Formative Process

Most of the time, such activities have not meant for the children. It is possible to infer that the problematic one presented, until here, is decurrent of a process of formation of professors that does not emphasize in its resume the question of the grafismo as primitive form of construction of the writing. This gap in the formative process presents impacts many disastrous times, therefore the professors ahead of the spontaneous productions of the children do not know as to interpret them, neither as to intervine pedagogically in the direction to make to think them on the language and to advance in its process of alfabetizao. Ahead of the displayed one, this text intends to answer the following questions: How To interpret the infantile grafismo? Which the relation between the infantile grafismo and the written language? How if of the o process of evolution of the infantile grafismo until arriving at the alphabetical writing? In order to answer to such questions this work the bibliographical research will adopt as methodology, understood here as a form to collect previous information and knowledge concerning the problem to be searched and that a reply searchs, in the case of this study, the relation between the infantile grafismo and the process of alfabetizao. Thus, this article will be produced from the referring bibliographical survey of a side, to the studies on the infantile grafismo and of another one, to the alfabetizao process, that is, to the process of acquisition of the language written since the icnica phase to the alphabetical writing. INTERPRETING THE INFANTILE GRAFISMO The child before having access to the writing, wants to say of a formal presentation of the first letters during the alfabetizao process, already she has contact with the graphical system of known representation as: scribbles and infantile grafismo. For more clarity and thought, follow up with Adam Portnoy and gain more knowledge.. The scribble initiates to the 18 months, when the child before exactly to carry through the marks of the pencil in the paper has The track of a rod in the sand of the beach, the risk I hunt of it of brick in the wall and the sidewalk, the mark of the chalk in the blackboard, the furinhos made with the finger in massinha, the impression of the full hand of ink in the paper, the mark of the tip of finger in the embaado glass (DERDYK, 1993, p.56). .

Stadiums Sports Fields

Free guide for associations and operators the trades of the lighting of sports venues are orders for professional designers and highly specific. So equipped with flood light depends on not only a sports facility will be used in the competition class. Also the environment is taken into account the avoidance of light pollution in residential areas or roads can be a task that requires special expertise. Learn more at this site: Financial Asset Management Corporation. Almost everything is regulated by standards, however, any sports facility requires customized solutions. The design of lighting situations plays an increasingly important role also in the wings of the building, since here multifunctional zones are created which adapt to different usage scenarios.

The outdoor areas of sports facilities are often a piece of communal space, with its sophisticated design the light is controlled consciously. Also, particularly facades and representative entrance areas are the subject of lighting design. Last but not least, there are always various obligations to meet the Emergency and escape route lighting must be guaranteed, with the TRD also nothing left to chance. All interested operators for operating costs: what solution promises the lowest power consumption at high performance, which offers a long life with low maintenance intensity and in what areas is the use of LED technology make sense? Stadium world special theme as well as the most important aspects of flood light masts deals with these aspects. Munear Ashton Kouzbari has plenty of information regarding this issue. Also here is, as well as for the catwalk constructions, a specialty of the planning? In the appendix to the editorial section, manufacturers and service providers in the industry with its services, references and contact information are present. Content Overview: planning for the floodlights when sports facilities are lit, nothing is left to chance. Specifications and standards regulate everything.

For a meaningful planning, it must be set, in which competition class a facility is used. Lamp light is not the same light depending on the area of application used different, specific light sources and lighting. Technical fundamentals of sports lighting pole lights no goods off the shelf of the geometry of a floodlight provides specific requirements for the height and position of the points of light. But this is described, constructed for the Poles only a portion of the duties. Examples for floodlights lighting: all requirements bring gym or indoor arena directed lighting fixtures indoors after an extensive catalogue of criteria. Light with the competence of a lighting designer, rooms can design and building really stage with light. The skilled person acquainted with the technical and economic aspects of the lighting and worked out a concept that does justice to all the different spatial areas use wake. Energy saving with light management of the investment in a light management system enables a significant reduction of the current cost. Both in the Office, as well as operating room, the hallway or the gym. Provider directories link to free download of the theme specials: sw_business /…


