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Real Estate Ownership Reasonable Protection Against Failure

Whether internal or third-party used, can property in an insurance replaced? One of the core areas of private interest is the protection of own labour power. Currently it is a disaster for the parties concerned and whose family often. Soon, every fourth family is now affected by such a blow. Most believe a known in real estate and commonly used method to the hedging of financial risk, is the disability insurance. 64% Of the respondents indicated in a study of Continentale Lebensversicherung AG however that according to their wisdom also purchased of a real estate protects against the financial consequences of a disability.

These considerations are in no way new, but fueled by a nationwide real estate boom. So currently continuously rise housing prices throughout Germany and break a record after another. That factor is mainly attributable to the currently very low level of interest rates. Admittedly it is in Real estate ownership should stabilize to a somewhat unconventional problem solving for the protection of own labour, so-called concrete gold via ongoing rental income the supply situation of the persons concerned. In principle there are two ways to own such property, alien used or used in-house. Both types of real estate use differ essentially in their suitability to meet the capital needs of those affected. When the owner-occupied property, your own four walls, essentially get no current income in the form of an income, so that no capital power is achieved, which is to provide for a corresponding fee in an emergency in the area. Nevertheless leaves of own-use real estate not often withdraw their benefit is that through private home ownership at least rent payments will be spared a.

This offers a private house although no protection against the financial consequences of a disability, loosens the location but significantly, at least if there is no mortgage. The second alternative is the third-party shared real estate, in this case, the owner is not Residents, but landlord and therefore has a right to rent. Depending on the amount of rental income, this may suffice to at least partially cover the capital needs of the family. This is, the higher remaining real estate debt, the higher spending, which in turn reduces the rental income. Also concrete gold is not a real estate is without risk to a common denominator, whether eigen-or third-party used a sensible investment, here sustainable values are created for individuals. The strategy to cover the own labour alone with real estate is to enjoy but with caution, because here depend on all sorts of factors, such as eradication, rental leases, not least renovation costs of the success of the investments. In General, the income from a Fremdgenutzten are however stakeholders as such as a stock or bond investment real estate. A special prevention of disability can rarely replace a real estate. Who has not the right to buy a house or an apartment, should be on the Worry hedge his income by means of special disability insurance. However, some banks in real estate financing request the proof of such protection. Conclusion: Real estate is as impossible to imagine money plant, whether internal or third-party used. They remain a family in part through generations. To be prepared in the event of occupational disability, real estate, at least for most people, only part can represent a strategy to hedge a fact whose entering remains hopefully saves the most used for this.

Honorary President

They consider many criteria before deciding and attach great importance to a thorough and transparent consultation. We reacted when the BuF to, for example, with the 5-star advice. Our independence allows us to check financial products and insurance itself and carefully select, before we recommend it. Are women important sustainable investments? Kris Hauf: Yes, then is asked very often. Our experiences are there with numerous studies.

Sustainable investments help create transparency and enable positive change for the environment and society about the influence on companies. Thus, social and environmental enterprises and projects are funded. Many investors also consult us, because they are comprehensible and clear Looking for information on sustainable investments. For this reason I have in common with Claudia Tober, Managing Director of the Forum of sustainable investment (FNG), a guide and an introduction to sustainable investment created. It can be read in detail, how interested parties recognize sustainable investments. Both are available for download on our homepage. Everything that has to do with money, is a matter of trust.

How can private investors recognize the quality of advice and advisors? Kris Hauf: That is indeed often a challenge for clients and clients. Many important aspects of consulting and financial services can be found on our homepage. For the members of the BuF, quality characteristics are easy to describe: absorbed into our network, for example, only, who has several years of experience in the selection, handling, and the placement of insurance and financial products. These so-called competence is also now starting July 1, 2013, under the new licensing legally required. For a membership of the BuF, was as well as the possession of a property-liability insurance, mandatory since inception. Through conferences, working group meetings and other training we provide for the continuous training of our member companies. Because everyone in the BuF are decided for high quality of advice. That was a goal already in the founding of the Association in 1999 by our Honorary President Dr. Mechthild Upgang. That is why I am particularly, that on March 1 one the founding women of Christina Boker was elected to the Board. About the Association of independent financial service bar grooves (BuF e. V.) and its member companies of the Association of independent financial service bar grooves (BuF e. V.) is a consortium of experts from the insurance and financial services industry, who advise their clients and clients competently and independently from banking, insurance, investment, and investment companies. The BuF attaches great importance to the Qualification, professionalism, experience and independence of its members. On conferences and conventions, these quality features are developed continuously. Because a high-quality advice that takes into account always the individual lives of clients and clients, is paying off. The BuF members have many years of experience in the selection, handling and the provision of insurance and financial products. Build up your assets, who plan retirement, invest money, protect the worker and are considering the purchase or sale of a property here, the support of an independent financial expert is especially in demand. The products that are offered by the BuF members are as diverse as the needs of clients and customers. The financial experts between several thousand mutual funds can choose solely with money and investments. The experts of the BuF are nationwide.

