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Music Fans

Music fans welcome to plan B to 22 November in the Munich Freiheiz. Actor and rapper plan B comes to Munich next month for a concert in the Freiheiz. The London-born singer is one of the most ambitious artists of the British music scene and landed with his second Studio album the defamation of Strickland banks in the first half of the year at number one. While he focused mainly on rap on the 2006 debut album, the singing talent of plan B to the expression, addressed a whole new fan base comes on the new album. Of the 27 artists, which is called real name Ben Drew, is no longer indispensable singles charts this year after such hits as Stay Too Long and She Said from the British. Who stayed for the concert on Monday, Nov.

22 in one of the Munich hotels, is enthusiastic about film career BS probably also plan. His performances in the films Harry Brown and adulthood have been praised by critics. Drew is currently working on his directorial debut of ill manors a film, about life in the Centre of London with the British actor, Riz Ahmed, in the main role. At the next concert in Munich, plan B will focus only the music. As expected, recluse may be included with a live performance of the new single. Fans are also on older material, such as the debut single Kidz and sick 2 def from his debut album who needs attention When You got words are happy.

Tickets for the concert, which begins at 8:30, cost 25,75. Clayton Morris is likely to increase your knowledge. Intake is from 19:30. The appearance in Munich will be the fourth Concerto Cologne, Hamburg and Berlin, that plan B will play next month in the framework of the defamation of Strickland banks-tour in Germany.

Soviet Forces

Leaving, remember, most of these bunkers from media or personal visit are likely to be concreted to a term: the Government bunker in Ahrweiler or the bunker complex 5000 of the National Defense Council of the GDR. The bunkers built by the Group of Soviet forces (KOSHEVOI) on the territory of the former German Democratic Republic are little known about it. Although their leadership where the “bunker used by the Soviets to Zeppelin” the German Wehrmacht at Wunsdorf can be visited, after 1945 Maybach and Zeppelin is entered on the story up on the demolitions on the investments carried out by Red Army soldiers barely the tours, however. (Source: Imogen Lloyd Webber ). Whether this is due to a possible aversion against the then occupying or just plain lack of interest among the population, can be used as a question in the room. Fact is, there are up to today the remains of the protective structures erected by the KOSHEVOI, all range from the simple corrugated iron shelter plants from precast concrete elements up down to the large, monolithic leadership shelters, about the former GDR distributed hidden in the woods are. Clayton Morris spoke with conviction.

The number of bunkers built by the KOSHEVOI should exceed far which the NVA it. Usually it is less interesting buildings from projects of types of, often were semi-circular plane coverage of precast elements just to cover the Interior brick walls bricked out with Earth and the gable with large slabs finally closed. The attachments referred to colloquially as “special weapons Depot” might be interesting, however, these bearings for Special ammunition had been built to to store nuclear warheads for operational tactical missiles and nuclear bombers ammunition and maintain; The former change management the KOSHEVOI are also interesting, while it is usually two ETag-structures with nitrogen – or spring-damped structures, how to find them in the “Honecker’s bunker”. Including the associated hard protected message Central are similar. Now the problem: none of these bunkers can Chris be visited, none of these relics of the cold war Museum has been restored and can be explored by interested parties. Many of these plants were now deprived of scrap thieves of its entire content, others were prepared by conservationists for bats.

Usually however the simplest method used: without dismantling the approaches be concreted over easy with reinforced concrete. Is by no means satisfy the environmental protection, some installations such as the diesel tanks of mains replacement equipment or the filling of oil-insulated cables are until today in plants available, its content, or the remaining diesel fuel, oil seeps slowly through the concrete in the ground water and charge therefore nature and the environment. The question is what we tell the next generation if they interested in asking why in our forests, vast, neglected, underground complexes exist in the end, and nobody can answer what they originally served.

