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The Senate

Without the price has been still stipulated, by each given back bottle the consumer will receive the amount that has invested in the first purchase of the package and that will not return to represent a cost while it is returned. The Law of Residues and contaminated Grounds was the past approved 6 of June by the Congress, where it will return for its ratification, after the voting of this Wednesday, with 237 votes to favor, 0 against, and two abstentions from the 239 present senators. During the debate, as much the PP as CiU has expressed their malaise because the law project has been transacted by means of emergency procedure by its volume of amendments and have demanded changes in the system so that the legislative texts of " this spread and calado" – according to the popular senator Jose Small bullet can count on the process of negotiation and sufficient reflection with the aim of causing " better leyes". More than 400 million in machines " The law has arrived to where llegar&quot could; , it assures Domingo Jimnez Beltrn, exdirector of the European Agency of Environment (EEA) and coordinator of the platform Returns, endorsed, among others, by union CCOO and the Confederation of Consumers and Users. " What there were beloved, but it is not given the resistance of the economic sector and the pressures that we have received, we considered that it is an important step. It is necessary to congratulate to legislador" , it said. According to It returns, the SDDR has been implanted successfully in countries as Germany and will affect a significant increase of the management of drink packages, of whose annual commercialization, about 51 million, according to their numbers, a 30% are only recycle. " The SDDR will end up being implanted because it wants it to the consumer and because it contributes common sense.

It awards to the responsible consumer " , Jimnez added. The opposite platform to the project, headed by Ecoembes, Ecovidrio, managers of residues in the SIG, the Spanish Federation of Industries of the Feeding and Drinks and the Spanish Confederation of Commerce, denounces the additional costs of the system for commerce and industry, that calculated in 465 million Euros. Its exposition aims, in addition, to the cost that each consumer contributes to the system by the previous payment of the turnaround package. In the countries in which or it works the SDDR is used mechanized deposits that give to the consumer a receipt by the given back packages, exchangeable by money in associate establishments or as credit in the next purchase. For the application of the system of return and return, it dictates the Law, one will value with previous character " the degree of fulfillment of the objectives mnimos" of reusability and recycling established by the European directives. Ecoembes-Ecovidrio maintains that Spain surpasses those objectives and that already in 2008, according to the last data of the Ministry of Environment, recycle in the country 59% of the packages, index that has increased " year after ao". The numbers of 2008 of the office of statistics of the EU, EUROSTAT, on the treatment of municipal residues, indicate to Spain, with a 14% of residues recyclings, below Germany (48), Belgium (35) and the United Kingdom (23) and over Portugal (9) or Italy (11), among others. The law also contemplates in addition terms for the eradication to the plastic bags one-time, until its reduction in a 80% in 2016. Source of the news: The Senate abre the door to recover the old system of return of packages

Transversal Subjects

Clearly that for this a mediation more directed will be necessary in order to clarify and to cooperate in the process of education of this educating. The care with the excess of information and also in the way as the professional comes to deal with the questionings that come to exist ahead to the communities that the pupils will go to come across themselves and in the form as which must be behaved exactly because, the Orkut is one syte that it can be had access in proper residence of educating, as in other establishments including the school that in turn has as goal to prepare the pupil for ingression in the society, leaving apt it to make its proper choices in benefit of its growth as citizen. In accordance with Dowbor ‘ ‘ the education already cannot function without if to articulate with dynamic ampler than they surpass the room of aula’ ‘ The construtivista perspective allows that the pupil goes constructing its knowledge, through the information the one that has access and setting in motion the previous knowledge that already has on the subject, it she is protagonist of its proper process of learning. In accordance with Weisz ‘ ‘ it is learned very when it has been exposed to an argument and more still when it is had that to defend a point of vista’ ‘. It fits to the professor through the transversal subjects to create situations in which the pupils have the possibility to change information, to defend its ideas, to advance its understanding and to have until the possibility of the error. Many professors still work with empirista conception of the error, of that it cannot be admitted, seno runs the risk of it if to fix in the head of the pupils, however, is through it and the effort in if expressing that the pupils will be constructing its knowledge. Also it is important that it has the biggest possible circulation of information, so that through these the pupil has more given to reflect and to interact differently with the other pupils, of the proposal empirista that did not intend ‘ ‘ confundir’ ‘ the pupil, and therefore transmitted the information of the possible form simplest.

