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On the basis of the data of the Ministry of the Tourism, the tourists who more travel for $fortaleza are deriving of Italy, Portugal, U.S.A., Holland, France, Germany, Argentina, Spain, Handle Verde and England, respectively placed on the basis of the demand of the tourist number. Graph 01 (2009) Demand of International Flows of Tourist for $fortaleza Source: Personal elaboration (Database: Department of Federal Policy and Ministry of the Tourism) We still analyze, on the basis of Graph 01, the superiority of the aerial trips and the dependence of this for elaboration of politics of the tourism, that is, great territorial extensions as Brazil and the too much American, dependent countries Latin of its main international basin (American basin) relative to the international flows, lack of bigger investment in the sector, visa the effective tourist demand in the present time and the profits aimed at with profit concernente of these. As Cazes (1989), the changeable distance is a preponderant factor in the constitution of the American basin, and determines the degree of dependence of the tourism in relation to emitting countries (DANTAS (2010) apud CAZES (1989). Dantas (2010) evidences that north-eastern, in virtue of the continental dimensions of the country, the flow directed for the capitals northeasterns is, the example of the event in destinations insulares, strong dependent of the air transportation. Second research carried through for the National Secretariat of Politics of the Tourism divulged in February of 2010, studying the thematic one between the 2004 and 2008 Italian tourist in 2008 was to a large extent, young men (77.9%) and alone (49.1%), had been motivated in its trips mainly for the search of the leisure (41.0%) to find here sun and abundant beach (52.6%); they had been lodged mainly in Hotels, Flats or Pousadas (45.0%), had spent with personal leisure a per capita daily average of U$ 79,33 and had been established for about 18 days, when still they had the leisure as main motivation. Please visit Robert Gibbins if you seek more information. .

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Bankruptcy averted for the time being the last years were for many companies a big challenge. Saab also had to struggle with the difficult economic situation. The Swedish carmaker could just avert bankruptcy and must now rely on a new effective approach to establish itself successfully in the market. The Exchange Portal discusses the latest developments. Who has invested in the Saab share, can breathe on for the time being. While the company had to contend in recent months with considerable difficulties, there is some hope again and at least the impending bankruptcy was averted. Thanks to a court decision for the protection of creditors of the company, Saab can put on a fresh start.

This was granted the automakers due to its despite promising opportunities. Parts of the factory buildings were sold, and now a new concept is to again provide for liquidity and a better market position in the future. To do this, an administrator was employed. With over 1,600 The Swedish company currently has debt amounting to a total of around 760 million euros to creditors. The company’s 3,600 employees also must regularly waiting for their wages. This was disbursed since April with delays due to the ongoing liquidity constraints. Saab was once regarded as a cult brand in Germany.

In recent years the sales figures in Germany are declined however. Could be sold in previous periods still several thousand vehicles, there were only 449 copies for the period from January to August 2011. More information: news /… University Service GmbH Lisa Neumann

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Then it is not surprising, in this That alone is not enough vitamins and co., you need more. To keep in mind is that vitamins and co., so the micro-nutrients, belong to our daily lives. You’re simply there and do their work. Saying: additional benefits of micronutrients can be expected in the nutritional sense only if there is a defect or a reduced supply, or if there is an increased need. If both in the planning of studies is taken into account by selecting the right groups of people, then the results of the study are also valid to allow reliable statements. Well, Yes, some will say now then studies with vitamins and co. for Germany have no relevance, because there would be yes no shortage at us.

Far from. Large parts of our population take every day not have enough micronutrients, as the national consumption study has shown. With single vitamins, certain population groups are even specifically deficient. Well-planned studies be performed in such groups, also usable results come out. There are such studies. Cloud computing is likely to increase your knowledge.

Some of these studies have resulted in even products with micronutrients, which are interesting and useful for certain groups and areas of application. Three examples from different areas like clarify that. The national consumption study and other studies have shown that in Germany the generation u60 is not optimal care with micro-nutrients. Almost all verified vitamins, minerals and trace elements identified reducing supplies, partially even considerable shortcomings. These deficiencies are specifically compensated by an appropriate preparation, so that should affect positively on the State of health of the person concerned. That was demonstrated with a prospective, randomized double-blind study, so the highest standard of the studies, a Research Center WHO. Researchers were in its composition with 18 micro-nutrients in the elderly with an investigational product administered over a year the available in Germany MemoVitum (PZN, is equivalent to 4604226), excellent anti-aging results.

