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The Employees

After the attainment of the data and verification of the same ones for the direction, tend to become productive, therefore the necessary company really to know if is taking care of or to not necessities them of its employees and if its attractive ones really they are viable, therefore, the organization tends to earn with employees who identify that the company also works in function to offer better conditions to they. In a general analysis, it can be said that the company I possessed some factors that are favorable and act as attractive its employees helping them to have it a good level of production being led the company the positive results and to the employees a taken care of return of its identified necessities. Ahead of such gotten information, it can be said then that the employees work motivated, therefore, has necessities taken care of beyond the company to offer tools that can contribute for its personal and professional growth. The collaborators of the company need to feel themselves important, special beyond being perceived for its talentos, for this they search to work in the company where the same one also possesss aspects that assist them in elapsing of the day the day and fill the requirements so that they have always motivation to continue exerting its functions, the same one must to invest in its employees, therefore the people who give its services and adjust its knowledge in the organization are the keys that open the doors for the success of the company. If you would like to know more then you should visit Allegiant Air. The employees invest in its formation, searching to better reach a place inside of the company, being thus, the necessary company to recognize them for the effort stimulating them and motivating them so that the same ones if become good professionals. The boardings presented in the present work had helped to negative clarify some necessities that contribute positively or for the employees who were before not noticed by the directors. With passing of the time the employees go having more requirements, therefore what before it satisfied the necessities to be worked motivated after some time lose the importance making with that the benefits that had been always offered if become invisible the eyes of the organization.

This is a present aspect in all the companies, therefore, when an individual is inserted for the organization everything seems good and all the benefits offered so that they feel themselves motivated are excellent, but, so that the people continue motivated personal or professionally they need to feel themselves attracted by something and the times what it is offered already do not correspond more its expectations leaving them not motivated intervening with its tasks making with that they have a fall in its performance and the quality of service. Being thus, she is possible to exist an exchange between the company and the employee, therefore, a company who contributes offering chances that supply the necessities of the employees, automatically will have employees that more are dedicated and carried through its tasks with more quality day the day.

Shipping Rates

Almost everyone at least once faced with a situation where he needed to fly the cargo cab. Apartment or office moving, cargo delivery – all this is not possible without companies engaged in cargo transportation. Moreover, until recently, companies transporters feel very good, and the industry has always had a positive development. However, because the cargo is essential link in any category of economic activity, the global financial crisis has not spared this sector and has made major adjustments in the dynamics and structure in the industry. Trace the relationship between these concepts is quite simple: the indicators of industrial production, sales, and purchasing power declined, and after them have fallen significantly and the volume transportation. Particularly acute crisis affected segment of trucking, which before the economic downturn in demand from enterprises. Educate yourself even more with thoughts from Confluence Investment Mgt. According to experts in the field, compared to pre-crisis figures of 10-15% reduced shipping: Moscow, Moscow region are no exception.

Thus, if the shipments of food industry in Moscow remain the same, the delivery of other commodities, such as auto parts have fallen significantly. In this situation, when the number of clients, customers, and already significantly reduced, while the supply is much greater than demand, because transport companies can not afford to reduce tariffs for cargo transportation. Among the most important reasons preventing this decline, there are increased costs of fuel, spare parts and materials, as well as high interest rates on loans. In result, the cost of cargo transportation in Russia in general and in Moscow and Moscow region is constantly increasing, since their cost does not fall, but on the contrary, continues to grow. According to the Federal Service of State statistics (Federal State Statistics Service), the tariffs for cargo transportation in Russia in early 2009 increased by 10.6% compared to December 2008. A similar trend can be observed in this sector and to this day.