The Internet already proved that the pupils have conditions to work with many information at the same time, and not only this, they have capacity to develop diverse activities at the same time, make a research, visit diverse environments and together to this they talk with its classmates on-line making possible the exchange of information favoring the collective learning. The Orkut has its space in the education yes, of restricted form in the current days all pertaining to school community must know it and have access to get information on its functionalities, therefore one of the half ones is more used the level of research and interaction of learning.

Linguistic Codes

6.2 Specific: To make possible the access to the different materials with the diverse linguistic codes; To develop the capacity to interpret the different texts, making relation with the daily life; To understand the reading and interpretation as social function and politics inside of the society. Oportunizar to attended the production of different texts. To foment the incentive the Reading. I to ncentivar the taste for the reading in dynamic and pleasant way. Others including Encompass Health, offer their opinions as well. To rethink practical the pedagogical one developed during the activities of the PETI; To trace new objectives one to walk differentiated and innovative. Brian Barish has many thoughts on the issue.

To develop in the new children abilities and conquests. To promote in attended the aspiration and encantamento for the process of reading and writing. To awake the taste for the reading; To develop the rewrite of histories and the literal production. I inhabit to develop it of the reading. To develop the creativity and the imagination. 7 CONTENTS Literary Texts: Stories, novels, teatral workmanship and poem. Journalistic Texts: Notice articles of opinion, news article and interviews.

Instrucionais Texts: Prescriptions, instructive and papal brief of remedies. humorsticos Texts: Historinhas in quadrinhos. Epistolares Texts: Letters, request. Text of Scientific Information: Biography, definition, note of encyclopedia, story of scientific experiment, monograph and historical story. Texts Advertising executives: brochure, acknowledgment, poster and announcement. Texts Not? Verbal: Symbols (signalling plates) and images. 8 METHODOLOGY Literary Texts: Stories /poemas 1. The subject will be presented inquiring to the same ones if it has the knowledge on the concept of literary texts, and from its previous knowledge, we will go to explanar pontuando which its characteristics.

Courageous Warrior

The pulso of life is that one that if can run away and if protect, already the pulso of death, the citizen does not have as to run away and nor if to protect, on account of that is producing of great load of suffering. Of this form, it has a joint between the projetiva dynamics and the pulso of life whose the objective is to diminish the pressure excused for the pulso of of something ahead ackward death, producing an escape state takes that to look it in the exterior the causes of its discomforts. (Laplanche and Pontalis, 1986) the myth fulfills a function social, therefore it projects in its image the dreams and collective aspirations. In imaginary the collective one two distinct types of Ayrton Senna coexist: Courageous Warrior? half-god of the tracks, king of rain, only, necessary, unattachable and inagualvel; the Exemplary Citizen? good young man, shy, gentile and charismatic. In relation to dolo, Lesourd (2004) he standes out that its function is to be figure of identification for the citizen and that will be ' ' in relations social, in what we will call social speeches, that are necessary to look the origin of dolo, its creation. (2004: 86-87) It is very comumente, to present an allure for dolo, fact that it hinders to keep a critical position in relation it. ' ' dolo only can be understood as a mixture. Identification model of differentiation in relation to the adults, it is also a representation of the dominant values of the society of the moment, of the adults. It thus has for the adolescent a function of bow with the ones of its classroom of age, the pairs against the adults, but also of bow with the society in its set, through the messages of values that it transmite' ' (LESOURD, 2004:89). The agitation fascist is centered in the idea of the leader, not mattering if it leads in fact or if he is only the agent chief executive of interests of the group, because only the psychological image of the leader is apt to reanimate the idea of the all powerful and threatening primitive father.


