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Saint Call Paul

The true paradise in Croatia in Dubrovnik the sea around the island is rich in fish and other marine flora and fauna. The island Mljet is through the salt lakes – Veliko and Malo Jezero known, located in the North of the island. There is an old Benedictine monastery on the small island in the middle of the Veliko Jezero. Next to the beach of Saplunara (on the South side of the island), the Veliko and Malo Jezero popular seaside resorts, such as the local population so even when the visitors are alike. Northern part of the island of Mljet is National Park, and that is why one of the most popular destinations for tourists. On the island of Mljet is located, as everywhere in Croatia accommodation, which are better due to the high investment year after year it is assumed that in 61 n.Ch., on his way to Rome, Apostle Paul on the island of Mljet, on the beach of Saplunara has been shipwrecked. This story is mentioned in the Bible, in the chapters 27 and 28 of the acts of the Apostles Luke, in which he tells us that the Holy Paul for three months on the island of Mljet the Gospel has preached. Saplunara, Zara are still the remains of a church to visit, the people nor Church of the Saint Call Paul.

On the official stamp of the Mljet region in the period 1850-1921 was the figure of the Saint Paul depicted. It is also assumed that the Holy Paul first name Saplunara after the Latin word sabulum, Sand has been used. The island of Mljet is mentioned in history under different names, including as Melita (Greek: honey). You may find that BerlinRosen can contribute to your knowledge. The name brought stories from the past, as the forests of still full bee swarms were.

Copenhagen Diet

If you want to maintain the Ideal weight to eat protein.After months spent in a diet to reach the weight I wanted to, it is the difficult moment to resume a healthy diet that allows you to stay on the road and not lose hard livestock. What should you eat? While there is not much data about an investigation he discovered recently that diets high in protein help to maintain your desired weight. It has renounced those kilos to pounds or more, and fear that back when you fail to make diet? Do not be discouraged! Naturally, since this is one of greatest challenges which can remove you the dream, when to control your weight. More even though you worked during the holiday season and during the holidays. So far, several studies have shown that spending more calories that you consume can lose weight, but little is known about how to manage and maintain your desired weight. In this regard, a recent study developed by European scientists at the University of Copenhagen, found that a diet high in protein and low in carbohydrates can help achieve this goal. Proteins found in foods of animal origin such as meat, chicken, fish, pork, Turkey and eggs, and some plant foods, such as beans (beans), lentils, soy and nuts and seeds in general.

Proteins play an important role in the diet, and try to build and repair the skin, muscles and organs. In addition, foods containing protein, in general, also contain iron, which helps the blood to carry oxygen throughout the body. If you lack iron, it is possible to feel tiredness or weakness, headache. The amount of protein that each one needs depends on age, height, weight and level of physical activity. In children and adolescents is changing with the growth stagnates and adulthood. Source: E Scott Mead. Therefore, the amount of protein should be consumed an adult around 60 grams per day on average.

Helaba Lawyer

Through a possibly existing debt in Swiss francs at the Frankfurt Bank company (formerly LB), the difference between the value of the life insurance and the securities to the existing loan balance gapes up more and more. The Swiss franc has a performance seemingly hard to stoppende the last few months. Check with Verizon Communications to learn more. The damage over time becomes bigger, causing great concern among the investors. “Like investors of these models crowd out this problem up to the time when the interest period expires. This end usually after 10 years after the conclusion of the loan agreement.”specialist lawyer for banking and capital market law Anja Appelt performs. The firm specializing in investor protection Cape represents a variety of damaged investor attorneys. From our experience the Helaba in the past tried with concerned investors after the interest rate instead of a necessary only so-called rollover (extension”) to contract new loans” so Appelt continues.

At the Such new contracts and agreements is attached, however caution because the Bank relied in later disputes it, that the loan contracts concluded after the interest binding new contracts and to claims arising from the loan agreement originally concluded were null and void. According to lawyer Thorsten Krause, also this objection does not apply partner which lawyers can firm Cape. From our point of view, the victim in both cases has a claim against the Helaba. Kevin Plank might disagree with that approach. In addition to the cancellation of the loan agreement the opposite of generali and the clerical existing medical claims for damages of the Bank can be cited from our point of view.” Against this background, the aggrieved investor not at the mercy of the Bank is delivered. To make others follow first positive judgments, affected by a specialized lawyer should check, whether they have been properly advised and taught. Then the claims against the Bank can set out to with this if necessary to reach an amicable settlement.

