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Manuel Navarrese Rosillo

The freedom of each man is responsible before the personal dignity for the other and vice versa and the man can be responsible for something, somebody and of the nature With the knowledge and the transformation of the nature the man grows in brings back to consciousness of itself and in the possibilities of his freedom, he creates the art, the culture and the language as a necessity to express itself to itself seeing the progress of the man as man and transforms the world by means of the work. One says that one becomes to himself same by means of the knowledge and the work since this last one is considered of several ways like a rewarding experience, a creative capacity, a vital activity, means to obtain the fullness or in opposite sense with a degradation or a punishment, and these approaches so are varied due to history. At the moment the work is an alternative that is valued to a great extent, in first plane is an activity that foments the growth reason why it is necessary to give a sense him and must exist a taste to realise it since the opportunities are few and not to take advantage of them it can orient us to the individual and social frustration. Contact information is here: OPEC. Within the work it is developed, this by the use of abilities like intelligence or the capacities for the accomplishment of diverse activities, which allow that an adapted use becomes of the nature for its transformation. By this we could consider to the work like the maximum expression of the life due to the great amount of experiences that are acquired they train and us in the long passage of the use.

As man and as to be alive the realised activities are not due to mechanize, norm mark that all the excesses are harmful the being reason why always must exist average between the work and a relaxation, which is a key factor to be able to carry out of suitable way our obligations. If you have read about Raytheon Technologies Corp. already – you may have come to the same conclusion. The suitable combination of these factors allows that the life of the man as man is total in the individual atmosphere, social and of the surroundings. Therefore we concluded that the man can dominate his destiny, it can become and it can be created a life. It is fruit of his to do in a ordered world, lives the experience on being in the same and man is the last turn out of the evolutionary process that is able to philosophise and to acquire knowledge..

Albert Einstein

The volatility of the foreign exchange market and the actions or titles values also represent a very good chance of investment thanks to the depreciation that some companies have suffered, this will allow to those who have some savings to invest their money taking advantage of that large companies have suffered casualties of up to 30% in the value of their shares. So that if you dare you can have in the future, after the recession an excellent profitability to the moment in which the stock market regain its initial value, it isn’t more recommend that if you wish to make this kind of investment will advise very well from an experienced runner. If you would like to know more about WorkForce, then click here. To save costs, some companies with cutting-edge thought are acquiring the modality of telework i.e. that people who previously had to move to the companies to carry out their duties may do so from their homes (not all charges obviously). This will save the worker in travel expenses, will decrease your stress level and improve their quality of life and productivity. It is highly recommended for the companies since they save ostensibly its costs in terms of occupational health and disabilities, food supplies, public services, stationery, among others. Another great advantage of this system is that it will allow you to spend more time at home recovering those beautiful moments in family are lost by labor obligations. Another great advantage of this crisis will be the increase of the tourist service offerings, thanks to the recessive phenomenon hotels and airlines be designed very economic strategies that we travel with a quality five-star service at the price of three.

This same decline in prices will be in other sectors which depend directly on the increase of capital such as automotive, appliances, etc, so has come the period of opportunities. In these times of change there that observe carefully our opportunities without allowing ourselves to be carried away by what they say pessimists, even though the crisis is strong is part of the economic nature and is a cycle more, why it is said that in times of crisis, some crying and others sell handkerchiefs, I chose to be in the second group, conceiving alternatives from a mindset and really positive attitude that appeals to the ingenuity of new possibilities for obtaining resources, which seeks ways to improve my work on a daily basis, so I especially invite you to share with these people full of negativity that the crisis will be disastrous for those who do not open their eyes to the world of possibilities and who always stay in conformitynot for a winner like you. Don’t lose your direction in the search for a path of better opportunities for your family and for you also, if you find it, everyone will thank you because your actions you gradually devolveras their jobs to those who missed it, multiplicaras your value while others only divide it, and as said the great Albert Einstein if looking for different results, do not always just takes away from the Group of that bawl and only thuschanging of paradigms, committing you and improving your potential will achieve the cherished human State excellence, because not everything is as bad as it sounds and because it is always worth noting on the positive side, recalls provided that you are the sole owner of your decisions. I hope this recommendations may be useful in your life, cordially, Wilman Roa FrancoFacilitador international psychologist writer website: original author and source of the article..

The User

It was his big toe which bloats minute by minute. This was no impediment for achieved its purpose. Aboard a taxi and recommended to the driver that he was going in a hurry. Atemorizo which looking at it in the mirror, because his eyes stay riveted eyes of Juancho. Like the stars shining, but as cold as the Alaska, were lost in a long meditation.

