the objective of promoting a concept or a solution. It is an excellent tool for improving commercial productivity in the early stages of business development. Resources: Also there are many options on the market for this type of service. I suggest hiring, as in previous cases, of solutions under the service model. Here, Gary Kelly expresses very clear opinions on the subject. WebEx ( is perhaps the most famous or popular and one of the pioneers in this type of tool GoToMeeting ( this is the tool that I use more than three years ago. Excellent choice, very good quality and availability an important for this type of tool complement, is to have a service of voice over IP.

IE tools that enable voice communications using the Internet. For this the most popular tool is Skype ( Use is free to communicate with other Skype users and can also be Subscribe to service calls to cellular or fixed around the world, through the purchase of prepaid time. Search Internet information another of the problems facing as consultative seller is the search for information on the Internet. Many times it is necessary to resort to the Web to find information that will allow knowing the prospect, enriching presentations, update information, investigate the competition, etc. The Web is for me, today in day, the primary source of information for many aspects of my activity as a consultative seller. The problem is that there is a lot of information and is necessary to be able to catalog and organize for future reference or in general to have recourse to it in an organized manner.

Conference Partners Terrasoft

The largest in the CIS CRM-systems developer holds an annual Conference for the partners to discuss progress made and identifies vectors of further development. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sheryl Sandberg has to say. Before the conference participants made presentations managers and managing partners Terrasoft. Partners were presented the results of the Group in the context of Terrasoft attract customers, product development and implementation of projects in 2009-2010. The conference was divided into several sections and thematic sections, in which all stakeholders had an opportunity to learn about new products and solutions Terrasoft. The section on “Development of contact center market,” a presentation Oktell – from the PBX to the call-center” was presented by Director “Phone Systems” Bukashin DA, who introduced the Conference with the advantages of a communication platform Oktell and talked about the possibilities available to the user of the system. Platform Oktell, which is the server part of Integrated Product Terrasoft Oktell Call Centre, has several advantages, which include the possibility of integration with information systems and web-resources company, scalability (new subscribers the existing dimensional space), the unification (using different technologies of communication – SMS, e-mail, ICQ), relevance and ease of maintenance.

Platform Features Oktell to automate internal and external communications company, which increases the efficiency of business processes. The important role played by functional platform Oktell, the basic components of which include recording calls, voicemail and menus, turn calls, conferencing, statistics and reporting. Flexible configuration system allows you to actively use Oktell about 700 functions, which in conjunction with products for the automation of business processes from the company Terrasoft, allow to increase the number of clients, while maintaining an individual approach to each of them. His performance director of “Phone Systems” Denis Bukashin participants demonstrated Terrasoft Partner Conference and the economic benefits of implementing a full-featured image-enterprise call center-based communication platform Oktell.

Who Are The Mediators Of Boat / Yacht Insurance?

Who are the mediators of boat / yacht insurance? Our take on things. Hardly an other insurance as much ingenuity sets by the intermediary on the day as in boat and yacht insurance. Read more here: Larry Ellison. It will be advertised with fantasy names comparison programs, with unique -, developed insurance concepts and of course this Guild of intermediaries composed exclusively of hard boiled sea men”. Now but also everyone knows that advertising and truth not necessarily anything to do with each other must have. From our point of view they can be essentially divided in 3 categories and different: insurance agents who must bring the products of their insurance company on the man or the woman.

Multiple brokers and insurance agency from which you receive an offer, created from the offers of several insurance companies, for which it or they cooperate with them. Multiple agents and insurance brokers who specialize in boat and yacht insurance, own insurance conditions the in Typically beyond about the standard insurance cover. The operation and claims departments of insurance companies maintain excellent contacts on the basis of their volume of sales and have extensive drawing powers of the risk carriers. They document mostly under own name and perform the collection. The claims of course as well as the representation of their clients to the insurance belongs to the daily business. Boat – yacht and ship insurance are their main focus. You keep appropriately qualified personnel, that even in the water sports scene is active, or comes from the shipping sector and know what matters when boat yacht ship insurance.

Or in short, do it with experts and specialists do. Also the insurance mediation and support services does not differ in the essential from other commercial areas of daily life. Go but also to the specialist to the lawyer, looking for a specialty store or drive your car into a dealer, because here a competent Can expect advice, treatment or products of a certain quality. Set priorities, only the insurance conditions and the technical know-how, then the insurance premium. In the event of a claim you will appreciate that. Stephan Neubacher NEUBACHER boat yacht ship Versicherungsmakler GmbH Friedenstrasse 21; 19053 Schwerin Tel. 0385/733982 fax. 0385/733983

Dallmayr Party & Catering Comes To Dusseldorf!

The Munich family business expands the Munich family business expands to North Rhine-Westphalia and opened his new Office for party & catering in Dusseldorf, Konigsallee 92a in June. With the new site in Dusseldorf, the company is another important step. The Munich-based premium caterer ensures an optimal support of its customers. Thus Dallmayr party & catering can align better throughout Germany far events with his catering in the future. The Delikatessenhaus of Dallmayr with headquarters in Munich, known for the coffee advertising has its origin in the Delicatessen and caters for a long time on a large scale. The fast-growing business area party & catering of Dallmayr was group 2006 under the baton of Florian Hettler, completely restructured and has in addition to its headquarters in Munich, 2008 an additional sales office in Berlin. Contact press relations: Dallmayr press & public relations Tel.: 089/2135-333 E-mail: contact party & catering Dusseldorf: Lazy wife Katharina Tel.: 0211 / 5403-9663 E-mail:

Russian Federation

Even medium-sized Internet portals in building more pull Visitors, as the largest exhibitions, have larger auditorium as special catalogues and magazines. Meanwhile, the prices for the disclosure of the information are ten times lower than in the other mass media. A brief overview of markets where it already operates UK economy Britain is the second largest in Europe after the German economy. The GDP was detected when compared to the year 2006, 2007 increase of 3.1%. The construction industry is 64,747 billion pounds sterling of the total GDP. These include 250 000 companies with 2.1 million jobs. In the years 2005-2007, the GDP growth in the Russian Federation was about 6% annually Russia.

