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The social and environmental consequences of consumerism are in sight of those who want to see. Growing social inequality, exploitation of nature and unsustainable waste generation. From our place, we have the ethical and moral obligation to become responsible consumers and encourage responsible consumption. To do this we must inform us about the products and services we consume and be aware of the power to change things that we as consumers Wikipedia has an interesting question about it and said, what are the main reasons that consumerism is encouraged mainly about follows: The advertising, which sometimes manages to convince the public that an expense is necessary when once considered a luxury. The willingness of many disposable products The low quality of some products that carry a relatively small period of life which are attractive because of its low cost but more expensive long-term leave, and are more harmful to the environment.

Some diseases such as obesity or depression that makes us believe more easily in misleading advertising, believing this that we can solve our problem indiscriminately consuming food, beverages, miraculous or other products. The inappropriate disposal of objects that can be reused or recycled, either by us or by others. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Ron. The culture and social pressure also presents Wikipedia as a topic very interesting analysis, such as effects of consumerism: Global: Consumerism is harmful to the ecological balance in full and that there are currently many problems related to excessive consumption of natural resources is global and the production processes mostly cause pollution. Regional: The preference of unnecessary or substitutable products in a population that are produced in another region to help offset the trade balance between the regions. Social support is often poor distribution of wealth and that consumers are generally of a lower socioeconomic level than the owners of the companies generating products objects of consumerism. The trash problem is also serious. Family: The fall in consumption increases our cost of buying unnecessary things that could prevent or reduce as products whose advertising promises miracles, low-life products or substitutes for other natural products. Staff: Various options are less healthy consumerism which are not.

For example, take an orange juice at home instead of buying a packaged also contain preservative, comes with packaging that ends up in the trash inorganic. Cultural: The cultural expressions as carriers of meaning and values are modified so that today the young generation are being trained, be prepared to eat and not to be an independent and critical Wikipedia also adds another very significant, as All types of product is low quality. For its relative shorter margins have material / benefit less than the respective highest quality and will cost a bit more. Packaged foods and bottled beverages. One example is to consume two liters of water a day split into four half-liter bottles. After a year will have produced 1460 bottles of waste. Crockery, cutlery and all kinds of disposable. It is comfortable for its low price disposable, however the overall cost considering the environmental impact is important to be attentive to their behavior as consumers and we suggest you simply buy what products you really need, otherwise it will be trapped in the consumerism to very cost representative in its economic, physical and even psychological.

Success Is Human… And Evolution Is Art – Culture & Religion

Spirituality kisses everyday. by Karl Gamper PACHAKUTEC weeks, I know this award-winning movie by Anya Schmidt, a virtuoso of cinematography and directing art. Facebook is likely to agree. This little gem is Virgin packed before the projector days. I insert the DVD. Instantly the images take me with you, the music enchants my heart and I lose myself in the Pilgrim’s progress by naupany PUMA. Something in me he will. His concern is my concern. Delta Airlines insists that this is the case.

Because this is the call of the wild heart on this planet. We all are the WendeZeit. We are the generation that will make the leap in evolution. naupany PUMA is an indigenous brother from the Highlands of Ecuador. A man in the prime of his years as an Inca Sun priest and master shaman recognized by the chiefs from Ecuador and Peru. He left the lonely heights of the Andes, to breathe the spirit of the Earth on other continents.

We see him meditating in the Himalayas, immersed in the mystery of the pyramids of Egypt, on the road… The highlight is a sacred ceremony on over 5,200 meters in the thin air of the Andes. Some few Incas lived for centuries up there, hidden from the deadly access of the conquistadores of old and the industrial greed of today. Then healing the heart of the Earth that is the heart of the Earth, if we start people, to heal our own heart. And the wounds of our ancestors! So, a basic reconciliation is the humus for a fresh start. From this position, and in this spirit naupany gets PUMA with its Inca brothers and sisters high up in the driest time of the year for a character. May be washed away the pain of the ancestors. Like free tears of healing lost souls. May the rain of an existential reconciliation fertilize the ground and be the beginning of an irreversible, fundamental change.