Cofla making use of the value and your anxiety, I ask you Mr can’t boot? This suddenly returning to life I remove the look of the mirror and with a Machiavellian smile boot fashion more abrupt. Past four blocks from the point of departure taxi speed not decreased, the contrary increased second by second. The red light passed through the exorbitant eyes of the user. Mr do case want to kill us? The taxi driver look at it and said to him: be quiet boy and lifting a cigarette ignited with his rough beard, a phosphorus. Cofla that was not accustomed to smoking had to open the window to be able to breathe.

Only thing that could feel was the noise of the the car horns which at times seemed to be bumping into the taxi. Son will the driver told him, tell you a story, listens well. Night work to support my family. This morning a few meters from reaching my house, I saw as my best friend gave my wife the final kiss of a night of passion. Do you think that after this I want to live? And by placing the throttle until your limit is lost in the middle of the city. A gust, a warning, a squeeze made the car crashed against a tree. And similar to a can of beer when it’s tread by the foot of whoever I quenched with your content. Taxi shrank. The driver was the first to die.

Brick Walls

Color bricks depends on the clay of its composition. In most cases, after firing bricks becomes a classic brick red color, it is called red. Also there is clay, and they make the bricks white, yellow and apricot colors. There are, of course, other colors, but they were obtained by adding pigments. The more voids in the brick, the wall will be warmer than out of it.

In addition, this brick is easier and the load on the foundation correspondingly less. Keep in mind when laying a brick, the solution must be more viscous, or else he will score in the blank hole and a wall of bricks will not be in such a really warm, quite the contrary. Brick is defective, if its manufacture has occurred underburning or burnout. Brick of good quality with the impact should be ringing and core should be more saturated color than the rest. If marriage is a mustard-colored brick, and a dull sound when struck.

Outs of the defective brick is a low frost resistance, and poor resistance to moisture. But it is worth noting that if the brick , it is believed that it will be more durable. It is worth mentioning about the lime inclusions, gost their presence in the brick does not believe in marriage. In the raw clay with limestone, in cooking bricks that crushed limestone, but there are unfortunate cases where the remains of its grain. Less of this is that these grains as if blown, it happens due to ingress of moisture. Another version of marriage – efflorescence. Outwardly appear as white spots and stains, and after laying is completed. Efflorescence occur due to migration of salts from solution, bricks, air. It is impossible to predict efflorescence will manifest or not. For their prevention help a few rules: when laying is to use a more dense solution. Do not lay bricks in the rainy season, at night, fresh clutch is closed, the solution for masonry should not be smeared on the front. Facade even possible to cover preservative. If you have efflorescence on the wall there, it's likely a year or two, they will disappear, so say the builders.

Potsdam Institute

In the middle of the cold winter, announced / Telepolis (crazy stock market. German shareholders like no environmental protection, 27.12.2010), “if something for the improvement of the environment is done in China, then that is bad for the economy. Would, however, be good when the people’s Republic local or North American engine. Another story is that the global climate rather poor prospects were. That would be the problem of the Chinese of course and would have the advantage that the European and North American Governments could further block in the talks on the grounds, not enough for the climate protection be done in China.” Whether in this intellectual ice age at which any brain activity is frozen, thaw it deploys? After all, the Germany radio commented on (the State is responsible for the weather. For more specific information, check out baby clothes. (Der Klimawandel und die Erwartungen, 09.12.2010): “much is discussed about the international climate research,. a but is indisputable: your entertainment value increases from year to year.

As well these days, as scientists of the Potsdam Institute for climate impact research proclaimed: “Harte Winter contradict the image of global warming, but rather complete it.” Ten years ago, the Guild claimed exactly the opposite. “Winter is no longer there with heavy frost and snow in our latitudes”, the Hamburg-based Max Planck Institute for meteorology as mandatory parole issued at that time. But one swallow does still have a summer. Additional information at Infant and Toddler Clothing Market supports this article. In the tale of the Emperor new clothes while there a happy ending: the people can finally no longer enjoy the dizziness, and the fat cats must give up on huge mockery. Whether this part of the tale is true? Because demonstrable knowledge will the people in many areas remains a fairy tale throughout his life. Fr. Rolf Hermann Lingen

Black Swan

In 2002, Daniel Kahneman He received the Nobel Prize for his contributions in the field of judgment and decision-making under uncertainty. According to his study, humans tend to make decisions under uncertainty, that deviate from the basic principles of probability. By many studies, technologies, scientific advances and corporate strata involved, decisions always deviate from it is probable. However, despite this, the future hides promises. The Heath brothers Switch authors, addressed the theme of change and match Nassin and Kahneman when they claim, that we lost in mechanical processes to design action plans, which do not respond to the challenges of the environment; planning should respond to the need to guide the work, for the best results.

