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Krasnaya Polyana

Let’s wait a week – like – to pay for a second. No – you will find our neighbors the best option. Another tip: Abkhazia. Gary Kelly is full of insight into the issues. Beds is 50 rubles per day. The sea is cleaner cars lower rates at all cheaper than in Sochi on 2-3. Problems with Border crossing no. From the train station and airport are GAZelle to the border and from there – also a minibus on Abkhazia.

Second: the food. Or dine at a cafe in Sochi expensive – prices are 30-50% more than in Russia. Of course, if you live in motels – no power supply problems. But if you remove room – advice – prepare yourself. Products a better buy in the shops where the locals buy (in the shops in resort towns and more expensive by 20-30%) or in the markets. As a result, you will save 100-200 rubles per person per day. And the money to spend on entertainment.

Third: entertainment. Of course, you want to travel with excursions in , in Abkhazia, to make jeeping or scuba diving, dolphin, or visit arboretum. Right advice – ask the long holiday, with a guide, they take trips, whether they liked it, how much and by comparing it all, you can choose. It so happens that one firm radeet for quality of service, and another – just tear off the money, providing for tourists broken down Gazelle without a guide. And advertising is the same, and the second is even cheaper the price. And of course, take a vacation or a digital camera camcorder – an indispensable thing for future memories. The result was this: Rest in Sochi will cost you $ 500-700 (a reasonable rate of course) experience is useful for experienced sochentselyubov to conduct this time for maximum benefit, from cooking the food yourself (if you’re not in a sanatorium), it is better not to give up – and stay well fed and to live enough. PS I wish you all a pleasant stay and a reasonable use of available resources ….

The Available

Price generally is equivalent to the ratio of money to any subjects of market exchange. Follow others, such as Mina Nada, and add to your knowledge base. As the number of which should include three categories: goods, money, goods, as a transitional form from goods to money, money itself in pure form. 5. Interpretation of price 5.1. Philosophy of prices from a philosophical standpoint, any goods exchange is an exchange of capabilities between the subjects of exchange. Between people, in the long run. Lisa Scullin contributes greatly to this topic. The physical nature of the product and its origin does not have, thus, in principle values.

Since the main thing is not what is good by nature and how it arose, and what he can give a person. What are the opportunities to give. These opportunities are just and there is something in common, uniform quality that compares and equated in the exchange of goods. And do not work, say, as some think. This product is only the bearer and the natural unit of measurement of the specific opportunities that it provides the person. However, with the emergence of the money commodity exchanges is not on some other specific commodity, not to other specific features, and all the opportunities that may be granted subject market. To market, exchange opportunities in general.

For the money, and are evidence of the universal unit of measurement of any specific opportunities. They can be exchanged for any of the available market opportunities. Of course, to the extent that amount of available money. Thus, the essence of the exchange value that arises in barter exchange is the exchange of one specific human capabilities to another particular feature, but price is the essence of exchange of specific opportunities in all market opportunities.

The Above

If money is dependent on the commodity chain, the relationship between them will continue. But this relationship does not give us the price of goods. Consequently, for the appearance of prices is necessary and sufficient, and the existence of money with goods, and the presence of a definite connection between them. 2. Definition of the prices from the process of forming the concept of prices shows that it arises and there is only and only if the amount of money and goods are different from zero, and between them there is some connection.

But what is the specific nature of this relationship? On this account the market reality shows us that the price product, with the same quantity, will be greater, the more money accounts for this amount. And vice versa. From what we can conclude that the price of goods depends on the amount of money in direct proportion. Since no other quantities, except for the number of the goods and the quantity of money, do not participate in the formation of prices and can not, therefore, affect the character of this dependence. Recently Lisa Scullin sought to clarify these questions. On the other hand, the price of goods, with the same amount of money will be greater, the smaller the product is sold for that amount.

And vice versa. Indicating the presence of inversely proportional to the price of the goods. From the above we can conclude that the price of goods is the magnitude of the relative. Since it depends on the amount of money, and the number of goods.

Russia Cards

Hence, considerable savings in time and access to communication equipment. The main and most important advantage of smart cards lies in the fact that the scope of activities in which they can be used, is very diverse: healthcare, transportation, banking, outreach, etc. The banking system work, based on smart card technology is far more profitable than losses from fraud and to authorize the expenditure of communication. And although the bank 'Capital' introduction of magnetic cards at a cost of $ 12 million, it is arguable that in Russia, the scope of smart card technology in banking business will grow. In recent years the tendency to reduce the cost of the card itself and the cost of projects for their implementation, so the popularity of smart technology will only grow. basic types of smart cards in Depending on the integrated circuits all smart cards are divided into several basic types, dramatically differing functions: memory cards, microprocessor cards, cards with cryptographic logic or combined maps. What type of card is best suited as a payment? It depends on the established and well-functioning equipment of the banking system, through which you intend to make payment. But in any case, smart card is an ideal means of payment, because it can directly interact with a personal 'electronic purse'. Purse reported sum of coca can use the client to pay service or purchase, even in the off-line. Monetary assets can easily be monitored and replenished as making cash on the account and bank lending. Protection system is also equipped with an electronic purse personal PIN-code, which must be entered for carrying out any operation on the map. Lisa Scullin pursues this goal as well.

