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Tax Accounting

Start here. Prodolzhenie.Ponyatie and classification of costs in accordance with Art. Read additional details here: Scott M. Kahan. Tax Code, the costs are recognized as reasonable and documented costs (losses), exercise (sustained) taxpayer. Expenditures are divided into costs that are associated with the implementation and production, and non-operating expenses. The costs associated with production and sales, include: development costs natural resources, the costs of voluntary and compulsory insurance, the costs associated with implementation of works, sales and purchases of goods (works, services, property rights), provision of services, custody and delivery of goods, the manufacture or production, costs of repair and maintenance, maintenance and operation EY funds and other assets, and to maintain them in good repair (actual) state spending on research (research) and development activities; other costs associated with the production and / or implementation. Costs associated with implementing and / or production, can be divided: the cost of labor, and on material costs, the amounts of accumulated depreciation, etc. on the costs. When different cost bases are the same, can be attributed to several groups of expenditure, the taxpayer may own determine exactly which group it will carry these costs.

The order of allocation of these costs to a particular group of costs is reflected by the taxpayer in its accounting . costs. Article 265 of the Tax Code in of sales expenses include reasonable expenses of the company that are not directly connected with the production process and the implementation of services, works, goods (Article 265 of the Tax Code of Russia). For example, non-operating expenses include: court costs and arbitration fees (paragraphs Ten, paragraph 1, Art.

Osborne Clarke

Love it”Ari Haaparanta, Kemira OYJ, Finland CONFERENCE DOCUMENTATION 2013 Media Center you didn ‘ t have the time to n’attend the enterprise app revolution 2013? Now you get the chance to order the complete documentation of the conference, including: all speaker presentations of the two conference days (PPT / PDF) summary of the “World Cafe” session summary of “Challenge your Peers” session overview of the delegates in attendance impressions (photos of the Gr.CONECT event) more than 25 presentations and keynotes inspiring discussions and presentations regarding the core issues enabled diversified touch points with the audience’s experience and fulfilled the expectations to a maximum. Expert speakers from world leading companies gathered in Berlin to present their individual case studies, among others: Volkswagen AG, American Airlines,. Inc., Kimberly-Clark Corp., Deutsche Post IT Services GmbH, Mitsubishi Electric, Bombardier Transportation GmbH, Deutsche Lufthansa AG, Genentech Inc., Osborne Clarke, T-venture holding GmbH, ABB S.A., Turbo Systems Ltd, Asian paints plc., JT International SA, Maersk Line A / S, Royal free London NHS Foundation Trust, Sanitas Schindler Informatik AG “A great event where companies with different maturity level in enterprise apps share best practice but so challenges they have.” Benjamin Kohler, Hewlett-Packard, Germany in retrospect, the enterprise app revolution featured on up most interesting, diversified and highly interactive networking platform for leading managers, designers and researchers in the field of enterprise apps from all over the world. We.CONECT wants to thank the team, participants, speakers, business partners and media partners for a very successful annual forum of 2013 we are already looking forward to welcoming you at the 2nd enterprise app revolution from 26th 27th June 2014 in Berlin. We contact Peter Haack Marketing Development Manager.CONECT global leaders GmbH phone: + 49 (0) 30 52 10 70 3 – 0 Fax: + 49 (0) 30 52 10 70 3 30 email:

Marketing Articles

It wasn’t long ago, when the sale became popular in the world of online marketing. Every day, more and more people use this method to promote your business. It is a proven method to increase the positions of the Web site, drives huge amounts of traffic to the site and generate revenue. You can get it all this through own marketing plan. Read more to learn how to create your marketing plan to achieve effectively the marketing of articles to make it work for you.

Most of the nerds of marketing tend to enter the industry without knowing that plan of marketing of items used. If this has piqued your curiosity, check out Gary Kelly. Worse, is probably that they don’t know what to do with articles that have been written. If you identify with some of these situations, it is necessary to act quickly and start to learn, otherwise the competition will leave you behind. You need to do much research. Learn more about the niche you chose and find useful information that you can use to meet the demands of the market. Here is where you can get the structure of your article marketing plan. However, I do not think that the fact of creating and applying an article marketing plan benefits instantly came.