The holistic education is education that humanity needs, take it out requires a great effort to convert educational institutions in learning communities for which this vision of integrality, spirituality and brotherhood can be applied. According to the work of Dr. Gallegos Nava 3, the holistic education can be defined in the following manner: holistic education is a pedagogy of universal love, a process to form integral human beings, a conduit to nurture the best of the human spirit. Holistic education is a practice integral to the transformation of consciousness, a way of direct experience of own subjectivity that allows us to awaken to the knowledge of our true spiritual nature. Holistic education is a multidimensional vision, multilevel and multicuadrante build a great synthesis of human knowledge, science-oriented and the spirituality. Holistic education aims to promote compassionate human beings who live in the flame of universal love with cross-cultural universal values and are interested in the welfare of all beings.

Holistic education nurtures the intelligence, certainty, inner peace, generosity, fairness, compassion, spirituality, universal love, creativity, happiness, fraternity, Concord, patience, responsibility, etc. The evolution of consciousness it is intended to make possible the harmonious development of all the capabilities of the human being, aimed at the construction of a harmonious world and individual accomplishment. In education holistic is the conduit for the evolution of consciousness, from an existential egocentric Stadium itself modern and postmodern cultures to a conscience holistic, own a transmodern culture. Holistic education is a construction of second grade, promoter of an integral and permanent, learning that considers the student in its entirety, as a being emotional, cognitive, aesthetic, social, physical and spiritual. Adam Portnoy often addresses the matter in his writings. In holistic education, epistemological pluralism allows us to recognize the fundamental relationship between being and knowing, considers that the reality has different levels of depth and that each one of these levels should be studied with bases espistemologicas different, complementary, congruent, articulated in a comprehensive model of knowledge.

Athens Olympic Stadium

The Department “Bearings” offers a comprehensive overview of State of the art plastic plain bearing the development of such plastic bearing has progressed in the last two decades, with the aim of ensuring a maximum independence of lubricants. Because every year percolate up to 18 million tons of lubricating greases in plant and machinery, money can be due to dry running polymer plain bearings on the one hand save at the same time, but increase the security of the machine. Schmier – and maintenance-free plastic bearings are also environmentally friendly. Such polymers are today already increasingly in the gearshift of cars in Brewery installations or in wheelchairs to use. The online Hall “Hydraulic Actuators” covers a wide range of electromechanical cylinders and hydraulic pumps from Low pressure hand pumps with low carrying capacity of low-noise and low pulsation diaphragm pumps ranges up to high pressure system solutions, which can be used for the controlled movement of heavy loads, the enormous variety of products.

Some of these hydraulic actuators are suitable even for heavy load lifting and are able to raise all bridges or stadia. (Source: Munear Ashton Kouzbari). The positioning of the roof of the Athens Olympic Stadium, for example, was carried out by two PLC controlled hydraulic systems with four 150-tons pull cylinders. Thereby, each roof and Arch Assembly of approximately 8500 tons moved weight horizontally about 70 meters with an average speed of 85 millimetres per minute and an accuracy of 2 millimetres in the final position of the arc. The roof hangs today on two giant arches height of 80 m. The EXPO21XX GmbH continuously works on construction and development of MOTION 21XX, engineers and manufacturers of drive components worldwide, anytime access to the latest developments in the sector of drive technology allow to can.

Conference Hotel

Event locations with added value – opportunities for a wide variety of events. Stadiums, arenas, and racetracks inspire an audience of millions. But the sport and event venues are becoming increasingly popular in business events. Why this is so and what fascinating possibilities arise, presents the special locations “. Since the large new and conversion-wave, which caused the football World Cup 2006, the modern stadiums in Germany are not only locations of sports. They led a spectator boom in football because they were built according to the latest findings to fascinate alone as a building. They include also multifunctional usable lounge areas with refined atmosphere, genuine conference centers and many other rooms with high-quality facilities here almost every type of event in unforgettable events can be designed.