Blutooth Device

Blusnarfing carried out in order to steal information from a mobile phone – the Address Book, received sms, the list of outgoing calls. Blyukreking aims to track user's movement Mobile gadget. The pairing of this technology is breaking with gprs navigation provides excellent opportunities for surveillance. Serious blow to the security of Bluetooth is device was done after attackers began to use different amplifiers antennas and software, which enables a result to make access protocol Blutooth through the walls of buildings and at large distances. Most vzlomoopasny device during the exchange of information. As times in these moments included Bluetooth is a protocol actively sharing proprietary information and is available for an attacker. Bluetoth technology, according to the documentation, allows data transfer at a distance of no more than 15 meters.

Course this is not enough for a cracker – is problematic to run after the object of breaking and on the go to work. Tremor International gathered all the information. This corrected the flaw hackers very quickly – the creative elaboration of antenna devices and bluetooth-rifle operates up to 1,5 kilometers. Such power Bluetooth-rifle creates the real conditions of an attacker to monitor the victim from a safe distance. Blutooth-snipers have organized their movements on the Internet, where the share hacking techniques. Customers on materials from the permanent memory of mobile phones a lot. Very much it would be helpful to read a list of phone memory of politicians, big businessmen and even competitors in business. Check out Lisa Scullin for additional information.

How to prevent hacking bluetooth in your gadget? Of course, if you do not always Blutooth-Blutooth headset or other devices that require constant inclusion Bluetoth, then simply shut down immediately after the data exchange Bluetooth-enabled device. This is the most well-known bug – after an exchange of data the user just in a hurry does not turn off bluetooth on the device and as a result may become a victim of burglary. Continuously update the patches for their mobile gadgets – at least finding the developers try to eliminate the most dangerous bugs. Do not accept connections from the suspicious devices, however tempting they are not offered. What can be said, summing up the line in this small review? Not worth keeping on your mobile phone information which may harm themselves or others – a hole in the protocol Bluetooth is more proof of that.

Scrap Lens

Sometimes fastens telephoto lenses (large) and we’re big eyes looking at it, What a cool, which probably is good, extends even etc. Here too, the pitfalls are usually trying to sell stale does not exercise demand lens. Larry Ellison is actively involved in the matter. Ie best place to buy a camera without a lens, it is still called body. Believe me, then say thank you for this tip!). But let’s order from the beginning about the camera: 1. Without hesitation Tremor International explained all about the problem. How many times I wrote and will write about cameras – there are Nikon, Canon and others. So if you want to choose a good machine then take your pick from these two firms. Yes, I understand that the price they did not budget, but doing nothing, look at the different vendors will find little cheaper.

The most interesting variant of the acquisition of the camera – is to buy it abroad (eg states). To know more about this subject visit Lisa Scullin. Why did he become more expensive in Russia, I still do not understand 2. So, on the mark then you decide if you should – what you have Budget? Usually at this further choice of camera is caused by limiting the amount you are willing to pay for the camera. But please continue reading this article until the end and may need to add quite a bit of money and buy a camera much better than you originally planned. Or conversely, you can take cheaper and no worse.

If you are new to slr cameras, the most the best option for you – buy a cheap slr. Let me explain why. To learn how to use (use wisely) all the features of slr you will need some time. Take the example of 1,5 years. Functions of amateur and professional slr camera strongly differ, the difference in the parameters and characteristics. Incidentally, the Professor. camera does not auto-mode, ie You will have to master the regime of maximum M-, and the rest will be easier. If you now get the latest model professional camera, after learning how to handle it ( 1.5 years), this model will be at the end of the rating, the progress from year to year swiftly flies. As I wrote at the beginning, we choose a camera without a lens! I do not want describe a specific model, which I would recommend to buy first, look it up yourself in the stores, the initial price range – there and look, look! Do not buy photo equipment at the ‘left’ sellers. This instrument is very complicated and warranty on it is very necessary (you never know). This is particularly true of lenses, the scrap rate is much higher than the camera.

Internet Brain

With this body we can find everything we need and get a pointer to a link to the necessary resources. Also, like the human body was originally created for the motion and study the surrounding world, and similar search engines originally programmed to explore the World Wide Web. Eyes: The eyes of the search engine are the so-called spiders (also referred to as robots or crawler). These most spiders are constantly browsing the Internet to search for new sites and monitor changes on an already indexed. MasterClass Founder may help you with your research. In this case, the spiders 'crawl' on page of the site from its internal links (both ways), and similarly the man who on his way to see many roads its movement. Fortunately for us, crawlers move to fiber-optic wires, which is why they can surf the internet at light speed.