This part of defining destinations that are shared and that stakeholders can understand what works and brings the results. According to the Heath we need starting identify bright spots, sites (experiences) in which things are going well and where there are conditions to view the course different at all. Those bright spots have to clone them and repeat them throughout the corporate. Our habits lead us to focus on the problems and their causes, not in reinforcing the things that are going well and seek to recur. In this way, the effort would be smaller and more effective results. We start from identifying causes and effects from the more obvious problems and experience shows (according to the Heath), the recurrence of failed plans due to which, during manufacture, new variables are not incorporated, or at least new perspectives of the already proven.

For example, if it was not possible to estimate the demand for a new product based on the sales of the past for a similar period, perhaps suitable to study the behavior of competition or other different references. The theory of the Black Swan of Nassin, indicates that, to be able to anticipate the future and predict accurately, should take into account those variables that we don’t know and they will affect our assumptions if they change during the evolution of the plan. The challenge ahead is to assume the work plan as a simple process, to invite the development of things that are done well within the Organization and they can improve your profitability over time. The role of planners in this new scheme, ceases to be temporary and isolated work and becomes a function of promotion of best practices. The work is based on the search for points of support and not in the solution of problems; its development is to create an internal culture, which does not address deficiencies, but that dares to aspire to jumps in their performance and to understand the value of the attitude that celebrates the positive things.

Understanding Eating Disorders

These small symptoms at the end they are a very common type of eating disorder and therefore it is not healthy for you, nor for your body or your mind. Of warning signs in the diets. How do you know if any of the diets is not being healthy? * You continue with the diet, even if already not have overweight * physical changes, such as weakness, headaches, or dizziness * you let see your family and amigos.* school performance is poor * Comes secretly * think about food all the time * Restringes your social activities by food or compulsive exercise * you have fear of the alimentos.* use loose clothing as a way to hide your extreme thinness * vomiting or diarrhea after meals the diet and weight control can consume your life. Accept your body, and make healthy choices can help you keep your weight under control and enjoy your life at the same time now, what can you help instead of the harmful slimming diets? * Exercise, weights, muscle exercises primarily are the main burners of grasa.* outlet milk, but free of fat or skim. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Nicki Minaj and gain more knowledge.. It contains many nutrients, is healthy and also low-calorias.* eats variety of foods (trafficking of eating at least 5 times a day) fruits and vegetables.* takes plenty of water helps you lose calorias.* eating clean meat and high in protein such as beef, chicken, fish, beans or huevo.* eat foods high in fiber such as bread and brown rice.

Provide you vitamins and hierro.* breakfast. Studies show that people who eat breakfast is going better in studies and have less about weight choose small portions in fast foods. I advise not fast food but if you’re going to eat you agreat never your combo, even if the price is attractive, the only thing you’ll be gaining weight is not take pills to lose weight, are very dangerous and have effects secundarios.* prevents deleting an entire group of foods, you can be missing important nutrients. Now well what really works get away from diets, may miss some pounds temporarily but if not you so you change your habits probably only going to gaining the weight back when you return to eat normally. I hope you’ve convinced dangerous, harmful and deceptive can be slimming diets, however you can still have doubts by the incredible thing that usually seen on the internet. If you know that you deserve more and see solutions and real results without damaging your body and pass hungers, then take a look a: free of grease. This website contains a detailed ways to lose weight fast, guide that guides you step by step to burn fat in everything and lose weight, if you apply the tips, in just weeks, visit and starts to free yourself of that fat and burn your uncomfortable rolls. CLICK here to begin to have the body you always dreamed.

Cigarette Smoking

We will begin cutting that morning cigarette. Connect with other leaders such as toddler clothing here. Deleting it will also eliminate the custom which until now we begin the day with poison in the body. For this you need to distract us with other things: take a book with you. You can see in public transport, (hence not allow you smoking) tries to make deep breaths from morning to relax, thereby calmaras the anxiety of that first cigarette. Buy your favorite candies: during the early days, give yourself the whim of buy you your favorite candy, always carries a handful in his pocket, and commits one whenever you fancy a cigarette immediately while you eat it, get to do something different to forget.