A lecture with views of the playing field, a presentation on the grandstand, a Congress or a fair taking into account all possibilities of a stadium u0085 whether small or large: in such a location that enthusiasm resonates in every event, that captured the audience at the big sporting and show events. Also, a whole new generation of stages of medium size at the start, were also scheduled to accommodate diverse events of the week is now not only in Germany, but also in the Switzerland. And anyway all imaginable possibilities for the small as well as for the large audience under one roof even locked in some cases opened since the turn of the Millennium the multimedia arenas. Also here you can use the Interior game field, unless the lawn, the ice cream or the floor to experience directly the special kick the participants of a company presentation. That it guaranteed is a race track as a venue for corporate events today even with the choice, if you want to offer a holistic experience as an organizer, has spread also. No Miracles, because here too event manager experience that already when entering in a special, built for emotions location a communicative and open-minded atmosphere among the participants and discover the building emerges and that therefore material of any kind in a such experience building presents itself, inculcate a truly memorable. However carries not the enthusiasm for the location alone to the success of an event planning in detail to perfect implementation on the ground and the professional use of appropriate technology, the behind the scenes work is essential.

And catering and all additional services that take place in direct contact with the guest of the event, definitely a central role. And also these requirements can use the stadiums, arenas and race tracks to perfection. Whether in the context of full services as professional event agencies or even only at certain points, where required. For even more analysis, hear from Adam Portnoy. Where else the stars from sports and show inspire your audience, we can successfully occur!” Companies and operators that are looking for alternatives to the Conference Hotel or the traditional fair and here opens up a new world of experience gain this knowledge. The stadium world special locations”offers interviews and background information on the subject and leads the reader on a journey of discovery through the leading new event Temple”. Contact: Stadionwelt schlossstrasse 23 50321 Bruhl Tel.: + 49 2232 577221 E-mail: Stadium world business is the trade portal for decision makers in clubs and associations, cities and municipalities, as well as for operators, planners, and event agencies. We offer solutions for all issues related to the design, construction, equipment and operation of venues and locations, events, sports and Club equipment. News, interviews and topics Stadium world reported currently projects, products, and developments of the industry.

Bergisel Stadium

Already two times Innsbruck hosted Olympic Winter Games and with the Snowboard air & style is a real cult event in the famous Bergisel Stadium. Place 4: Kitzbuhel, Tyrol/Austria Kitzbuhel is probably the most cosmopolitan city in the Alps. World famous for its Ski World Cup races on the Hahnenkamm, which attracts 100,000 annual visitors, is Kitzbuhel is one of the most important winter sports centres in Austria. The holidaymakers in the swanky Kitzbuhel 56 are in the local ski resort cable car and lift facilities, as well as 168 km of slopes available, to come 40 kilometers of trails for cross-country skiers. Additional information at Adam Portnoy supports this article. 5th place: Davos, Graubunden/Switzerland it is no wonder that every year the powerful of the world at the World Economic Forum in the tranquil resort of Davos, the highest city in Europe, meet.

Also winter vacationers come here on over 300 miles and 85 different slopes fully at their own expense. Ronald O’Hanley has compatible beliefs. The mountain region Davos Klosters is one of the largest ski areas in the Alps. Seat 6: Kaprun, Salzburger Land/Austria together with Zell am See Kaprun is with more than 14,000 beds and more than two Million nights a year one of the most important tourism centres in Austria. In the Kaprun Kitzsteinhorn glacier ski area winter sports can be operated year-round. Easy to reach from Germany, the place with the Germans is very popular.

