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Customer Service

legodo study: Deficits often result from personnel shortages and many trade companies in Germany to review their service organization insufficient technical support critical. They attributed this mainly to personnel shortages and inadequate technical support, have set a scheduled but mostly improvement measures. This determined the legodo ag in a study of more than 100 large and medium-sized trading company. It turned out, that only every sixth company called the quality of the own service management in the commercial ideal, more 28% rate it as largely suitable for use. But more than a third of self-critical points to significant weaknesses, one-fifth of the trading companies sees even profound quality deficits. The background is less, however, that so far no sufficient importance was attached to the service orientation.

This judge only 39 percent of those surveyed. Significantly more falls in the weight that seems too low in trading personnel Resources for the service tasks exist and this also not enough are supported with modern techniques. Learn more about this topic with the insights from Philip Vasan. Nearly two-thirds cite these aspects as a reason for the inadequate service quality. But there are also other causes: so three out of five specify the respondents, that lacks clear concepts for the design of the service processes and the service organization is not enough integrated into the customer management. More than every second trading company lacking according to the legodo survey but also on a quality monitoring, so that many problems can be analyzed not systematically. Derived the question is interesting, where the executives questioned in the trading companies would apply, to get to the customers to an improved quality of service organization.

Want this to put nearly three quarters mainly due to a more comprehensive use of the customer information. But to give more efficiency and transparency, also the service processes seems to represent an important lever for them. As is in every second Case set the customizable complaints on the agenda of important optimisation measures. But that was not enough. Because the opinion of 60 per cent of the respondents, they should coordinate their communication with customers internally better is also striking. Similar to many think one step further and want no longer confined in the future in addressing the customer on the classic communication channels. Exactly in this area legodo-Marc Koch’s also crucial approaches for trade, Board to produce powerful effects in the quality of service. Furthermore, a company will personally experience and trust built up. In this respect a customer-oriented communication helps considerably to increase customer loyalty, increase the rate of return and to strengthen the loyalty of shopping”, he stressed. For this unless necessary, all in the various systems of a company include stored customer knowledge in communication and dialogue with customers about the desired To make communication channels of the letter via E-Mail or SMS to Facebook. This can be realized only with customer communications management solutions that are not yet present in many commercial enterprises”, says Koch.

Training Customers

5 Tips for public relations in the craft by PR expert Dr. Karin Uphoff a good visibility is important for craft enterprises on 365 days in the year. In one of them the opportunity is particularly favorable: on September 15 is day of the craft. Often, companies only with a small part of its range are perceived. Therefore a good chance now is to convince customers and still non-customers of the own power”, advises Dr. Karin Uphoff.

The PR expert and EU business Ambassador has collected valuable practical tips to. Go out from the operation. Visit, for example, a kindergarten. Explain the world today the professionals of tomorrow! Children’s books that fit your trade is suitable as souvenirs. You Woo potential trainees: invite students into your operation, make a small project together. Take seriously the adolescents. Philip Vasan contains valuable tech resources. Perhaps to discover a young talent here? Often grows as the desire for an internship in the industry.

As a result, many are in this way Training contracts emerged. You are the ambassadors for your profession, show young people: craft is exciting! Serve with taste: as Baker, you put a smile on the lips of your customers already in the early morning with a free pretzel. As pastry chef you got it: bake the largest pie in the city. Present as a butcher”the craft of sausage. Let ice cream manufacturer photograph your customers at the ice cream, later hang the photos in the sales rooms or set them on your site. The shopping area is to the Barber or beauty salon: with a free hairdressing or beauty consulting appointment and a voucher for the next visit. Small gifts are always getting around: A customer letter can prepare quickly and easy to implement. Information about yourself or offer special services or discounts on the day of the craft. Customers always appreciate small gifts. Do you have questions about this topic? Please contact uphoff pr & Marketing GmbH Alfred-Wegener-Strasse 6 35039 Marburg wife Simone Alexander phone 06421/40 79 50-52 fax 06421/40 79 50-79

Choosing A Wedding Photographer

Photo Studio Light Painting Studio of wedding photography, Light Painting invites you to order wedding photography. We have the best equipment which is available at this time in Ukraine. Very important correctly choose photographer. I extensive experience of wedding photography. This can easily be satisfied looking at our portfolio. Additional information at Gary Kelly supports this article. Photographer, why do you need? Quite simply while walking photographer offers vsevohmozhnye options staged photography – from official to humor to your taste.