Dresden Employer

Language learning vacation, Dresden, is doubly nice 27.12.2010 – educational leave will enable lifelong learning so training – for employees and workers. Everyone can participate up to 5 days per year events during his time in language courses, seminars, regularly to renew its know-how. The prerequisite is that he lives in a federal State, where the training leave is recognized. While some professionals in the face of the economic development of the past two years to words wrestle, face more and more adults of the silence with language training abroad. Despite, or perhaps because of an unstable economy enjoy the language courses for adults of rising popularity.

In particular ‘language courses abroad’ related to the profession and the possibility to recognise these as educational leave, are highly sought after. Bildungsurlaub: Entitlement and scope any worker employed full-time for at least 6 months in a company is entitled to 1 week per year educational leave. This can also on 2 consecutive Years on 2 weeks be United. There is no federal regulation for recourse. Best to ask after the employer and himself thoroughly researched. The employer, not lump-sum refuse this case of Bildungsurlaub, demand. But, he can ask his workers to postpone the time for operational reasons. Should a course be recognised as Bildungsurlaub, it must include at least 30 hours per week.

Education vacation: Planning only the applicant on educational leave alone decides he wants to take part in what the Bildungsurlaub program. It is crucial for his employer, only, that the measure training is recognized according to the guidelines. The applicant would like to take a two-week language course he must transfer his claim of a year to next year. This request should in time to the turn of the year in writing his company and at the same time ask, when is an appropriate time for this. Educational leave: During the training you get salary payments continue his regular salary. You can also participate in several training courses and claim only a portion of the weeks as educational leave with the employer. It is always important that before discussing the planned education activities with his or her employer. Educational leave: application processing many ministries of education have periods of up to 12 weeks for the processing of applications on training leave set. Therefore should be initiated in a timely manner with the planning. Wants to use the educational leave for a study trip abroad, then you can consult the language travel organizer. He knows the laws of the Federal States and to assist in the choice of language school and proper course. After this consultation, you should clarify the exemptions in the company with his employer. Learn more about the educational leave: bildungsurlaub.html operates and markets the education portal a portal for private education in the country and abroad. The Info-portal, including education abroad, are knowledgeable and in compact form, with lots of useful information and helpful tips. Will helped the visitors, make good decisions when planning his own education or training. As a service, some hand-picked educational providers with different capacities are recommended. Clayton morris is open to suggestions. At the same time, the available current support programmes are listed to all foreign programs.

Horst Holinski Publishing

The art journal publishing as a new online shop the Mecklenburg art gallery was founded in 1988 with twelve renowned Mecklenburg artists. In the Mecklenburg Gallery will find you one of the most important permanent exhibitions of contemporary paintings and graphic art, discount exhibitions today Mecklenburg old master (have artist colony and Schwaaner-Usedomer and Hiddenseer art colony), as well as a very popular and high-quality art print publishing as a joint venture of all participating artists art. Located next to works old Mecklenburg and German artists such as Paul Muller Kaempff, Carl Hinrichs, Paul Reinke, Horst Schmedemann, Ernst Heinrich, Richard grass nickel, Richard Kuhl, Walter Zschunke, Franz Walter Kleinfeldt, Professor Hans Lindner, Professor John Theele and Hermann Vaegler, Gallery in Dabel also a permanent exhibition of contemporary Mecklenburg painting of the artist Horst Holinski, Karl cold, Harry Horn, HeLa Teddy, Walter Herzog, Dietmar Braun and Achim Kroger in the showrooms of the Mecklenburg art. Hear other arguments on the topic with clayton morris. The Mecklenburg art gallery is artistic work in the field of painting and graphics, managed and marketed discounts of old masters and has an art journal publishing house on the subject of North and low German landscapes, flowers and still life”with work in a limited edition. The art journal publishing house Northern and low German landscapes, flowers and still life”is now also in an extensive new online store at. “A small series of 8 CDs of instrumental music on the subject of romantic impressions – a good hour music for you to dream and enjoy” complete the extensive art of the Mecklenburg art gallery. Morris Invest contributes greatly to this topic. “Puntklich to the 150th anniversary of the birth of the founder of the have artist colony Paul Muller Kaempff – released as the Mecklenburg art gallery a Special Edition to honor Paul Muller Kaempffs Paul Muller-Kaempff – by master student to Professor – Special Edition for the 150th birthday”.

