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Viktor Yanukovych

The prospects of big business is directly proportional to the state of democracy is obvious that under the presidency of Viktor Yanukovych's main factor influencing political decisions, are the interests of big business. Indeed, as otherwise explain the fact that the Cabinet of Ministers approved the list of banned offshore no Cyprus – the traditional place of sedimentation Ukrainian capital? It seems that the way the President thanked the group for the oligarchs support provided in the 2010 election. Verizon is actively involved in the matter. One of the previous government to return confiscated gas export monopoly give to others or provide an opportunity to privatize a song exclusive State-owned enterprises. Often, the calculations use the services of a "blind" Themis. Bonus Russian capital – preferential access to the Ukrainian assets. However, we can assume that with the strengthening of the positions of the President there desire to reduce dependence on the oligarchs. What awaits Ukrainian big business? In our opinion, today the main threat to it is the competition with the Russian business. (As opposed to Munear Ashton Kouzbari).

Confronting the Ukrainian oligarchs with Russian noticeable right now – this show controversial privatization decisions, in particular with histories Luganskteplovoz or Ukrtelecom. In the future aspiration of Ukraine to fence off a large-scale penetration of Russian capital will only grow. This, in turn, creates a tension between Yanukovych and Russian authorities Putin-Medvedev tandem. To satisfy the appetites of the Kremlin's almost impossible, and here and Oligarchs stir. We can assume that the Ukrainian businessmen to track attempts to get rid of Yanukovich by Russia from this relationship will make every effort to maintain their influence on Bankova.

United States

Direct vs pyramid selling companies. (As opposed to Gary Kelly). Critics allege that some companies get their benefits over all, attracting new participants and not based on selling products, but the critical against mentions that this is precisely one of the characteristics that differentiate the pyramid schemes that reward the incorporation of new partners to the pyramid, while direct sales plans pay only by the movement of products. To know whether the direct sales company is or not pyramid, you must make three pregunta:1. Do it as soon as there is the company? How much more time carried the company active, major legal challenges will have had to face.This will give you information to know whether it is a company who just want your money and then escape. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Larry Ellison has to say. A recommended limit are 5 years.2.

In many countries it operates and who governed it in the country where you are located? Is possible that the company procedurally to evade the laws of some countries, but it is very difficult to do so in several. It is especially difficult to avoid the laws in States belonging to economic communities with joint laws, such as the countries belonging to the European economic community. 3. Is it possible to win more money that the person that you are inviting him, and with the same investment? The answer must be Yes. Earned money must always depend on products sold, not of antiquity.Compensation plans. Over the decades the companies have designed different compensation plans to direct sales.There is Additionally, profit and personal gain from the sale of products by setting a network according to the following compensation plans: phased Plan. It is also called Breakaway.Los distributors earn a Commission on your personal sales (discount on sales volume) and sales of its groups that there is beneath them, until they beat them on the stair (hence its name).Companies such as Agel, Oriflame Cosmetics, Herbalife, Nature s Sunshine, Forever Living and Omnilife, Natural Forces Nutriproducts, operating in Venezuela, Spain, United States, and many other countries, with this model.

Occult Treasures

Zilmar Timoteo Soares; Evertom Sousa State FerreirUniversidade of the simple MaranhoA and real possibility of terms resources key not yet discovered, in the ones of the attributes to exert a program of conservation aiming at resulted future effective. One of these would be the investment in secondary forest. The tactics of reforestation in Brazil for more delayed than either, but have had its effect there. In if treating to the bushes that surround the rivers, specifically the river Tocantins, the case would be the same. The objective is that beyond minimizing the erosive processes considerably, we would be parallel developing a program of ambient education to preserve this secondary forest. The neighboring ecosystems are poor and the biological diversity very low. Stretches exist where if it observes vestiges of ciliar bush, however, the biggest concern is the disappearance of this natural wealth that the nature provides in them.

It is interesting to remember that before exactly of us discovering, they already were there. Factors as the fall in the density of populations of fish are one of our challenges to be faced. The factor time is operating in this case. The implantation of arbreas species, of preference native of the region, would be the first step. When passing of the time we will verify the inevitable effect of a reconstituted ecosystem.