Still Gouveia comments: Differently of what if it believed, the crisis of the urban environment is having an impact in the health, more immediate greater and of what the waited one, of with priority considered ambient problems, as global the climatic changes, acid rain, destruction of tropical forests, and disappearance of diverse animal and vegetal species. (GOUVEIA, 1999, 54) it does not have as to deny the relation it enters the most humble and ambiently fragile areas, such as the stream sides, steep rivers and reservoirs, hillsides, areas of ambient protection, etc., mainly in the great cities, where great part of the population way deferred payment ' ' informal' '. this not only occurs for me the management of the ground as well as for absence of one efficient habitacional politics. Frequently Rocky Dixon has said that publicly. In Brazil, … atter here. this always increasing growth has been insufficient to supply ' ' basic necessities of populao' ' , in function of urbanization the sped up and consequent acquisition of new habits of consumption. It is not something Endeavour Capital would like to discuss. (GOUVEIA, 1999, 54) the consequncias of the disorganized occupation are sufficiently evidentes: floods, assoreamento of the water courses due to the deforestation and occupation of the edges, disappearance of green areas, collapse of hillsides, comprometimento of the water courses that had turned deposits garbage and canals of sewer. These factors still are aggravated by the sprouting of epidemics as affection, yellow fever and leptospirose (MEIRELLES, 2000). 2.2.2 Colorful USF – description of the population Through the preliminary comment of the community and diverse reflections concerning the reality in question was looked to sketch a population profile, even so this is not uniform. One observed that, in general, the inhabitants do not reveal attachment the good, such as housing, nor to the social resources or same to the ambient ones of the region. The population easily negotiates its residence, invading areas of ambient preservation and producing deforestation.

The Formation

When the child starts school life, carries luggage, which is not always equipped you support and encouragement the habit of reading. In view of this concern is important you bring you public school the development this skill, arousing interest through activities and different environments. Key words: Reading, training of readers, School library. Introduction: The interest for the research of this article appeared from the happened necessities of the pertaining to school complaints, in which many pupils present difficulties to understand what they leem, making of this somewhat superficial act. The raised hypothesis is salient on the importance to implant in the public schools the library, therefore this space will allow to the contact with books since infancy, allowing a good development of the reading ability, and with this the pupils become participant assets in the construction of the proper knowledge. The objective of this article is to identify to the possible causes of me the formation of readers in Brazil; To define the function of the libraries and to develop psicopedaggicas strategies to stimulate the habit to read.

The research will have qualitative and quantitative endorsement, on the basis of the bibliographical theoretical survey and analysis of data. Reflection on the problematic formation of readers in Brazil Currently, it is common to hear the complaint of professors in relation to the learning of the reading for the educandos. One knows that the reading is not a mere lingustica decoding. ' ' The act to read that it is not depleted in the pure decoding of the written word, but if anticipates and if it prolongates in the intelligence of mundo' ' (FREIRE, 2003, P. 11). The individual needs to assume itself of its function while to be scholar, attributing meant its experiences previous. According to Mayan (2007, p.29) ' ' One perceives (…) that the reading is a necessary activity not only to the educational project of the individual, but also to the existencial project, and that, beyond being an act that if carries through in the scope of the cognition, it presents social character, historical and poltico' '.


In the visual language, we find a way of communicating in and disclosing them our way particular to mean the world. The images of the works of art can function as a support for this exercise of releitura of the world and the proper one human being, facilitating the recognition of its identity. Ahead of this context, it is possible to develop a visual education that an interaction in informed way propitiates more, creative and critical with the images and messages that we receive in this world contemporary. In this way, the school if presents as ideal and possible space, for the conviviality and the dialogue between the imagtico quantity, brought of its daily experience, with recognized the artistic and cultural productions universally. The exercise of looking at, to see the different one, of desvelar meanings and criteria demands a continuous work of education of the look that articulates perception, imagination, knowledge, artistic production, and at the same time, valuation and respect for the multiplicity and diversity of way, points of view to see and to be in the world. It is perceived reality of distinct form because we are different.

