If you find yourself at a time in your life where your financial situation is such that after having paid all the accounts and covered all your expenses and those of your family, you can save some amount of money, it is possible that you can make your question of where to invest my money. There are times that you’ve spent saving at the end you end up spending everything on things without sense that you later regret, and you question if it has not been in vain saving. Now, if you want to invest and you’re not an expert in the business world, keep in mind several considerations before you throw yourself how crazy the first business you crossing ahead. The profitability and the associated risk of an investment, is the first thing you should keep in mind when deposit the capital in it. In turn, these two factors are related inversely proportionally, since when a business offers profit exorbitar les is very likely that there is facing a very high risk; But if earnings are low, but constant and stable throughout the year, such investment is within the safe group with virtually negligible risks.

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