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Importance Of Symbols

Its symbol is Pt. It is a very scarce in the Earth’s crust, of transition grayish white, beautiful, heavy metal, malleable and ductile. Your electric conductivity 9.66 106/m? possession as an essential metal in the electrical and electronic technology; They come to be confused with the silver and aluminium, but their difference is a lot in exquisite brightness, surprising weight and high temperature resistance, while the silver melting about 950 C. Platinum blows on 1768,4 C. It is prompted by acids or natural corrosion resistant, to dissolve it is necessary to aqua regia and other reactive chemical process, is commonly found with their family ruthenium, osmium, rhodium, Iridium, Palladium, and rhodium still is up to 25% more expensive than Platinum, can be found along with nickel and copper; You can also find as already done in the mineral stone metal and although there are voices that say experts who say that in Mexico there is no Platinum mines, this reporter has found 3 sites that hopefully soon we denounce for its respective exploitation. Recycling of electronic scrap metal is so noble that it takes 99% of its metal components including plastic.

it pollutes less than a mine, It requires little investment until it can recycle NT; our investigations have documented various recycling processes ranging from the empirical to the most modern and environmentally friendly and we find that in our country very little is recovering from these metals, the vast majority of electronic and automotive scrap is being sold to foreigners, and on the other hand they have given away thousands of tons, all a fortune to several organizations that have campaigned to collect such scrap between them to the ecologist Green Party and Reciclon Corregidora 2010 taking advantage of the ignorance of the people. Platinum has different sectors of use mainly in the automotive industry, representing 50% of global demand, followed by jewelry, electrical and electronics, chemistry, glass, petroleum, medical uses, spark plugs, batteries fuel among other applications. Platinum is a metal that is very difficult to determine its law, can be set only with metal scanner his law of purity, to know its appearance, brightness and weight is not reliable to negotiate it as it is commonly done with gold and silver, which applies only to nitric acid and thus relies for its cost, because there are alloys that can be made to confuse the appearance of platinum in its texture and high resistance to fire and acidsbut its virtues are very special, and its surprising weight is hardly imitated, although in recent years many dentists have scammed a lot of people by charging them Platinum inlay being that they are alloys without value. The theme of the Platinum is quite spacious and attractive that will surely keep you informed.

The Difference Between Second Hand And Classic Silver Jewelry!

Silver jewelry as an investment – the modernity counts! Silver jewelry – cheap, easily manufactured in Asia and on the international market? The range of jewellery made of silver is unmanageably large if one assumes from the material. A disadvantage? Not only: Silver erlaubt(e) the manufacture of jewelry pieces that are affordable. The material offered and offers possibilities for designers and creatives, which form and portability are more at heart than the material value of a piece of jewellery. Criteria such as designers, manufacturers, quality and appearance for silver jewelry become the decisive factor, they increase the value of a piece of silver jewelry often beyond its pure material value. You can see in the last century, especially the Scandinavian countries through their creative jewelry designers stand out. Quite a few of them were not “only” silversmiths, but sculptors, painters, architects, or came from other creative sectors such as the glass design or interior design. Of course was also in Germany, Benelux, or vglw. the United States (American modernism) produced time-typical silver jewelry, Scandinavian jewelry but characterised by their Nordic clarity and consistency in the design.

Identifiable by their stamp and brands the Nordic jewellery can write too well. Creative contemporary design, modern design and craftsmanship had thus become objects silver piece of jewelry. Not only the unique, best used in the so-called midcentury of. 20th century emerged, but also the semi industrial or industrially manufactured pieces of ‘ 50s up ‘ 70s a stir. To heute…es the term “Collector jewelry” was formed, which includes all of the objects from the jewelry sector, which are collectable, this includes the classic silver jewellery from the middle of the last century also and preferably (in addition to the jewelry, the so-called “costume jewelry”). Searched and collected especially the object – jewels with Plexiglas a Bjorn Weckstrom be sculptor and one Finnish the co-founder of the jewelry company Lapponia, committed to the so-called artist jewelry today. Plexiglas instead of valuable gems – the artistic character of the silver jewellery here receives the appropriate support.