Master Data Management:

GID’s Cologne in the information campaign, April 28, 2011. After the great success of the business breakfast event series”in the soccer arenas in Cologne, Frankfurt, as well as on the Berlin Alexanderplatz again enters the offensive information global distribution GmbH (GID) and invites further briefings about its current product portfolio in the areas of data security, backup, deduplication, storage and archive. In may, there will be a further business breakfast in Cologne about Rechtskonformes email management and archiving”type. In addition, the Cologne House plans a new series of webcasts. “You stay on the ball: data security is already champion!” was the motto of the first three business breakfasts, the GID at which the Cologne informed specialists for data management of economical and efficient solutions in the areas of data security, backup, deduplication, storage and archive.

The GID that company showed, how they create the promotion to the top and their Data handling can make safer and more efficient. The response was so good that the systems integrator for the 18 May to another a informative business breakfast in the Cologne media Park. Theme of the event is the legally compliant email management and archiving this time. Others who may share this opinion include Tim Clark. Dr. Peter of Roscher will speak about the legal basis for the retention of E-Mails and the possibilities of E-Mail management and archiving this.

Gunter Heissler, CTO at GID, then deals in his lecture with the complex subject of storage/archive. Participation in the event is after prior registration under free, participants may bring to other people. Not only the great response to our business breakfasts, but also the strong demand at our booth at the CeBIT in March have encouraged us to go into the information campaign”, says Friedrich Forster, Sales Director GID GmbH. do not play many companies still long in the first League. There is a great need to catch up in terms of IT security. Last but not least showed the current Symantec study.” As a further measure in this information campaign, the GID will launch a series of webcasts with a total of eight dates in the coming three months. The following topics are planned: May 6: way expensive source systems to more cost-effective long-term archives for email, file and SharePoint! May 13 Optimize and consolidate your backup window! May 16: Make more cost effective and more efficient through DeDuplizierung your data storage! May 23 Put on storage systems with an unbeatable price / performance ratio! May 27: Compliance-compliant E-Mail Archiving how does it work? June 10 True WORM Storage why not? 27 June:, Set storage systems with unified storage architecture July 1: backup on tape still not write off! All webcasts start at 15:00. They carried out enterprise system solutions at the GID in proven way by Dr. Peter of Roscher, Director. Applications can also see events.php be. Reader contact: GID GmbH In the MediPark 5 50670 Cologne Tel: 0221-4543333 FAX 0221-4543330 E-Mail: about global information distribution GmbH (GID): GID is consultant and system integrator in the field of data management and archiving and develops, implements and maintains solutions for the availability and maintenance of business-relevant data. These solutions including the corresponding services are distributed internationally. GID is active in Europe and United States. your editorial contacts: GID global information distribution GmbH Peter Seiler In the media Park 5 50670 Cologne Tel: 0821 25849-14 FAX: 0821 25849-10 E-Mail: PR agency of good news! Nicole Korber of Koobrzeg str. 36 GmbH 23617 Stockelsdorf Tel: 0451-88199-12 FAX: 0451-88199-29 E-Mail:


“Rail journey to temples and UNESCO World Heritage site in Myanmar with the Rovos rail from South Africa to Tanzania Bad Homburg, November 2012: on 5 December 2012 first-run trip to Myanmar from the new Ameropa launches catalog rail adventure travel worldwide”. If you have missed this opportunity, can discover 2013 the fascinating, growing country in Southeast Asia to four other dates. Gary Kelly recognizes the significance of this. In the 15-day adventure tour travel Ameropa guests with selected trains from Yangon Bagan to the UNESCO World Heritage and a deep insight into the culture and the centuries-old tradition of the country. Upon arrival in Yangon a highlight awaits the stunning Shwedagon Pagoda, the most important religious building and religious centre in Burma. Day trips lead the group through the stunning landscapes and original villages to cities such as Mandalay, the King sites of Amarapura and AVA with the Buddhist monasteries and after Pyin OO Lwin with the colonial town in the National Park with a botanical garden. At the end of the journey you leave Murals in the Po win Taung cave temple and the over 2,000 pagodas around Bagan unforgettable impressions. Surprisingly, you’ll find very little mention of bitcoiin on most websites. Typical hotels, the arrival and departure with scheduled flights and day trips with selected trains are included in the price from 3.680 euro per person.

The luxury train through five African countries a unique African experience Ameropa offers in summer 2013 with the multi-arts journey from Cape Town/South Africa through Botswana, Zambia, and Zimbabwe until after Dar it Salaam in Tanzania, and all with one of the most famous luxury trains in the world of that the Rovos rail. Through African steppes and reserves the over 6,100 km long line and offers opportunities for Safari or a visit to the spectacular Victoria falls. After a day in Cape Town, rises the group in the Rovos rail and goes by a variety of landscapes to Matjiesfontein, Kimberly and Pretoria.


