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Bariatric Surgery

Each year, overweight men also many women throw money in different surgeries, such as gastric bypass, in order to lose belly fat. Unlike the diet and smart exercise, medical weight loss procedures are painful, expensive, and rarely have a lasting effect on the body. In other words, weight loss surgery is not the best way so you can lose weight and achieve a fit body. Gastric bypass, also known as Bariatric Surgery, is known for helping people to look better, as well as increasing the mobility of your body. The procedure has become ten times more popular than was just a decade ago.

In fact, more than 150,000 people made it every year in the United States. Surprisingly, many insurance companies even pay for the surgery. During a gastric bypass operation to lose weight, a person’s stomach is divided into a top and a bottom large bag, with the small intestine that connects the two. The result is a reduction in belly fat, as well as an alteration of the physiological response of eating. Surgery for weight loss also helps to combat diabetes and other heart-related diseases. Patients sleep during the complex procedures that last from 1 to 4 hours each, followed by a brief stay at the hospital. The most common side effect of gastric bypass surgery is the inability of the body to absorb nutrients and calories.

Once the procedure is carried out, the food does not fit in certain parts of the stomach or small intestine. But here is where the body obtains most of its nutrients. As a direct result, you can suffer from anaemia, osteoporosis or other serious diseases of malnutrition. Of course, people always can take vitamins to help the shortcomings, but will rely on vitamins for the rest of their lives. In addition to iron and zinc deficiencies, patients have the lack of vitamin A, vitamin B1, vitamin B12, vitamin D, zinc, citrate calcium and protein after the operation.

Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez

As things stand, the country is not going nowhere. You need to take renovativas actions that ensure production, involvement of enterprises, commitment, integration, know how to exploit its natural riches and generate transformations required to fit more dynamic business involvement with the programs of the State. It must be very present as discussed, that definitely global capitalism is in crisis but it will not die without a long and birthweight battle. Front of his defense will be Barak Obama, because it will not assume another position During his tenure as the champion of the reformed capitalism. Expansionist measures will be used to revive the wound (but not dying) U.S. economy, as it did at the time Franklin Roosevelt for 30 and 40 years, will deliver billions of dollars for job creation.

The current Revolucionaro Government identified with socialism, must determine with seriousness, the way of how to deal with the crisis, more when you know has declined the oil price, economic supply for the country, take very seriously what manifests the President, Lieutenant Colonel Hugo Chavez, that: the Government is forced to be efficient in spending and in the implementation of resourcesIt is not to declare victory, but we have capacity to withstand this crisis and continue to invest. We are obliged to review everything and be more efficient in spending and execution of budgets, but we earmarking 48% of the 2009 budget to social investment. Economists say that the billions of dollars most treasured by the Government extend the possibility of Chavez to keep afloat to Venezuela for several years even if oil prices collapse to the Economist Dr. Maza Zavala, Venezuela is in the path of the hurricane crisis. It should not be forgotten, that Venezuela has almost absolute dependence on the oil prices and that makes us very vulnerable to the changes occurring in these (oil) prices, because we have an export volume staking or declining, noted, this is the most serious crisis facing the economy of United States and reflection the world economy, after the 1929; but they are similar in their symptoms and their consequences. He recalled that the current crisis started there, in the market for real estate in incontinence credit, speculative and therefore has been extended to the financial Dome, which is so far has shown a great weakness.He added that part of the financial crisis, is that it stops not only in finance, but that passes the call real economy, as consumers restrict their expenditure, to be able to honor their commitments and this restriction of consumption directly affects the production of the country.He explained that this situation of recession in the North, the demand for oil in the United States, tends to be reduced and since then, another important aspect to be taken into account, is that the pronounced rise in the oil prices, which took place in recent months, to bring it to more than $140 barrel, was largely due to financial speculation.

Commission Effort

It is therefore a residual payout. To know where we go, we must first know where we want to go. Therefore, knowing the amount that we want to win with this affiliate program, we will know the efforts that we have to do and the time necessary to achieve the objectives. We assume that we plan to generate after 12 months $ 3,000 US in residual income. Many affiliates would need to reach this figure? Knowing that company pays a Commission of $1 US for each affiliate (with an investment of $10 US) we would need 3,000 affiliates.

If we would have to join all personally (direct affiliate) would have been pretty difficult to do, because each month would have to affiliate with 250 affiliates (3,000: 12 (months) = 250). But we are talking about an MLM business, which means that we can and we must harness the power of multiplication. Que tal we propose to do otherwise numbers? With that we will win not only by our direct affiliations, but also by members of our affiliates, assume that we affiliated to just five new members. It seems much more real than 3,000, right? And we set ourselves the goal of helping our affiliates 5 direct that at the same time they join each one their own affiliates 5. What we got in this case? We do the calculations: $ 5 (for affiliates direct) + $ 25 (for affiliated indirect) = $ 30. We won $30 16% 84% and own effort the team effort. We already started to notice the power of duplication. But still a long way to achieve our goal of winning $ 3,000 in 12 months this example demonstrates that so much we try personally the result of the joint effort is always much higher.

And earnings, are obviously divided among all participants. We will continue to do calculations as we know that the affiliate program offers gains in 5 levels, let’s assume that we continue to work to achieve the goal of helping each new affiliate that affiliate to your network directly to just five new members direct and so on in 5 levels: 1st level: 5 (100% effort staff); level 2: 25 (16% / 84% percentage of common effort and personnel); 3rd level: 125 (4% / 96% percentage of personnel and joint effort) 4th level: 625 (0.8% / 99.2% percentage of personnel and joint effort) 5th level: 3125 (0.16% / 99,84% percentage of personnel and joint effort) _ Total: 3905 dollars of profits in 5 levels on the basis of less than 1% of personal effort (direct affiliations) and more than 99% of team (indirect affiliations) effort. Therefore, to achieve the goal of $ 3,000 US need join only five direct members and orient the personal effort to help the team to the fifth level that each affiliate makes the same thing. To be clear the number that we want to achieve the next step in 12 months is planning activity for periods shorter and intermediate, analyze the results, make corrections in the activity plan and so to reach within 12 months.