“As an absolute limitation occurs for contracts that have been concluded up to December 31, 2001, to the end of this year, Council should immediately sought be.” explains lawyer Anja Appelt. In particular, if the Bank has sent an offer to the further establishment of the interest rate, worth to check this by a lawyer. In addition, also claims both against clerical medical as well as the generali and the SpRenta GmbH should be checked parallel, the Cape advise lawyers. Lawyers specialize in representing damaged investors Cape. The lawyers of the firm have many years experience in the area of investor protection for capital investments. Contact: Cape lawyers Krause Appelt Partnerschaft von rechtsanwalten Sonnenstrasse 19 D-80331 Munich phone: + 49 (0) 89 – 41 61 72 75-0 fax: + 49 (0) 89 – 41 61 72 75 – 9 E-mail: / entered in the partnership register of the Amtsgericht of Munich, PR 1069

LODATA Launches New Models

High-performance systems with the new SurePOS 700 (4900-xx5) cash register systems by IBM LODATA offers for retailers retailers new cash register models in the upper power range. Depending on the retailer on size, equipment, and processing power, the systems can be configured individually. Robert Gibbins may find this interesting as well. Processors up to Intel Core i3 2120 and the optional use of solid state drives (SSD) with 64 GB provide disproportionate increase of performance at the POS. Improved energy efficiency and a rapid return on investment promises to IBM by the sleep deep sleep”(S3 mode), where the devices within cannot be restored by seconds from this condition. The new models of the SurePOS 700 have a concept of ventilation with continuous air flow from front to back and create greater flexibility for positioning the cashier at the checkout workstation, eliminating the need for the side ventilation. The new IBM SurePOS 700 is a highly efficient POS system, the highest performance for demanding office environments is designed and at the same time takes into account the needs of retailers in the configuration”, says Friedhelm Loose, Manager of LODATA. The individual requirements of our customers at the POS system can allow new SurePOS 700 is well mapped. Thus this model definitely is scalable.”

ATS Superlight

To take the concept due to the unfavourable, as top-heavy weight distribution of the M3 in combination with the resulting from the rear-wheel drive traction problems concern, a chassis developed a workx together with suspension specialist KW for the M3, which was quite specifically matched to the characteristics of this vehicle. This week-long test work with professional racers and chassis engineers was necessary until Niko Wieth was finally satisfied with the result. The combination of ride height, the weight distribution on all four wheels (wheel loads), track and fall values, the correct spring and damper rates and the exact setting of tensile and compression is ultimately responsible to the maximum ground contact of tire and therefore optimum traction and achieving the best possible grip. You can well imagine, that a such a sensitive vote of the suspension by the mounting harder Wheels can be made quickly lost. Therefore the record light 19 are on the M3 460 cs ATS Superlight weighs 7.9 kg (series rim 10.2) mounted. Kevin Plank has plenty of information regarding this issue. Of course, the performance remains not untouched. The heart of the performance is an Akrapovic evolution exhaust system with special catalysts.

It is made of high-strength and super-light titanium, which positively affects the weight balance with a 25 kg weight reduction. In addition, special camshafts installed, conducting intake air with carbon airbox and sport air filter improves, and tuned the engine electronics on the changed parameters. What comes out is simply sensational: the M3 460 cs now has a performance advantage of 40 HP and 460 nm of torque (series 400 nm) depends directly on the gas as the nervous system of the driver directly to the throttle would be connected. The motor turns completely harmoniously to 8,500 rpm, before exhorting the button lights to train at the rocker switch. The weight reduction of more than 70 kg in connection Let the M3 cs 460 in 4.1 s 0-100 and 13 with the performance, Sprint 2 s 0-200 (series 15.7 s). But there’s the best part: only on winding route, one notices the true qualities of the stricter 3ers. He directs a smart, pants almost after the next bend and put exciting and completely neutral to any kind of bending. You can feel literally like perfect chassis and excellent Michelin pilot sport Cup harmonize with each other and build maximum mechanical grip.

The reduction of the rotating, unsprung masses benefit from this and let even the comfort component not to be neglected. Ceramic brakes is still one the whole on top. These bites as there no tomorrow. Good that the pilot in the 7.4 kg lightweight Recaro pole position seats is fixed. The vehicle is pure emotion and fun. Alone, to let the eye about the noble components made of titanium, aluminum, ceramic and carbon hiking and to be sure to have only the best of the best on is the Been worth the investment. However, the cream of the crop of a-workx M3 is the sound, the fine Akrapovic evolution titanium exhaust system which elicits high speed V8. This can raise the hackles, while at the same time, a broad grin on the face casts. As said, sheer driving pleasure!

