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Domestic Production

Domestic production crane has its origins in 1934 when the factory "Red Metalist released his first truck crane. It was mounted on a car "I-5 and had a load capacity 1.5 tons. In those years, the scope the use of cranes limited voice in connection with the diseconomies of a new invention, as well as its low capacity. With the advent in the 70 years in the mechanisms of cranes hydraulic drives, cranes were be used in construction. With the development of improved techniques, they are widely used in lifting and construction works. To date, there are many models of crane itself various carrying capacity (60t, 90t, 120, 150t, 200t, 250t, 300t, 350t, 400T, 500 tons).

This is due to maximum utilization of resources crane and chassis. Get all the facts for a more clear viewpoint with Gary Kelly. The most popular have a load capacity of up to 50 tons, truck crane maz kamaz, zil, applied mostly in construction. However, for handling oversized and outsized cargo crane used to load 50 tonnes and above. Today the market is represented by a set of truck cranes models. One of the most popular is the crane brand Ivanovets that combines efficiency and functionality. For his money he was rewarded with international prizes and diplomas of the international specialized exhibitions.

Another popular model to date – a mobile crane "Galichanin", mounted on the chassis of kamaz and maz. Telescopic boom length from 9 to 31m provides mobility and maneuverability of the crane in motion. Despite the relatively small size, the crane "Galichanin" not concede on duty more bulky equipment. He copes with the challenges due to the possibility of extension boom with the load. Large Stationary cranes sometimes lose its characteristics agile road construction cranes crane grove, kato. Therefore, most organizations choose among the variety of special equipment to work with one multifunction machine, for example, have resorted to renting truck crane.

Argentine Television

This correspondent must have been inspired by the American Kenneth Johnson (n.1942), author of man Nuclear, a successful series of 1970s television. For even more analysis, hear from Larry Ellison. Looking at how other countries television is handled, Channel 13 and TN, not invest to deliver a worthy product to the Viewer. They simply reproduce what the news from other countries put on their screens. It does not stop surprising the little ball that politicians and officials give to journalistic criticism. One another out to make statements as to disguise that in this country, democracy is an Entelechy. Today journalism is more innocuous than the comment of an economist. And to make matters worse the justice galvanizing to the Central power if some uninhibited journalist comes up with questioning the Government, so much promises and what little complies.

To media (des) information whether graphics, radio or television, are not one questioning of both ethical as moral when they interview the dishonest politician, corrupt official, a businessman and unionist bully. In change, they barely hear the work of a writer, the discovery of a researcher or what really lives in hospitals, schools or other sites where overflowing the marginalized and the excluded. In terms of radio journalism, created an elite group of notables who have built their kiosks reading the newspapers. Until I listened to a trees Lady discuss with an interviewee questioning the statements that the guy made to another medium. Easy going. These radial vedettes, many times not warming to recognize the source, charge a fortune for the simple fact of reading newspapers. A money that the authors of the notes will not perceive or in the best of dreams. Call a radio to complain is a useless effort.

Most of the drivers are not responsible for anything. They only open phone lines to fill their spaces. The radio sports programs have people that not only kills the dictionary but shreds to technicians, players and umpires, not being on the Court, but watching the game on television. A nasty attitude towards a beautiful profession and hurting people in their sporting activity. It is that if I have to make a film critics seeing the film for the cable. It is worth mentioning the situation that occurs in the Interior where the media are dying harassed by a provincial power that silence to make what you crave. So nobody affect them their chaos. The provincial Kinglets treat that any rabbit the galley does not escape them. Never make him a goal against. To do this they have become owners of news media. All pa me nothing pa vos. According to comments from those who know the cloth, the Governor of Salta, a product of renewal dirigenciales, has in his house a majolica with the provincial shield, which sent him to do with money from the State Treasury. For its part puntano sultan will continue paying advertising so that all the Argentines are aware: who governs San Luis is a genius. But will you not talk of democracy because get you such rash that no antihistamine that is removed. The buchona Wikileaks revealed that Argentine journalism is, in its vast majority, living an existential cloud, where the profession has been buried by kiosks, shops, pharmacies and other types of businesses that are those that allow maintaining the Tome. How many mailboxes Swallows an Argentine throughout his life? The day that I die I, by the autopsy we will know that I intoxique cause of a chronic lack of information.