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Just in this changeable weather of calves suffering from respiratory diseases are increasing significantly. Oeding, October 2011 – just seemed the Sun and already it’s raining again. It is sometimes quite cold at night first night frosts are expected. Just in this changeable weather of calves suffering from respiratory diseases are increasing significantly. Pulmosal can directly support the metabolism and the immune system of the calf and help in dealing with impairments in these phases. Each disease ends with an economic loss with about 20% respiratory diseases are a major cause for calf losses. Eye flow, aqueous nasal flow, increased respiratory rate and fever are signs of a respiratory illness. In an acute disease lead to pumping breathing and mouth breathing.

In addition to colds growth dips often occur, because inflammation consume up to 30% of energy and nutrients. Medicines, lack of daily increases up to dead-on-farm animals make a significant economic loss dar. Also possible before damage to the respiratory system (lungs, bronchi) and the resulting future performance depression of the animal must be taken into account. In investigations, issue 67 could according to animal health in focus, “to be shown that the battle proceeds are in fully grown animals with lung damage to up to more than 300 euro under which healthy animals. Female calves respiratory diseases can also cause an elevated first calving age and a reduced milk yield.

Pulmosal helps prevent loss of Pulmosal containing vegetable components, which are successfully used in human medicine. Appetizing substances secure feed intake also with less appetite. At the same time stimulates the digestive organs and improves the absorption of nutrients, especially of the amino acids. To prevent performance slumps, it remains at a steady healthy growth. Respiratory diseases occur not only in changeable weather. Calves are due to the Immaturity of their lungs vulnerable to diseases of the respiratory organs. Only 4 weeks after the birth of the lung growth begins. Small calves, respiratory diseases are so dominant in the first weeks of life. The full maturation of the lung is reached only after one year. Another reason for the strong susceptibility to respiratory diseases lies in the specific Anatomy of cattle. The lung is relatively small in contrast to the animal body. To provide maximum performance, must be ventilated strongly with oxygen-rich air. This results in a high risk of disease with erregen preservation on air. Therefore: Prevent Pulmosal and secure even in difficult weather conditions good increases! Contact: Bewital GmbH & co. KG industrial RT 10 46354 Sudlohn Oeding Tel: 02862/581-0 fax: 02862/581-36 E-Mail:

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Parking and sea”with the most successful season of the company’s history that tends to Baltic Sea cruise season 2011 is the end towards – the company parking and sea” while looking back on the most successful year in the company’s history. Never before have so many cruise ship tourists the parking and sea “offer used how in 2011 that can already already before the final cruise ship calls at Rostock/Warnemunde and hold the keel. We are very satisfied with the development”, says managing director Oliver Schubert, who founded the company together with his partner Bjorn Kamau. Since this year, parking and sea operates”in addition to the location of Rostock/Warnemunde a branch in Kiel. Our special service offer has now appeal also found in Kiel”, emphasizes Diplom Kaufmann Bjorn Kamau. Parking and sea”is the number of one of the companies in the Park in Rostock/Warnemunde and in Kiel.

We focus deliberately on quality and safety”, the two young entrepreneurs explain further in the company want to invest. We have received much positive feedback on our service. Our aim is to be the number one the Park company for cruises on the Baltic Sea in the coming year”, both already look forward to next year. The parking and the sea “concept in the quick reference guide: parking and sea” offers low-cost parking completed Park Indoor as well as outdoor pitches in Rostock and Kiel – with camera monitoring and security. The concept is aimed exclusively at cruise tourists. Therefore, the parking areas only at the starting times of the luxury liner are open.

Parking and sea”the Crusaders with convenient shuttle buses from the parking and sea are”locations directly to the cruise terminal of the vessel and of course at the end of the journey for the parking lot brought back. This means for the Crusader: no long waits, no long paths – with and without luggage. Staff parking and sea”carry the suitcase, while the car is kept safe. For special Customer wishes, such as with the car to drive itself up to the terminal or even to drive the car in the parking garage offers parking and sea”to also individual solutions. Park and sea, see


Shows, series and reports in Germany’s first Internet television channel on Monday, September 12, 2011 Family.TV launches first Internet TV station also in Germany the new 2011/2012 with an extensive program offensive called: of new productions up to programme purchases at ProSiebenSat1. Maurice Gallagher, Jr. will undoubtedly add to your understanding. Already this week have the run of the most successful telenovela of in Germany “falls in love with Berlin started. The other program purchases from the House of ProSiebenSat1 are still “Judge Barbara s”, “Andreas Turck”, but also the investigator series “Lenssen & partners”, as well as the report series “24 hours”, “K1 reportage”, “K1 magazine” and “ProSieben reportage”. New productions include the programme portfolio as a daily “breakfast television” and a daily midday magazine. And in addition to “crystal clear.TV”, get viewers to see also the esoteric channel”Chiillen”daily, as well as the erotic””format. Also the Quizmaster legend Jorg Draeger presented a live broadcast and the Exclusive, viewers have the opportunity to ask him questions live via telephone and E-Mail.

