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Managing Director Kay Rieck

Energy capital invest creates conditions for early resolution of the fourth U.S. oil fund Stuttgart, August 26, 2010. The issuing House energy capital invest the investors of the Fund US oil Fund IV KG “a positive message reports: after further gains were achieved, the participation can be resolved before the scheduled end of the term. The investors obtain the maximum profit share of 34 percent. Depending on the date of accession which corresponds to for investors a nominal yield of up to 16 percent per year and that conception according to up on the reservation of the progression tax-free.

Thus enters the U.S. Oil Fund IV KG in the footsteps of the first three investments in the energy capital invest also prematurely resolved before the actual run-time end with the maximum profit for the investors. The fourth participation of the leading energy company with roots in the Swabian Stuttgart and multiple operating locations in North America was created in October 2008 and placed after a few months with more than 12.5 million euros. It was already the successful sales stage and it could be invested at an early stage. Already started the Fund management the first promotional rights in the Haynesville shale secured, one of the largest natural gas areas in North America and expected the fourth largest in the world.

The already made Vorabausschuttungen, and a prerequisite for the premature termination was made in operative business. Already at the beginning of the year could prefer the reduced energy capital invest. “The prospect of the early termination is thus for energy capital invest – Managing Director Kay Rieck and his team not unexpected: we have in recent months created the conditions for it to make this already attractive funds on behalf of investors even more attractive”, he explains. It was more a formal question of whether the shareholders of early resolution agree the U.S. Oil Fund IV KG. And the previous investors of the largest provider of energy holdings in Germany enjoy a further advantage: in brief is the start of placement of the US oil and gas Fund VIII KG”. The energy capital invest, the fourth Fund, investors who want to reinvest their capital, will grant a loyalty bonus of 2 percent. With this loyalty bonus will be paid primarily from the dividend of the initiator. We would like to thank investors all those so, that gave the energy capital invest their trust in recent years”, says Rieck. Energy capital invest that Stuttgart-based company was only founded in 2008, he is one of mineral rights in the United States but with now seven set up investments in the special area the leading providers in this segment. The previously placed stakes run in as planned all distributions have been made as prospects.


Invest safely and secure return on the world economic and financial crisis has unsettled investors. The experts of WAVE Management AG, Hamburg know what investments are today safe and still bring yield. WAVE manages over EUR 13 billion for institutions and private investors. Jorg Schettler, head of marketing retail, gives tips. Gold is the classic system in times of crisis. Meanwhile, the precious metal is too expensive but for a start.

Real estate price and risk are the yields in Germany but also while currently low. Day and time deposit accounts are guaranteed by the German deposit guarantee, but barely 2 percent. Bonds the Federal Government bring maximum security: ten years term pay off with approximately 3.1 per cent. Government bonds of other eurozone countries provide a slightly better rates of interest, but at the expense of higher risks. Especially the various crises in Iceland, Ireland and recently, investors have very unsettled Greece. Reasonably secure shares must be independently of economic conditions: Tip: buy papers from energy suppliers. Mixed funds provide security through diversification.

With the return, it is strongly to the mix and asset classes as well as an active management. The flexibility is particularly important: the stock markets are weak, the equity-backing ratio must be retracted and invested in pensions with good rating, for example. About WAVE Management AG WAVE Management AG, Hamburg, was founded in January 2000, has 35 employees and manages currently around 13 billion euros. Company focuses on asset management for institutional investors such as insurance companies, pension funds and provident and the reinvestment of maturing life insurance for private customers. More information and images in the online press area under press contact press: WAVE Management AG Jorg Schettler Flughafenstrasse 52B House D 22335 Hamburg Tel: + 49 (0) 40 611 8560-45 E-Mail:

Immokredit Funds

New trade portal around funds and fund-based investment Berlin, 03.05.2010 – which seems to be largely overcome numerous experts crisis forecast a significant upswing for the German economy and the economy in the euro zone already anytime soon again. In this respect the times are cheap, to re-enter in funds and to hope for high yields., the new online trade portal, investors with all the information they need for a successful investment funds of all kinds. Everything else as just many funds were the last two years of the stock market and stock values plummeted, investors were brought in many cases to their money. But now seems to be an end to the valley floor in sight: different mood and economic indicators suggest that the recovery is already at the door. The times were never so better, again to invest in funds and securities.

Funds must be carefully chosen, but which fund is suitable for which type of investor? In what segments is there still a high risk? What goals can be traced with any variant of the Fund? And how can fund with a private pensions successfully combine? These and many more questions are the new professional portal competent and comprehensive reply. The portal, powered by, provides detailed information around the world of available to the Fund advises on investment decisions, and Moreover, equally holds the matching fund providers. Who wants to make his investment in the Fund on a sound basis, is right here. Investmentfonds24.EU detail around Fund informed the selection of funds is almost unmanageable and for investors, it is hardly possible to overlook the market with its numerous possibilities on their own. Investmentfonds24.EU helps to find the right products, and informs it also targeted and honest about opportunities and risks of different investments. The best Fund brings nothing, if it not the individual requirements and Meets requirements. It is all the more important, to obtain information in advance, to make the project on a solid foundation. Investmentfonds24.EU is this exactly the right partner: with competence, vision, and attention to detail, the online portal creates the best conditions for a successful investment in funds and unit-linked investments. More information: the trade portal around funds and fund-based investments

Investment Bank Merrill Lynch

Problems which passes through the American economy have gained increasing importance in the present and future evolution of the Mexican economy. It is that the U.S. crisis has affected the Mexican economy on several fronts. Well, the slowdown in the United States which hits demand for Mexican manufactured goods and the remittances Mexican workers sent from the United States.UU., together with the contraction in oil production in Mexico and a minor entry of capital product of turbulence in international financial markets, could lead to the economy of Mexico to grow only a 0.4% on 2009, as considers it a report by the Investment Bank Merrill Lynch. The OECD also coincided with these projections of Merrill Lynch for Mexico. Data from the Mexican economy already show the impact of the crisis. At the end of last week was known the fact that the economy had expanded a 1.6% year on year in the third quarter. This rate of growth has been the lowest in five years.

