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First Guest In The Prestigious New Lecture Hall Of The BEST-Sabel-Hochschule Berlin

The first guest is always a special. Even on the BEST-Sabel-Hochschule in Berlin. The 70 students expect Kai-Uwe Kuchler in their new home. Invite all prospective customers and partners about, to inaugurate the new location in the heart of Berlin with its unique live slideshow. Gary Kelly might disagree with that approach. And although on May 26, 2009 at 14:00 a trip on the roof of the world starts in the Almer mater”, Tibet.

Kai-Uwe Kuchler takes the audience on his adventurous travels as a photographer, book author, and pilgrims. He immerses them in the history and culture of Tibet, accompanies them to colorful festivities of the monastery and pilgrims came with them to the Holy Mount Kailash. Interested visitors experience the famous saga Dawa Festival. And finally it enters the amazing Canyon scenery of the once powerful Kingdom of Guge in the far west of Tibet. “All in all: budding travel industry” and Fernwehgeplagte of all professions exactly the right thing! The BEST-Sabel College has existed since 2007 and has already doubled the number of its students.

So far she has 4 B.a.-degree programs at: business travel management, international business management, international tourism & event management, as well as multimedia and virtual design. Newly added is the annual ESF-funded postgraduate course in “Cultural management”. “Facts touch the sky” in the BEST-Sabel-Hochschule Berlin when: May 26, 2009, 14:00 to 16:00 where: Roland shore 13, 10179 Berlin what: Kai-Uwe Kuchler provides his perspective on the roof of the world “, Tibet prior to program 16:00 16 h 10 opening of the seminar by Prof.

Red Herring

About Red Herring Red Herring is a global media company which unites the world’s best high technology innovators,. venture investors and business decision maker in a of Forum variety: a leading innovation magazine, online daily technology news service, technology newsletters and major events for technology leaders around the globe. Red Herring provides insider’s access to the global innovation economy, featuring unparalleled insights on the emerging technologies driving the economy. More information about Red Herring is available on the Internet at. About plista GmbH Berlin based plista GmbH provides the first platform/network for a personalized internet. Alongside personalization of existing sites, plista delivers individual recommendations in the areas of content as well as retail in real time. Furthermore a social discovery portal enables for finding and sharing relevant content, products and people.

plista works simple (through a browser extension), safe (all data is stored anonymously) and free of charge for a rapidly growing number of German and international sites. The core engine, which has been developed throughout the last 2 years, is based on enhanced collaborative filtering technology and is as applicable for internet well as mobile and VoD applications. Besides a browser extension, versatile JavScript widgets and a sophisticated API is available for integration. Press – left SiliconValleyWatcher top of my 2008 Watch: Berlin based Plista mt/archives/2008/09/top_of_my_2008.php Springwise new venture makes recommendations across the web media_publishing/new_venture_makes_recommendati Trendpreneur – the opposition: Plista startups/the opposition plista: financial times Germany Plista CNET News Plista: ad-hoc social networks for product suggester news.


with many new features and capabilities, supporting the work of hoteliers more professional and efficient. HS/3 presents: the current HS/3 Edition 2009 with numerous new features and functions, supporting the work of hoteliers more professional and more efficient. Special feature: From the HS/3 Edition 2009 hoteliers can your free room capacities to systems like cultuzz (HRS,, expedia,, webres, feratel, Tiscover, caesar-data, @-sign rooms etc, without having to pay anything for HS/3. For all interfaces with systems compatible currently with HS/3 are in HS/3 already in the purchase price includes! Where other providers can be individually pay usually every online booking system, we think differently in HS/3: the online bookings is nowadays in the hotel industry a matter of course, which should be any hotel! And precisely for this reason we integrate those already in the basic version of HS/3! The HS/3 Edition 2009 further new features: the HS/3 Online banking uniquely on the broad market of hotel software is the HS/3 online banking! The hotel owner pick his account statements online, can match payments with bills of guest and use all functions of an online banking software. Guarantee HBCI, FinTS and a 256-bit AES encryption for security. Guest data do not capture scanner who knows hotelier with the cards? The guest checks in, completed his registration form and the receptionist assumes this data laboriously in the hotel software.