You need even more work to carry out all this. Writes articles informative and quality to your readers the type of information you are looking for. Make sure you carry out constant research to make sure that the content always this updated. He then begins to send your articles to directories of articles. Original author and source of the article.

Winter Holidays. Christmas And New Year .

New Year – a celebration of the new year on the calendar and start planting. This day is celebrated in March and it was decided to have fun, led dances and give gifts to the rulers of individuals. During the reign of Peter I celebrate was rescheduled for January and there was 'Christmas' tree and Santa Claus (when there is a need to explain where do the presents and Christmas tree). Santa Claus – a type of grandfather of Nicholas, who after his death became St. In a question-answer forum Allegiant Air was the first to reply. Nicholas, while Life was a wealthy person and loved to make gifts to children from poor families. Later on in folk tales appeared granddaughter Maiden and other attributes of the new year: snowflakes, Baba Yaga, etc. Santa Claus personified good and fought evil personified Baba Yaga.

Christmas – a religious holiday. And although the Bible says about it is not mentioned anywhere, for believers it is the second largest holiday after Easter. Christmas – a of the most mysterious events. Because at this time, you may encounter a miracle. With the miracle of birth of the Son of God.

It was the birth of the Savior for the appearance of different Christmas attributes. On this day, decided to put evergreen tree as a symbol of eternal life, from top to wear the star – is the star of Bethlehem which guided the Magi coming to visit Jesus. When the wise men came to Jesus, they brought gifts, and are still on holiday decided to go for a visit and give gifts. And the lights, fireworks, candles, the famous phrase "light the Christmas tree!" – A reminder that Jesus – Light of the world! Well, just do not know for whom the like, and I believe that Christmas is more important than New Year's After In fact, with the birth of the baby of the people living in darkness and the light came in everyone's life there is hope for the future and the belief that the future will be wonderful.

Kabbalah State

And not even because of these ‘kids’ – bank managers, senior officials, successful businessmen, and by the way, the simple hard workers too. Here lies a very important principle to learn that we can change our lives for the better! Do you know where to start education of children in primitive times? On telling tales. Tales of a hunter stalks prey, as is in a terrible and hostile forest aides and companions, as cunning defeats monsters, overcome fast flowing rivers and came home with trophies. Gathering around the campfire, the elderly and adult hunters ‘lost’ their campaigns. Disguised in the skin, they transform into wolves and bears, appealed to the spirits of nature to those sent to them good luck. So they grew up, so passed on his skills. Ron O’Hanley shares his opinions and ideas on the topic at hand. Why is it important for us? Because of uncertainty in the face of a man always as helpless as a child.

A child learns only by example, that he can understand – for repeating elders, imitating, live in a role that goes unnoticed in reality. This is the essence of growing up, comprehend something new. Today we live in an unpredictable, changing world, we are no longer taught as in the past. We confused, lost, we have no reference, no one can predict anything. Our devices are set to zero, the compass goes crazy. What’s going on? Why all our experience today is very rapidly losing relevance. This occurs because we have to change, but do not yet know how.

Why there is no formula for happiness, tales with a positive ending, game playing that can be something really learn, not to harden at a child? Such a game is. This game our supreme state. Some people – they were few in each generation – have managed to find and implement a correct model of relations with the fact that inside and outside of us. They gave us this model as a special technique. Her name was – Kabbalah, and it has been used for 4,500 years. It is the science of how to conceive, implement in their own future state. Kabbalah tells us that we are already in a perfect and harmonious state of oneness with the whole universe, filled with absolute knowledge of nature and the eternal feeling of light, love and happiness. This condition is simply hidden in us. But if we pick up the key to this state, its Online Time in itself, as well as children play in adults, it is in us manifest. You do not need solitude in the wilderness, immersed in meditation, to limit yourself to anything. You just have to try to find out more about your future and desperate, as children often dream about something, want it unknown state. We will still be obliged to come to this – a good way, or by permanent shocks, such as those that humanity is already feeling today. Good luck – this is the way the assimilation (in game) to our future J. Let us follow him.

