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Social Investment

1.1 Nature of the Projects of Investment As we indicated, the investment projects have two defined directions good, first they are the strictly economic projects of nature investment, and second it is that they own a social character net. We see its concepts: 1.1.1 Economic project of Investment It is that one project of investment where the central objective is to demonstrate to its economic yield – financier and technical and economic justification, leaving in background the probable social benefit (this aspect this taken much importance by the strong environmental exigency). In other words, the yield and justification are based on verifying that in the market a real demand of or or the proposed service exists to take place or that in any case to demonstrate that the market is in capacity to respond before a product and/or totally new or nonexistent service. In both situations must be understood that the true and effective demand is able to assume the anticipated price of or or the service that the project generates. The economic projects of investment, generally are caused by the deprived companies of industrial, mining, commercial type and of services and, also by companies of the State. 1.1.2 Project of Social Investment This type of projects is characterized to look for the social benefit, that the beneficiaries are the population of low economic resources. Said of another form, the social nature of an investment project, settles down when the price or leaves from the same are assumed by the community, by means of systems differentials of tariffs, taxes, subsidies, among others. These projects are because oriented normally to sectors like the education, house, health, agrarian development, citizen security, development of the micro and small companies, etc. where the S-state the main promoter and executor, but also it they can promote organizations like the NGO for charity.

Stock Market Investment

It prepares 5 Steps To invest to him in Stock market: Step 1: Free Abra Cuenta in Stockbroker by Internet This is very important since of this form it will be able to operate, buying and selling in stock-market of Values in fast and automated form. are several Stockbrokers in the market. I am going to him To give a Bond that consists of a Gratuitous Tutorial in Video where I explain like making abrir Cuenta in which Stockbroker stops my is best online that furthermore quotes in stock-market of Commerce of the USA, goes a Step 2: It sees the short and easy lessons of the Proven Course of Stock market Free MPMG of Principle Protection – Principles Gains. If it really wants to become a Successful and Intelligent Investor quickly with techniques of professional investment to invest in stock-market, it can see a Gratuitous Course of Stock market that prepares especially for You in This it is the REVOLUTIONARY step To invest in Stock market filled that it of benefits! Step 3: Reportes MPMG uses () where in less than 5 minutes tendra better operations of purchase of action and options that to permitirnGanar Much Money to him and To protect its Capital. One second option is to look for You manually these Operations between but of 3000 Actions and 50,000 Put options. This Step To invest in Stock market would simplify its life! Step 4: It places an order of purchase of Acciones and Puts in his Stockbroker like this explained in Lesson 3 of Proven Course of Stock market MPMG can see that it in Here podra to benefit to To invest in Stock market in Automatic Form: Step 5: It establishes an Order of Automatic Sale, through his Stockbroker so that the operation automatic locking and You can Be obtained Gains without being pending of it. Really, these five steps are of very easy execution. Once Stockbroker by Internet has open Cuenta in and understands that easy is the concepts explained in Course Free of Stock market MPMG, will be able quickly to become a true Intelligent Investor. To invest in stock market To invest in stock market To invest in stock market

People Articles

It has umasrie of techniques for aconstruo of backlinks, and in this we will artigoabordaremos a eficaztticas series of backlink and of construction. The strategies most common for aconstruo of backlinks are using asubmisso in directories of site of web. Umdiretrio of web sites is necessarily queparece: it is a directory that lists sites of web. Aforma as this functions is when you together submit seusite for a directory with a heading and umadescrio of its site with the URL of the website. The trick is here for selecting one ttuloque you finds that the people would go to look in the engines debusca, because the heading of link will be linkapontando for its site.

As soon as its site will be listed nodiretrio, you gained one backlink for its website. Quevoc exists thousand of directories on-line can send its sites gratuitously. One another popular way to generate backlinks is usandoo article marketing. While the method of obterlinks in this way is really simple, the involved amount detempo can very be little. The deartigos beddings destaestratgia include the elaboration that they deal with the subject of its site, later that voctoma the articles and to submit them it all osdiretrios of articles that you will be able to find. Some article directories will allow quevoc link of the body of the article places one inside, enquantooutros only will allow to add links in the box derecurso it in the end of articles. A thing that you must have emmente is not to present artigopara the same some article directories. To rewrite them before sending so that vocno has none link in content duplicate.

Aofazer this, links of the articles that you will publicarter more value for the search engines. In any in case that, other ways exist many to construct backlinkspara its site, but these methods must help to acomear. Programs exist on-line that to podemajudar it with these techniques deconstruo of backlink. One of these types of programs consults antesde to acquire any to have certesa quevoc is receiving a program useful. While some unquestionedly can help it, they will outrossero essentially useless.

Silver Tobacco

Only with the reopening of the ports for the nations friends, Independence and other factors as the development of the industry and the consuming markets of Rio and So Paulo, the related culture reanimated. 5. THE TRAJECTORY OF THE TOBACCO IN THE BAHIAN RECNCAVO: BEGINNING, APOGEE AND CRISES. The boarding of the passage of the tobacco in Brazil, and more especificadamente in the Bahia of – it from its implementation as product of aboriginal migrations, arriving at a competitive market agrobusiness, evidencing, in unequivocal way, the relevance of this product for economy of the country and in particular in this academic work for the local economy of the bahian Recncavo. The tobacco already was used expressivamente for the aboriginal tribes (especially the Tupinambs) since before the settling of the state for the Portuguese.

