Alberto Magallanes

We know how entrepreneurs the means of promoting our work are multiple and the results of these largely depend on the consistency that we have to develop certain technique. One of these techniques or tools that many entrepreneurs neglect or attach too little importance is call sig file, I am referring to lines of text attached to the foot of our e-mail and that certain information about the person who is sending the message may show the reader. It is clear that all of us sent several e-mails during the day, either to acquaintances, friends, customers or prospects, which constitute a unique opportunity for us to invite you to visit again our business or website in search of new and interesting content. This technical has the advantage that once we define our firm in the system, it is automatically inserted into all messages that we send, so every message regardless of their destination will have by default the data that you have previously configured. Our firm we can serve very useful for example in the free promotion of our Web site, company and services; (e) we will have even more important even if we participate in the forums of our niche market since hundreds of new visitors to destinations that we have specified they derived from it. What is it that should contain our signature? Usually many promotion experts agree that it should not contain more than six lines and no more than sixty or sixty-five characters wide by line, this is more than anything to not have problems with some mail programs. What a basic signature should contain is the following: 1 – name and charge 2 – organization or company 3 – a line with a phrase, slogan or offering that shows a profit. 4.

Contact information: telephone, fax, mailing address 5 – URL (always with the) and e-mail (always with the mailto:) 6. The hyperlinks should operate directly from the message. (Must be clickables 100% from any program) The order in which we use these previous lines can be interchangeable according to the particularity of every entrepreneur, but a good tip is to put the URL at the end help to that person read the firm until the end for which will be aware of the benefits that you will find if you are going towards the direction of the URL. Do not use capital letters more than necessary and keep in mind that if includes symbols of $&, etc. Some people with anti-Spam in your e-mail filters will not read your message. What we really seek with our firm is that the message is sufficiently attractive so that he that receiveth it acted, either by sending an e-mail or by visiting our website. Finally can create multiple signatures and to always have your signature file either to promote products, updates, new proposals or to direct them towards your auto reply. Is also important to place in the signature data from phone or fax contacts, since there are many people who they prefer a more human contact and gives them greater confidence.

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