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Document the need for the long-talked recruiters, document, so long waited for their clients, finally ready! Standards recruiting services, in other words – "the rules" in the market recruiting now formulated and ready for use. The practice of any market requires the establishment of professional standards. However, since 1991, when Ukraine came first recruitment agencies, ie 17 years, the market recruitment services in Ukraine, there was no uniform standards. So could not continue indefinitely, because growing customer demands for professionalism recruitment agencies. But here's what actually is this is the "professionalism", they just guessed intuitively. And many agencies in their presentations, and websites referred to some previously non-existent "standards", which they allegedly meet or hold … Hard work in organizing the 17-year experience of the recruiting market in Ukraine has taken the Expert Group of the Association of recruitment agencies in Ukraine, headed by the ARCA coordinator Sergei Belyaev.

Of course, this document is not final and ultimate truth. This is just the basic rules of the game for players and their customers. Naturally, we expect their reaction, additions and amendments … The quality standards of recruitment services will help companies focus on customers and market well to know: What can you expect from recruiters? What is the highest quality services in recruitment? What are your rights and responsibilities as a client? How to understand that you get quality service? The more the client knows how to run a professional recruiting company, the higher its chances of obtaining the desired employee and return the value of investments. Uniform standards of quality recruitment services are also required to: – Increase the professionalism of the recruitment companies and their employees.

– Create a framework for the development of training programs for agencies. – Create a real instrument of control over the quality of recruitment services. – Inform clients and candidates about the rules of bona fide agency quality standards … include: 1. Standards of service to the customer (Employer) 2. Code of ethics and privacy: – for employees of agencies – for clients, employers – for job-seekers. 3. The order of interaction of the client company and agency: the requirements for document management, searching, selection and presentation of the necessary specialists to the customer, further actions and responsibilities of agencies. 4. Information for client companies, what to expect from a professional recruitment agency, in what way is this professionalism, the list of services provided by the agency and the obligations of the company as a client. Full text of the document: on the websites of recruitment agencies ARCA

Basic Financial Management Skills Marketing

Management consists of five elements, namely: planning, organization, leadership, coordination and control. Management based on organizational activities, organization and resources to succeed. For successful organization and investment in innovation requires the prior and careful planning. Effective planning requires persistence and a willingness to deal with difficulties. It is important that team leader and its members set themselves the common goal.

At a time when the leader leads a group of people, management plays a vital role in ensuring coordination and monitoring. Manager is responsible for the successful implementation of management skills. A good manager must adhere to basic principles of management and exercise leadership skills sovey personality. Leadership is one of the the most important management skills. The guide consists of the efficient organization of resources to achieve company goals. The Guidelines provide human resources management and identify the strengths and weaknesses each team member. Leadership also includes the planning and execution of tasks at the same time, helping other team members to achieve a single result.


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