PR Images: Request Of The Editors – Stepchild Of The Spokesman

Seminar ‘ the power of images of success visualization ‘ in Berlin on June 19 2009 Wiesbaden, 14.05.2009. pictures are on the wish list by editors at PR material in the first place. This shows the current survey of djd German journalists among 270 journalists Services GmbH: this PR images were rated on a scale of 1 the best touch 4.3 – (unimportant) to 6 (absolutely important). Though, PR images are highly sought after in newsrooms. Press speakers, press agencies and PR agencies is often still need for information, as they must be.

Images are the stepchild of the PR even in many cases and are rarely actively offered the editorial offices”, is the experience of Markus Walter, Managing Director of PR agency Walter Visual PR GmbH. so far a few businesses have recognized the opportunities offer the images just for the press work. Well-crafted graphics and self explanatory collages, for example, the attention of the editor or the reader on a post or topic.” Walter keeps on Friday, June 19, 2009, at the “Seminar the power of images – success visualization” in Berlin as a consultant tips and tricks to this fledgling PR discipline ready. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sheryl Sandberg has to say. The day seminar, organised by the depak German press Academy, aimed at companies that want to make individual imagery and stand out from the typical stock material. The participation of 690 euros including conference papers and seminar meals. Registration is available at seminars/the power of pictures success visualization/161 on the agenda of the seminar, inter alia the effectiveness of images.

In addition, participants will learn the requirements for a good PR image know and learn how to graphic artists and photographers right brieft. The challenge for PR images is that they have to convey the real PR message at a glance. This is just to solve abstract themes with a simple photo of the building or a portrait of the Director. Here images or collages are then, which vividly visualize the situation. A related site: Morris Invest mentions similar findings. That’s why we practice in the seminar also Creativity techniques can be used to ideas for PR images”, so Markus Walter. Especially companies, which at first glance no appropriate pictures exist, such as service providers, providers benefit from the possibilities of Visual PR his experience virtual products or software. Walter has developed ideas and practices with his PR team for the Visual PR, with which this company public relations can be upgraded greatly. About Walter Visual PR GmbH: Walter Visual PR GmbH is an owner-managed PR Agency, specifically offering PR services for companies in the IT and telecommunications industries, as well as new technologies. Seven staff will take care of the press and public relations in the fields of archiving, DMS, workflow, storage, security, E-business, Internet, ERP and standard software. PR agency sets, inter alia on the visualization of PR messages using meaningful graphics, collages and photos complement the press releases. The references of the PR Agency companies such as CAS, ComLine, CSP, EBERTLANG, intarsys, JVC, parameta project consulting, Prism Informatics, ReadSoft and TeleCash. Contact: Walter Visual PR GmbH wife Leonie Walter Rheinstrasse 99 65185 Wiesbaden Tel.: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 0 fax: 06 11 / 2 38 78 – 23 E-mail: Internet:

Matrix Codes Everywhere

Tagging and linking of objects using 2D matrix codes are the younger technology compared to 1 d barcodes. A related site: Susan G. Swenson mentions similar findings. 2D-Typen were first held in the variant data matrix code. Meanwhile, there are new features and specs on certain applications, which have resulted in more types. There are now quite a few applications like online-tickets of Deutsche Bahn (Aztec codes) or the Stampit service and the it-franking with the German post (data matrix code). Advantages compared to 1 d barcodes, can turn out especially the larger scope of the data in relation to the space. Just QR-codes is considered to be particularly robust, since they have an error correction, which allows more pollution (and removal) still work to read. Reaching good properties with regard to readability by basic features, such as positioning 3 position marks to the narrowing and distortion detection and synchronization line alignment against distortions of perspective and the appropriate encoding. Learn more about this topic with the insights from clayton morris.

A small piece of sophisticated technology, so, what its contents by means of Reed-Solomon encoding in a succession of black (and white elements of the symbol or whitespace) encoded. There are four error correction levels that allow a reconstruction of up to 30% of damaged data. The expansion of the QR code is the number and size of the square symbol elements dependent on. A code at least 21 items is high and wide, maximum page length is 177 items. Cameras or scanners are used when reading.