The weakening of the American economy is also reflected in the deterioration of external accounts that experiences the country represented in a trade deficit of US $2.739 million during the month of October, this being the deficit more bulky since 1991. As expected, the volume of remittances Mexicans sent from us.UU. toward Mexico, it also reflects the problems of the American economy. According to the website Prensa Latina, remittances recorded an annual fall of 6.5% during the third quarter of the year. During the first and second quarter of the year, remittances had registered a fall of 3.4% and 1.1%, respectively. There is no security in the Mexican Government about the extent that on the economy, might be the crisis in the United States.UU. It is that given their direct link to the U.S. economy, the more deep and lasting is the crisis in that country, greater will be the negative impact that will have on the economy of Mexico.

Channels Sales Investment

Investment decisions means that entrepreneur has to make choices that can benefit or harm its business. Accepted entrepreneur certain decisions can lead to a reduction in financial resources for many years, so it is important reasonable to assess investment opportunities, using criteria such profitability of investment projects, such as: return on money, profit on the original investment, return on average investment. Each of these indicators has its advantages and disadvantages that the entrepreneur should consider. Taking appropriate action. Marketing. The aim of marketing is the movement of goods or services from the businessman to consumers.

To accomplish this, the entrepreneur can use a wide range of methods, each of which is closely linked with others: market research; Channels Sales, price, advertising, personal selling, sales promotion, service, publicity. Marketing research is perhaps the most important of these resources. Prior to the formation of a complex marketing entrepreneur must first obtain information about its interest to the market that will help them answer the following questions: what goods or services should be sold? where to sell and at what price? that competitors are selling, who they are and how strong? The answers to these questions give the entrepreneur reliable information about what should be the marketing mix. This complex is a combination of different proportions of sales channels, pricing, advertising, personal selling, sales promotion and publicity in such a way as to ensure maximum profits with minimum operating costs. Procurement and inventory. The question of how successful entrepreneurs are buying and inventory control tovaromaterialnymi can identify profitable or unprofitable business.

A Good Way To Invest

Not only have to learn how to make money, but also knowing how to invest it back to us multiplied and not in smaller amounts. A good investment option is a stock brokerage contract, which should clearly establish the rights obligations that correspond to each of those involved to avoid problems. It is important to know that never has the guarantee 100% that you will acquire a gain. However, it is advisable to make the calculations necessary to estimate this and have increased security in the investment.Another point to highlight in an investment fund, is that customer should remember to make clear if his contract you authorise casa de bolsa that make the buying and selling of assets or will be the same which perform that procedure. As well as establish whether the account will be individually, jointly or solitary. At the end of the day, the important thing is that the contract to carry out clearly and concisely specify each element of the same so that there are no gaps and the clauses that form it are properly established. It is why the importance that the financial group to which go has executives highly trained to provide excellent advice within the process of the investment fund.

Properties As Investments

Every crisis brings new and interesting opportunities. Expertsrecommend for years to be counter-cyclical behavior, ie, against the currenttrend when it comes to investments. Homes are considered crisis-conditioningand belong in every balanced investment mix. Often, the home is used to achievea net saving to the pensionable age.

The property as an investment or as a rental property is safe, especially whenthe revenues are sufficiently high and the monthly payment covers charges. Inaddition, impairment charges, repairs and other costs such as insurancecompanies take into account reserves and so on. Even a loss of rent due tovacancy rates or unemployment of the tenant, should play a role in thedeliberations.

Anyone interested in real estate as an investment, this can be in various formsof investment involved. This involves in real estate funds, closed or open, onlisted homes, even to the purchased investment property in the form of anapartment building or condominium.  Lookfor properties that are well located, like the condominiumcollection in Austin, Texas. However, the situation is important and crucial toavoid a vacancy and to ensure realistic and rising rents. In popular, preferredlocation then has to be added to the value added. In 1975, an average citizenhad to work another 14 years to be able to afford a condo. In 2004 there wereonly eight years. The prices for an average home range decreased during thesame period from 19 to 13 annual income. These facts have determined the IfoInstitute.

Especially the current financial crisis has many investors and savers that theinvestment in tangible assets such as real estate like Austin Condos is often the betterchoice. Of course, these are also suspended, although fluctuations, however,these objects will always have a value, while speculative investments can leadto ruin.

Whether you are interested in now for an object as an investment or homeownership, in either case they should seek advice from a competent real estateagent in their area and take advantage of the current financial situation forthemselves.

Reuters Html

Reuters – London, Aug. 4 (EFE) ArcelorMittal, the world’s biggest steel group, will invest 600 million dollars in building a new plant in Mexico, where it will manufacture carbon steel products and round intended mainly to the construction sector and the car, the company reported today.
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Winning Investment

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For Investors: Warrants

For investors: warrants are products designed for individual investors. They offer a simple way of recruitment. Several issuers and underlying: There are various issuers and a wide variety of underlying (domestic or foreign stocks, indexes, baskets, exchange rates, commodities, etc. ..), so the investor when the issuer may choose to hire and underlying. Competition among issuers benefits the investor liquidity in the warrants market is guaranteed because there are market makers who provide the liquidity Leverage: magnify the movement of the underlying asset position to allow upward and downward and profit and / or losses unlimited. They have a limited life (1 to 2 years)