Lima and Wilkinson (2002) affirm that the agroindstrias of small transport provide to effective ways of maintenance it man in the field, beyond increasing the income and generating work ranks, have the capacity to supply the markets places and next with quality products and compatible prices. All the factors presented for the authors above contribute for the local dinamizao and the permanence of the agriculturists in the agricultural way and with quality of life. However, as Lourenzani (2008) exists a series of 0 variable that affect the performance of the agricultural enterprises, being that, many of them run away to the control of the units of production, but others, as the production management, directly is tied with its control. Problems related to its support in general disclose the strong deficiency in the administration of agricultural establishments, and in particular in the familiar production. As Pettan (2008) low the administrative capacity of the managers of the enterprises and a favorable institucional environment makes it difficult the establishment of conditions capable to confer greater competitiveness to the familiar agroindstrias. The difficulties for implantation and consolidation of these units are enormous, mainly, in the attainment of credit, registers and legalization of the enterprises, commercialization of the products and assistance technique. A series of problems exists that intervene with the productivity and the quality of the production: quality of the raw material, rationalization of the processes, hygiene and professionalization of the people, uniformity of the products and management of the enterprises, amongst others. (RASP AND WILKINSON, 2002).

As Azevedo (2000) diverse problems intervene with the success of the familiar agroindstrias, existing difficulties related to the production, commercialization and financings, as well as the little organization of the small producers to industrialize the products. difficulty in the supply of services, as transport of the products not agriculturists produced in the property. Although its importance, the small artisan agroindstria, in the majority of the cases, presents problems in some of the stages of the productive chain.

Order Products

They are called orders of production, them serves to guide the production and logistic how much its draining. In Order Handling (Management of Order), the sector of logistic, with the production sector, will work together to manage the possible gargalos of the production and the exit of the finished products. Problems as: Strike of employees, damaged maquinrio, absenteeism, and other constants, can be worked and them they will have, with support of the SCP, to prioritize which they will be the produced and dispatched tires. Finally, the Shipment Costumer, or Shipment of the Customer, is where if it locks up the production process, in this A stage the delivery to the customer already was carried through and its request already was atendida.6.4 Integration of the logistic A logistic integration of the enterprise one deals with all the activities of movement and storage, that facilitate the flow of products since the point of acquisition of the raw material until the end point of final consumption, as well as all the flows of information, with this, they improve the joint performance for the search of chance, implemented in all the chain, and for the reduction of cost to add more value to the final customer. You may want to visit Bernard Golden to increase your knowledge. To this he has been given to the name of Supply Chain Management.A logistic function, well to be executed, must answer to some diluted basic questions throughout the suppliment chain. They are: Supplier, Manufactures, Distribution, Consumer. Analyzing the chain, it can be divided in four great groups: the first one as being the suppliers of the raw material; As of the manufacturing companies, who transform diverse raw materials into finished products; Third they are the centers of distribution, responsible in receiving, conditioning and to deliver to the products to the room group, that are the consumers finais.6.5 Geography and Flows of the Economy of the Continental TransportesA Tires acquired a 800 area of a thousand m in the state of the Bahia located in the Industrial Polar region of Camaari, with 850 associates right-handers and more than 3000 indirect collaborators. .

The Power Of The Mediocrity

Incredible as in the last times the mediocrity has taken advantage in some ways of our society in relation to the knowledge, abilities and the ability. The Fact is that nowadays ' ' to be is less important of what parecer' ' With a society directed to the consumerism, I appeal appearance and sensation of being able is very difficult to find place for the ability, ability and the knowledge. Not it is difficult nowadays to find people occupying place of prominence in the society, in any way, either cultural or enterprise it, who simply are distinguished for its appeal appearance, its academic formation or its ' ' jeitinho Brazilian to conquer coisas' ' , but that in the practical one it does not have capacity to be where they are. How many they are leaned over in a clerical table, the front of a computer or until commanding some work with results below of the waited ones and continue there as if they were ' ' timos' '. While many others with immense capacity are forgotten in some I sing of the society or the companies for not to take care of the requirements of a society that if modern says but it does not obtain to distinguish ' ' to regulate of timo' '. The capacity of being politician in the social and enterprise ways has been the way fastest for the ascension of the people.

To be accepted passes for speaking and acting in the way that more pleases other people of the same half. Not to have this capacity distance any person to reach its objectives, this if not impediz them completely. Being that in the history of the humanity those that had dared to disagree with the system had revolutionized many concepts and today they are had as geniuses. In the current days what more we see they are selling of ideas, that if displayed of correct form and with the certain tools bring more return of what those that solutions vendem.