As history mentions the tobacco produced in the Bahia, already it blunts since its birth with great integration in the international scene. The vast necessity for hand of obligatory workmanship in the production and exploration of sugar cane of sugar, and for the mentioned conseguinte cycle to this last one, of the mining, fomented the commercialization of the Brazilian tobacco, that had with basically certain destination five markets: Coast of the Mine, in Africa, nourishing the traffic of slaves; Europe, that represented 60% of the exportations; India with an insignificant volume; countries of river of Silver – Uruguay and Argentina – and intern, that absorbed around 10% of the production, that turned around 3.750 t in the end of century XVII, as Mosque and Oliveira (2003). Approximately in the end of century XVIII, – the apex of the commercialization of the tobacco in colonial Brazil, where the greater concentration was given in the Bahia, However at the beginning from the following century Brazil suffers impediments that I deal they had made impracticable it of the Brazilian tobacco.

Mc Gregor

3.0 – Motivacionais theories All the companies want to have optimum possible result in the branch in which they act, they best look for to be always searching the points weak to be able to fortify them, and one of the factors that more worry is the man power human being. The frequent questions are: How to make with that the individual carries through its tasks with devotion? What it influences this individua to practise an action? You vary theories motivacionais approach this questions of as and because the people exert an action to reach an objective and the concepts that make to carry through them, such as, will, dream, effort, among others. & ldquo; As some researchers had taken a vision global and others had adopted a more specific perspective, situacional, it is difficult to create a total including project to simplify the study of motivao.& rdquo; (BOWDITCH; BUONO, 2002, p.39) Some theories that we will see in this work are only small samples of the innumerable boardings in the area administrative, dividing in more specific research and more complex research with the one vision all. According to Arnaldo Mazzei Walnut (2007, p.141) & ldquo; In the field of the administration, the theories most important summarize it the theory of the hierarchy of the necessities of Maslow; the theory of the two factors; theories X and Y of Mc Gregor& rdquo;. Following the order of the citation of Arnaldo M. Walnut, we tell one brief description on these theories. 3.1 – Theory of the hierarchy of the necessities of Maslow Maslow Props a pyramid of necessities human beings where would start the base of the pyramid with the necessities most primitive and would arrive ties the top with the auto-accomplishment necessities. In which the order would be established in the way to follow: Physiological necessities and of survival; Necessity of security; Social necessity; Necessities of esteem and I sanction; Necessities of auto-accomplishment.

Generate Contacts

As well as I already told in the article Why Much Person fails in the MMN, each day more people leave to develop its chances of marketing of net for not obtaining to generate contacts for its chances that is, people interested in its products and chances. The great reality is that you really become difficult to enlist people using old methods and without strategies of attraction marketing. This because many people are entering for some company of net marketing and are ' ' louco' ' to enlist. This is not missed, but they need to learn to generate these contacts. GENERATION OF CONTACTS So that you start to generate contacts, first you need to discover 3 things on the people of its niche of market: Which are problems that this people face in this niche of market What they look for that is, that solutions look What will go to decide the problems of these people, that is the solution. 1-This research will go to show you what these people had made and that did not give certain, either with one consumption determined product or a business chance. 2 – That types of products or chances these people look for, making this you will know which strategies to use to attract these people until you. You need to learn to think as the prospect.

3 – He offers the solutions, either with the product of its company, a fantastic chance that you develop or even though she creates its proper products (if you work with Internet marketing). You need to learn to think as the prospect and with this always to place in its front the solutions for its problems and searches. Knowing this you will now need to attract these people until you, to create a point of meeting between you and the prospects. The POINT OF MEETING (BLOG) blog starts to be the point of meeting between you and the prospects interested in its products and chances, sees that you will not need to run behind the people to offer to its chance and nor its products, for the fact of you to have done a descobrido research and what the people are searching what its chance or products can make for these people.


The PROFESSIONAL FUTURE OF the LOGISTIC one We will analyze the professional future of the logistic one from this last world-wide crisis that occurred in 2008, leaving a little of side the evolution of the logistic one from the implantation of ' ' PLAN REAL' ' , in which where everything started. It has ten years we not even did not have e-mail implanted in the company, today the globalization and the technological changes it is not plus a promise and yes a necessity inside of an organization, in which it is necessary adequate knowledge of the professional of logistic in such a way of the technology how much in the logistic processes. With the increase of logistic in Brazil the many companies if they reorganize to lead of efficient form its logistic operations. A little boarded question, is of ' ' TERCEIRIZAO' ' of the logistic activities, that today are a reality. Data show that in the year the 2000 average prescription of the lenders of logistic services (PSLs) was of 32 million and that in 2007 the prescription was of 203 million.

Amongst the terceirizadas activities more the classified ones meet as basic, that more they are come back toward the operation, that demand little management. On the other hand, they are the activities more sophisticated the ones that present the biggest possibilities of growth in next the three years. Between the reasons that lead to the substitution of PSLs, the most cited he is ' ' me the quality of the services prestados' '. In this in case that, the election of the logistic partner, when made exclusively for price, it can bring in short term problems in the level of given service. The terceirizao of the logistic Brazilian already is a reality, even so still exists some gaps of perception enters the expectations of the shippers versus logistic operators. These gaps must be minimized, in order to guarantee a good and long partnership.