But also the anatomically adapted chokers of Swedish Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube objects of desire, here the silver in its softness is emphasized and resigns almost behind the form. The no-name thing from the mass production can be so no! Professional galleries for you’re looking for silver jewelry pieces have become – as well as it collectors and collectors for the fancy cufflinks a Henning Koppel from Denmark or of chokers and bracelets by bent + Anni Knudsen, also Danish, is willing, for their classic jewelry, so he also worn and used may be a reasonable price to pay. Worn and used? Yes. Silver Gets a patina, which makes only lovable to some piece of jewellery by wearing. And some things will appear the real collector or the collector Silver piece of jewelry by his age and his use only authentic. Of course, no damage or repairs performed poorly must be present.

GVA Systemtrading

GVA Systemtrading – trading of NASDAQ, EUR/USD, gold and a relatively wide range of investment investors in the managed account find silver ‘ GVA Systemtrading combined examinations-portfolio. The NASDAQ 100 stock index, United States, the currency pair EUR/USD, gold and silver is traded. The Manager reviewed the price development of the four target markets based on two different trading systems. System 1 performs a data evaluation on a 4-stundlichen basis and generates buy and sell signals in the same period. 2 system works on basis of daily evaluation. The mathematical calculations of the two trading systems to access a historical database, the data material retroactive dates to 1975.

The Live trading of each portfolio launched in August 2000 and December 2007. The combination of both trading strategies is traded since December 2009. Risk management is carried out under strict stop-loss. For each transaction, the initial maximum stop risk of approximately 2.5% of the capital is limited. The risk of loss is reduced in current signals continuously to zero. Our account check shows a chance-oriented performance with a previously good management performance on a monthly basis. Striking is the large number of positive trading months, which amounted to 77.8% to the end of May. In the 18-month history of us tested the maximum drawdown on the basis of the balances at the end of each month was – 8.6%.

On average, a Monatsplus could be generated so far by 3.8%. Also, if investors no minimum holding period and accordingly no period of notice to be observed, the GVA KG for this managed account recommends a holding period of at least 3-5 years. The trading takes place on the British broker ActivTrades. The minimum investment amount for the ‘ GVA Systemtrading combined examinations-portfolio 30,000 euros. Although the fee structure of the managed account is generally slender, so investors should note the performance-fee billing not after the highwatermark method, but that is deducted from the monthly net income without loss carried forward. From point of view a high rate of positive trading months and lower drawdowns of importance is therefore also for the remainder of the trading cost efficiency for the investor. Chili chili is a comparison platform for managed accounts. Institutional – private investors and media participants have the opportunity to compare the performance of different managed accounts on this website. By Capitalteam consulting, researched and tested performance and risk indicators facilitate the selection of appropriate providers interested parties. For more information, see.

Opportunities Through Open Access

Open access: ‘Silver bullet’ to the Germany-wide fiber supply is the need for nationwide broadband networks. Nevertheless, shy away from many municipalities, municipal enterprises and local telecommunications providers investing in new, future-oriented networks. Thomas Wald, CEO of the Westphalian network operator HeLi NET GmbH & co. KG and member of the Association of the Breko, argues against this backdrop for a business model so far hardly used in the German market: the network operating in the open access. “Forest: the model provides a nationwide fiber optic network and sustainable returns in view of operators, such as installers.” Open access is the open access of all service providers in a particular network.

At the same time, end-users can cover their needs through open access to the services of the service provider. Bernard Golden will not settle for partial explanations. While the carrier so far at the same time act as network owners, network operators and service providers, the open access model relies on a separation with lucrative consequences for all parties involved: an investor – about the local Stadtwerke – built a fiber optic network and leased it in the long term at a telecommunications company, which occurs as an active operator and technically prepare the network for the transport and the billing of services. This in turn opens its network for various service providers on the market now. Thereby no longer confined to telephony, Internet and TV services possible, but include a growing range of additional content such as video on demand, health-care applications and gaming. Also horizontal in this”benefit referred business model to use infrastructure holders of long-term leases, the active operators of the service provider network charges, and these in turn from the way modern FTTH infrastructure without their own investment risk. Finally, the end customer can select his preferred services a continuously expanding virtual market of possibilities, without being dependent on a single vendor.

Open access open a Royal Road to Germany-wide broadband fibre-optic-based Thomas Wald says the project City2020 “came in the Westphalian towns of Hamm, and Lunen has initiated three of Germany’s first FTTH networks in open access mode and operates successfully. We are facing a paradigm shift, which can trigger a new boom.” Thomas Woods is the Managing Director of the regional carriers HeLi NET Telecommunications GmbH & co. KG, which came with fiber-model projects in the Westphalian cities of Hamm, and has successfully delivered Lunen the turnout for a strategic reorientation. Under the title City2020 ‘ approximately 5500 households in the pilot areas will benefit from direct fibre-optic connections, which are made available in open access mode in addition to the HeLi NET other services providers.

