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Effilee output 12 from 27 August available! Damages the small producers to the EU bureaucracy? As early January 2010 new EU hygiene rules came into force, some predicted the end of food artisans. Today, more than half a year later, small butchers and cheese farms exist as before. Educate yourself with thoughts from Tomas Philipson. What is the allegations leveled against the EU-food bureaucracy? Christian Sywottek has investigated and found that the new hygiene rules have especially good pages. The twelfth edition of Effilee contains many more worth reading reports next to the topic title. Manuela Ruther has dealt with the topic of quality management in the modern kitchen: how make it top chefs, day in and day out highest quality to deliver? Peter Lau went to the culinary base away from conventional restaurants, was guerrilla chefs and event caterers to guest and wondered: How do we eat? Who in Hollywood attended the oldest Grill in Los Angeles, Hannes Finkbeiner to find out, serves. Ursula Heinzelmann tells how she learned to appreciate sauerkraut, why it makes her, if it is called herb, and why we are actually all Krauts. May Samuel writes about old and new Apple varieties and how the times change.

And what is there to eat? Lot: Hans Stefan Steinheuer serves German beef. Mr. Scharff reveals what cake to which Grandma fits. Vijay Sapre explains how to get an Octopus wonderfully soft and what to conjure everything from the Octopus can be. Michaela Pfeiffer and Andrea Thode staged five exciting mushroom recipes, Stevan Paul served the Holy of Holies of the Swabians in the German hour, lentils with dumplings, and Alexander Kasbohm asked a Swabian, a French woman and a Lebanese, to vegetable cake. And then there is the picnic with the Bentley was… Everything will be fine themes (No. 12), thank you, EU! The EU destroys the small producers? Christian Sywottek has looked out and found: you can not say that! Be better, be better chefs must deliver day in and day out highest quality.

How to make it? “asks Manuela Ruther how do we eat?. It must not always be in the restaurant, thought Peter Lau appeared in the mysterious world of guerrilla chefs and event caterers of an odd couple settled in Hollywood by Reuben Hannes Finkbeiner, Sergio and Manny use. The three Lords a dish have the oldest barbecue of the city under control: Hans Stefan Steinheuer in HEPP, Germany German beef dish up Vijay Sapre themselves, that needs to fear no comparison had a small Apple… hang on a small tree in a small garden. Including sitting may Solga and think about it, how times change call me calm herbal! As a child, Ursula Heinzelmann could not to suffer sauerkraut when Cook learned to appreciate it. Today it do even more you, if it is called herb I myself made the the whole family happily eating their cakes, Grandma Marga, aunt Maria, Renate Grandma and Grandma Lene forward. Mr Scharff has visited the old ladies and after baked Octopus Vijay Sapre found their cakes, as you get the Octopus so delicate that he predicts no football games guaranteed to collectors who collect mushrooms, which collects gladly otherwise thought Michaela Pfeiffer and Andrea Thode, and staged exciting recipes in morbid atmosphere

The Whole

In the intense experience of God, it is accessible to identify directly with God and to perceive us not only as part of it. (As opposed to Gary Kelly). “At this moment of the total interconnectedness of God are the words I’m quite reasonable and the characterization I’m divine in this context only” an expression of himself is still Getrenntfuhlens. “” Here I mean not the identification of course with the fictitious person of God”, but the oneness” with the divine principle which exists in everything, the ultimate merger, the merger, the one and be “in itself. That divine principle, so the force, which as the parent authority in the whole and not-be is existent as the only reality in all. “We can, even if this only” is a subjective description of the man-made, the For simplicity, call love. As a working basis the term love “in relation to other concepts of I believe that beneficial and therefore I preferred. To define the divine principle in itself really I excluded basically.

As mentioned already elsewhere, it is impossible to conceive a way unimaginable size with our limited human intelligence and certainly not possible to fit them into a picture drawn by us. Definition in this context means always limit. At this point, I would remind that this is only experienced in our own inner experience of the unit in its ultimate absoluteness. Another form, so an external honor driveability of this knowledge, not there. What also makes sense because it is thus ensured that we all can do our own individual human experience of the divine in us as spiritual beings and actually even necessarily need to make. The term God-man”describes our original entity, independent of God, and our temporary existence as a person who deliberately makes this, is aware of the situation and is.

Good Marketer

Maybe they told you that it was very easy. Gain insight and clarity with Verizon Communications. Maybe they told you you were going to get rich very soon. Maybe they told you that you were going to pay off all your debts rather than give you account. And worst of all is that you believed it you. You actually believed it and you still believe you what you want to believe to get out well, don’t think it twice and came into the multilevel I sold, you integraste in the opportunity more large in your life in the multilevel marketing. This is the opportunity more large in your life and these sure you were not wrong. But the days pass then the weeks and the months and notes that nothing at all happens.