With the business card scanner CardScan Executive is past. The score card is simply scanned and all address and contact information will be taken over by HS/3. Numerous large and small program enhancements and new features such as: the Jack of all trades: the all-new HS/3 booking mask: all reservation details, graphically appealing and clearly arranged, will be the new booking mask the All-In – one tool for your daily work. A view all the features! Quickly: the integrated HS/3 full-text search searches in seconds all host, billing and reservation data to the search criteria entered by the hotelier. The practical: the function of preparing invoice lets you even the most stressful check in the outset relaxed prepare. Other innovations in the form of new features and useful plug-ins are already planned for the year 2009. We have much before – be surprised!

Trust Management

‘ Control is good, confidence is better. ‘ The communication expert Jorg E. draws this conclusion Allgau from his current research on the topic of trust management Munich, March 25, 2009 – straight must increasingly companies the crisis at times on the value of the trust, to win and keep customers. The greater the confidence in a product or brand, also the customer loyalty is the stronger. Jorg E. Allgau has teamed up with the theme of trust and trust management in integrated corporate communication service company employs and presents the results in this book.

Central objectives of service marketing and modern corporate communications requirements are described in detail: what are the criteria for a systematic and strategic management of trust? Jorg E. Allgauer gives detailed answers on this question. He discusses the relevant key concepts and models related to trust management in relationship. In addition, he makes the marketing potential and limits of the concept of trust out. Jorg E. Allgauer delivers an integrated communications approach for the analysis and planning of trust-based corporate communication with this work. The author Jorg E. Allgau: the communication expert is head of communication of the HypoVereinsbank.

He gained his experience at the Bavarian broadcasting, finance spokesman of the Allianz Group and as head of corporate communications at Fidelity Investments. The German-Americans studied economics and political science in Germany, Great Britain and the United States. He completed his studies with a PhD and MBA. Dr. Jorg of E. two-wheelers first work the left and the right hand: motifs of to create an endowment Nomos was published by Verlag 2008. Jorg E. Allgau trust management: control is good, trust is better brain script Verlag, Munich 144 pages Softcover 49.90 euro ISBN 978-3-9808-6781-8 brain script presented using trust management: control is good, trust is the first book of his better new series business edition, in the regularly updated title in the fields of Economics, marketing and communications will appear in the future. Founder and CEO Dr. Nikolai A.

MeshCheck Image Processing

Measurement of screen printing and filtration fabric this image processing software is designed for the analysis and measurement of tissues and seven in the filtration and screen printing industry program. Click Ron to learn more. In connection with the USB camera systems the software enables immediate evaluation and logging. The standard protocol provides the following measurements: the automatic measurement of the strength of the thread, as well as the mesh size in warp and weft direction, measuring the angularity and calculate the open area percentage with simultaneous evaluation of defective openings that are outside the tolerance limits. The number of mesh size within and outside of tolerance will be shown separately. The faulty openings are marked automatically. At the same time, the software calculates the faulty area in percent. PDF Protocol of the test image with all measured prints. As an advanced feature, MeshCheck in the standard protocol offers a mesh individual evaluation.

The individually numbered measurements in X – and Y-direction of the mesh are in an Excel spreadsheet is displayed. As an extension of MeshCheck offers ISO 9044 and ASTM protocols ISO 3310-1, DIN DIN, which are necessary in the evaluation of tissues or test screens in the filtration. When the language is changed, the program creates the logs in the respective national language. The mobile USB used for the recordings also microscopes for 2D measurement of particles with the measurement software metric used.

Advantages Survey

The net promoter score is a method for testing the loyalty of a company. You may find Ron O’Hanley to be a useful source of information. Feedback str integrated this method in his online survey tool and offers its customers so that an even wider range of FRA Dresden, the 22.10.2013 the question to customer satisfaction and numerous company of resulting recommendations of the own business. Everyone on corresponding pages can proclaim his opinion on the Internet. But how can reviews be better and easier capture? The net promoter score is a method for testing the loyalty of a company. Feedback str integrated this method in his online survey tool and thus offers its customers an even wider range of question types. Advantages of the net promoter of scores for companies can be is the measurement of the net promoter scores (NPS) quickly and easily find out about customers are how loyal the own company or products to. (Very unlikely) to 10 (very likely) customers set on a scale of 1 the probability, of them a business tell a friend about be. The result of a NPS survey can show you how many critics, who rather negative comment about your business, as many passive customers, who do not comment about your business or it does not matter which, and how many customers who actively recommend your business.