Our emotions and knowledge interact in the forms to see and cause different looks on the reality. Ahead of the displayed one, she is necessary to understand the education as a long and inexhaustible way, through which it is possible to obtain a better world more just and. In this aspect, the knowledge of the aesthetic education is defended, of the history and philosophy of the art, as half to construct a new citizen, more critical, capable to fight for its ideals and to contribute with the transformation of the life of its fellow creatures. The education, in its responsibility to form the citizen, cannot be other people’s to the social problems, but if become in one allied fort to act positively on the individual and to pull out it of its mentally ill and accomodated condition of.

Constitutional Capital

Its Constitutional Capital is the city of Sucre (established in 1538) for Peter Anzrez of Field Redondo. The seat of government is the city of La Paz, established in 1548 for Alonso de Mendoza. Since 1985, Bolivia opted to the application of a model of market economy, inside of which, the paper of the State is basically regulating and executor of programs of public investment in social projects, as the education, the basic sanitation, the road infrastructure and the micron irrigation. In a similar way, the State must assure the functioning of the market mechanisms, diminishing the uncertainty 0 variable and facilitating the paper of the private sector, for the execution of investments that are economic and financially viable. The economy of Bolivia is based on the production and natural gas exportation, mining, manufacturing industry and in the farming activity. Source: Small Business Finance Exchange.

Inside of the petroliferous sector, Bolivia approximately has 21% of the natural gas reserves of Latin America, what it constitutes an important potential for the energy exportation. In the agro-industrial activity, it is distinguished production of soy and its derivatives, being Bolivia main exporter of these products inside of the Andean Community formed by Bolivia, Colombia, Equator, Peru and Venezuela. Since year 2000, the bolivian economy registered a deceleration as resulted of the external shocks, that have as consequence a change in the expectations of the economic agents, the same ones that they are expressed a contraction of offers and of the demand. The economic growth of Bolivia during year 2002 was of 2,75%, the inflation tax reached 2.45% and the depreciation of the national currency front to the North American dollar was of 9,8%. In relation to the market opening, Bolivia has an open economy and counts on a system of tarifrias taxes simplified. The exportations of Bolivia during year 2002 had been of US$ 1,4 billion and the importations had been of the US$ order 1,8 billion, being its main commercial partners Brazil, Switzerland, the United States, Colombia and Venezuela. .

The Air

This to say that air pressure, exactly of the low one power, is not a toy and has that to be dealt with respect. A air pressure can wound a person seriously and also it can cause it to it death. To the air pressures the same rules of security must be applied that if apply to the firearms. Relatively to the bore of the air pressures two for the free air pressures of acquisition, the 4,5 exist, as already I related, and 5,5. The 4,5 are the used bore more in the precision shot, whereas the 5,5 are the bore typically used for the hunting or the control of plagues, in the countries where this is allowed (it notices that in Portugal the hunting with air pressures is forbidden and also some quarrel exists on if the control of plagues with air pressures is forbidden or in a perspective it control of plagues not to be considered hunting or not). Bore 4,5 is the bore typically used in the shot of precision because the projctil acquires greater speed, when comparative with a projctil of bore 5,5 (that more it is weighed), what it wants to say that has a plainer trajectory. The precision of air pressure is sufficiently dependent of the used lead, it is not also little common that pressures of air of the same mark and the same model produce resulted different for the same lead. Lead of some forms, some weights and also with changeable dimetros (even so very slightly, as it is clearly) exist the experimentation only can say that lead good for one is determined air pressure. Still it has very to say on the air pressures, and each one of the topics that I still approached in this article can very be deepened, but it will be for one another chance. However they are had fun with security.