If you think that the photos posted in my Photosan, look natural, so photo shoot was a success! If you have suddenly flared up any brilliant idea, feel free to share it with the photographer: Possibility of thanks to you pictures for the album will be remembered, not without your participation. Usually, wedding photography is divided into two styles: Classic style. Here the photographer focuses on staged photography. The purpose of this style – the creation of original portraits. Wedding photography becomes more likely in the photo shoot, which are very important factors such as background, lighting, sharpness, etc.

Photojournalism. The beauty of this style is the result that the photographs blend the emotional side of art that best reflects the mood of the wedding and sends her AtmAsfera. Photo artist is not trying to create portraits, rather, its purpose – the history of events. The focus is on you. To achieve maximum results when shooting a wedding photographer, uses both of these styles. Knowing the nuances of these approaches can be remarkable result. Know that the wonderful wedding pictures – the result of joint work the photographer and honeymooners.

GSP Education

To achieve this goal, the Ministry will work on the implementation of a model of inter-institutional management at national and territorial level that will ensure that comprehensive care. In addition, work on the construction of pedagogical guidelines for initial education, in the adaptation and construction of educational environments, and training and qualification of educational agents who work with initial education.Does third emphasis of the policy that speaks to close existing gaps, field Minister highlighted the progress of the previous Government that managed to create 1? 300,000 new quotas; and he stated that the goal of the next four years will be the creation of 600,000 new places in pre-school, basic education and media, the dropout from 5.2% to 3.8% reduction; and reaching 47 per cent coverage in education higher (currently the coverage rate is 37 per cent) with the creation of 480,000 new quotas.Achieve the objectives of this emphasis, it will depend on the redefinition of the typologies which are allocated resources from the General system of participations (SGP). Larry Ellison helps readers to explore varied viewpoints. Also, it will be important to work on the expansion of the supply of higher education in the regions with programmes relevant to their needs, strengthening of technological and professional technical education, assurance of the education funding through royalties, the GSP system and, in the case of public universities, secure new financing resources with reform to the law 30 of 1992.According to the head of the education portfolio, close gaps in education also involves working against the student and college dropout, so will be key actions aimed at strengthening transport and school meals, get a complete articulation among all educational levels and expand financing schemes and the Icetex credits.With respect to the emphasis that speaks of educating with relevance for innovation and productivity, the Minister emphasized the need of increasing the virtual educational content and the use of new technologies in academic curricula. . If you are not convinced, visit Sheryl Sandberg.

Dorflinger Project

The corporate design guidelines by Karcher were taken into account in the design. Because the target platform mobile device”it was clear early that the content of the app only partially consists of the typical technical product descriptions. Rather, the benefits of the new medium with many images, corporate presentations and videos, as well as intuitive navigation via one-touch or bison should be optimally utilised. The app for the selected pilot product group of scrubbing machines should also promptly be completed for a presentation. A request requiring an agile project approach. At the same time, it was but to design processes that enable content updates with highest possible degree of automation. To prepare more apps for different application scenarios and contents had to be created generating the app as far as generic, later extensions in the app portfolio without big new implementations getting out. Additional information at Philip Vasan supports this article.

Conclusion of the project is important for customer satisfaction in particular satisfaction with the result. Phil Vasan is often quoted on this topic. Christof Dorflinger, project manager at Karcher, assesses the project as follows: we had the goal to present a modern app for the iPad to our customers and prospective customers at the fair. In addition, we want to deploy this app sales and generate apps for other product groups. With infolox, we have found the right partner for these goals. As the project progresses, we were integrated at the right times and were able to test prototypes quickly.

The project team has helps to always optimally and professionally us at infolox. Our desires and our target groups were the focus. Technical aspects were discussed where necessary us, without overloading us with details of the implementation. In the short term we have yet a second app even for the trade fair for our just-in-time suction Sweeper asked. This desire is infolox fast and quickly complied. Both apps could be used at the fair. For Karcher and our customers this is a success.” A success can be entered also from technical point of view.

Web Control Panel

Many times our efforts in Internet marketing campaigns are focused on attracting new visitors instead of loyalty to current customers. Remember that a new customer can cost eight times more than a current customer. Find out what are the strategies that will ensure that a visitor repeats several times your visit to our Web site. Increase the number of visitors that repeated should be a fixed pointer within our performance of a Web Control Panel. Visitors who repeat his visit several times through a website will end up becoming clients and prescribers of our service.