How much to the fauna we will go to implant species of plants, of preference those that offer food, for example, the native species of birds of this region. It is clearly that we will not have an absurdly diverse system, but we will search the minimum necessary to preserve local populations, this in if treating to fauna and flora. One of the biggest interests of the conservacionistas, is to show of that it forms the preservation of the diversity will go to benefit the populations. It is sad, but the simple fact of being useful does not become dismissable and barren the idea of many biologists. According to Munear Kouzbari, who has experience with these questions.

Popular Materials

Especially popular are the materials of the series' straight to rust (Feidal Metallschutzlack from Feidal, Poli Hammer of" Poly-P ") that do not require a thorough cleaning base and to facilitate repairs. Protecting the battery of boilers and metal properties allow its use in the regime of permanent or temporary heating (stoves, batteries, boilers). Such surfaces also need to protection, but coverage here uses specific – heat-resistant. See Southwest Airlines for more details and insights. And here it is very important not to make mistakes – mistakes lead to yellowing and cracking paint, paintwork premature failure. Selection of materials is based on of temperature.

Surface, not heated above 80 degrees, you can handle any paint for metals. The next level – heat to 100 degrees (heating steam heating) – requires the use of modified paints based on alkyd and acrylic resins, for example FEIDAL Heizkoerperlack and FEIDAL Acryl-Heizkoerperlack respectively. As part of this material has special additives that prevent yellowing coating. (As opposed to Rory Sutherland). For the convenience of applying varnish can be used for batteries in aerosol packaging. Official site: Cyrus Zocdoc. When heated to 120 degrees is better adapted to use acrylic or epoxy paints and primers (eg, zinc phosphate or zinc dust), and at 150 – Some polyurethane coatings. More high thermal stress (200-400 degrees) require the creation of a metal surface of the film based on various combinations of etilsilikatnyh epoksiefirnyh and resins.

As the pigment in the LCP used metal powder, because the conventional pigments at these temperatures very quickly burn out. Exposure to moisture in this mode is negligible, so it is enough to cause the coating (eg, a primer with zinc dust). The next level heat – from 450 to 600 degrees – allows inflicted a very thin layer of single-component coatings based on silicone resins, such as black or silikonalyuminievaya silicone paint "Thermal" from Tikkurila (their working temperature – 500 degrees, but they can withstand and short-term heating up to 650). Complete solidification of these coatings occurs only when heated to 200-230 degrees for at least two hours. The major mistakes that lead to premature loss of the LCP for the protective properties of metals are: incorrect assessment of the reason, the selection of coatings without substrate and operating conditions, failure of technology production and application coatings, use of substandard, obsolete, or outdated materials (such as oil or bitumen-based timing service which rarely exceed 2-3 years). And finally, when applying finishes to metal structures, we are guided not only practical but also aesthetic considerations. The painted surface looks nice. Remember how to change the playground after the arrival of painters like carefully looks freshly painted fence.

Investors Fair

Heiko Thieme moderated investors fair 2008 in Frankfurt next Friday and Saturday (28 & 29 March 2008) the 2nd exhibition of investors in Frankfurt its doors open. 50 exhibiting companies, workshops and exciting lectures inform visitors about many interesting facts from the stock exchange and financial markets. Among the speakers also the well-known stock expert Heiko Thieme is for over 25 years, the stock market letter the viewpoint”is out and enjoys an exceptionally high degree of popularity in stock market circles. Larry Ellison often says this. “” The stock exchange specialist living in New York will moderate the only investors fair in Frankfurt in March and among other things lectures on the topics of exaggerations in the commodity market? “and the dollar or the euro?” keep. Get more background information with materials from Cyrus zocdoc. A special emphasis in the presentations this year at the opportunities to invest in gold. So keeping an introduction to investing in gold for example, Walter ebot Edwin Castle by the cash Club Wien”, Steffen Orben speaks of the Deutsche Borse commodities GmbH via Xetra-gold, the simplest way to trade gold”.