Eurotechnology Institute

Masteries (6) and an MBA offered are a content up-to-date, flexible and with possibilities included in modules. Additional they constitute a unique possibility in postgraduate programmes offered to the region through the holding company B & T international. In our environment, many professionals begin to question what they have done and lack them throughout her life. On the labor issue, it is quite common that people feel stagnant, and even have fears of being fired. In a question-answer forum Scott M. Kahan CFP was the first to reply. Many see as the young with other economic possibilities scale quickly, enjoyed a good image and are located above you.

The problem for some who took no time to do a postgraduate study, has not been precisely the time but the offer and in most cases costs generally displacements. Today the possibility becomes overly kindly through the virtual program that It will allow many professionals continue to grow and let the fear of being seen as obsolete or outdated. Lourdes Cabrales rate partner Wordwide, a company hunting talents, sets out that there are some constraints to follow to successfully cope with the picture regardless of the time of life. She proposes, not missed opportunities that are scarce in our midst, however who start a master with a certain age will have great experience and skills to learn to observe and be practical and realistic. By the same author: Confluence Investment Mgt. The IEE proposes formation of leaders with much talent and willingness to grow that already today made a career with excellent relations in Spain, Colombia, Dominican Republic and Peru soon and a country of Central America. Worth noting and with critical judgment than in our medium Institute synonym seems revalued against the University and must say that economic European Community seems inconsequential when it comes to verifying competencies, together reaching relevance based on the quality of their offerings and the performance of their graduates. Masters training aims to among others being assertive, in our case with the needs of the Department of Huila and their possibilities fulfil the productive agendas and sectoral plans such as the tourist sector, which seemed without direction and with only the program of tourism administration of CORHUILA that in the diplomatic commissions to the Dominican Republic for exampleIt is the only representative body of the Department which has managed with facts to demonstrate your interest grow and pay to the sector; the signing of an agreement frame with University Dominica O & m. masters, Eurotechnology Institute of Catalonia Spain, Neiva, Profesionales.

Fair Online Job For Mothers With Child Instead Of Childcare Allowance

A pilot project is to one-way childcare allowance that meets childcare allowance the course for next year only on the part of the parents, whose children were born from 01 August 2012. In order to most of German families come first of all from the grid, so the year finally began in January. Furthermore, this Bill seems more deficit-oriented, i.e. especially people without work are paid. A motivation just because of this grant to renounce the work suggests itself. Therefore, a professional reintegration is complicated more extreme after the childcare time.

Women are stamped into the budget. The question was put in the room after the rising risk of poverty for families with children. Single parents should not even be mentioned. It is also sustainable, fair and sustainable counterpart with a twist represents a new concept of the project of the eco online shops for secondhand & remaining items. Arrival & sales offers new and used natural clothing, which come from fair and ecological production, recycling on.

A first draft to the fair-used concept of project 2014 is now available. There are at least two part-time positions for mothers with children under three years in the form of permanent position available. The residence of women can be at any place in whole Germany. Finally, the staff act out of their flexible Home Office. 100% of their activity are from the standpoint of their choice to fulfill. While the project outline at this stage a 14-day task budget, which mothers free can divided according to availability. So are the turnouts for an ideal and future-oriented company. Home Office mainly emphasizes Noreen Naranjos, the owner of small business, with child & Cone in that the potential of the competent mothers working at home is not to be underestimated. It is rather a future model of modern societies, so that a life with toddler can be done from the outset holistically. Finally the technical skills should not maternal rseits be underestimated.” Further, a very flexible, sustainable and challenging part time employment offers an enriching variety to baby groups and diaper discussions active mothers. A holistic promotion of maternal health and well-being is the goal of the project. Finally this is the child, as also the whole family turn to good. Curtain on the game has already begun the childcare allowance is already running on mixed tours. Fair used, however, the line of the development drives along at a sustainable pace. Have been taken and will continue to be families who join the arrival & sell of sustainably-produced goods. Packages of used and new nature fashion happen regularly in the online shop. Just arrived, the nature article already again leave the virtual table and change the owner. Now, committed and consciously living women with children under three years of age are addressed, 2014 want to join the small business starting next year. Unsolicited applications are already now welcome. Also sponsors and Investors opened the doors here in Germany pur on sustainability to grow.