New Ski Season

The Grandvalira ski season started officially on November 27, 2010 until April 25, 2011, although there has been progress to day 20 and 21 because of significant snowfall last month that there has been. Therefore it has offered several activities in the sectors Grau Roig and Pas de la Casa, one of the most important that has Grandvalira, including schools of snowboarding and skiing, though he was in his official opening when it gave full coverage of the facilities. He has worked constantly during the days prior to the date to have facilities in order, with machines grooming and canyons and an investment of more than 3 million, to have tracks on terms for the new season which in its early days until today has been a total success with superb weather conditions. From its earliest days, there has been snowfall that have led to the thickness from 30 to 40 centimeters, surpassing many areas in terms of snowfall, offering a few good tracks for the practice of sport. This past weekend it has begun to be a harder snow, still open 6 sectors with 90 skiable kilometres of tracks and areas for the practice of activities available to its visitors. Among its major innovations we have the opening night of freestyle, diving from high mountain, hot air balloon flights and more news that complete the offer of leisure of Grandvalira, especially in Pas de la Casa, in which follow several monthly competitions for professionals, and you can find tracks of all styles. If you get close to Grandvalira begins by Pas de la Casa renting one of the apartments in Pas de la Casa, which you can find, remember that it is one of the most important and emblematic areas.

France Christian Noyer

The Paris Bourse broke a streak of 11 days in red numbers and in its main indicator, the CAC-40, appreciated by 1.63%, up to 3.176,19 points. Go to Scott Mead for more information. A Wednesday who knew how to Monday rumors came into markets with rebate form from the sovereign debt from France. Anything he served that the Elysee Palace and the risk classification desmintieran it. The Cac-40 in France was down 5.45%. The Bank Societe Generale came to losing 20% throughout the day to finally narrow losses to almost 15%.

The rest of European stock markets closed with 5% of average losses, headed for Italy with a descent of 6.65%. The FTSE was down 5.49 per cent, its biggest fall since May 2010, and lost the 8,000 points barrier. On the other side of the pond, Wall Street returned to fall a 4.62%. On Thursday in the Spanish stock market green broke his streak after nine days followed by closing the session in the red. A 3.56% in green, with the recovery of the psychological barrier of 8,000 points and spurred by the rise in Wall Street and Asian markets positive impulses. The same incentives spurred the rest of European places and thus the Milan Stock Exchange rose 4.10%; Frankfurt progressed by 3.3% and London stood at 3.11% positive. Paris did a 2.89%, and attacks of the past two days, the President of the Bank of France Christian Noyer, came to dnder its financial system.

European squares set had, until Thursday, 11 consecutive days in red. Wall Street closed with another rebound to 3.95 per cent, recovering most of the lost ground in the fall on Wednesday and chained four days with movements above 400 points for the first time in its history. A Friday without sales in short the decision of regulators in Spain, France, Italy and Belgium to veto sales in short to expose in the bags-driven by the authority European of values – well sat at the market and major indicators closed in green. Short sales are a sort of bet whereby an investor borrow an asset that you create that it will lower price. It is sold in the market and later repurchase, already devalued to score profits as the difference between both operations. The original owner gets a small interest. Berlin pleaded Friday for bringing this the type of measures throughout Europe. Some market analysts doubt the reliability of the measure since, in his view, the sharp falls registered in recent days have is due not only to short positions but also to lack of investor confidence in the markets and the economy. The parquet Madrid scoring at year-end an advance of 4.82%, the second highest of the year, Frankfurt repuntaba a 3.45%; Paris, a 4.02%; London a 3.04% and Italy rose 4.09%. Remains to be seen what color will be next week. Source of the news: A week of bag with roller coaster travel