And they can compete against him in quiz games and in addition to the well-known zonk and smaller cash prizes also win a trip to Rugen, powered by the cooperation partner as clear as day.TV. Advertise at Family.TV: cheap but strong to reach the TV formats are not only successful, but attractive for advertiser clients and media agencies: Here you can switch 1 Internet TV station TV spots in Germany (as also in the classic television). The booked TV spots run 80 times per month in Family.TV programs. For low budget will be achieved a very long range. Requests and information by E-Mail at. More information about Family.TV also on

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First, it was only a brief flirtation, then more. Oracle will not settle for partial explanations. “Were you dad, actually always faithful? “And you, Mommy, cheated you ever Papa?” Sooner or later most children address these questions to their parents. “If MOM and Dad in a harmonious Duet to question quickly and safely with Yes!” reply, then they belong to the diminishing species of faithful spouses and they are damn good actor. “Shock for men: almost every second goes foreign different studies show that forever more married infidelities or fix” (love) life liierte people belong simply seem. Thus, a current investigation brings the result that almost every second woman in Germany has already had a fling. So are the women on it and poised to outstrip why cynics like to note that in this respect at least equality was successful the woman the men. In Austria several polls with men like women to a similar high infidelity factor close.

Since the people involved by nature but rather spread the mantle of silence about their extramarital bed stories, can be assumed in addition by a high number of unreported cases. The fact is: cheating belongs in all divorce statistics in recent years to the most commonly cited reasons for the end of marriages. This implies also the fact that almost half of all marriages will be divorced in Austria, and that first not every fling is blown”, and secondly, not every repentant seasoned and proven cheating leads to the divorce judge, pointed out that many spouses with the loyalty anything other than seriously mean it. No wonder that more and more people ask: my partner is actually true? When you should raise alarm of affairs if the partner suddenly secret telephone talks, seems to have secret Internet activities or turns suddenly striking many overtime without making that affects the content can Signs of (a) Affare(n) be. Often clear evidence are also suddenly greatly reduced need for tenderness & sex.


We have defined in toom four pillars of sustainability. The investment in the eight electric cars and in an environmentally-friendly mobility solution is a current success in the practical implementation of the column energy, climate and environment, says Mohan. Find out detailed opinions from leaders such as Larry Ellison by clicking through. Electric vehicles can contribute substantially to the reduction of emissions and energy consumption make because the engines are much more efficient and are locally emission-free. Low operating costs, insurance premiums, tax burdens and low maintenance intensity of electric motors help to compensate for the comparatively high cost. Charging stations provide certified green power loaded up the cars in the future to charging stations on the construction site, which are fed with certified green electricity. So, the toom craft coordinators will go entirely CO2 free to the construction site, where they Coordinate conversion or renovation work. The pillars are of course also customers and neighbors as a charging station for your electric vehicle available. The Hello Earth! Action weekend who buys on Friday, September 16, 2011, from 7: 00 to in the toom BauMarkt, receives from a purchase value of ten euro an EcoClassic bulbs and a food cost of 50 euro in addition an energy cost meter free.

