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Digital Marketing

Now I understand the importance of handling double optin (double confirmation) in our email marketing campaigns as the author says we have to be very careful who send mail. must the marketer stop selling and start listening to what they want to receive my client? You have to be more aware of what you want to market and meet that need of subscribers It meets the needs of your subscribers and they will cover your own pyramid of the Digital Marketing feed: according to this graph, the author of the seminar (Maurice Duque – Doopler) show the foundations of email marketing matter what its strategy website, searches (google adwords, or organic positioning) and Email are three basic tactics that generate greater return on investment in the long term and help improve the results of the other strategies the new essence Email Marketing 1 design your web site to retain customers 2. uses search engines to attract new subscribers 3 uses email to assist the process of decision-making conclusions personal Y solutions recommended: 1. email is the means par excellence to have direct contact with our customers and remind them that exist 2. never send unsolicited e-mail. We must use double optin and filter very well to our subscribers so we are not unfairly associated with spam. 3. the positioning in search engines is also critical to the essence of email marketing to work, i.e.

to carry traffic to our Web site to subsequently convert with email marketing. Solutions recommendations: As being at the top of google on the keywords of search that we are interested (special link). Thanks to this method I’m at the top of google to level world on different keywords for this search I’m in 2nd place with a competition of 1,210,000 Google pages on make money online.