The first week, it is advisable to reduce the consumption of tobacco in an approximately 33%, that is, if smoke 10 cigarettes per day, pass to smoke approximately 7.(Cigars of the morning and night are that we must radically cut the first week) The second week, it is advisable to lower another little one, if we currently smoke 7 cigarettes, go to 4 or 5 daily cigarette smoking. We are going slowly, getting used to our body to that you don’t need as much nicotine. The third week fumaremos two or three cigarettes always avoiding the of morning and the of night. The fourth week we are already prepared to quit smoking, or smoking US 1 cigarette as much. Tips that will help you quit these 4 or 5 weeks: it is advisable to avoid these four or five weeks, get together with people who smoke, enter in bars that allow smoking, and it is inevitable to cross us with someone smoking, immediately remove a candy and eat it. One of the first causes of relapse and return to smoking, is because we see people smoking, and that attracts us resulting in inevitable light us a cigarette. Many times the craving, is the factor that makes that we need a cigarette to soothe this symptom, is necessary to be as relaxed as possible, avoid stress at work, House etc., avoid discussions and other stressful situations that we create that they finished making us go for tobacco. Buy a cigarette case and during these four or five weeks, takes only cigars that you are going to smoke, seeks to not carry money loose to avoid having to buy, take food from home and keep your mind busy and your candies in the Pocket.

It is necessary to know how much more difficult will be to get a cigar, less likely there that smoke it you or even you want. Common symptoms when we stop smoking: is necessary to know that symptoms can experience during the first few days without tobacco: tiredness. Concern. Bowel ilidad. Fatigue. Digestive disorders. Anxiety. Stress. Insomnia n n these are due to the body is desintoxicandose and undergoing a new change, all of them disappear to spend a few weeks without smoking. In the second article we’ll talk about natural therapies for smoking cessation as: hypnosis. Acupuncture. The yoga. Sport.


A wide variety of reasons for this are possible. Here again, the areas of life family/partnership, friends, hobby, profession, and money are crucial. All of these Areas can cause problems or they lack support. Any one-sided focus on a specific area of life is in the long term at the expense of others. Safe is always areas of life there that have a little more attention, but this should really just be.

You can play through that. EinfachGemacht has is to the target set, right here in the case the most serious point and form a focal point for issues related to the enforcement. Often an impetus from the outside helps here. The next point is about personal settings that help you with the implementation and integration of your activities into everyday life. Personal settings from my years of experience as a Manager, coach, athlete, friend, husband and therapist are certain personal preferences of people at the heart of which I briefly want to meet some essential.

Trust trust in yourself and your intuition. The intuition comes from your subconscious. If you become aware of the things in life, that you really are important – your Objectives defined above – then to get these things with your feelings and emotions in your subconscious mind. Your subconscious mind will push then consistently, flashes of thoughts and intuitions (you could say also inspirations). Learning to trust you! The vernacular would say, “You have to believe only…” Self-confidence so that they are all alive, have the battle “to BBs egg” won. Survival fittest of the, you could say 😉 Be honest and realistic to themselves. You weaken recognize and accept them without doubt their value. It helps if you are celebrating your successes. Even small successes can be, if you have done as unloved things quickly. Celebrate this appropriately with the people who are close to the heart.

The Equilibrium

Used if not required great precision. 2 Sliding weight balance. It has two known masses that can be moved about scales with a macro setting and the other with a micro graduation; placing a substance of mass unknown on the tray, determines its weight sliding masses on the aforementioned scales until the equilibrium position. Reading summing the quantities indicated by the position of the masses on the aforementioned scales is taken at that time. 3. Analytical balance. It works by comparing masses of known weight withthe mass of a substance of unknown weight.It is built based on a bar or symmetrical lever that supports using a blade type support in a central point called the fulcrum.

At its ends there are a few brackets or caps which are also supported by a few blades that allow them to swing gently. There two cymbals are suspended. In one the masses or certified weights are placed and on the other those that need to analyze. The whole has a system of assurance or blockade which It allows the main lever sit stably when it is not used or required modifying the counterweights. It has an external box that protects the balance of interference, such as air currents, which could occur in the place where is installed. At present, is considered an analytical balance that can weigh ten-thousandths gram (0.0001 g) or one hundred thousandths of a gram (0.00001 g); they have a capacity which usually reaches up to 200 grams.A set of certified masses, which has parts with mass of different magnitude are required for use.

The game is generally composed of the following parts: 4. balance of top dish. This type of balance has a saucer of load placed in the upper part, which is supported by a column that is kept in a vertical position by two pairs of tracks that have flexible couplings.