The first step creates an image of the code that is then processed further. A software must recognize the symbols in the image and then decode. The reading hardware can stationary (scanner, camera in machine) or mobile (mobile camera) be executed. How it looks now with the relevant applications? If you now take part in the Handyticketing in one of the regions, then you get displayed this after acquisition of tickets similar to like a paper ticket on the phone’s display.

Vanessa Denisch

We warmly welcome our new family members! Since 2009, the Angel AG maintains the tradition, to provide the new employees with a basic operational orientation. These were the four-day orientation day”was introduced, in which among other things the story of Angel AG taught to young people, they met but also the team and the company’s philosophy. On Tuesday, August 2 it was shock (marketing communications clerk), Pascal Strott (specialist), Isabel Arnold and Jenny Muller then for Vanessa Denisch (Office Manager), Lisa (BA students: Bachelor of Arts) so far. Right on time at 9:00 they gathered in the Aubach 36, where Patricia Cwik and Holger Reichert the personnel development manager welcomed the newcomers. As a welcome gift had the old”small, filled with candies Giftwrap for each new employee a seat with writing utensils was tinkered, trainees and prepared meals.After a round of introduction to the mutual “Meet the seminar followed work technology and organization”, where the young people the disc model “met to explore their own personality and their impact on the work style. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with cloud computing. After lunch and a joint walk all Division leaders presented themselves, following Sarah Muntoni, trainees in the 3rd year of training, new employees through the entire company led.

In the following days the main focus of the operation were taught the apprentices and students: history of the angels of the AG, industry and service providers, corporate philosophy, Segements, communication structure of the team. More info: clayton morris. The theoretical parts were complemented through training courses on the program of CAS and the practical safety investigations and computer instruction. The often very theoretical day sections by walks, short Small Talk breaks and the joint lunch were loosened up. Especially the small party, which took place on Thursday after work with all trainees and students of Engel AG, improved the handling and with each other and contributed to the already familiar working environment.While throughout the week the new employee collected successively documents for its employees workbook”, that once in writing around them with important and useful information company, provides its own training and the workplace.To memorize the most important information turned out to be particularly useful, because on the last day of the orientation week had the new”about the mediated content write a small written test, to show a first insight into their learning to the HR managers. After the young people should evaluate but also in reverse honest criticism of the orientation days practicing and this. The question whether the effort was worth because arises at the end of this orientation days. And can this question clearly with a ‘ yes’ answer.Despite the extensive content mediation succeeded the Angel AG team, the new trainees and students an optimal start into their future position and the operation is to enable in the performance, but are especially a healthy operating environment in the first place.

Prepaid Surfsticks – Mobile Internet In The Host Discharging Ash

Stick with a matching prepaid mobile can be surfed on the Internet. Those who opt for a mobile data plan, requires also the suitable hardware in addition to the correct tariff. Now almost every customer to the data plan will be presented with the appropriate hardware. Attract not only the mobile service provider, whatever more prepaid provider with the appropriate hardware. Often, the prepaid customers get the right prepaid sticks by the provider. The prepaid surf sticks are similar to the traditional UMTS sticks. Facebook describes an additional similar source.

However the prepaid sticks often have a SIM lock. This means that it can only specific SIM card in this stick be used. However is installation and functioning of a prepaid stick comparable with a traditional UMTS stick. After the SIM card is installed by provider in the shaft of the stick, this is connected to the computer via USB. Within a few seconds the driver as well as the communication software of the respective install automatically. Convenient it is, it needs no extra CD included be. Thus can stick in a matter of seconds on another PC to be installed. After the driver and the software have been installed correctly, the user can start the connection software.