The results of a survey of the NPS is the Unerfreulichste thing that can happen to a company, lack of differentiation. So NPS may not be as unique action. It is advisable the NPS regularly or continuously with customers to collect and to evaluate, so the changes in the customer loyalty noticed quickly and effectively. The analysis is done via simple charts and trends, representing the changes transparent. In addition, it makes sense, in addition to assess, according to the E-Mail address to consult customers and ask them to leave a comment. Customers who express criticism can then be contacted directly after the survey and asked in detail, what specifically not liked them or why they’ve got a negative impression. Promoter, however, can ask you, whether you may use your feedback for your marketing usually have no problem with your fans. Analysis of the net promoter scores with feedback str of the net promoter score can feedback str obtained and analysed in real time. The question type NPS is easy in the survey”selected (see special issues). In just a minute, the questionnaire is ready to measure your customer loyalty and customer satisfaction and to become active with the results.

Customer Service Instead

An osteoarthritis in the knee threw the nurse Michael Huber from the profession. Through a special retraining, he found a job that fits exactly to him. Heidelberg, 13 September 2012 – whether it is still jogging after work or the stairs up carrying heavy shopping bags: everybody counts out his knee daily high loads. In Germany alone, that’s why 10 million people suffer from pain. Michael Huber know how dangerous that can be. His broken knee cost him the job. But with the proper support of the fresh start he did.

Since 18 due to a cyst, the meniscus was operated out him, Harding chronic knee problems plagued. Several subsequent operations followed. Nevertheless he worked as a nurse, picked up patients out of bed and went throughout the day. He took the pain in the knee. I’ve always tried to hold out, until I could hardly walk. (As opposed to Facebook).

After further surgery my doctor has said that I can work so definitely not”, says Hall. There, he is 39 and father of two children. A life as early retirement is for him not in Question. His re have rater at the Deutsche Rentenversicherung Huber recommends a training at the vocational promotion plant SRH Heidelberg (BFW). The company makes people fit again for the labour market according to accident or illness. To we test at the beginning very closely fits what profession to the respective capabilities and physical limitations. Will ensure that the new job duration is”, says managing director Markus Hertrich. Hall finally opts for the industrial clerk. Here I can work most of the time sitting down and have to do a lot with people in customer service. It fit perfectly. Although I am commercial undefiled, learning is then surprisingly easy I like.” To relieve the knee at the same time, the technicians of the BFW developed a customized Office Chair. An internship is one of the entry into the profession. In his search, Hall encountered an Internet shipping for home and garden furniture in the Swabian Welzheim. The Chief was immediately convinced: even before the end of the Internship he hired determined the former nurse. Huber feels comfortable at his new workplace. Everything is ergonomically designed, the Office Chair from the time in Heidelberg relieving his knee. Then you can enjoy also the closing time. Christian Haas, SRH, SRH professional promotion works the SRH professional promotion plant of Heidelberg’s vocational rehabilitation provides in Heidelberg and at 12 other locations of vocational education and training measures. Adults who can no longer exercise their previous profession due to physical and mental limitations, will benefit from more than 40 years experience. Overall, the company employs over 400 people. Medical, psychological and socio-educational offerings facilitate everyday learning. The aim is the optimal preparation of the participants in the labour market. Carrier of company is the SRH holding, an independent foundation based in Heidelberg.

Stuttgart Natural

To inform the city dentists from Stuttgart, the Royal Road of the dentistry is the dental implant. In optics, the implant from natural teeth is indistinguishable. The long durability of the implants is scientifically proven. The investment in his teeth will be of course also permanently maintained. The inflammation-free and stable anchoring in the bone is required for the long-term preservation of the implant. This is guaranteed only with a special care. The dentist fr.