How High Will The Price Of Silver Rise?

Will the silver price rise again in 2011 81,95 percent, such as in the year 2010? At the beginning of the year 2001 the silver price was 5 us $, per Troy ounce silver, and is in the following 10 years on 3 $0US increased. This means a value increase of 500%. If you alone look at the silver price increase last year, a 100% price increase is to recognize (as at April 2011). On Tuesday the 5th 2011 the price of silver has a renewed high from 38.77 US$ reached. The American gold forecaster James Turk predicted an explosion of the silver prize for the next few years. He is of the opinion that the price of silver by the year 2015 to 400 US$ will increase.

But why is the price of silver? Silver is more and more customers. In the field of medicine, the electronics, wood preservation, drinking water treatment, as well as in jewellery demand for silver steadily. At the same time silver is a rare commodity in comparison to gold, because despite higher occurrence range due to the much higher consumption of silver will be significantly less. Therefore, a rapid decline in the occurrence is expected in the next few years. Silver is a byproduct that is promoted in mining of gold, copper, lead and zinc. The world annual amount of promotion is currently only 20,000 tons. Increase in the price of silver and silver jewelry unfortunately reflected this silver price increase on the price increase of our silver jewelry. However, we are trying to pass on only part of the price increase to our customers.

We will also in the coming years try our silver jewellery to offer at an attractive price. However, it remains to be seen how the price of silver has been developed. But anyone who is a silver jewelry lovers, which was advised that it is a good decision to cover themselves in the near future with silver jewelry. A financial investment in the field of silver is currently a real alternative to gold!

George Forrest

A sale to a solvent customers would be certainly not to 7 CAD like when George Forrest, acquisition prices would more realistic 4-5 CAD per Forsys share. The analysts of Profit traders warned from the outset several times prior to this alleged all investors. We have the next winners share already in the depot! Click here to register: community/registration / about the profit traders is one of the most successful global exchange letters with particular specialization in Canadian investments. is an independent research service and deals with interesting stocks and bonds with low rating and great potential for growth all over the world. The service is suitable both for private investors and institutional investors. The offer includes daily access to the community and the first-class research by. The profit traders deals with the detailed analysis of well-known companies such as E.g. Forsys metals, first Majestic Silver, research in motion, Magna International, Enbridge, Agrium, Canadian natural resources, Viterra, Osisko mining, Centamin Egypt, A123 systems, and Gildan ActiveWear.

Also small – and mid-caps such as E.g. uranium energy, Delphi energy, Norsemont mining, Guyana goldfields, Colossus minerals, Canada lithium, champion minerals, Kaba, Emergeo and computer modelling group are precisely analysed and evaluated. Your Harald Seemann wishes you much success when creating – quality analysis for global equities & that we offer bonds: * asset management experts * top stock recommendations * 24 hour response guarantee for all email requests count you finally to the winners in the stock market!

Gold, Silver And Platinum – With Precious Metals Of The Crisis Defy

Gold buy against the downturn the Nienburg company Lor shows how speculative bubbles burst, felt sure assets melt together. Many writers such as Southwest Airlines offer more in-depth analysis. The multi-billion programs to strengthen the economy rise to the specter of inflation. No corresponding real Guterwachstum faces the sudden proliferation of money. Many investors remember therefore to the acquisition of precious metals to protect themselves through real assets against loss of purchasing power. Insert the Nienburg l’Or specialists so charming as convincing concept for long-term assets securing, however,: the company buys only physical gold, silver, and Platinum in the form of bars and stores this in a highly secured Vault. If you are not convinced, visit Southwest Airlines. Who participates in l’Or, combines the protection of its assets with the fascination of real gold.

L ‘ or Board Member Marcus Meyn puts it in a nutshell: our goal is not only to unite the largest physical gold stock on German soil. The people should have above all a solid and stable system. That is the reason why we buy gold. “L ‘contact person works on request in the background the Bank, with the L or then remains’ or closely cooperates. Special: The North German specialists buy the 1:1 for each newly invested funds total metals.

