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Personal Economics

What follows is a series of articles published between 1991 and 1998 in which the author develops the concepts of home economics or home, as a tool to address the problems of daily living that have been raising in Argentina as a result of substantial, rapid and traumatic transformation that is triggering a global scale. As articles are part of the same development, there are overlaps, since in some way, the subsequent article contains for one or several of the above. They were presented to the Local Development World Congress, held in Canada in 1998. “THE RETURN OF” THE HOME “For the Graduate: Alfredo Armando Aguirre. The vast majority of grandparents and even parents who spent the forty, did not possess the education offered by secondary teachers and universities. In the best cases, complete primary and thank you: That if they were holders of a culture, we lack today, except paradoxical exceptions. They had their orchard.

Your chicken coop. They knew canning and sausage. Kneaded and cooked bread. They made and mended most of their clothing. Then came, what is known as industrial society. . People began working in factories and offices.

It was believed, and a lapse was true that wages and salaries amounted to live. Everyone had a steady job, was given almost for granted. The productions “home” were replaced by the production scale and the time where everything was homemade, it becomes nostalgia. But there was a moment that this industrial civilization (which only came to Argentina and distorted especially inside) began to falter, and this was by the early seventies: There were always voices and pioneers as Schumacher; that his book “Small is Beautiful” in 1973, showed the benefits of what would be renamed.