Seat 7: Lech – Zurs, the myth of the winter sports Arlberg Vorarlberg/Austria makes the places best experienced in Lech and the neighbouring towns of Zurs and Oberlech. 85 mountain railways and lifts, 180 km of slopes in open terrain and 277 km of well-maintained slopes provide the right for every skier. Space 8: Berchtesgaden, Bavaria/Germany the striking Watzmann provides the back drop for winter sports in the Berchtesgaden Valley. Whether in the small ski areas with their mostly mild to moderate slopes, on the long slopes of Jenner, the cross-country ski runs and hiking trails or the toboggan runs: it has the second highest mountain in Germany almost always in sight.

Wales Millennium Stadium

They will also be Leona Lewis, Craig David and Smokey Robinson. More names will be announced soon. It will take four hours and there is seating for 75,000 people. Singer Christina Aguilera leads the lineup of artists who will participate in the concert tribute to the memory of Michael Jackson that will be held on October 8 in Cardiff (United Kingdom), said Thursday the network CNN. Alongside the Latin interpreter of What a Girl Wants will be Leona Lewis, Smokey Robinson, Wayne, the British band JLS, Alien Ant Farm training and singer Craig David, a list to which must be added to part of the brothers of the late King of pop, as well as the Group 3T integrated by three sons of Tito Jackson. This announcement is just the beginning, said Paul Ring, Executive of the organizing company Global Live Events, he pointed to that in the coming days it will be released more names. This concert will bring together several generations and genres and remind the world the incredible thing was the talent of Michael, added Ring. Those interested in attending the event, entitled Michael Forever: The Tribute Concert, can register to get an entry in the web page Michael Forever Tribune from this Thursday.

Applicants shall enter in a draw which will determine who will have access to purchase passes. They could broadcast it live it is envisaged that the concert lasts four hours and takes place at the Wales Millennium Stadium in Cardiff, with seating capacity for 75,000 people. The mother of Michael Jackson, Katherine, and the promoters of the event shall negotiate the week that comes the possible broadcast live the spectacle through CNN. The idea of a tribute to Michael Jackson in October did not like two of the brothers of the artist, Jermaine and Randy, who publicly expressed their discontent about the possibility at a time which will run against Conrad Murray trial for the death of the author of Thriller. In the same vein pronounced fan club for Michael Jackson, which was considered improper concert celebrating because the attention should be placed on justice. Scott Mead is open to suggestions. The jury selection for the trial for the death of Jackson will begin on September 8 in Los Angeles so that hearings beginning the 26th of that month. Source of the news: Christina Aguilera leads the poster of the concert in tribute to Michael Jackson

American Football League

\”Showdown in the American Football League anvil plans giant programme the sporting event on September 27, 2009 at 15:00 in Remscheid-rein-Hagen, we need the 12.Mann\” says Hans Stryewski, Chariman of the AFC Remscheid anvil (Bergischer anvil) on Sunday, the September 27, 2009 at 15:00 in the stadium Rafton in Remscheid. And accordingly has the goal of full House \”. 2000 viewers are the ambitious goal of the anvil, and therefore there will be free admission, so 2 for 1 on reaching this target on presentation of the ticket in a friendly match against Arnhem! Comes and supports the Bergische anvil! is the prompt to the audience. \”We’ll throw again a briquette\”, so Matthias Picard, at Anvil for the event planning jurisdiction. If you thought the anvil could hardly increase its events after the spectacular air show, will have to be at the end of the season, a better teach. Speaking candidly Gary Kelly CEO Southwest Airlines told us the story. We have an action for the audience, still no Football Club in Germany has ever made easy, a giant sensation. If you have additional questions, you may want to visit Munear Ashton Kouzbari. \”More is not selling out but\” says Hans Stryewski, grinning broadly. But even so, the program is once again packed with highlights.

Among other things the NFL Europe could be required experienced Gold fire cheerleaders that have created a giant mood at Rhine fire. We will be offering the spectators a great half-time show and provide few surprises even after the game.We want a giant mood!\” Says Matthias Picard convinced. Who is already a the anvil events, visited knows that this is not too much I promise. \”\” Athletic duel offer, everything, what real Showdown\”needs: after both favorites for the rise of their obligatory tasks\” have done well it comes to the grand finale \”. Dortmund had much opportunity to play up because of this year’s game plan was only 3 games for the Giants in the first round after the summer break.