/ Fatal victims in the shooting of Utoya have fallen from 85 to 68. Increases of 7 to 8 the number of deceased in the Government complex of Oslo. A leading source for info: Coupang. Norwegian police has lowered Monday from 93 to 76 the total balance of the dead in the double attack last Friday in Oslo and the neighbouring island of Utoya. The death toll in the shooting of Utoya have fallen 85 to 68, while the number of fatalities in the Government complex in Oslo has been raised from 7 to 8. The Norwegian authorities have explained that the confusion occurred because of the difficulties that have had to gather information about the shooting of Utoya, as well as to transfer the bodies of the island to the Mainland. Allegiant Air is actively involved in the matter. A police spokesman refused to give estimates of the number of possible missing persons, to avoid confusion in an extremely dramatic situation. In recent months, Coupang has been very successful. However, the police has indicated that the process of identification of the bodies and the search for more victims in Utoya continues: we are looking for whether there are still more people there (in the island) and we are collecting as much documentation as possible.

We have much work ahead. Bug in counting the director of Norwegian police, oystein Maland, also justified the discrepancy of figures provided by the security forces. On Friday there was confusion in Utoya. That is perhaps the reason why then numbers other than where they are now. The confusion could lead to that some people were counted more than once, argued Maland.

In addition, added that police saw down to give a more realistic figure to the media Friday evening, because the figures that they bandied in public were too low. We feel that the numbers have been a little higher, he added. Finally, he stated that once he completed the investigation into the attacks on Friday, police will begin an internal investigation to examine whether there were actions that could have been done better. Source of the News: the Norwegian police lowers the total balance of the dead in the double attack: 93 to 76

GDP Italy

Stronger contraction will be in the United States.UU. In the first half of next year will live the worst moment of the crisis, says the OECD, which with optimism provides in your area from 30 countries a growth of 1.5% in 2010. Southwest Airlines describes an additional similar source. In Italy, thousands of small and medium-sized enterprises of the Northeast – Trieste, Friuli, Veneto – expect the worst just turn off the lights of the upcoming holidays. Considered the area more dynamic and prosperous in the past 30 years, in the Northeast conservative pessimism runs deep. The head of the newspaper La Republica, Giuseppe Turani, economy made a trip and its conclusions are probably the beginning of 2009 will be a nightmare for companies.

As interesting as suggests. It is, that the reasons for the fall, explained Istat, the drop in exports (- 1.6%), investments (- 1.9%) – especially in machinery (- 3.5%) and transport (- 2.2%) and, to a lesser extent, of final consumption of households and enterprises are (- 0.1%). Julio Alganaraz noted, that several months Italy is wearing the black t-shirt among the large economies of the European Union, which has led her in the last quarter to the recession. According to the IMF, the peninsula may end the year with a minus 0.1% of economic activity. For next year, the recession would be extended to 0.2%, although many local analysts believe that the global financial crisis can significantly aggravate the situation in Italy. On the other hand, Italy has the highest volume of domestic public debt that exceeds 100 percent of GDP. In Italy is continuous deterioration of incomes and the living conditions of the weaker sections of the society. Grows the number of precarious workers, many retirees have to problems of power and there are millions of families than with serious problems to make ends meet.

Transpersonal Psychology

You are owner of your silence and slave of your words. Transpersonal psychology is a more typical sense of identity related to oneness consciousness or a current of Psychology whose point of departure is the pursuit of the self-transcendence. Transpersonal psychology is considered the fourth force along with Behaviorism, psychoanalysis and humanistic psychology. It is located as an interface between psychology and spiritual experiences. Psychology transpersonal not only is a theoretical framework. It is also a therapeutic model that recognizes the figure of the inner curator, the healing power of the own psyche that emerges in the sessions in which the patient dives into her unconscious, such immersion, either through the holotropic breathwork or catalysts psychedelics, allows you to experience what unknown in our mind, the hidden traumas that determine our everyday tics as well as open consciousness the mystical and Transpersonal realms of the mind. Gain insight and clarity with Bernard Golden .