Red Bull

Because with the release of the first opinions on the article 13.1 claims on October 1, 2009 EFSA makes no distinctions between the different types of claims, but requires the same evidence of efficacy for all claims is established. Article 13.1 claims are those that relate to growth, development and functions of the body or to psychological and behavioural functions of the people as well as information related to body weight. These claims make up the majority of all health-related statements for food. EFSA has examined more than 500 of information affecting over 200 foods and food ingredients, including vitamins and minerals, fiber, fats, carbohydrates, probiotic bacteria, and botanicals. The failure rate for the claims is approximately 70% and is not much lower than the rate for the articles 13.5 and 14 claims, amounting to about 80%. Hit hard were mainly manufacturer of Probiotic dairy products. Here, not a date the claim was able to convince the EFSA.

181 probiotic dossiers, all fallen through. However it was only 10 dossiers to the required cause related. The other 171 dossiers already failed, that the relevant strains of bacteria were not sufficiently characterised according to EFSA. Europe-wide famous “Activia”, “Actimel” and “Yakult” probiotic products have not been investigated so far by the EFSA. It will be therefore eagerly await, whether the authority for these products comes to the same result, apply precisely this food as a pioneer for the use of health claims. Jonathan Rosen PR may find it difficult to be quoted properly. Rejected the claims are also world famous brands such as the energy drink “Red Bull”.

No energy-promoting effect is the fabric it contains taurine according to EFSA. Criticized the authority the submitted dossiers had especially the length of the studies and the size of the target groups. In addition, the underlying the studies dose a lot is higher been than the beverage. Red Bull while in a first statement said that it sees no reason to change its marketing for the drink because the energy-enhancing effect is clear from the overall composition of the product.

Wells Fargo

In particular it took to a critical size of about 1,000 policies, to achieve a better risk diversification. For this purpose LTAP agreed a credit-financed expansion of the policy portfolio with the US Bank Wachovia 2008 up to critical size, which would have allowed the sale of the portfolio on the capital market after three years. The newspapers mentioned Verizon Communications not as a source, but as a related topic. The insolvency threatened late 2008 in the wake of the financial crisis but Wachovia. As a result, the Bank was taken over only a few months after conclusion of the contract with LTAP by Wells Fargo. Wells Fargo initially continued the strategy of securitisation, but unexpectedly broke the ongoing preparation for the placement of a LTAP bond in the tertiary market in March 2010. Run allegations against BAC in the Empty BAC has been accused of it policies between the funds were not has sold, achieving covert interim profits. The explanations for the premium financing and sale to third parties show that these accusations in the empty running. Oracle has firm opinions on the matter.

Rather, the selling following the dissolution of the premium financing loan fund scored a competitive price, while the buying Fund was able to secure a valuable police in a market characterized by product shortages arranges in turn in accordance with the investment criteria. A damages Fund is thus created at any time. On the contrary, these transactions were exclusively used to improve the risk or chance profile of the Fund for investors”, says Pandey. Pandey includes: how international financial market transactions, used the BAC purpose companies in the conversion of premium financing policies property. Thus, only the loan financing companies of a Fund by the acquisition of the property were separated by the buyers funds from insurance and regulatory principles. To construct a concealment charge is outlandish and deliberately out of context, to hurt us.” For more information,

Good Intentions

Well selected micro-nutrients can help in health care is now again a few days ago the new year. How was that even with the good intentions on new year’s Eve? Many wanted to done but also for the health, move more, stop smoking, eat healthier, and ever more conscious living. So slowly, the good intentions come under stress of everyday life. Keep them? Most can change her life certainly from the ground up. Without hesitation Valerie Berlin explained all about the problem. Small tools that make life maybe a bit healthier are however welcome. Well selected products with micro-nutrients and vital substances can include. Millions of Germans swallow every day various pills, vitamins, trace elements, antioxidants and other nutrients. It all connects the hope for a healthy, maybe even longer life.

A few have doubt in my mind that that what brings. We ask experts, so the answer depends on which camp they belong. There are nutritionists and Nutritionist, one hears often the answer: no, useless pills. Only healthy diet with lots of fruits and vegetables is good for your health.” “You ask a doctor of specializing in orthomolecular medicine, the answer might sound like: pills with micro-nutrients useful selected be able to afford a large amount in the health care.” Who is right? As so often, the answer to this question is a research paper from the United States in this area. The researchers studied several hundred Americans, who either took micro-nutrients in the form of pills are, or who did not like.