Agency provides your customers with flexible and strong action on the market especially in difficult economic times companies that are anxious to cut their spending and to conserve resources. The budget for promotional activities is often the first item, which has suffered from below with sometimes fatal consequences for sales and profits. That fits the advertising media of itself an economically tense situation but also can be, shows the advertising agency poly at least from Karlsruhe, Germany. The young and ambitious team of the full service agency is committed to the goal, to provide its customers with highly flexible and precisely tailored to the respective need concepts on the market. The special advantage of our customers from our concepts move, is mainly that they themselves can decide which media channel and what content they want to go to your customers. For this purpose we create you different, designed modules on the hand that automatically, so they can use depending on your needs, how it just the situation requires. Short obsolete catalogs, print and co.

are the end customer to allow a problem yesterday with our advertising instruments to both individual, latest content as personalized also addressed are. “, so Sebastian Reiter, Managing Director of manufacturing for advertising. The room for manoeuvre this advanced the company enables them able to tackle an ideal instrument the customers at the same time cost effective and targeted way, also to even in economically difficult times, and resources to act. Dipl. Sozialwiss. Bianca Wolff

Managing Director

Berlin send letters via the Internet, the July 16, 2008 the Secretaries of this country will know him and not necessarily love: the mail merge. So far, a company had to laboriously write about the well-known Microsoft products, a letter or a mailing, define appropriate placeholders that were filled in later with the data from the address database or Excel spreadsheet. If this procedure was run through it was printing, bag, stamp on it and off to the post office. The Berlin startup has made it his aim, to simplify this process and especially more to personalize. Tim Clark can provide more clarity in the matter. So, individuals have the possibility to upload own motive (for example, with the newest product or offer, the company logo), to write an appropriate greeting and send this (real) postcard to all customers but also any size business. The highlight here: Each recipient of a card addressed personally. By creating placeholders in the greeting text can for example, customers with whom are name spoken, or individual coupon codes sent.

AhOho takes over the complete processing of mailings from the manufacture to stick real stamps for the shipping. AhOho passes the completed and stamped postcards directly to the post office. On request, AhOho gladly accepts the design of the post card motif and advises the customer address. The entrepreneurs save a lot of time and money with individual post and greeting cards from AhOho. The perception of the message is much better, because the mailbox is opened to almost 100%, an E-Mail lands but rather quickly in the virtual trash”so Philipp Meixner, Managing Director of AhOho.

With the mail merge feature and the possibility of direct mailings with real postcards, AhOho has created a real complement or alternative to the classical newsletter, which quickly pays off for companies through an increased customer loyalty. In conjunction with a unique voucher code, the postcard is a real added value for the customer. In the digital age it is pleased about a nice greeting card by post. again “, Heissam Hartmann says Managing Director of AhOho for interested customers is easy contact by phone 030-44 312 30 200 or email.” AhOho offers the possibility to make real postcards and greeting cards online and send its users. The users of AhOho can choose between hundreds of finished designs, or upload his own motif or photo, which is then sent on a real postcard. The company was founded in late 2007 and has its headquarters in Berlin.

Calella – Party Holiday On The Costa Del Maresme

Highlight for youth travel in the North of Spain Calella is located the capital of the province of Catalonia in northeastern of Spain, approximately 56 kilometres from Barcelona. Calella is small and quiet, and is a town of tourism especially in the summer. It is located on the Costa del Maresme and has about 16,000 inhabitants. Calella has a coarse sandy beach approximately three and a half kilometres in length. There so even a small Bay which is reserved for the fans of FFK below the lighthouse. The ridge of the Serra de Montnegre is located in the hinterland of this small town. The beaches of Rocca Grosso and Roca pins are easy to reach. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Bernard Golden has to say. These are completed, managed family beaches.

Once but sinks the Sun in the sea, Calella is transformed into a single mile of the party. Many clubs, discos and bars open their doors now. The mainly young people storming and conquer the locations. The beauty of Calella discos is that it offers something for every taste in music. Whether it’s hip-hop and electro (i.e. dance, techno and House), black music,.