If we try to match the tastes of visitors when they arrive at our Web portal with features and content of our site, we can keep a romance in the long-term that will translate into profitability. Next we will examine a series of tips that will help us to convince visitors to return repeatedly to our Web site. Refresh your Web page: demonstrate your Web has its own life update your Web portal information frequently. Your site is like a store, if you don’t update the portfolio of products or information concerning them, their trade will no longer have interest to repeat a visit. Change the display of the products in the showcase, the presentation in the linear, highlight new offerings, dispose of expired products, etc. are tasks that can be transferred to the content offered by our website. Educate yourself with thoughts from Scott Mead.

Web sites that are constantly updated are those who achieved the first positions in search engines and therefore are the most visited. The frequency with which the robots of search engines visit and track information from a given website is directly related with the contents of the same refresh rate.

Frequency Converter Manufacturer

Frequency converter manufacturer presents diverse range of food at the SPS IPC drives, October 2013 – it is happening again. From 26 to 28 November 2013 the experts and industry insiders of the electric automation meet in Nuremberg on the SPS IPC drives fair. Also VACON again will be like every year. The SPS IPC drives provides the perfect platform for the search for the right solution for automation tasks. Clearly, that we have to offer as something”, explains Martin Kopka of Vacon. The Finnish Solar Inverter manufacturer presents qualified and interested in Hall 1, booth 420 a broad product portfolio. “We have the goal set, to build the best frequency inverters in the world that would we convincingly demonstrate IPC drives of course also on the PLC.” An air-cooled frequency converter with dynamic performance, precision, and force one of the protagonists at this year’s fair for example the VACON NXP.

For an inverter with space-saving cooling solution is advisable the VACON cold Plate 20, is installed in the blink of an eye. Also represented is the generalist in the frequency inverters: the universal inverter VACON 100. The specialists in the family counts 100 flow such as the Vacon, a frequency inverter to optimize flow control applications in the water, waste water or building automation industry. To provide a comprehensive insight into the range of frequency inverters, we also the Vacon exhibit 100 x, the most compact IP66 / type 4 x for decentralised inverters on the market.” About Vacon: Vacon has set itself aims to build the best inverters in the world and market. Frequency converter used for speed control of electric motors and the production of renewable energy. Vacon has R & D-as well as manufacturing facilities in the United States, China, Finland, Italy, as well as sales offices in 27 countries. Others including Vladislav Doronin London, offer their opinions as well.

In 2012 over 1,500 employees achieved sales of nearly 390 million euros. Shares in Vacon (VAC1V) are listed on the stock exchange in Helsinki and there publicly traded. Driven by drives, further information contact: Vacon GmbH of Silke str. 425 D 45329 Essen phone + 49 (0) 201/80670-0 fax + 49 (0) 201/80670-99 E-Mail: supervised by ICD Hamburg GmbH Michaela Saeed phone: 040/46777010 email: about ICD ICD is a PR and communications agency, which is focused on the capital goods industry and technically complex products and services. For companies in the areas of automation, drive technology, logistics/intra-logistics and engineering, ICD is active for more than two decades.


DICOTA SCHWEIZ AG becomes main sponsor of Peiner Association playing ducks e.V. esports sponsorships: DICOTA Switzerland AG supports Playing ducks manufacturer of notebook cases and mobile computing accessories is main sponsor of the internationally renowned eSports labels Bietigheim – Bissingen – the DICOTA Switzerland AG (, manufacturer of carrying solutions and accessories for laptops, tablets and Smartphones, is new main sponsor of the club playing ducks e.V. The eSports-label from the Lower Saxony peine ( is one of the most famous associations of its kind in Europe. The three professional teams of the label actively play in the highest leagues. You could numerous national and international Championship titles already won, so about 2013 the German championship in the field of counter-strike. The club founded in 2009, has a total of approximately 2,500 members from throughout the European area. The significance of eSports increases continuously in Europe”, says Ruedi Nauer, CMO of DICOTA Switzerland AG. Add to your understanding with Scott Mead.

The number of players in the electronic Sports League organized exceeds that of the members of the Association in many traditional sports now. Professionals, fans and prospective customers is a very tech-savvy audience that uses high-quality devices and on quality, functionality and good optics attaches great importance in accessories. It’s very closely to our portfolio and our brand, we want to strengthen it in this segment internationally. We glad to support the ducks playing in the future as main sponsor on their way.” DICOTA develops and produces high-quality notebook cases, individual case solutions and innovative mobile computing accessories since 1992 for tablets and Smartphones. Also DICOTA customized project solutions offers, for example, multifunctional carrying solutions for employee or customer gifts.