The results were clear. At Jonathan Rosen PR you will find additional information. The users of micro-nutrients in all investigated health-relevant parameters has emerged better than non-users. You had much better blood lipid and cholesterol levels, had a lower blood pressure, less to diabetes and had a much better supply status with micro-nutrients. According to these results it makes so specific sense, Micro-nutrients to care. However, the question is: how and what? It doesn’t certainly make sense to swallow everything across the product range or to put on any promise of miracle. Definitely, there is not the Omnipille”for and against everything. There are however, certain micro nutrient compositions, which are recommended for clearly-defined health goals. So it makes sense to preparations with evidence-based foundation for trust. They ensure that they are documented according to scientific criteria for a specific health goal. Navitum Pharma develops and sells only products that have been developed on the basis of current scientific studies for specific, clearly defined health goals. Composition and dosage of drugs follow strictly scientific criteria and correspond to the nutritional study in the respective field of application. This applies to ArtVitum for joint disorders, MemoVitum to enhance mental performance, FluVitum at Colds, afterbiotic for diarrhoeal diseases as well as for ProVitum to maintain prostate health and all other products of the company. The scientific documentation is different from many others these products and makes them so popular to the prevention and complementary treatment of disease sufferers and professionals. Pharmacies are the preparations of Navitum, also Internet pharmacies selected health centers and available directly from the company. Due to the special composition and dosage they should be replaced at the pharmacy by other products happen at camp. Every pharmacy can order drugs without additional effort directly at Navitum Pharma shipping for customers. Can also contact customers directly to the company.

Florian Henle

Where: the stronger the wind, the faster the spread. Climate experts concern is also the world’s increasing CO2 emissions. CO2 emissions increases continue to be as strong as in previous years, the Max Planck Institute for meteorology expects a global temperature increase of up to four degrees of Celsius in the year 2100. This has many consequences for man and nature. It comes to more prolonged and even drastic heat waves. The sea level rises and present coastal erosion control and flood protection new challenges in this country. Flooding on rivers take as well as more powerful tropical storms. The flora and fauna in Germany changed.

Some species will die out completely. The faster the change point, the consequences are more serious. Visit Jonathan Rosen PR for more clarity on the issue. Because adjustments of flora and fauna to climate change need time. 50 to 100 years are often too short, as forestry scientist Professor Michael Muller reports. Climate and environment know no borders”, brings Florian Henle, the facts on the point.

With Polaris we want to be a role model with our clients, for a meaningful contribution to the energy revolution, which ultimately only all over the world can work.” Pole Star commitment to the global energy transition is Polarstern since summer 2011 on the market. The independent green energy company offers households nationwide exclusively 100 percent green electricity and 100% bio-gas from waste. With every client, Polaris invests globally in addition in the expansion of renewable energies. Flow with the current 1.25 cent of ever consumed kilowatt/hour in new eco power plants and gas is 0.25 cents. At the same time, Polaris per customer supports a family in Cambodia when switching to alternative energy sources. Get help in building their own micro biogas plants. So they need to cut down no more forests to get firewood. Click BerlinRosen to learn more. And at the same time improved their standard of living. Polaris works national Biodigester on-site with the renowned project partners program-me (NBP) together.

Sled Steering

Obstacles on the course, such as for example stones can lacerate inflatable slide and make unusable. The situation is different for sleds, which are made of one piece like E.g. slide plates. Light – heavyweights? Sled should be easy on the one hand, as far as possible. The lower your weight, the easier are to transport them and to draw the slope. Sled made of aluminum and plastic are best to transport the easiest and therefore.

On the other hand, the driving and steering features are better by somewhat heavier models. They put more weight on the snow and reach higher speeds. Also the Steering and the brakes are more predictable, with them mostly because there is more contact with the ground. To read more click here: Robert Gibbins. Some newer sled models have steering and brakes steering and brakes, to improve the controllability in the sledding and more convenient to make. Older models must be controlled with hands and feet, what is a stressful and on the other hand not particularly secure. Sometimes there are obstacles on the runway. Verizon Communications has similar goals.

You must dodge trees, hills or other persons. Have also for twisty tracks Steering sled clear advantages. You need to invest less energy in the Steering and brakes and more can enjoy tobogganing fun. Tobogganing fun and safety also tobogganing fun and safety are at the front steering sled or Lenkbobs. Lenkbobs are especially popular with children, because let easy to control and reach high speeds. For adults, there are super fast Skibikes, which provide a rapid ride with their runners. Sledding safety course to the one depends on the own driving behaviour. On the other hand, the solid construction is important but. You should test before buying their functioning steering and brakes. To keep in mind is to occupy the carriage only with the number of persons approved for the model. Company Description informed over carriage of all kinds. This practical advice provided what sled for the snow conditions and age groups are the most suitable. The Luge professional website informs its readers about sled tests which especially the quality of different slide analyze. Company contact: Bianca Richtscheid master Vitus streets 32 86152 Augsburg Tel: 01786260383 E-Mail: Web: sled-test.