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Conscription Election

In way in general one concludes that he has a precarizao in the formation of the psychologist and also the choice of the subjects enters that they will be repassed, in way that, does not have a detailed study of what would have to be integrant part of the curricular grating for the formation of future psychologists, as well as on the way to teach and which the best instruments or techniques to be used in this academic process. As result of this deficient scene, we form professionals who make bad use of the psychological tests and that had to this inadequate formation they are also not stimulated to search on the existing instruments already and nor in creating new, therefore truily do not know on the technique (DEFICIENCIES., 2005) METHODOLOGY Had been part of this exploratria-descriptive research, that it used as procedure the field study, six people (APPENDIX It) with formation in Psychology, of the feminine sex, of etria band it enters the 23 44 years and it enters the 02 17 years of formation that act in the market of diverse organizations of nature: filantrpica, urban transport, consultorias of Human resources and that they have in Conscription Election of Staff its activity end. The chosen population was based on just-formed professionals and a little more experienced in order to become a comparative degree between the generations, as well as in relation to the etria band. A questionnaire (APNDICE-B) closed of 19 questions was directed way email having been authorizeing its use for research ends. After that, these data had been organized in six categories: the formation of the psychologist, the use of the psychological tests, the knowledge of the psychologists on the instrument, the more critical importance of the technique, its aspects and on the credibility and the professional ethics. RESULTS AND QUARRELS In accordance with the objective of the work, was looked to ahead investigate which the utility and importance of the psychological tests in the election of staff of the use of as much other instruments and techniques, as well as of that it forms and with that quality the tests are being used for the psychologists in the organizacional context.

A New Concept Is Born Out Of An Old Idea an alternative to an old problem considering the current events that continue the US influences economy negatively with terrifying images of the Gulf region, so one would hope that we finally think about whether there are not other alternatives to material that raw materials such as oil needed to construct needed saves. Our planet is not for nothing called the blue planet, but its future seems rather black. It is our responsibility to preserve the life, because even we are not able to revive. A step in this direction is to recycle. and repair to reuse it. It’s really impossible, just our age, to live without computers and networking. Software, hardware, mobile phones and Wi-Fi are firmly anchored in our professional and private lives. An extensive networking system is the basis of all global companies. Oracle is often quoted on this topic.

Today it is simply necessary for a modern with colleagues in Japan to communicate company headquartered in Germany. But how much energy is actually required to such a network maintained to get? The answer:. Very much! Must it be possible to be able to save energy and money and still produce the apparatus? How can we network, earn money, earn our living and at the same time enjoy our blue planet without having to make large residues? Easy! You must look only for alternative. Alternative companies such as Bay network. Bay network utilized new and used computer hardware. A simple but brilliant idea! Bay network goes even one step further and repaired damaged hardware, and saves for the buyers and of course not to conceal so much money: a lot of energy! The waste supply is overloaded; We are near because our hazardous waste into space to shoot. This is not our world, we share with other animals but nevertheless it is our responsibility to preserve this world and our zerstoerischen page to protect.

Innovative companies such as Bay network are the future of global networking and the answer. Bay network program also has a so-called buy back, this program does not allow its customers more hardware to get rid of without having to dispose of it. Bay network has very qualified engineers who deal with your goods, examined it and fixed it according to industry guidelines, Bay network paid the maximum amount for that product to zurueckzukaufen it. The future of every modern company is environmentally friendly. Small startup companies have usually hardly large financial resources for a strong network, Bay network provides qualified staff and lower prices, usually 60-90% less expensive than new purchases. The future of modern companies is green. Small businesses are to create an extensive network system normally still able, Bay network helps some 60-90% with lower prices, lower than new goods and you will find no differences in quality, durability and manufacture guarantee as a customer. Most of the recycled or repaired hardware have also an extended warranty. Bay network offers an individual customer service, which is available with fast response and help is always available. And the most important thing is saving everything wearend energy. Bay Network Inc.

Companies Want Fast, Individual Service

Gerd Brocker, Sales Director of the Kreissparkasse Lauenburg, about the results of a new study on the quality of service provided by credit institutions for business customers that can of Lauenburg District Park ACEs on two record years look back. That is reflected in the annual increase of in credit volume by between 2% and 5%. Perhaps check out Facebook for more information. But one reason to sit back, is not for those responsible in Ratzeburg. On the contrary, the Sparkasse commissioned 2010 an independent market research Institute with a representative survey on the satisfaction of business customers with their credit institutions. She took place between April and June in the District of Lauenburg.

Total 500 interviews with freelancers, executives and managers in companies of different sizes and industry were conducted. Aim of Lauenburg District Park ACEs: about the expectations and desires of commercial customers up to date and thus to improve the quality of service provided. Last had make 2005 a similar study the Kreissparkasse. Gerd Brocker is Director of sales at the Kreissparkasse Lauenburg and was the first who reads the results of the survey. Mr Brocker, what aspects have been the entrepreneurs asked? Brocker: Overall were about 40 questions among other things to the bank account, the expertise of the corporate customer consultant, the quality of the advice, the flexibility of the credit institution, about the current economic situation compared to the previous year, ongoing funding and equipment, customer satisfaction in General, the frequency of contact, and that necessarily should be improved and financial topics is a special interest. What factors play a role in the satisfaction of business customers? Brocker: several were. Is particularly important entrepreneurs, how fast it comes to deciding on a loan because that significantly contributes to the planning security for investment projects. On average, 21 percent of companies in our region use investment credits. The rate of the Bank is above average: it is located at 44 percent.