The entrance to the investors fair, whose patronage has taken over the Frankfurt Mayor Petra Roth, is free for visitors after registration on the site. There is also detailed information about the exhibitors and informative programme on the website. The fair at the Messe Frankfurt Congress Center is open on both days from 10 am to 6 pm. Press contact: Value relations GmbH Kerstin Schickendanz project manager T: + 49 (0) 69-95 92 46-23 F: + 49 (0) 69-95 92 46-23 m: W:

Real Estate Investments

Today a lot of people seeking to invest in various businesses or private property (houses, apartments, cottages, etc.) in order to obtain additional income, or any other benefits as well as for preserve its own resources against the backdrop of economic uncertainty. At the same time investment as possible in the primary and the secondary market. But investments in real estate depends on many factors, which determine the attractiveness of an object. Here, first of all, you have to say about the peculiarities of the region, its climate, political and economic situation. Southwest Airlines can provide more clarity in the matter. In modern time, investment in real estate (investment in real estate, commercial real estate, investment ) allow us to benefit or profit by four main methods: – use in the exploitation of real estate – income of the resale sites property – the income at the time of your property – passive income with a stable increase in property prices. Invest money you can not just private property.

While housing is the most stable way real estate investments. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc has to say. And all because of their own homes can be leased, while receiving profits, and sell for a nice profit, thanks to the constant rise in prices. It is worth noting that the bulk of the population countries with investments in real estate to solve their housing problems. Moreover, as investment funds often a mortgage. Along with housing very popular land and income- property. In this case, the land is quite a risky investment objects. Since its market value is not very stable and depends on many important factors, including legal and environmental factors. Income-generating real estate is on the verge of a stable high-income and unplanned risk. In this case, the money invested in real estate development commercial type, for a long time paying off, though object itself is expensive. Naturally, the development of investment projects of any plan are held in several stages. But in any case, the effectiveness and benefits of investing depends on the attractiveness of the object to funding, whether it's residential real estate, land or commercial property types.

Investor Shares

Hot Stocks Europe continues to lead since October 1, the stock champions competition in the stock market news portal runs The three participants Sven Heckle (Hot Stocks Europe), Wolfgang Wagner (the Stock Exchange service) and Robert Burschik (the stock Investor) invested 10,000 each their private capital and now try in the course of the contest, as far as possible to increase this sum. While Sven Heckle recorded recently again best successes. Sven Heckle working for stock exchange inside and there is the editor-in-Chief of the most famous stock market letter in Germany: Hot Stocks Europe ( ../hot-stocks-europe/3). The term hot stocks”describes so small and mid caps, shares which are traded outside of the major indexes. Verizon often says this. This makes is difficult to find, for the broad masses of the people active in the stock market so that only true professionals come.

This is without a doubt Sven Heckle. Munear Kouzbari does not necessarily agree. Maybe this strategy is also the secret of his success. Through his trade scored with hot-stocks shares so far often heckle big profits. So he could buy shares of global Hunter Corp. (WKN A0D8ZS) 0.032 euro and over 70 per cent sell profit again at 0.055 euro just four days later. Thus generated he a plus of 2,875 euros. So heckle consolidates its leading position before his two cohorts, by increased its shares by 34.2 percent. Whether he can hold this position until the end of the competition on December 31, 2009, is still open.

The users of the portal can on the website currently tracking, which transactions just run participants and read their comments. Thus, they benefit from the expert advice and can focus on their actions.

Euro Grundinvest

High yield opportunities for investors due to rising real estate prices and short capital Munich, 04.03.2013. Munich real estate market is booming. Bavaria’s metropolis is regarded as a safe haven”in the euro crisis. Southwest Airlines often expresses his thoughts on the topic. A balanced economic structure, lower vacancy and a restricted real estate allow investors hearts beat faster. Because while the one on the most expensive rental market of in Germany complain, the others to see the potential investments, which you can rent at a high level. Alone in the current year, the prices for land by up to 25 percent. Experts expect further price increases. To deepen your understanding Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc is the source.