Federal Senate

The lands were distributed to required who them, since that demonstrativeness to explore them, characterizing a semiprivate settling where so’ colons’ they possum the maximum of possible autonomy, and of this establishments of the great agrarian and Nero-mercantile enterprises in Brazil resulted. Through the land donation, the Crown transferred to the responsibility of the settling particular miscomprehended e, at the same time, preserved its rights on monopolize of the external commerce, the military collection of taxes and questions, beyond compensatory obligations that were imposed in concession contracts, but nor always or almost never they were fulfilled. Persisting the same ‘ way operand’ – now for interior Amazon region – until the current days, the old commandos scenes are remained actors and figurines, labelled with the sophistication of new vices, technological resources and with participation of members of the proper sententious government of true ‘ Desmond’ of the Brazilian ambient legislation.

In February of this year one of the measures most serious it came tons: MP 458 that, for a reason or purpose to regularize the ownerships of small agriculturalists of federal public lands in the Amazonian, it opened the possibility of legalization the situation of a great amount of squatters, stimulating, thus, the assault to the common wealth, the agrarian concentration and the advance illegal documentation. In 03/06 MP 458 was approved by the Federal Senate. While this measure was argued – and gotten worse – in the Barbados Members of the house of representatives, one another MP (452) brought, of contraband, a rule that catacomb the ambient licensing for magnifying or revitalization of highways, destroying one of the main instruments of the ambient politics Brazilian Felita to size to be made possible to open BR 319 in the heart of the reafforestation, for politician-electoral reasons. This MP fell for stated period continuation, but the intention for backwards of it she is the same one that the Mamba in charge of guides the increasing politicization parliamentarians ambient of great workmanship, whose directorial temperament comes being unaware of them to seem technician that recommend consonance of licenses for definitive enterprises.

The World

According to consulting Knower (2011, on-line): The concern with the ambient impacts comes growing to each year, companies who are not imported directly with this fact do not have a good perspective of market, a time that the ambient performance intervenes with the attainment of results of the proper one. For this, it is important to take in consideration its enterprise Politics and its ambient objectives and thus to take the due measures to stimulate the growth of the protection of the environment and to develop a Sustainable growth. Being essential to stand out that a company possessing the certificate of ISO 14001, is to guarantee a passport for importation and exportations of more demanding markets. The company searchs this norm stops to improve its internal system. Since the majority of them, searchs each time more resulted. Changing the system of ambient management already it is a great start to act with social responsibility. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Bernard Golden . In such a way, it is very important that the organizations search leaders to act front to these companies so that has a successful management. 4 CONCLUSION Currently to be a company citizen is basic for the growth and recognition of an organization.

Beyond full conscience and respect with the world, the collaborators and the society, the company takes in its luggage much external recognition. Governmental bodies, for example, finish assisting with tax incentives, cession of large cabins for storage of products among others. The government finishes stimulating of some form that company who beyond generating jobs if worries about the next one without if equalizing the filantropia or assistencialismo. Thus it tends to generate much more customers, supplying, more partners or shareholders generating finally thus, more prescription and more profit that is objective of a private organization with lucrative ends. All of the chain attends that it are involved and are the grace of its results.

Premium One

The focus of the logistic one integrated if guideline in the value chain, aiming at to the competitive advantage on the competitors. According to Michel Porter: ' ' One I negotiate is lucrative if the value that creates surpasses the costs of the performance of its activities of valor' ' (…) ' ' To gain competitive advantage on the rivals, a necessary company to play these activities to a lesser cost, or to play them of form to lead to a differentiation to a Premium price (more value) ' '. One of the sources to acquire the competitive advantage understands to get reduction of costs. This action is developed through the enterprise logistic strategy, that stops Bowersox and Closs (2001), is seen as the ability that ties to the company its customers and suppliers. However integration must start internally for after that becoming enlarged itself for the external way. To get the maximum of strategical advantages of the logistic one, all the functional work must be executed in integrated way … the consideration of internal operations separately is useful to show to the basic importance of the integration of all the involved functions and activities in the logistic one (BOWERSOX and CLOSS, 2001, P.