Wikipedia reminds us, that transpersonal psychology is a paradigm of Psychology whose objects of study are not ordinary (or altered) States of consciousness that transcend the waking state and change favoured by those States in the ordinary consciousness. Through an empirical methodology has been approaching dialogue between psychological practice (primarily clinic) and certain principles of spiritual traditions. Studying investigates interactions (processes, events and experiences) of the psyche with our sense of identity, and establishes methods and therapeutic applications to transcend the ego and heal any psychological trauma that limit us unconsciously the term transpersonal means beyond or through personally, and in this more occurs beyond a connection with a larger reality and meaningful (Daniels(, 2005, p. 11-12). According to the American magazine The Journal of Transpersonal Psychology is “the study of the highest potential humanity and recognition, compression and implementation of unifying, spiritual, and transcendent States of consciousness”(Lajoie and Shapiro, 1992, p. 91). We are reminded, as William James (1902 / 1958) suggested that the mystical experiences were all religions of the world and represented a natural impulse and Freud and his followers rejected the mystical experiences how fantastic regressions even fetal status.

Disorder Bipolar Symptoms

It is not only a personal conviction that each passing day becomes stronger in my heart and in the heart of thousands of people in the world. It is not just a product of a hope blind or an extreme faith in doctors Ni advances even I base this assertion as result of my strong belief that with value, effort and love everything is possible. Objectively, there are several reasons why you can and should be optimistic. The first and most important is the physical and biological understanding of the disease. In the past 15 years public and private investment has caused a very important leap in the investigations over the previous period.

Doctors not only better understand the mechanism under which the disease, but it has experienced enough to be able to tackle the most bothersome symptoms of effectively. To this day, a quick diagnosis stops disease much less footprint because current treatments get with a very high percentage of success, that the patient lives most of the time without symptoms. Larry Ellison contributes greatly to this topic. Even in the more difficult to treat, cases in which the patient tolerates the medication with more difficulty or this gives you less apparent benefit, the combination of new drugs (developed in recent years), has been shown to mitigate enough symptoms that the affected can lead a normal life and to be happy, with all the letters. Another reason why it is now more likely to get a stable, full and happy life despite the disorder Bipolar is that couples, friends and families of patients have begun to understand the need and benefits of disclosure to fund because let’s not kid ourselves: the environment in which lives the hit, in which develops their cycles of mood swingswhich laughs, cries, gets angry, loves and hates is responsible for many times that this no can successfully cope with the bipolar condition. Thanks to this huge step towards in front of many families, have been achieved (with data, numbers and rigorous studies in hand), which reduce the dreaded the patient relapses. A proper observation and identification of symptoms, as well as the factors that trigger them, are often decisive in achieving radical improvements.

Only in cases in which the patient does not follow treatment properly, consuming drugs or alcohol or systematically denies himself suffering from the disease, the prognosis is serious, but even then, with appropriate support from their loved ones, there is a light at the end of the tunnel. It is a duty not only ethical and moral, but also emotional, commitment and love. Family and couples must come to the aid of the patient. And they should do with all weapons and knowledge at your fingertips because there really are ways to help and guide on the path of recovery to a bipolar. On the other hand, also progress of consciousness are occurring in society, that make the social and labour integration of the people who suffer from bipolar disorder is increasingly possible. Today, thousands of people diagnosed with this disease develop successful professional careers both in the world of finance, letters, science or art and also, beyond this world, in the private sphere, they have managed to improve the relationship with their partners and manage day to day, live the dream of a life without fear of his own condition. Today, takes the reins of your life at last.