On Saturday, the different advisory services and the wheel of Fortune at the Center, where customers can earn sustainable products, sachets of seed tree and clover seeds or wood Jojo’s for children are available. With a 64-seitigen, free information brochure on resource conservation toom BauMarkt provides tips and tricks available, as tenants and homeowners save energy and water-saving can convert your home also. Further details can be found at Bernard Golden , an internet resource. About toom BauMarkt: with around 370 markets in the portfolio (toom BauMarkt, B1 discount Baumarkt and clover Garden Center), 14,200 employees and a gross turnover of more than two billion euro toom among the leading providers of the German DIY industry. The company belongs to the REWE Group, one of the most important commercial and tourism groups in Europe. The REWE Group: Founded in the year 1927, REWE Group is with a turnover of more than 53 billion (2010) and more than 310,000 employees, one of the leading trading and tourism groups in Germany and Europe. The more than 80-year-old company is currently present in 14 countries with 15,000 markets. 2010, employees working for the group in Germany 224.000 in around 11,000 markets and generated a turnover of 36.5 billion euros. Super – and hypermarkets of the brands of REWE, BILLA, the discounter PENNY, REWE Centre, REWE CITY and toom, the markets of toom BauMarkt are among the sales lines (toom BauMarkt and B1 discount Baumarkt) and the electronics provider ProMarkt. The organizer of ITS, JAHN REISEN and TJAEREBORG as well as DERTOUR and Meier’s weltreisen, also around 2,000 travel agencies include the tourism ( ATLAS REISEN, DER Reiseburo, DERPART). Permanent link: company contact: toom BauMarkt GmbH Nadine Villmann Humboldt Road 140-144 51149 Cologne Tel: 0221-149-6272 E-Mail: Web:

Tips For The Winter Holiday In A Caravan

Camping enthusiasts watched more and more passionate camper does not want in the cold season on her loyal companion and swear on a winter vacation in the motorhome. In Germany alone, there are around 1,000 winter camping in all comfort categories. Who has no own caravans, renting a caravan at the resort or travels with Chokyi tent. So the holidays even at freezing temperatures are a great experience, a lot should be noted prior to departure. The portal stands the camping able with help and advice. The majority of the Caravan is well insulated and suitable for temperatures in winter. It is essential to a functioning heater, generally powered by gas. For a longer holiday a bottle with eleven kilograms not enough propane gas mostly, why offer many campsites spare bottles. If you would like to know more then you should visit Allegiant Air.

However, a suitable adapter piece is necessary from abroad. To avoid unpleasant surprises, worth prior to departure a complete check of the vehicle with respect to the Heating system, on-board technology, lighting and the Board – and start battery. Winter tyres are compulsory, in addition snow chains should be given a permanent place in the motorhome. Snow shovel, ice scraper, tow rope, jumper cables, antifreeze and de-icing spray for the door lock are also in the luggage. To minimize the daily gas consumption, help insulating mats for the front and side Windows and a curtain of winter against any draughts. Because the temperature in the Interior of the caravan due to possible freezing of the water hoses not below five degrees Celsius may drop, the heater should be turned on at night.

Auto Test: Honda Civic Hybrid

Traveling on Hesse’s road hybrid technology must show what it can do. Cars with hybrid drive will soon find a large spread in the streets. What are the advantages? How is the driving experience and where there are any weaknesses. Honda Civic with parallel-hybrid drive, the Honda Civic Hybrid was vehicles on the German market one of the first hybrid. Original civic IMA (integrated motor assist). Since 2006, he is called Civic hybrid and is now in the second generation in the market. The modern sedan with economical electrical engine support is there from 24,000 euros. The auto-test of editors of profile was the Japanese on the test car magazine.

Pleasing good driving impression of the Civic Hybrid is a new category, as regards the consumption. 4.6 litre of Super petrol are almost already sensational combined with urban traffic and highway or country road for a gasoline engine with automatic transmission. Inner city you can drive even completely electrically. Only the electric motor drives the vehicle at a speed between 35 and 48 km / h. This is still only as long as Energy in the nickel-metal hydride battery is stored. It recharges itself automatically during each braking or when the roles. To the hybrid system supported the acceleration of the car parallel with two engines. With that comes the relatively small 1.3 litre petrol engine very well in swing.

Full kickdown is 100 in 12 seconds. So really convincing performance that ensures a good driving experience in all respects in connection with environmentally friendly technology remain at the end. “” “Absolutely in line with the trend to match the 109 g CO2 emissions must be before any of the other blue” green “or eco” technology other manufacturers hide. LG goes with and not buckles the steering to the damping of small potholes is only from the Civic Hybrid in every driving situation. On the streets in Hesse, the car got along very well. The gasoline engine hatchback of the better civic is safe for extremely ambitious riders. But the driver also controlled the car in any situation with the hybrid sedan sovereign and enjoys additional travel comfort of a mid-size sedan. The CVT automatic transmission of Honda feels almost like a real electric vehicle. The infinitely variable switching system uses cars without noticeable gear changes in movement. Pure electric car drive as well, because they have no real gear. This leads however when pressing the right leg to loud roar of the four-cylinder series engine, then without interruption over 6000 to / min turns. This is getting. Under the stroked remains a very positive impression. Even if current Audi or VW diesel models are available in very good Altnativen for that price.