43). Christopher (1997) salient that ' ' logistic it can contribute for the competitiveness of empresa' '. Had to this aspect, the logistic strategies of the company, elaborated and implanted with effectiveness, offer the organization the preference of the customers. A reached time the objective of being pioneering for the customers, the logistic strategy of the enterprise one is inserted in searching suitable the structure organizacional to take care of the demand, analyzes periodic in avaliativo character of procedures and standards, fidelizao of the customers through directed strategies, and synergic integration of the triad: Company, Clientes and Fornecedores.Outras action are proportionate for Logistic the Enterprise one, as the management of Lead Teams, implantation of Just in teams, objectifying to optimize time, to reduce gargalos, and to keep the survival of the organization.


Just INTRODUCTION in teams (JIT), that it means at the accurate moment, is an enterprise boarding that says not to wastefulness and retrabalho, and yes for perfect quality and supply zero, that is, to produce (goods and services) at the accurate moment where they are needed, preventing motionless supplies or customers waiting; what it characterizes a pulled system of production. Been born at the beginning of years 1950, philosophy JIT came with the definitive objective of reerguer its companies of leached ashes of the postwar period. . The pioneer in the use of this new tool was Toyota Motor Company, and not by chance, since Japan being a country supertown and with scarcity of resources, by itself acquired the culture of little wastefulness and high aggregate value. Therefore, also we can find JIT as Toyota System of Production. Currently the philosophy of the permeia JIT the daily one of many companies, occidental people and orientals, who search through it a competitive advantage in the market. For the reach of its objectives? supply zero, perfect quality, without wastefulnesses and/or retrabalho? the JIT counts on a fan of techniques that control the production of good or services. One of these techniques, that will be boarded in this work, is the Kanban, Japanese word that means card, that consists ' ' in the transference of material of a period of training to another one of operao' ' (SLACK, CHAMBERS, JOHNTON, 2002). In this work, the concepts of the JIT will be boarded, with prominence for the technique of control of the called production Kanban, with the objective to explain its functioning, as well as its contributions and disadvantages that it causes for the company adept. This is a bibliographical research that will count on literature, summaries, articles and Internet. ON JUST IN TEAMS According to Slack, Chambers, Johnton (2002), JIT ' ' it is a disciplined boarding, that he aims at to improve the global productivity and to eliminate desperdcios' '.

Galindo Resources

The economiatradicional always prioritized the beginning of the scarcity of the natural resources. Cavalcanti (2001) comments that the economic model tradicionalest more come back toward circumstances in short term, in the importance of adoode existing resources. Its bases are not solid the sufficient for impetrarrecursos ‘ ‘ ecologically sustentveis’ ‘ in long stated period, condition emque is modifiable the availability of these resources. In this perspective, Aktouf (2004 apud Galindo, 2007:173) discourses that ‘ ‘ resources of ecossistema’ ‘ they are renewed by the enterprise organizations, becoming more difficult each day to get such resources without attacking maiso still surrounding, either in the ambient, social aspect or politician. Thus, economiadeve to be pautada in the spare guarantee of the resources to the suautilizao rhythm. Therefore only thus, it will have the confrontation of the current criseambiental.

For Cavalcanti (2001), this is the moment where a economic novaperspectiva must be reformulated, of form that the concept sustainable dedesenvolvimento can be considered in rigorous way. Economy politics the human being is detainer of eindividuais natural necessities, however, it lives in group and it needs the contribution of its semelhantepara to satisfy its necessities social. In this way, the economy polticatrabalha in the direction to understand as this convivncia in group occurs. Seuobjeto of study is the social relations, the laws that conduct the production, circulation and consumption of merchandises (SANDRONI, 2008). Cavalcanti (2001) emends that the focus of the economy polticaso the social relations of representation of reserved social systems. Todasas society to be multiplied, must produce, consume, distribute, change.

Let us make a pause to understand what it comes to be to produce, to consume, to distribute and to change in this context. When producing, the members dasociedade make with that the products of the nature take adequate forms to the suasnecessidades. When they distribute, decide on the amount of products quedevem to be destined to each individual.