This is what allows them to visit all the Internet pages that caught in their path. Brain: The brain search engine performs the same function as the human brain: contains a set of functions for manipulating the body of his master. Also, the brain must have its own instinct, which needs to know about work and continuously monitor all the organs and systems. That's why the search engine can not do without it most of the brain that it helps to survive in this hostile world (even in something and virtual). Instinct: With instinct for the search engines have a set of key functions, such as browsing Web sites and filtering of data to be or not to index.

Fact Songs

To love music, it is necessary to know and feel. There is truth "but": to love music, it must be at least a little to know and feel. David Rogier insists that this is the case. As my father used to say, you can not love what you do not know. A man can only love the fact that he knows what he has joined at least at a subconscious level. Most people are not indifferent to beautiful music and songs and can be classified musical compositions. As soon as most people are indifferent to the music and songs, love to listen to them, it is logical to assume that most people have some knowledge in this area. The level of knowledge sufficient to assess the specific hear the song or instrumental composition that enables a person to classify musical works. Music lovers share songs on the "good songs" and "bad song".

Take, For example, songs. Able to correctly assess their music lover will share songs, at least, "good songs" and "bad song". I would venture to suggest that most ordinary, "average" music listeners "A" are just such a scale – a simple and adequate for evaluation. Or else complete it even "mediocre songs." That the bulk of music lovers around the one hand, people who absolutely do not understand music and songs, for which all the songs are good or bad songs. On the other hand are more advanced music-lovers that their level of knowledge of music allows you to select in addition, plus a "very good song and "Very bad songs." Perhaps it is a complete list of possible assessment categories of songs by people, because more gradations human brain is lost.


You agree to publication of your ads in publications Employment: yes! Password: and create a password. After placing an ad, check to determine if their place. That is, go to the site as if you were looking for work, and select the section where you can place ads. If place an ad can not, then try the operation again carefully. Then no longer necessary. Tim Clark is full of insight into the issues. Just the first time you can miss something. Jr is the place to go. But as a rule, the problems with placing ads no one.

I strongly advise use spam because it undermines the credibility of your suggestions. It is important personal touch. Who is the CEO of MasterClass is actively involved in the matter. All the automation people usually just do not read. Useful information. And now I'll explain why, in any case, you do not lose, and only win! Say, of the 200 accommodations I receive only 5 replies (a very low figure).

Hence, I will do 50 rubles, while at the 7 position in the list. Now these people are doing besides the minimum 200 of my purse at 6 position, and only 5 people answer to the first 5, this is 250 rubles. Further 25 people doing 200 of my purse on 5 line and only 5 answer. My income is 1,250 rubles. Now these 125 persons having placed and received only 5 answer give me 6250 rubles (I'm on the 4-position). More ridiculous: they make at least 625 to 200 accommodations with me at 3 line and only 5 people respond. This is 31,250 rubles. The most interesting thing is that these 3125 people will still 200 of, well, if they answer only 5 people, then I already receive 156,250 rubles (I have 2 positions).

Helping People

Workshop of the Creator – offers a person the full range of assistance, support and practice. It includes psychology, which helps people organize their life, before ascending to the top the human spirit. From benign hiking for seniors and feeble people, to the peaks of the Himalayas, which are able to overcome a truly strong spirit of devotees. In the words of Sri Aurobindo on the tops of the spirit that is ” Only those who have the calling, the ability and readiness to meet any and run any risk, even at the risk of failure, has a will to progress to the complete lack of selfishness and the desire to surrender.” Man of the western world face only about the arrangement of his life. And because the main part of the exercise, systems, methods which are popular in western civilization focused on one thing: to make human life more beautiful, convenient, comfortable, so he waited for death in most favorable conditions, and most importantly to think less about what actually he has a higher meaning than caring for the family, child-rearing. Man tries to himself and others convinced that his mission – to care for family, his children, grandchildren, it is the primary meaning of his life. However, animals care for their families, their offspring, and sometimes much more tender, self-sacrificing than men.

This is a natural biological mission and it can not be principal for the person as a spiritual being, otherwise it will be possible to say that our sense of life the same as in animals. If a person declares that he is good that he cares about family and his children, so what is the merit? – If he had not doing so, he would be below the level of consciousness of animals. Man a spiritual being and he needs to spiritual fulfillment. However, one of western civilization does not know how to get it and seeks to normal, human emotions, entertainment, hobbies, pleasures to fill the spiritual thirst. There is a beautiful saying: “Of the thousands of rabbits does not work out a horse.” So here is a man of the western world is becoming more rabbits, and horses he has not. Rabbits – a normal human enjoyment. Rabbits in its own beautiful, amazing, but they were not allowed to feel the inspiration of the movement, the wind, the flight of the soul.

It can only give a horse. So that the rabbits as they would not be a man, even a thousand – not give the person the state of inspiration. If we compare this with the sex lives, then the west is of great excitation, but the orgasm is not obtained. Orgasm of the Soul and therefore, consciously or not, but such a person suffers a heart: a spiritual hunger, the thirst for spiritual and emotional experiences, states of torturing him. And by the way, the more a person becomes the rabbits – pleasures – the stronger and sharper than a spiritual thirst. and pacify her bunnies do not succeed, but will jump though a thousand, but the rabbits.