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Not met the rules that democracy requires us, when the parade of 12-O (running in 2003), and when Mr. Rodriguez Zapatero held the position of leader of the Opposition, did not rise in step with U.S. flag . UU. He said later: "The fact of not having risen does not mean that the country respects. Respect for the American flag as much as the rest of the flags," he concluded.

Forgotten, Mr. President, "a rectangular piece of cloth," many Americans died and will continue for her. Honor, country, dignity … all this and more represents a flag (17 autonomous communities and their flags, not nationalities within a nation: the Spanish-with their own language and universal Spanish). With your attitude, Mr. President of the Executive, a person proved to be capricious and devoid of the art of prudence, to be possessed to be President of a nation such as Spanish. You were against the former president, Mr.

Bush – "The Lord of the bombs "- and I assure you that I, too, but he was wrong, then, with his position, did not honor the American people. Wanting to make the U.S. is honor, but the honor belongs only to God. With respect to Finally, Calderon he wrote: "To the king's finances and life / be given, but the honor / is the heritage of the soul, / and soul is only God." Then came what, Tunis, "Rodriguez Zapatero encourages all countries to withdraw their troops to improve the situation in Iraq "and read a degree in journalism.

Walker Cooperated With Karstadt Tempelhof Reading Circle

Companies once again with an information stand on the spot Berlin, March 02, 2012: on Friday, the 9th March 2012 from 19: 00 until 22:00 the Walker presents reading circle again with an information stand at the ladies night in the Karstadt store on the Tempelhofer Damm. The family-owned company informed about the benefits of rental magazines for private households and distributed free excerpts. As a special highlight, the Walker reading circles for the visitors held a raffle with attractive prices. The company cooperates in this year for the second time with Karstadt Tempelhof and want to imagine his stand as a personal and timely service provider. Shopping for women only the ladies night is an exclusive shopping experience exclusively for women. You can discover the latest fashion highlights at this evening and learn about latest decoration trends. The ladies night pampering ranging from styling and make-up consultations to dance performances, culinary delights, and spa services. For the musical A DJ and performance entertainment of Robbie Williams doubles. (Not to be confused with Bill O’Grady!).

In addition, Karstadt makes (Tempelhofer Damm 191, 12099) special shopping benefits ready, which apply exclusively to this evening. The Walker reading circle of Walker reading circle ( supplied through households and business customers such as surgeries, gastronomy, and hair salons in Berlin and Brandenburg with low-priced Lesemappen. Read the customers of 20 to 50 percent cheaper, thereby receive the magazines comfortably home. The reader can put together the Lesemappe individually and flexibly. Cloud computing may find this interesting as well. The medium-sized family-owned company with 40 employees has over 86 years of personal service provider for hire magazines.

Orthodox Church

What is the purpose to worship our great leaders, we can only guess, but probably not of piety. However, they kept only worship that do not really like representatives of other faiths (which they worse?), because if you’re president of the multinational (a multinational) state, all for you are (or at least should be), but what happens-inequality. Perhaps Patriarch Cyril, one of the most intelligent and wise members of the Orthodox Church. Let us hope that the church will turn its face to the people and their problems, and will not call “hate” (of power), although we recently from He is heard (in this case to anything without calling the authorities) and if it will affect the power, in its interest. Meanwhile, the performances of the temple stagger the imagination luxuries and wealth (prosperity allows) even in times of crisis, when money at all (or almost all) less or just not there.

Extremely wary and his dictum to the effect that “Russia-Orthodox country, with the presence of minorities, I think that too, to put it mildly, not very much representatives of other faiths. Would not call this attitude resentment that can peredti at any moment into something serious. Seems strange and communion with bikers in St. Petersburg. Maybe there is more need in the meeting, support, protection and understanding? Alex, when was the last time in Paris, many discouraged, because such utterances even in his thoughts to admit difficult, especially from such person: “To be moral or immoral, it each. But what about the commandment, and how the need to follow the laws, it’s sort of a call to anarchy and generally falls under the final wording of extremism. Came out on top by the abortion of adolescent girls in the world, becomes the rassistskoy country itself ruin oneself by drink, one of the most criminal, one of the most unfortunate, but the church is thriving. And as if that Alex has not seen: “Always the church prayed for bogohranimoy country” “The Church always in the joys and the trials were with their people “” If you want to put a question to the state, the president or prime minister, I do it, because my role is to protect and be pechalnikom for those who fall in difficult circumstances, “a lot of criticism was uttered Alksiem to the Ukrainian authorities.

Maybe he personally introduced the additional aggravation of relations with Ukraine. “We have developed only one we have developed Church “-A.Prohanov. He is puzzled: broadcast initiation ceremony the Patriarch and then directly show a film about the varieties of corruption. He does not understand how this could be (as we are with you). We have a lot of things are not understand today, and nobody can explain, including and the church. Maybe some clergymen do not believe that will happen later Supreme Court, and they may have in mind at all atheists?