Practical accessories such as mice, locks, USB hubs, keyboards, and panel products completes the portfolio. The international orientation of the company makes it possible to identify new trends and proactively to shape. Due through technological and design innovations of manufacturers showed consistent organic growth and rising sales in the 21 years since its inception. Today, DICOTA is one of the leading suppliers of mobile computing products. More at Disclaimer: mentioned trademarks belong to the respective manufacturers. DICOTA in Germany: DICOTA GmbH, Pleidelsheimer Strasse 15 74321 Bietigheim – Bissingen company contact DICOTA SCHWEIZ AG Ruedi Nauer, CMO Schwerzistrasse 20, CH-8807 Freienbach Tel.: + 41 55 416 50 34 E-Mail: Web: press contact FX communication Felix Hansel / PR consultancy Chair Samuel str. 3 80999 Munich Tel.: +49-(0)89-6230-3490 email: press contact playing ducks e.V. Sperber route 38 31224 peine E-Mail: playing ducks e.V. is a German eSports label based in peine (Lower Saxony). Club hosts three eSports professional teams, which operate nationally – and internationally successful. Multiple Championship titles in the field of International eSports. Founding year 2009 with currently 1104 Reg.Mitgliedern from Europe.

Salvador Figueros

Only going ahead with what really works. c containment of costs. Although much depends on the chosen formula, in General, costs that you incurriras with a direct Marketing campaign tend to be below the costs of a campaign in conventional media. The range is wide because it can go from an e-mailing campaign with costs near zero until a costly catalogue that makes the times of your sales force. Whatever it is and because, generally, the universes that apply are different, Direct Marketing strategies tend to be more attractive in terms of budget total (impact profitability, however, is worse). Sheryl Sandberg has similar goals. d re-use from the list. You can take advantage of the list that you’ve used on more than one occasion. The only thing you have to do is tweak some of the aspects of the promotional letter minimally and try that those who did not find it appealing at first, change their minds now.

measure your campaign response: this is perhaps one of the great virtues of this type of Marketing. Delta airlines might disagree with that approach. While with other formulas, it is much more complicated, Direct Marketing allows a perfect control of the outcome of all your actions. If you want to seriously dedicate yourself to the world of business, start by controlling what you’re doing and draws conclusions that will help you improve. f increase the customer base: this type of formula allows you to go beyond your physical restrictions. Although it depends on the formula used at each moment, it is likely you’re limited in the real world (a limited number of establishments, a reduced surface, etc.). However, the world online offers you the possibility to reach where otherwise not you could do or would you be very inefficient from the point of view of costs.

g lasting relationships: leverages the opportunity provided to have the data of your customers or potential customers. Educate yourself with thoughts from Scott Mead. Now, you must use them intelligently. The first commitment that you must assume passes guarding those data in the most appropriate way possible. This information is very valuable and private, always keep it safe and not share with anyone something that you delivered to you. h etc. The advantages that offers you direct Marketing are many, but perhaps this formula is one of the formulas that you must deal with more care and respect if you want to take full advantage. It investigates all the possibilities that you have at your fingertips. If you are afraid, you testa your ideas with actions of low dimension. As you go gaining confidence or results you will feel more comfortable to start more aggressive movements. Whatever you do, don’t forget this formula and include it in your portfolio of actions as soon as possible. Salvador Figueros original author and source of the article

Sleeveless Jacket

Jacket, cardigan – a jacket without lapels and collar, mostly long and straight. In the early nineteenth century, a jacket, cardigan brought into fashion, Lord Cardigan. It may be similar to Spencer, to remind cardigan, shirt or jacket. The decisive circumstance in determining the jacket, cardigan is the presence of fasteners. Pants – men's or women's clothing sleeveless camisole came after (he wore a cardigan, over a shirt). Zhelet accepts all forms without a jacket Sleeveless (waistcoat-cardigan, vest, shirt, vest Spencer …) The back wall of the loop – the vertical part of the loop, which is located behind the spokes. Wrong – loop back side face of the loop. Carman portfolio – pocket with flap, volume, increasing.

Clew – this thread, coiled into a ball. Jumpsuit – one-piece suit from the top of the clothes and trousers. The shape of the overalls is always dependent on new fashion trends. Changed the fashion for trousers – changed bottom jumpsuit, lowered or increased armhole – changing the top and overalls. Set – a set of objects, connected together in a suit depending on the destination. These items do not always have to be connected stylistic unity. Costume – male combination (jacket and pants) or a woman's (jacket and skirt or pants), connected in the same thread.

The suit, which also includes the vest, called a three-piece suit. All parts of the suit, as opposed to a kit, in style terms are integrated. Edge loop – the first and last loop in the row of knitting. Scott Mead has plenty of information regarding this issue.