Nuremberg NewElements GmbH

To achieve significantly higher rates of evaluation for their online market research and alienate less customers. DynamicContent: Website visitors can receive using this new element targeting module automatically with appropriate supporting information, for example with the contact details of the nearest Service Office, product additions, etc. SiteExperience: many companies primarily analyze the paths that lead to conversions. It hides customer potential, which is lost through site barriers, mostly. Here is SiteExperience: with real online Usabilutytests companies identify the weaknesses, obstacles and barriers in the user guide. It comes in the broad sense in their e-business to help companies and giving them at the same time totally flexible tools to use them exactly according to their goals and needs. Our Web analytics solutions run on high-performance certified clouds that enable the real-time support with highest reliability” explains Mr Altinci, Managing Director of the Nuremberg NewElements GmbH.

More information: since its inception in 2005 new item GmbH that specialises, to develop innovative Internet technologies and to offer services. It provides an instrument their customers, with which they use the Internet as a successful sales, marketing, service and communication platform. Furthermore the new element GmbH operates a Web platform for the marketing of IT training since 2008 successfully. The new element GmbH is headquartered in Nuremberg, Germany and employs over 25 people. Managing Director is Mr Atasoy Altinci. The NewElements constellation represents a conceptual implementation of a comprehensive online marketing and sales instruments in modular form. Key instrument is the newly developed WebAnalytics software SiteAnalyst. It allows the analysis and evaluation of Web data with regard to mission-critical question in any way.

SiteAnalyst also serves as a control center of marketing activities about the visualization of Internet users in real time on the Web site. Visitors via professional live do the option chat to talk or live get this functionality to provide support, or to provide (DynamicContent) visitors specifically with the desired information. NewElements constellation covers functional as the complete online sales and marketing process.

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