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Alberto Magallanes

We know how entrepreneurs the means of promoting our work are multiple and the results of these largely depend on the consistency that we have to develop certain technique. One of these techniques or tools that many entrepreneurs neglect or attach too little importance is call sig file, I am referring to lines of text attached to the foot of our e-mail and that certain information about the person who is sending the message may show the reader. It is clear that all of us sent several e-mails during the day, either to acquaintances, friends, customers or prospects, which constitute a unique opportunity for us to invite you to visit again our business or website in search of new and interesting content. This technical has the advantage that once we define our firm in the system, it is automatically inserted into all messages that we send, so every message regardless of their destination will have by default the data that you have previously configured. Our firm we can serve very useful for example in the free promotion of our Web site, company and services; (e) we will have even more important even if we participate in the forums of our niche market since hundreds of new visitors to destinations that we have specified they derived from it. What is it that should contain our signature? Usually many promotion experts agree that it should not contain more than six lines and no more than sixty or sixty-five characters wide by line, this is more than anything to not have problems with some mail programs. What a basic signature should contain is the following: 1 – name and charge 2 – organization or company 3 – a line with a phrase, slogan or offering that shows a profit. 4.

Contact information: telephone, fax, mailing address 5 – URL (always with the) and e-mail (always with the mailto:) 6. The hyperlinks should operate directly from the message. (Must be clickables 100% from any program) The order in which we use these previous lines can be interchangeable according to the particularity of every entrepreneur, but a good tip is to put the URL at the end help to that person read the firm until the end for which will be aware of the benefits that you will find if you are going towards the direction of the URL. Do not use capital letters more than necessary and keep in mind that if includes symbols of $&, etc. Some people with anti-Spam in your e-mail filters will not read your message. What we really seek with our firm is that the message is sufficiently attractive so that he that receiveth it acted, either by sending an e-mail or by visiting our website. Finally can create multiple signatures and to always have your signature file either to promote products, updates, new proposals or to direct them towards your auto reply. Is also important to place in the signature data from phone or fax contacts, since there are many people who they prefer a more human contact and gives them greater confidence.

Mexican Magnate Carlos Slim

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro described as an intelligent man to Mexican magnate Carlos Slim, the employer of the planet, according to Forbes magazine’s richest. The former Cuban President alluded to Slim in a wide column on the Mexican opposition leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador posted on Thursday 12 August, 2010 on the official website Despite being the richest of all, with a fortune that exceeds $ 60 billion, is an intelligent man who knows all the secrets of the bags and mechanisms of the capitalist system, he wrote. Slim owns an empire of telecommunications that extends from United States to Argentina. It is also a major shareholder of the New York Times.

I always visited when I went to Mexico and once visited me in Cuba. He gave me a TV more modern then that I kept in my house until recently, barely a year, Castro recalled. It did not do so with intent to bribe me. Not I asked him never nor favour, He added. Do castro, who will be 84 years old on Friday, devoted his column to comment on 2012 and the book the mafia who won in Mexico?, Lopez Obrador.It is a brave and irrefutable complaint against the mafia that gripped Mexico, said the Cuban leader. Castro regretted, however, that the book denounced not to the United States as the source of the drug violence that shakes Mexico, nor address the problem of climate change or the danger of a nuclear war imminent if, as he believes, United States and Israel will attack Iran. However, Lopez Obrador will be the person’s moral and political of Mexico more authority when the (capitalist) system will collapse, and with it, the Empire, wrote. By Leonel Morales.

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Affiliate Marketing

The goal of affiliate marketing would be to enable the affiliate to receive commissions to promote their products or services. Affiliate marketing occurs every time that a company or some person has produced some automatic way in order to receive these commissions. Affiliate marketing allows you to identify the company who are doing work that she needs. For example, clicking a link, display a banner, fill out a web form, buy any product, etc. An attractive aspect of affiliate marketing services would be that they are free of charge. That helps people join the system, because that does not connote economic risk and therefore guarantees that they involve large numbers of people such economic activity.

For people who are starting their activity over the internet, even for those who have made the leap to the Internet with online activity in your network Marketing company, affiliate marketing is one of the options faster you begin to earn money. Boost excellent products on the internet, through which could help enough people with the benefits that get, it would be a suitable strategy for those people who are starting their MLM business. At the beginning of various products might be a third party however when a member takes some time in this issue of the multilevel, can become products that oneself has expanded and by those who could help different marketers to do a better job. This is the most useful option when working with affiliate marketing. However, we must be realistic, as you have to know, advertising takes their time and more on the Internet.

Reach out to enjoy a good income with affiliate marketing only can be extended quite in time. Why affiliate marketing could become a useful complement for your company’s multilevel marketing when you’re starting to have some personal branding and start to be known on the Internet. This is why that while you you’re publicizing on the internet and you are achieving true personal branding, affiliate marketing comes to represent the perfect complement for your MLM business. As you might notice, it can be considered an extra source of benefits to your company of multi-level marketing and to showing you and more much more known seas in this activity more profit you will have the option to affiliate marketing. At the beginning in your MLM Enterprise do not get too many beneficial results with affiliate marketing however as you go forward, as you go grow the manner in which you intend on Internet, your credibility will be in evolution and you will find in a suitable position to get extra income through the recommendation of products and services of others. A tactic that can help you is that you believe in your website a page your products that you recommend and that make affiliate marketing-oriented. They must be products that are related to your niche of market, in that the multi-level marketing aspect. The author is a Networker committed to teach their knowledge of MLM (Network Marketing) to all those who wish to improve their performance in this industry. You can access the full article adds more to your network marketing and of course other unprecedented studies of Network Marketing.

Investment Funds

Investment funds are instruments that date back its existence to Spain in the mid-1980s and although initially went unnoticed, was in 1991 when took force, offering investors highly tempting profits, in addition to the macroeconomic then environment, showed an improvement in financial markets, which improved the popularity of mutual funds. Today investment funds, are a completely valid and attractive alternative to invest, since there are many gains that an investor can get from investing their savings in investment funds. Investment funds, are instruments offered by brokerage houses, both by banks and operators and have very particular characteristics, depending on the objectives of the investor, who has the decision to invest in that fund that meets their goals in the short and long-term, as well as to the level of risk you are willing to run. Type of fixed income investment funds, as well as the type of variable income investment funds, they both offer excellent options to investors that barely open road in the market, as a consolidated investor in investing in these funds. A. Verastegui hold..