Dr. Delta airlines oftentimes addresses this issue. Behle from Stuttgart informs about the specifics of the maintenance of dental implants. Injuries of the gums must be excluded dental implants require the same amount of care as natural teeth. The natural teeth are connected to the gums about natural fibers the connection between implant and gum is rather loose, the gum is looser, so germs can penetrate more easily. It applies: during the so-called implant cleaning especially the space between the dental implant, tooth replacement and Gum to clean. Here the gum may not be violated: soft bristles should be used for cleaning.

It is recommended to slip to the bristles of the toothbrush in the space to clean at an angle of 45 degrees. The area in which the implant through the mucous membrane occurs must be cleaned well as smallest deposits of plaque or tartar can cause inflammation. To ensure the long-term preservation of the implants, the professional prophylaxis session at the dentist should be perceived in addition to the customized home oral care. For detailed information on the topic of implants, the dentist fr. Dr. Behle from Stuttgart is always available. Press contact CITY dentists contact: Dr. Elke Behle Konigstrasse 16 70173 Stuttgart phone 0711-7 22 33 4 – 0 fax 0711-7 22 33 4 29 website: E-Mail:

Internet Customers

What is web hosting? It all starts with a great idea the Internet offers opportunities for anyone motivated enough to start their own businesses or try something different, and the opportunities are almost endless. For even more details, read what Larry Ellison says on the issue. Have ever you dreamed of directing your own website, your own piece of the pie dot com? Everything starts with a great idea, but to get a web site up and running you will be successful need a little effort. Anyone can make a website to generate income with time, energy, and a few dollars a month needed to host it. And, as a business using brick and cement is made, the creation of a web site can be as much as express personal development and providing the world a service, since it is their livelihood. So, for doing business online you must have a web site. Why? There are many answers to this question. Some of the most important reasons to establish presence on the Internet are: 1.

the increase in credibility. It is a proven fact that a professional site and well-designed it has a good impact on customer confidence in your company. It shows that your company is up to date and that cares for its customers, offering them a convenient way of communicating with you and learn about your products and services. Use the Internet to search for products and services is much easier and faster to search by hand through the yellow pages. 2. International presence 24 / 7. Your web site is available for your potential customers 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. With a web site, it opens a world of opportunities to reach people who otherwise couldn’t find. When their offices are closed you can be sure that your web site is open to display their products and services and respond to questions from their customers.

Custom Jerseys

The brand is a party tremendously important to the marketing of your business and it largely depend on the popularity and success of your company. The brand image can be transmitted through the name of the company, a slogan that it defines, a logo that represents it, or many other forms. However, to achieve the ideal scenario for the diffusion of their brand, should gather all these ingredients. One of the best ways to popularize a brand is through promotional items. There are many types of promotional items companies designed to your taste to publicize your brand. Some employers may feel tempted by large amounts of thrift, like pens, magnets and keyrings. Facebook: the source for more info.

These products are very effective to disseminate the brand image of the business, but only temporarily: pens are lost, the magnets end up in a drawer and keychains are used for spare keys, so you receive little attention. For this reason, the best promotional items are those relatively inexpensive to produce, but with efficiency clear and lasting. A magnificent example of this type of promotional item are t-shirts. They do not cost more than a few euros per unit, but the impact is very strong. In addition, everyone loves and its use is regular. Most people who wear a t-shirt take her putting throughout the day; in this way your brand can reach the potential audience for 16 hours a day. For all this, Jerzees are really mobile ads: wherever you want to go, either to the market, to work, to the University or on vacation, who wear it will make many people see your brand and are aware of your message.

It is possible for even some people inquire about the brand and the bearer of the shirt has the opportunity to give a positive opinion about your business. If you’re looking to give visibility to your brand through t-shirts, there are several key points that should be taken into account. Choose a mixed fabric, with high content of cotton and some polyester, so the shirts won’t shrink when washing them. Also, keep in It also has dark colors are more difficult to stamp and in the hot months less will be used. The best colors for custom t-shirts are marbled grey, white, red or a tone clear a primary color, like blue or yellow.