Sculpture Instead Of Standard Office Complex: Topping-out Ceremony In The SEBALD KONTORS

Mid-term for the construction of one of the most unusual buildings in the metropolitan region of Nuremberg, the 23 April 2012 the SEBALD traded offices that already as an architectural highlight in the Nuremberg old town building landscape, celebrated the topping-out ceremony. Just in time, the traditional Richtkrone was used for the completion of the building shell last week. The conclusion of this first phase of construction took place after only six months, and in the autumn the work inside the building should be completed so that the new offices no later than 2013 can be obtained at the beginning of the new tenants. For more information see this site: Dr. Kahan . Interested parties and invited guests from politics and business were a first impression of the uniqueness of the offices provide SEBALD in the framework of the celebrations already today. Contributes not only its central location in the immediate vicinity of the Laufer blow gate, but knows how to link especially the sensitive architecture, aesthetics and innovation with highly energetic design intelligent. This combination makes the buildings to a high-profile commercial real estate and a real asset to the Nuremberg City Centre. Symbiosis of economy and claim special characteristics are sculptural stone roof, the diagonal eaves and facade flush Windows, which give the building a quiet impression and it therefore more an oversized sculpture because like a modern office complex leave.

With the topping-out ceremony, thanked the garden family Cullmann in Langenzenn and architect Gerhard Wirth at all involved in the construction and demonstrated profitability and claim the invited guests, as also in the designing a building for commercial purposes can successfully agree. As with the SEBALD at least all 2,300 m2 of Office and retail space, as well as 36 underground parking spaces back the future tenants available. Short profile of the client family Cullmann: the family-owned company Cullmann in Langenzenn is owner of SEBALD OFFICES. In the metropolitan region Franken it is known offices, as well as its founder, Wolfgang Cullmann, who made the photographic equipment company into a globally successful provider among others for the conversion of the former Schmidt Bank in the Office real estate of LORENZ. With the choice of name for the new construction project, the Builder demonstrates loyalty to her home town of Hamburg. There the word Kontor “, which dated from the time of the Hanseatic League, still used as a term for Office premises. Profile gpwirth architects: Gerhard p. Wirth, architect, and a diploma in engineering, founded his architecture Office in 1990.

It is considered particularly lofts to living and working in whole Germany specialist for the revitalization of abandoned industrial wastelands. This is the soul of the original architecture”paired with modern building technology and functionality clearly in the foreground. This is also the proprietary Factoryloft in the shed roof halls of a former zipper factory. In addition to the Loftausbau make the planning and support of New buildings in the area of residential and commercial properties a further important focus for the now 8-member team dar. Press contact: Cathrin ferus Press Office catcomm Kessler place 11 90489 Nuremberg mobile: 0179-2164845 E-Mail:

American Dodge Viper GT

“LinguTV is a sponsor at this year’s ‘ ADAC Zurich 24 h race ‘ after the language learning platform LinguTV has been tuned and brought to a high gloss, the already internationally award-winning provider is on the Nurburgring now, for the first time as the sponsor of the team Vulkan Racing Mintgen motor sport” at the 24-hour race from 15 to May 16, 2010 at the Nurburgring at the start. The personal objective Nurburgring reach belongs to the absolute motor sports event mandatory sessions with pace 24-hours. Check with State Street Global Advisors to learn more. LinguTV is thrilled to have as a sponsor in that hardly another race offers so much action and change as the 24-hour race at the Nurburgring. Allegiant Air may not feel the same. Teach languages quickly and can be exciting, LinguTV proves with its new online training: interactive and entertaining videos as well as a modern incentive and reward system learners spur to pursue his goal. Efficient training and modern performance measurement in the obstacles on the course support video tutorials and download material such as video transcripts, vocabulary lists and MP3 files the learners and provide answers to grammar questions and understanding. True to the motto practice makes the master.”training sessions can be repeated as many times and played. With each new round, a complex control system, competence determined the improved performance and learning. Benefits for the individual time management LinguTV opened its users a whole new dimension of individual and flexible information recording.