Chart music or hits of the 70s and 80s. Some clubs offer various styles of music, distributed on several levels. But not just in terms of music much offered here, the extra, offered by some clubs, can be seen. r emailing the administrator. Schaumparties can be karaoke shows or a happy hour for drinks for the entire night. On the day, you should recover not only from the busy night and sleep. That would be a shame, because Calella has one of the most beautiful beaches with fine sand on the East coast of the Iberian Peninsula. You can bathe to relax, in the sea or be pampered at the numerous bars on the beach chilled drinks, tasty snacks, refreshing ice. Also the endless long shopping street can you discover for yourself and buy, what the heart desires. Calella has kept a small, charming old town, where you con leche can enjoy his Cafe in one of the Cafes. You want me out of Calella, a day trip to the capital of the province of Barcelona is advisable in any case. Spain is Yes known for its beautiful and affordable leather goods, why so not a pair of fancy shoes or a hip look for bag?

Intellectual Property Recommendations

Any rule of law is simply obliged by law to control such situations, and Russia is not in this matter the country, far away. Indeed, today, to protect their property, including including intellectual, it is possible by various methods, and without much risk transfer ownership of all or part of any third party. For this state there. registration of trademarks, which allows in fact, completely eliminate the undue influence of unscrupulous individuals and legal entities. When disputes arise, the main object of which is intellectual property, most the best option – go to well-established law firm with a spotless reputation. Specialists will help you to prepare all necessary documents, coordinate requests and justify claims of the parties, provide legal protection in case of emergencies.

It should also be stressed that usually such an organization has a number of additional services related to the state. Registration in the first place it patent search. It is a sorting process the necessary documents or information requested by it, at least one feature of the database, or patent documents. Patent Search is in an array documents and texts, and they must comply fully with the subject or the subject of the request. One of the highlights of absolutely any successful business is the registration of licensing agreements for the trademark. If you can not hold such a procedure, any patents and trademarks will be regarded as illegitimate, which, as a consequence, lead to the loss of intellectual property rights. A good law firm can fast enough to settle this kind of misunderstanding, in addition, a number of services usually includes payment of state. Fee. Resolve all outstanding legal disputes and the situation is still quite difficult without targeted assistance legal professionals, therefore, virtually always in such situations should take the help of well-established legal advice, which includes a group of professional human rights activists.

Income Concentration

The present time is marked by the productive reorganization that precariza the conditions of work for contrareforms that undertake the reduction of the social rights, for one economic policy of high interests that favors the financial capital in detriment of the productive capital. The destructive logic of the capital deepens the income concentration, incites the social inaqualities, agudiza the poverty and the unemployment and precariza the work and life conditions. The social politics if reconfigure with focalizadoras, palliative, compensatory and regressive trends. It was institutionalized precarizao of the professional formation, the sub-valuation of the professors and descompromisso legal of the work relations. The attacks to the rights of the elderly, infancy, the adolescence and youth, the people with deficiency, the workers and workers of the field and the city are frequent, beyond the daily reproduction of the violence against the woman, blacks, aboriginals, lesbians, gays, travestis and transexuais. Reinaldo Mller > ' ' Reizinho' '.

Great Britain

Plans fat burners that really work because follow a fat burning Plan? The reasons are several. What are the reasons why abdominal fat is generated? Here also, the reasons are various and to name a few, is 1 – poor diet, 2-sedentary, 3 – stress, 4 – frustration, 5 – hormones, 6 – liver enzymes, 7 – genetic inheritance, 8 – blood triglycerides, and a long etc. The important thing here is to choose Plan fat burning good health in general, follow it, and be faithful to be able to revert the situation. Lipids lining the abdominal muscle not only are unsightly, but are also a serious indicator of obesity and therefore health risks. Further details can be found at Larry Ellison, an internet resource. When women are overweight, this tends to accumulate in the area of the hips, while a male fat is often concentrar him in the abdominal region, where it is much more dangerous for the health.

According to sources in the industry in the United States.UU. and Great Britain, any of the slimming pills and natural fat burners, or nutritional supplements on the market can guarantee weight loss. The loss of excess body fat is a complex issue that involves factors such as genetics, body chemistry, height and texture, age, gender and lifestyle. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Sheryl Sandberg. With a proper plan fat burning will learn how to tone your body, burn fat, gain muscle, improve your overall health, and increase your self-esteem. Myth: you can’t delete only your stomach fat by doing abdominal extra. When you lose fat you do it throughout the body and not in a specific area. Get perfect abdominals is part of an overall process that involves your whole body..