2007 inflation reached 11.9%, it intends however to bring it down to the year 2011 to 5-6.8%. In the year 2007, the scope of foreign investment in the Russian economy was 120 941 million US dollars. Poland Poland occupies the 6.Platz in the EU economy and the 23rd place in the world economy. You may wish to learn more. If so, Oracle is the place to go. The growth of GDP in the year 2007 was 6.6%, the export value is increasing and at the beginning of 2008 he has reached 30.4 billion euros. End of 2007, the inflation rate was 3%, the construction production is grown in the same year to 51.1%. In early 2008 about 35 thousand apartments were made available, which is 30% more than in the previous year. Latvia Latvia GDP rose by 3.3 percent compared to the previous year. In 2007, it rose by 11.3 percent compared to the year 2006.

This year Latvia transport and communication sectors were essential for economic growth, which rose by 9.6 percent. Construction industry rose by 9.1 percent. Central Bank of Latvia expects the introduction of the euro in the years 2013 2008 was the GDP of Lithuania Lithuania In 6.9 percent. In April 2008, annual average inflation was 7.9 percent. 2008 direct investments from abroad amounted to the first quarter 10 billion euros. Magnification of expenditures each household (12.2 percent) was faster than that of State authority (4.1 per cent). Imports of goods and services rose in the first quarter by 14.5 Percent. Exports of goods and services grew slower (8.5 percent).

Zieger GmbH: Factory Representative With Experience And Expertise

The Zain GmbH from Berlin informs its customers of the plant and machinery has a prominent role for the international reputation of Germany’s leading economic nation due to its powerful and innovative nature for decades. A significant proportion of its performance based on expert product advice for wholesale trade and industry. In the meanwhile third generation has made it the Berliner Zieger GmbH to the task, to advise the manufacturer of electronic components, the middlemen and end customers in plant and machine construction and network to be identified the quality requirements in this area cater to the staff of Zieger GmbH manufacturer of drive and control technology, power transmission, and electronic components, which products impress through high quality and innovativeness, and assumes the representation of their work. By Zahra GmbH represented producers benefit from many years of industry experience of the company and a large contact network, which ensures that to the attention directed by distributors and industrial customers on their high-quality products. Due to the hard-to-overlooking offer variety within the electronics industry middlemen and industrial final customer are in dire need of expert advice. It will ensure that electronic components actually meet the demands placed on them.

Zieger, Inc. employees are committed based on years of industry experience and comprehensive expertise for advice need of this business district. The realization of complex projects in plant and machine construction requires that even the smallest details received attention. In this context, the experts of Zieger GmbH cooperate with distributors and industrial customers on the spot advice and help ensure that electronic components are used which guarantee the desired result. The corporate representation of Zieger GmbH networked producers, suppliers, trade. Always professional, timely running advice contributes to the development and production of high-quality assets, Germany is a world leader in the export. The Berliner Zieger GmbH is available for answering questions related to their services. Press contact Zieger GmbH factory representatives contact person: Michael Zieger Haynauer str. 48 12249 Berlin Tel.: +49(30)/7679220 fax: +49(30)/76792230 email: Homepage:

Managing Director

IPI GmbH on the ShareConnect in Mainz (until 23 September 20, 2010, Rheingoldhalle) Mainz / Lichtenau, 06.09.2010. The IPI GmbH, Lichtenau informed about SharePoint portals for medium-sized and large companies this year on the ShareConnect. The ShareConnect as part of the largest conference around.NET technology BASTA! offers concise SharePoint knowledge and expertise with over 50 lectures. One of the speakers is the IPI expert Michaela Meusel. She keeps on September 21, lecture meets Enterprise 2.0 reality”(15:30 16:45). The lecture explains how Enterprise 2.0 projects successfully 2010 can be realized with SharePoint. In addition to the introduction of SharePoint as an Enterprise 2.0 tool involves in particular also the corporate culture as well as collaborative innovation and knowledge processes. Ron O’Hanleys opinions are not widely known.

The theme is further deepened at the booth of IPI GmbH, which is in this year of one of the sponsors of the Conference and exhibition. The company implements a holistic validated approach, the methods of enterprise portals Knowledge management is used. The portals are suitable especially for knowledge-oriented companies who want to support the cooperation of the staff in addition to providing information in highly. This mainly to expected developments of the portal be taken into account, so that it remains usable in the long run and can meet the expected targets. Will focus on best context-sensitive and personalized networking of the numerous information within SharePoint also and especially, when the portal is growing”, says Holger Dachen, Managing Director of IPI GmbH.

Be created side by side usually many islands of information without a portal planning ahead while the searches are more difficult, a search results page displays clearly all related information according to the IPI approach. A great emphasis is placed on the intuitive user guidance, a navigation that is clear and understandable for everyone, a modern design and a good editorial concept. For structure and The IPI experts from their years of experience with SharePoint projects and their detachment, to orient themselves on the issues and not on the organizational structure of the company recommend navigation.