Holland Fund

MS Stadt HAMELN: 2009 was approved restructuring plan can’t King & Cie. ship funds save again in May of this year a further insolvency application shook the King & CIE ship fund investors. After a rehabilitation concept was approved in the year 2009 not the hoped-for return to economically safe fairway could give embattled King & CIE of yield Fund 38 – MS City of Lubeck, the second ship funds from the home King & CIE due to lack of ability to pay had to join the gang before the insolvency court 2012 already. The present 235 subscribers of the 2004 set King & CIE of yield Fund 38 the total loss threatens now also MS City of Lubeck which in turn supposedly safe and profit bringing invested deposit in the container ship MS City of Lubeck. Auch King & CIE of real estate Fund III Amsterdam North and IV Parkhuis Amsterdam running plan but not only King & CIE ship fund investors must currently fear for their deposits.

The investors of the Holland Fund King & CIE established by King & Cie. in 2003 and 2004 real estate Fund III Amsterdam North and King & Cie. Immobilenfonds IV Parkhuis Amsterdam can analysis the performance of their fund investments according to fund newspaper currently everything else than be satisfied: while investors of 2004 on King & CIE of IV Parkhuis Amsterdam since 2009 to once sure felt distributions real estate funds, investors of the 2003 get out on King & CIE of real estate Fund III Amsterdam North at a premature sale of their funds according to the portal currently barely half of their money invested initially in the Holland estate. One of the reasons for the current slant of both King & CIE of Holland Fund: the record of Swiss franc of running foreign currency loans already themed at this point.

Greenest person in the world can be sustainably reforest acres of mixed forest through Bonn forest finance as an investment Matthias of yellow is the “greenest” person in the world: the German was in a worldwide competition for the “greenest person on Earth” selected. Five of a total of 600 participants from over 40 countries have reached about Onlinevoting in the finals. Matthias Gelber eventually in the final as the winner of the “greenest person on Earth” award determined. The idea of the award is, stars to make people, who go the detour of an environmentally responsible lifestyle, although numerous opportunities are open them, the less are environmentally friendly”, as Simon Fraser, University Professor and founder of 3rdwhale, about the award. Matthias Gelber, who comes from North Rhine-Westphalia and studied chemistry and environmental sciences, is a worldwide popular author and speaker. He is involved with great dedication, to alert the population on environmental issues and possible solutions. In addition, Matthias Gelber operates one Homepage called unavoidable travel is yellow through additional reforestation carbon neutral. With its MALEKI GmbH, he founded a company that specializes in the production of particularly innovative environmentally-friendly building materials.

ForestFinance afforestation as a green retirement plans for the world’s greenest people”: exemplary environmental commitment an investment in ForestFinance that he is encountered in finding for a sustainable pension belongs to Gelbers for years. A visit to the ForestFinance reforestation and mixed forests in Panama convinced him of the concept of the Bonn forest investment provider, he has recommended since in a variety of interviews. Matthias Gelber organically farmed forest, with which he makes his own contribution to the protection of rain forests, climate and local animal – like species has four hectares of ForestFinance. So forest finance searches on exclusively ecological mixed forests, which provide new habitats for animals and plants and manage sustainably. They do not Leach the soil as opposed to monocultures. The high biodiversity of the ForestFinance mixed forests largely superfluous makes this also much less susceptible to pests and diseases and the use of chemical agents. Clear-cuts are taboo during the harvest; Instead, hardwood trees are selectively removed.