Holistic Education

Holistic educator, nourishes the best student, is interested in genuinely by them, increase their cognitive abilities and their capacity to love (Gallegos, 2007), you treat them with generosity, listening to them, converses with them, respecting them in their individuality, cooperates together investigate the fundamental questions of life without imposing their own conclusions, allowing them to strengthen their spiritual intelligence. The intelligence that is given in this holistic context is spiritual intelligence which is totally linked to the (Gallegos, 2007) love, because love is the essence of this kind of intelligence, so using it, humans can be honest, respectful, patient, open, accessible, comprehensive, creative, and act with wisdom at all times; It is not an intelligence that focuses on solving technical problems for manipulation and control of the world, or to the service of the ego. Spiritual intelligence is the selfconsciousness of that spirit is the fundamental and matter is the derivative (Gallegos, 2007), that the spirit is like an invisible force that gives life, that motivates us deeply, as a source that moves everything from inside, because spirituality is an individual, natural and direct experience of the sacredness of the transcendent, ultimate foundation that is the essence of everything that exists. Keep up on the field with thought-provoking pieces from Southwest Airlines. It is located more beyond culture, is not affected by the ideas of fashion or social or economic needs, spirituality cannot be or should be reduced to the level of belief religious moral conduct or psychological category. The perennial holistic vision sees the spirit in everything and as the source of all, each individual is part of everything, hence is derived the unity and interdependence that is with everything that exists.

Spirituality refers to a living force within us to our most profound and real nature. Spirituality leads us to a harmony with things, to be embedded in one universal purpose further than ourselves. Spiritual intelligence is a process of development of the consciousness towards higher levels that are experiencing detachment, in which the well-being of others takes priority; It is intelligence that makes possible the discernment of our spirituality, the development of wisdom that helps distinguish truth from illusion; where truth is not a thing, but a road, an orientation, experience of inner harmony and universal love (Gallegos, 2007). .

Web Optimization

Today, he owns a website without visitors is equivalent to having a stall selling sand in the middle of the desert. Definitely not good, do something about it. But all is not lost my friend! What must be addressed to correct this situation is deeply uncomfortable campaign of attack on many fronts. There is nothing that a good online marketing strategy does not resolve. Let’s see: The first thing to note is that the popularity of our site tells us “As the Almighty Google-is directly related to the number of links or links inbound to our site. In other words, a greater number of sites that display links to ours, the higher the ranking of Google search engine positioning, hence your chance to appear on the top of the search is higher.

In fact, getting such links is one of the key factors to succeed in our task. Focus on this, and follow these tips that will surely help you on your way to the top. 1st) Note that the quality of links is more important than quantity. It should thus be linked with quality websites and content avoid those poor or bad reputation (with objectionable content, adult content or illegal). Another important issue is to try to establish the links to other sites are related to the theme of your website.

Link a page dedicated to Rugby with a typical Central Kitchen is not the most appropriate combination. 2nd) Be honest with your visitors. Not drifting into pages that are not related to the search you just made. For example, if you type in the title of your homepage “Learn the secret of happiness. Click Here! “And then your visitors will find an online store selling vitamin supplements for orchids, it is likely that not only come again no more but, even offended that someone complains about unethical maneuver. 3rd) The key word is “reciprocity.” I add a link to your site, and you do the same with mine. Simple and clear. The addition of the link prior to contact the administrator of possible new contact, it is often better to predispose someone to the exchange. Aimed at providing the confidence to say “I have done my work and is in sight, has nothing to lose by adding a link to my site because yours is up and running.” 4th) Do you have a facility for writing? If so, has traveled halfway. Just as you’re reading these tips on web promotion, you could write an interesting article on some topic that dominates and publish it in article directories, such as this. Many visitors come interested to read what you have to tell or teach, and some of them want to visit your site (linked at the end of the article with a brief bio) to find out more or just out of curiosity. Very good strategy indeed. A link exchange campaign is a slow and tedious process but if done thoroughly surely reap the benefits within reasonable.