Whether at home, in the Office or on the go LinguTV is accessible around the clock, around and around so that nothing in the way of a 24-hour language training. With the efficient online language learning LinguTV customers save time and achieve outstanding success in the near future. Learn much to the experienced racer Dirk Riebensahm, Christian Kohlhaas, Christopher Bruck and Wolfgang Kaufmann of the racing team of Michael Mintgen and Manfred Sattler don’t have to. On their American Dodge Viper GT3 8.3 liter V10 Coupe, the volcano-racing team for the 24 hours Nurburgring an Ascension weekend aiming Ranking among the top ten in the large group of GT3 cars on. Also you keep commonly known as always in the race, you start your personal learning Turbo. CONTACT: Philip Gienandt, LinguTV GmbH, Landsberger Allee 24 D-10249 Berlin / Germany phone: +49-(0)30-42802751 mobile: +49-(0)163-8585115 E-Mail: website: about LinguTV: LinguTV offers modern language training videos. The topic-specific video training geared to the special needs of businesses and individuals in an efficient training. The extensive online platform webTV includes entertaining videos, interactive games and many social network community “features such as video chat and learning group., “LinguTV won the world promised by the United Nations for the world’s best E-content services Summit Award 2009″in the category of e-learning and education”, was awarded the title by the jury of the European MEDEA Awards 2009 highly commended” and was awarded with the German IPTV Award 2008.

2011 Successful Best Prospects For 2012

Very pleased with portrait in 2011 the Photo Studio Fischer in Weinheim, near Heidelberg is fishermen from Weinheim an der Bergstrasse Photo Studio and moved in the Rhine-Neckar area, Mannheim extremely positive of year of of portrait of 2011. In its balance of portrait 2011 himself very satisfied fishermen from Weinheim Photo Studio and also its prospects for the coming year 2012 well. Further optimize of the homepage and the presentation in the social networking sites twitter and facebook, and foremost consistent putting on quality of the recording were crucial to the success up to the finished print. Consistent putting on quality by taking over the preparation to presentation and commitment to social networks such as facebook and twitter, and further optimize of the homepage was critical to success, says Petra Fischer. In these networks, the Photo Studio from Weinheim is represented each with its own corporate page the younger clientele has the opportunity immediately to all news and actions two photographers to access.

To the success of the year 2011 mainly business portraits, application photos, family and baby pictures, wore a big contribution with corresponding photos of pregnant women, as well as portraits of women and the aesthetic, black and white nude studies of the studios at. A well-known names have made the two as a wedding photographer in the Rhine Neckar area. The most brides and grooms, said Jurgen Fischer, booked the wedding package with an accompaniment of 7 hours. And so Sarah and Hendrik wrote after your Hochzeitsshooting on the feedback page of the website: we were satisfied with our Hochzeitsshooting.The result as well as the fun at the shoot was exactly our ideas. And the weather has even starred fortunately.

Absolutely recommend!” Optimistic, the photographer looks couple from Weinheim to the year 2012. Quite a few Wedding couples have already booked their appointments. The couple awaited the charity photo shoot for the Lions Club Weinheim on 28 and 29 January 2012 with. In addition to the already existing membership in the professional Portrait Club, the two January 2012 are represented also at the Federal of professional portrait photographers. Thus, our customers want to communicate we, so Petra and Jurgen Fischer, our professionalism in the field of portrait photography.