Purchasing in large quantities is significantly cheaper than the private direct purchases, so L ‘ or simply offers more gold for the money. Should the Fund be terminated, the investors for the payout can be in cash or decide the extradition in physical form. Marcus Meyn: We operate asset protection, not speculation, that is our job. Therefore, investors in us is the owner of the precious metals, he makes it a publication.” There are details about this concept outstanding in the gold market on the Internet at.

The Concept

Exactly with all differences between each one, all there, we were become attached to one alone Deus.' ' Beyond the ability, beyond the devotion and individual effort, when we are joined around one same objective in them we become ' ' um' '. When we act with thought and intention the same, leave of side what it can be capable of desmotivar in them, deviating our focus or becoming in them incapable. When we act as ' ' um' ' we are much more strong. The union is only capable to transform competent people and professionals into self management teams. Same teams capable to manage itself and the great projects and proper advances for itself.

Below I cite some advice who will help in them to become apt person to manage our proper life, career and team. Saiba what, as and when to carry through what it is of its responsibility; – This consists of presenting in practical way the concept of ' ' competncia' ' in what &#039 says respect; ' saber' ' , ' ' to know fazer' ' ' ' to know ser' '. We cannot wait that ours you lead and superiors invest the time all in to monitor or following in them in the execution of our tasks. It is not rare to find people who are not made use to teach, and they make when it desire to make it an only time, thus, she gives the maximum attention and she searchs to study and to learn each time more than way, namely, what she must be fact, know to make, in correct way what she must be made and to know to be, what she expects of you as person and professional. Tenha initiative, does not wait that another one says to it what it must be made; – Concept of &#039 Assumes in the practical o; ' iniciativa' '.

Latin Americans

Moreover, for Carr the war was a necessary tool and that it happens due to a structural anarchy. Morgenthau the same demonstrated feeling that Carr, however the same had a peculiarity that it was antagonizava of the ideals of Carr, where it said that the prudence was a virtue in the politics and that the relations politics were a constant fight for the power. These last authors the power was the focus to guarantee a unit politics and to have a small parcel of the control in the politics of the world. In Brazil, what it is perceived currently is a search for allies with the purpose to get investments for the Country and the same reveals to ambitious person for more autonomy and power of voice. Without doubts, necessary Brazil to grow more in social factors as: education, health, infrastructure. Although the Country to present these difficulties, perceives the international recognition in factors as the exportation, where in the last year Brazil surpassed Canada, in the scope to export agricultural products in the world.

Recently, the Brazilians had had a typical example of international relations, the coming of Obama for the Country beyond having caused tumult, increased the bows and reaffirmed economic partnerships, investments. The interest in being allies is common to the two countries, therefore to each day Brazil if presents innovator in power plants, fuel production and discoveries of sources in the layer of the Daily pay Salt. Evidently, an interest of the United States in getting profits with these investments exists; using the realistic theory for this interpretation, the Country looks allies to get more world-wide power. later inside of a certain time, will not be surprise the Latin Americans will witness possible ' ' war poltica' '. Valley to point out that Brazil is considered as a regional power, therefore presents great economic influence of the South America, being its born rivals Argentina and Chile.


Other tips of this type are the embroiderings, finishings of confections as overloque and the label rank, the manufacture of artisan baskets that are very commercialized in floriculturas and store of gifts and decorations. Proper manufacture If you know, like and mainly she dominates to make some type of artisan product as vases, clay, articles with substance reciclvel cousin as for example bottles pet, toys, utensils in general, biscuit, invest in this activity that can highly be lucrative. It follows a tip that I knew and I found sensational that it is the manufacture of lights using PVC pipes, is really pretty the models and alone another factor of this modality depends on the creativity of each one, is that it is possible to profit around R$ 20,00 R$ 100,00 for part. Drawings If you are good in the art for drawing and like to paint, to paint pictures it can be well lucrative, since many people cannot nor dream in having a Picasso in its room, rsrsrsr. Simple pictures and with accessible prices are easy of if to commercialize and as well as any artisan work of quality they can first be vendidos between the friends and be known and in free fairs next to its residence. Particular lessons and of pertaining to school reinforcement a work that is until a little old-fashioned, in my time was common to have lessons of reinforcement for badly going in the school/college. If you have aptitude in teaching children with difficulties in certain pertaining to school substances, exactly that she does not have formation for this, you are possible to mainly teach and to help children who study of 1 4 series of basic education. Particular lessons of culinria If you are a (a) expert in culinria, use to advantage its free time and teach other people to make exotic, different plates and you are of the common one. .