“A management concept that Gelber also convinced: I’m thrilled by the idea that my retirement plans, green will be and I therefore support the climate”, explains the environmentalist living in Malaysia currently. About forest finance: The Bonn forest specializes in forest investments finance group, the lucrative return link to environmental and social sustainability. The company became the first German company worldwide with the “FSC Global Partner Award” awarded in the field of “Financial Services”. FSC is considered to be the world’s most recognized eco-label for environmentally and socially responsible forestry. ForestFinance manages for its 8,500 customers sustainably nearly 4,000 acres of tropical forest in Panama and Viet Nam. Interested parties can choose between different types of investment. Annual income offer as future project excellent CacaoInvest and GreenAcacia, with only seven years maturity.

PIDAS Determines Trends In Service Organizations

Stability and functionality for software in the customer service critical Basel, the 9 may 2013 suggests the increasing importance of customer service as a competitive factor is also the requirements settled in, providing enterprise software and service provider in the field of customer care. The current PIDAS customer study 2013 provides interesting evidence. The service company with offices in the entire region of the roof specializes in the area of customer service building, optimization, and the operation of service organizations in the business and IT environment. Now, PIDAS published the results of their international study. The trend is quite clear away from the generalist in the field of management consulting and to specialized niche experts who are familiar with the complex subject of customer care. This is a central insight of our investigation,”explains Werner Hoppler by PIDAS. Companies that want to improve their customer service effectively, find consultants and service providers here have developed a solid expertise increasingly.” As essential properties, which must have a service provider from the perspective of the companies surveyed, the feature was competence”mentioned most frequently. Practice and the personal contact to the consulting firm the decision-makers in the customer service are also very important.

Also the degree of individualization of services as well as trust between companies and consultants are very important. The manner of communication between service providers such as PIDAS and a company that wants to increase its service quality, is also critical,”Reinhard Paul summarizes. This hardly surprising because only a service provider that communicates professionally with his customers, can occur credible as an expert for service organizations.” The study asked what characteristics from an enterprise perspective software must have, which is designed to support customer service delivers some surprising results. As the most important feature here called the functionality with a value of 9.4 on a scale from 0 to 10.

Project Management

Concentration of project expertise primarily, customers benefit from the combined expertise in Wuppertal, and therefore I am sure that we will continue our positive business development”, shows Managing Director Thomas Kufner with reference to the strong first quarter of 2013. In this period the Wuppertal for example the entire participant management for a week-long press and dealer event realized TG trucks the launch MAN. We could build a functioning and long-standing cooperation with the lead agency Uniplan from Munich”, says Oliver Maitre, and makes clear that guest-one realises not only complete projects. The Wuppertal are especially for their Competence as a partner in cooperation with lead agencies estimated. This also applies to the Premium Club project of Deutsche Bank. In close cooperation for the lead agency Stagg & friends guest-one for the complete management of the participants was responsible. To the renowned clientele Motors Europe the company counted tesa se in the first quarter in addition to Mazda For the automobile manufacturer, guest-one realized a product launch and a press event during the Milan design week.

Tesa, the subsidiary of Beiersdorf AG, responsible for guest-one with a major event of residents under difficult conditions. The implementation time was only 14 days. “But this circumstance was more of a challenge than a problem, says Marcel Schettler: invitation shipping, online registration confirmation mail including a comprehensive voucher package that has everything running smoothly and encountered tremendous response.” A look at the list of new customers documented growth: for Warsteiner Wuppertal have developed an online portal to the Management and procurement of tickets at the Rock am ring Music Festival. “Patek Philippe Germany commissioned guest-one for the project artwork clock” with exclusive customer events and the development of an online portal for the management of invitations. And finally, guest-one organized the participant management of a nationwide Roadshow for Internet portal Immobilienscout 24 concentration on the best site of the concentration of know-how at the new location the three managing directors expect considerable synergy effects: short routes, fast solutions and direct discussions of the project teams were important criteria, to focus the company headquarters in Wuppertal-Elberfeld site also because the long project experience has shown that modern communication can not medium replace the personal contact. The fact that all employees are now working under one roof, offers significant advantages in terms of important parameters such as creativity, innovation, and embark on fast, solution-oriented way guest-one ” know the communication professionals. With the recent move, the structural realignment is not yet completed. A new Web presence is just before the launch. But now it is certain: Gets the history from written on immediately by the Laurentiusstrasse in Wuppertal. The new chapter starts with a development step in the best location and with a clear commitment to the region.