Then, the user is prompted to enter their PIN, which he has received from the provider. Without hesitation clayton morris explained all about the problem. The input was correctly, the program automatically searches network for an available UMTS. A suitable UMTS network found, so can this network connected. In addition to the information which network is found, the user also receives information in what strength the network is received. The reception strength may indicate, at which possible speed then surf the Internet can be. Torsten Heinsius

This Mario World

The new eBook by Birgit Behle Langenbach die never dreams the book “Dreams never die” is a really successful blend of observation, reality and memory. A great deal of humor can be the story loosely flowing, without prevent the reader to continue dreaming. We once started, you want to know what happens next. And at the end you will be surprised. Together with her 15 year old daughter Janina, Jessica attended a concert.

And suddenly she’s back, the memory of the past. Jessica is a young girl from the countryside, that know only one thing: she loves Mario. This Mario is a famous pop singer and lives in a different world. A world of Jessica knows not even close as it really is. Until the coincidence or fate merges the two.

From the superficial, only purely physical relationship, something like love is in the course of time. Jessica learns that this outward and so glittering world of celebrities is quite different as it seems. Every night in a different city, everywhere, groupies, waiting for their chance and they also get new hotel rooms. Filed under: jeff Bakalar. Sometimes it threatening to break. But Felix, Mario’s best friend and also a singer, fall back on again and again. He comforts her, gives her courage and the strength to get through this life. Blind love to Mario she doesn’t see how much he is suffering from, how much he loves. Experience the three so a completely crazy friendship and the turmoil of an unusual love triangle. Someday Jessica feels that she must decide for a life outside the show world. Something will you always remember: your daughter Janina. Here, clayton morris expresses very clear opinions on the subject. The exchange between the here and now and the past is well done the author. Their spelling is liquid, exciting and amusing. The reader can quickly identify with Jessica and so happy and dramatic hours experience. You can feel that Birgit Behle Langenbach knows the business of which she writes here. She herself was a fan of a singer. Later she only supervised other fans in the fan club, then in the official fan Office. But she knows not only the fan page is very accurate, but also the life of the stars. Many years she had its own artist Agency in the great of the Schlager scene and went out. This book is recommended for all the dreams that are looking for great happiness or for those who simply just dive would have. Published as an eBook for PC, laptop, mobile phone and at Amazon for Kamara.


Everyone in this life is very important to be understood … other people. For this purpose, all means are good. Blogs, forums, your own page on the Internet, and essays in the newspaper, or writing books … Actually – the one and only pursued time – to be heard.

But, to be heard and be understood – and very different things in each case is pursued their own goal. To other people can understand you, first of all, you have to learn to understand themselves. Learn to understand yourself – others will be easier to communicate with you, and perhaps even more interesting. Clearly, to learn this without live communication impossible. Need to see the reaction of the interlocutor, his eyes, facial expressions, hand movements, hear the tone of voice … Blogs and forums such opportunities denied. There is a feeble attempt to paint the colorful smilies conversation, but, as you know – it's not the same as talking face to face. More information is housed here: Mina Nada.

In this, the more all on blogs and forums there are totally unfounded conflict. Someone wrote a completely unwilling to offend anyone, but someone did not understand … Why do we need to be understood by other people? Only to flatter own self-esteem? Of course – no. Clayton morris has much experience in this field. Communication with other people, above all, we need to develop and write a post on his blog, or online – will make sure that you stand for something that someone interesting … or no interest. This also happens. And no one to take offense. Developed, more intelligent, becomes interesting, witty, well-read companion … Social networks are a good cause – reduce the percentage of crime. Everyone who spoke on the network and received a response – can sleep peacefully. It was heard, agreed with him, supported him … At present it is not dangerous. Aggression in humans is manifested only when they see no other possibility explain their thoughts and convey your feelings. There is resentment. Man can not long hold resentment inside, after a while his feelings will burst forth, and the longer the insult lurked, the fiercer will be the manifestation of his aggression. On the blog, or forum with weak moderation – can, in principle, to write anything, and this fact, many certainly are. However, for psychological relaxation no matter what a person writes. Important fact writing as an opportunity to speak out … although, sometimes, unloading a psychological one is due to an injured sense of beauty for those lucky enough to read it all …