Silver Tobacco

Only with the reopening of the ports for the nations friends, Independence and other factors as the development of the industry and the consuming markets of Rio and So Paulo, the related culture reanimated. 5. THE TRAJECTORY OF THE TOBACCO IN THE BAHIAN RECNCAVO: BEGINNING, APOGEE AND CRISES. The boarding of the passage of the tobacco in Brazil, and more especificadamente in the Bahia of – it from its implementation as product of aboriginal migrations, arriving at a competitive market agrobusiness, evidencing, in unequivocal way, the relevance of this product for economy of the country and in particular in this academic work for the local economy of the bahian Recncavo. The tobacco already was used expressivamente for the aboriginal tribes (especially the Tupinambs) since before the settling of the state for the Portuguese.

As history mentions the tobacco produced in the Bahia, already it blunts since its birth with great integration in the international scene. The vast necessity for hand of obligatory workmanship in the production and exploration of sugar cane of sugar, and for the mentioned conseguinte cycle to this last one, of the mining, fomented the commercialization of the Brazilian tobacco, that had with basically certain destination five markets: Coast of the Mine, in Africa, nourishing the traffic of slaves; Europe, that represented 60% of the exportations; India with an insignificant volume; countries of river of Silver – Uruguay and Argentina – and intern, that absorbed around 10% of the production, that turned around 3.750 t in the end of century XVII, as Mosque and Oliveira (2003). Approximately in the end of century XVIII, – the apex of the commercialization of the tobacco in colonial Brazil, where the greater concentration was given in the Bahia, However at the beginning from the following century Brazil suffers impediments that I deal they had made impracticable it of the Brazilian tobacco.

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