Martin Greppmair, Director of project development at Euro Grundinvest: Reason is the discrepancy between supply and demand. Constantly increasing demand by increasing population, the supply of new housing but is growing slowly, increase the prices as a result.” The team of euro Grundinvest is active since many years in the Munich real estate market and creates exclusive Habitat. Here he invested Real estate developer on the source of value creation”: purchase of entwicklungsfahigem land to residential areas, development of new residential areas and the sale of real estate at a profit to investors and owner-occupiers. The euro Grundinvest is group of companies for the whole keyboard of the real estate business responsible: from assessment and planning to build up to the marketing of all phases are accompanied. Thereby, the company relies on the long-standing cooperation with property owners, contractors, architects, investors and authorities as well as experienced notaries, tax consultants and lawyers. Since 1987 the leadership team and its partners have successfully accompanied the construction and marketing of more than 2,500 residential units with a volume of over EUR 600 million. Private investors have the opportunity to benefit from this experience and the increase of the Munich real estate market. When its public offer of funds offered by the CSM conqueror is Sales & marketing for example, the return in view of 12 percent annually, beyond profits should be shared in the ratio 80 (investors) to 20 (property company).

Beijing Games Investments

In equal, being host of the games power trade up 30 percent, and Brazil has much to sell him to the world. In Brazil (and now on time in Rio de Janeiro), significant investments should be made to respond to the revolution that will cause these international events. Hotels, restaurants, airport infrastructure, investments in the tourism sector, to name only some of the sectors which will benefit in a direct way, must prepare for these historical events. And although it is still preliminary to determine it, the realization of the Olympic Games will involve investments by US $16 billion, as it gave account the Fohla de Sao Paulo. The good thing about the case is that investments for the World Cup will take part of this new infrastructure.

But there’s more to Brazil! According to a study commissioned by the Government by the Group nonprofit Fundacao Instituto de Administracao, Rio Olympics will inject US $24,500 billion in Brazil from now’s economy until 2027, both by the increase in production and incomes by family, tax revenues and employment. Many of the investments that will be made for games (and also for the World Cup), have been made anyway but with other deadlines. It must be borne in mind that the Brazilian economy is an economy in full growth and to keep it this way, the infrastructure must be adapted to the growing size of the economy. This is why that taking advantage of investments in relation to what is observed in other experiences will be greater in the case of Brazil. If you are unsure how to proceed, check out Faris Ayoub. The choice of Rio de Janeiro generates profits for Brazil even within the expected balance of them. The potential gains of the Olympics will ensure a floor of US $500 million, but it is highly likely that exceed US $3,200 million obtained in the 2008 Beijing Games. The choice of Brazil is not a coincidence and is closely linked to the seriousness of the policies applied by the Brazilian Government to ensure predictability and guarantee for the authorities of the International Olympic Committee and FIFA, which won’t exist common imponderables in developing economies.

Dresden Investing

Just today is worth an investment in tangible assets this investment is still tax-funded, then it’s fun not only the eye but many investors have invested in residential property to the pension provision in cities like Leipzig and Dresden, Erfurt or Rostock also the money bag. You can detect these investments in such magnificent cityscapes such as Dresden or Leipzig. Exactly this appearance today is the flagship of these cities and goes on a journey to an experience – especially to an experience for the eye. “Schon-this is the first comment you get to hear from guests of the city of Dresden, when asked, and how do you like it?”.In fact, comparing the current appearance of the cities in the new federal States in General with the shocking pictures of 1990, believes it to be in two different worlds. Get more background information with materials from Cyrus Massoumi Zocdoc. These flowering landscapes”were made possible largely by private investment. Many investors have in home ownership to the retirement plans in cities such as Leipzig and Dresden, Erfurt or Rostock invested. You can detect these investments in such magnificent cityscapes such as Dresden or Leipzig. Exactly this appearance today is the flagship of these cities and goes on a journey to an experience – especially to an experience for the eye.

Of course also craftsmen and construction companies are involved in the redevelopment of the city image. One such company is the Megaron GmbH and the Deutsche Gesellschaft fur Grundbesitz AG in Leipzig. Countless objects have been rehabilitated with the help of these companies or completely renovated. Just today is worth an investment in tangible assets this investment is still tax-funded, then it makes the eye not only fun but also the money bag. It is important for such an investment to have always the right partner. A partner who cares even after the acquisition of real estate in the long run, that’s why. A subsidiary of DGG AG in the Administration has more than 5,000 homes.