Shipments Sent

Packaged correctly is properly insured! You want to send a shipment. Maybe your shipment to a customer, a supplier or a fair go. Maybe you send your package via courier, express shipment or simply as standard broadcast. But of all these programmes have in common: they should be properly packaged. Why is the packaging of your shipment it so important to? For one, the packaging protects your shipment from damage. Shocks and strains are inevitable during the transport. On the other hand, a transport safe packaging protects you with a possible complaint. Because shipping provider is not liable for your loss if your shipment was not securely packed.

This is true even if they have taken out additional insurance. All shipping provider expressly point out in your transport conditions, that a show must be securely packed. Hundreds of packages with all major shipping providers will be sent daily via our shipping platform. If needed, we help our customers help the booking and as a possible complaint. Therefore, we have lots of experience with the subject of packaging. Here are our tips to help your next shipment is securely packed: outer packaging the packaging material that is most widely used and accepted by each service provider is the cardboard. Keep in mind that your box should be large enough for additional fill material (see: padding).

You should use as a new, high-quality packaging materials. Their packing should be strong enough to make not break if your carton together with other boxes is stacked. Remove any stickers or other shipping instructions of the cardboard, so that the shipping documents are easily visible (see: lock) padding using filling material, thus the product during transport does not slip. The filling material should protect the product from all sides, even from above and below. Fragile items should be packed in addition individually. Depending on the shipping articles to the Such as bubble wrap, air cushions or loose fill material use as packaging chips or flakes. Lock should be your package with a tear for the shipping well and safely locked suitable package band. The shipping documents, as well as the required sticker should be affixed to the top of the carton. The “top” is the largest surface of the box. You can create in addition the recipient address inside the package for security. So, if you send a consignment, or even a private package the next time, go play it safe and “securely” wrap your package. LetMeShip LetMeShip ( is a price comparison and shipment processing platform express and parcel services for business customers. Price bundling, save costs, all bookings run to a customer number and an invoice. Thereby, each customer is supervised by a personal advisor. LetMeShip Germany cooperates with service providers such as DHL, UPS, TNT, GO! and DerKurier. Small – and medium-sized Companies use the customer-friendly platform MyLetMeShip, large customers and corporations the integrated software as a service “solution (SaS) LetMeShip professional. Over 2,000 medium-sized companies the benefits of LetMeShip daily. The LetMeShip platform based in Hamburg was founded in the year 2000.

Fund System

This behavior seemed strange to me the seller and, as it later turned out, not in vain. In the analysis of motivation and training of staff has learned that the system of awarding a one-sided, only the total premium fund, without considering the personal contribution of every employee in an increase in sales. This has led to disgruntled employees, reduced employee motivation and reduced the overall amount of money earned. Weakly Motivated sellers (like my counterpart) have tried to sit behind the counter or in stock, sometimes neglecting customers who are in the hall. When working with a client interested sellers to the events was low, workers tried as quickly as possible “to push the client.” In agreement with the management of a network of salon was designed system correct incentives for workers, in which the variable portion of employee compensation divided by the “General” and “personal” part. And she and the other awards were calculated based on the performance and over-fulfillment of the plan delivered to all staff and this particular salon employee. Immediately after the announcement of the new system encourage some employees (including the young lady serving me) have left because they disagreed with the set conditions. As expected, the overall profit even in the passenger compartment to reduce the number of staff has increased: the remaining members began to work harder, boychee.

It should be noted that as a result of the new system of awarding personal gross income are active sellers in the next two months increased by an average of 10-15 percent. 10 simple steps to create an effective system of incentives for staff 1.Sozdayte their “rules” under which you will implement a system of stimulation of workers. K “Laws of the Game” include: monthly sales plans (in the piece and quantitative monetary terms), algorithms for operations during the sales, work the cash register, receiving the goods, refund and exchange of goods, canned reply by telephone and Other schemes of service processes that are amenable to a clear description. 2.Razdelite “game rules” in order of importance of compliance. What is more important to observe this rule, the greater the penalty for his failure to follow. For example, coming to work drunk should be punished harder and tougher than a retreat from that adopted in the company uniform. 3.Obyavite “Rules of the Game” for all workers.

