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Federal Prescription

The description of formation of the Brazilian economy, unhappyly, credencia it not to negotiate in equality foot; however, this can be obtained when it has unit of intentions of the population, the companies and the government. We judge that this would be possible only with adequate information. Analysis of the global scene: wages, China, UE, Brazil the historical formula that imposed the exportation of raw materials and foods to the rich countries for the Third World is always simple: low wages, weighed state subsidies to the production, weighed investments to the transports, generation of energy, water treatment and sewers go to make possible the estupendos production with low cost, but profits to these companies. To the State, however, the public accounts go to result exactly in gigantic damages, since the taxation and the act of contract of new loans have not covered this expense never all, with the successive records of collection divulged by the Federal Prescription year the year. It is opportune to say here that something remodels tax is utopian; well in contrast, the necessary State to always tax more, to have with that to cover part of the violent expenses directed to the exporting effort. The picture if configures thus complete: the taxes of interests, always high in relation to the foreigner, go to control the inflation a time that the consumption if retracts on account from the financings more expensive.

Reserved consumption, controlled inflation. Moreover, the internal finances also enjoy of a little of solution since the high tax will have to attract speculative capital and then, confide the doors more folgadamente to export. This, by the way, calls Real Plan. The time goes passing and the public deficit for this practical irrational, increasing. To finance it, the State emits representative headings of the debt that are commercialized by the financial institutions, also attracted by the high taxes, beyond being also negotiated in the foreigner.