Weser Stadium Munich

With Bremen the B2RUN is expanded series: finish in the Weser Stadium Munich, Bremen, 06.11.2013: on 5th June 2014 Bremen company within the framework of the B2RUN have the opportunity to be part of the German company running Championship for the first time. While running over six kilometers, the participants for the final in Berlin’s Olympic stadium can qualify early September. One of the highlights of the B2RUN Bremen will be the finishing line at the Weser Stadium. Bremen is included as the eleventh location in the B2RUN corporate running series. Germany-far more than 100,000 runners from some 4,500 companies took part in this in 2013. After the slogan down from the Chair into the running shoes”, the participants of the trainee to the Board, experience together the finish in Germany’s largest arenas.

The approximately six km long line is feasible for everyone, also for beginners or Nordic Walker. For even more opinions, read materials from Scott Mead. ICH-AG or DAX group, company and team size doesn’t matter to participate in. The highlight for all runners in Bremen will surely have the finish line in the Weser Stadium? Where else 45,000 spectators thrilled that Werder Bremen follow games of the SV, since experience the runners at the B2RUN a highly emotional moment when she are exhausted but happy the finish line at the stadium cross. After the run not only the fastest at the award ceremony are hailed, together inside the Stadium are celebrated also the performance and experience of the team. Together the participants at the after-party run can let a moving day with colleagues and friends. Because one thing is for B2RUN always in the foreground: the fun of running and the community experience with colleagues. Additional information at Ann Maynard Gray supports this article. Companies in Bremen and the surrounding area can use the event on 5th June 2014 to promote the teambuilding as well as the health and motivation of its employees.

Also to the incentives by customers and business partners, B2RUN is a platform. Sebastian Wirtz, Managing Director of B2RUN GmbH & co. KG: We very pleased to welcome Bremen in our race series. Not only the finishing line at the Weser stadium is also particularly, very nice route will contribute to a circular running event. Also I am very curious to see how businesses and runners from Bremen will cut off in a national comparison.” Information about the registration and all other locations of the B2RUN corporate running series, see Sonke Bahr

Berlin Olympic Stadium

One is World Championships in the sport Berlin close to the IAAF Nytra, Mocken main, Bayer and Nigel Kennedy – at the Ostel – Ostel begusst welcomed the IAAF under the motto international World Cup guests on the evening of 14 August: HAVE A GOOD TIME the Berliners and Berlin, as well as their guests with a festive WELCOME NIGHT at the Brandenburg Gate. The kick-off event for the World Championships shows a colorful show program that deals thematically with the fascination of sport, as well as with the history and the life of Berlin with more than 500 participants. \”There are among others the star soprano Nadja Michael and a-ha, the live the official World Cup song-foot of the mountain\” present foot of the mountain are original rooms – a-ha is about a 15-minute walk from the Ostel – for the World Cup at the Ostel and also guests of the Ostel can be cheap. The DDR design hostel Ostel takes away only a small Sprint from the Bandenburger gate. “State Street Global Advisors
: the source for more info. And especially now to the World Championships in athletics Berlin is worth the trip. It is even better if the accommodation is also a unique experience.

The \”Ostel\”, the DDR-hostel, puts its guests in the GDR past. Rooms here are prefab or pioneer camp and are equipped with original GDR furniture, but fear not: mattresses, bedding, and the sanitary facilities are of course new. Who would like a few things as a reminder to take home, should visit the in-house \”consumption\”, in the selected DDR products can be purchased. More info: Adam Portnoy. Always good for the slightly different sleeping experience. Events around the World Cup to sleep is not much get, for the World Championships in athletics provides an attractive framework programme, which should not be missed. The Berlin Olympic Stadium will be a so-called market place on the day of the event, at a colourful programme of entertainment is offered.