Bring your “rules” before employees can be written in as annexes to the job description of staff or orally, in training, meetings, and personal shopping or cabin. 4.Dovedite to employees the amount of sanctions or the gift for violation of the “Laws of the Game”, which after previous step are common. 5.Dovedite to staff the frequency of sanctions and distribution of prizes by dividing the stock and punishment for disposable and reusable, as well as specifying how to change your actions when re- violations of the “Rules” 6.Ne forget to bring to the staff can change the “rules” unilaterally on your initiative (and how do you plan to increase sales or introduce new restrictions?) 7.Sozdayte Fund encourage employees salons (shops), select some money to fulfill their promises 8.So their part constantly and monotonously follow you installed the same “rules of the game”, so staff was to be someone 9.Primenyaya promotion or punishment, bring to all staff, on what basis you made any decision. Be sure to explain any of the items of the general “rules” have been broken. 10.I MOST IMPORTANT: DIFFERENTIAL walk to the distribution of rewards and punishments!

Aquarium Home Design Plants

Aquariums now in vogue, and they are used for various purposes. Aquarium at home can help you relax after a heavy day's work, and maybe on the contrary, be bright decorative elements that will attract attention. If necessary, it can be low-key part of the interior in the rooms where business meetings and negotiations. Our experts are ready to take on all design work and design of the aquarium specifically for your premises. We will consider all your claims with respect to style aquarium, choose exactly those combinations of colors and shades to suit your interior, and help you choose the aquarium fish, which will look better in your aquarium.

It is worth saying that there are many kinds of decoration and design aquariums. One of them – when the fish is an element of design, its focus and it was she who played up the rest of the design of the aquarium, supplemented, but not eclipsed. There is another method – simulated wildlife in an aquarium. Then play a significant role trifles, minor at first glance. Each stone is chosen carefully, split snag just so as to appear naturally and directly. There are a fashion design aquarium, which is dominated by the plant. In these kinds of aquariums apply multi-level highway of plants of different colors.

This is a natural plants and they are constantly change. Obtained by dynamic aquarium, which itself is changing and updated. Aquarium design – is a science that includes knowledge of biology, design and compatibility of fish and plants. The aquarium should be elegant and aesthetic in all understanding. But the brilliance is not enough, because you want to pick up the fish that will coexist peacefully, as well as plants that will not harm the inhabitants of the aquarium. If you have not yet decided what it is an aquarium you want, you can view our catalog, there may be something to catch the fancy. But in any case, our expert will help you with choosing the right option, which is ideal for the design of your premises, and will perform exactly the function that will be most correct. Our shop is to design aquariums aquariums as creativity, rather than as a custom. This sets us apart from many.

Nuremberg NewElements GmbH

To achieve significantly higher rates of evaluation for their online market research and alienate less customers. DynamicContent: Website visitors can receive using this new element targeting module automatically with appropriate supporting information, for example with the contact details of the nearest Service Office, product additions, etc. SiteExperience: many companies primarily analyze the paths that lead to conversions. It hides customer potential, which is lost through site barriers, mostly. Here is SiteExperience: with real online Usabilutytests companies identify the weaknesses, obstacles and barriers in the user guide. It comes in the broad sense in their e-business to help companies and giving them at the same time totally flexible tools to use them exactly according to their goals and needs. Our Web analytics solutions run on high-performance certified clouds that enable the real-time support with highest reliability” explains Mr Altinci, Managing Director of the Nuremberg NewElements GmbH.

More information: since its inception in 2005 new item GmbH that specialises, to develop innovative Internet technologies and to offer services. It provides an instrument their customers, with which they use the Internet as a successful sales, marketing, service and communication platform. Furthermore the new element GmbH operates a Web platform for the marketing of IT training since 2008 successfully. The new element GmbH is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany and employs over 25 people. Managing Director is Mr Atasoy Altinci. The NewElements constellation represents a conceptual implementation of a comprehensive online marketing and sales instruments in modular form. Key instrument is the newly developed WebAnalytics software SiteAnalyst. It allows the analysis and evaluation of Web data with regard to mission-critical question in any way.

SiteAnalyst also serves as a control center of marketing activities about the visualization of Internet users in real time on the Web site. Visitors via professional live do the option chat to talk or live get this functionality to provide support, or to provide (DynamicContent) visitors specifically with the desired information. NewElements constellation covers functional as the complete online sales and marketing process.