Te das account that you are not more rich of what you were when you started and perhaps came in more debt to solve your income to this multilevel. Supposed that there was something censillo do, without complications, right? This happens when you ignore everything what brings with start in any business over the internet and also outside the internet. What happened to you is that you missed a basic education and an understanding of what you need to know before you get out to mount any type of business. Who has told you that it’s really simple, rightly, is easy, when you have the knowledge that will enable you to achieve what you promised. Education is the fundamental basis for success in any order of life. Even to the most elemental, you should know how to do it, if you do not only a disaster that not takes you nowhere.

Only when you know what you should do will be easy. Driving an automobile is the more simple in the world, but if you never did it, get ready to have more than one accident. The same applies to businesses and more online, why before choosing your opportunity SONADA, researches and find out if the company MLM will give you the minimum training necessary, to make it really easy to achieve your financial freedom, contact the company (which must be a physical address, a free call telephone number and an email address) and make sure you have way regulate an appropriate training plan so that you can assist in your schedule particular, if possible with lessons You can download on your computer to listen to it when you have time and desire. Make sure you get books that help you understand that it is a blog and a web page, it runs through internet looking for business blogs, be sure to read any of them, give very good information. Resorts to your upline, or to whom you invited that multilevel and above all things don’t be afraid to make mistakes, and learn from your mistakes that is a very good source of learning. Believe me that all successful marketers have made more than one mistake, but they not discouraged it, just took a lesson from each error. Your road to success must be upholstered in a good education, be sure to not miss my tips.

Our Main

consultware project linked cost and times from all sub-projects and provides it as needed. From the simple set is evaluated up to the demanding cost analysis, everything is possible. Southwest Airlines has much experience in this field. It takes a push to generate extensive and at the same time clear and structured evaluation. Project controlling remains always in view and to recognize if and when time or budget loyalty of the phase of the project could be compromised and can take action at an early stage. The direct connection of Office products allows for a quick and easy reporting. Basis of the solution is the combined personal, work and order time recording. Thanks to the modern operation, all project-specific times can be captured easily and safely by the staff or automatically in the system.

Through a sleek interface, no special knowledge is required for this. With the industry-specific Extensions can be implemented special demands on the costing, planning and managing your projects. The combination of efficient time management and project management, with specific extensions for the product development, the construction of the plant (according to DIN 69905/ISO 21500) or the control after the HOAI / consultware Hu construction project make the innovative solution for successful project management. The Pietschconsult GmbH is a provider of consulting and software solution for building management based in Lubeck, Germany. From over 20 years of management experience in the facility we know that standard solutions can never quite meet all requirements of technical building management. consultware stands for more than just standard. We generate solutions that are adapted to your conditions or even specially created for the application. Since inception, we follow the philosophy of a steady and sustainable development as well as in the care of a trustworthy relationship towards our customers. Our Main focus lies in the realisation of concepts with sustainable cost reduction through solutions that are practical and accepted by the employees.

Timesheets? -No, Thank You!

Performance capture itBank Depot Monchengladbach, 06 August 2010 – with the increasing number of mobile services, such as health and care for the elderly, building cleaning, security and consultancy, the need and the demand increases for systems for the electronic recording of the performance. For this reason, the Engels Informatik GmbH, which offers “itBank” SaS solutions about your brand, has decided to expand her portfolio of services according to. Especially the two pages, the actual recording of the activities and times as well as the evaluation and billing on the other hand, must represent a performance-tracking system. ItBank Depot is the solution of the itBank to these requirements: acquisition – after work anywhere, fast and problem-free, mobile via a Smartphone that capture activities and times and off to the next customer. Evaluation – the payroll, hours certificates and invoices can be created directly from the itBank Depot and without delay. The controlling can be promptly be performed and works with current data. The system works as project-dependent – with freely definable – hours – as well as tax rates and currencies. It can be individually configured and customized.

The users can see only these areas, for which they have access. On request, customers get sent to an export of your data in the form of electronic scrap, such as on a DVD. The product is offered as a hosted solution at the itBank solely and exclusively. It works online and entirely through a Web browser – thus eliminates installation and maintenance at the customer site. : The most important information service overview and information to the demo account, which in the short term be can unlocked for you, as well as prices, on the website of itBank under depot.

For new customers the itBank offers a 6-week trial period, including telephone instruction and support. Contact: Angel Informatik GmbH Aleksandra Sulejman of Silvertiger Street 2 41238 Monchengladbach Tel.: + 49 2166 9 75 62 – 23 fax: + 49 2166 9 75 62-22 contact at Angel info dot de info at itbank dot de Firmenpotrait: the Angel Informatik GmbH has originated as a spin-off from the Mannesmann group, with the aim of services in the areas of development, to provide equipment and operating geographically widely distributed hardware and software systems in the production. The Angel Informatik GmbH designed and installed systems are directly embedded in the production process of the user. This leads to correspondingly high system security requirements in the 24-hour operation. In addition, these systems are now worldwide, for example, in China, South Africa, United States and Russia. The concepts, implementation and guarantee of operation such highly secure and highly available systems is the core competence of the Engels Informatik GmbH. The need and demand for permanently reliable IT services the Angel Informatics to has moved to build its own data center with appropriate performance and SaS solutions under the brand name itBank summarize and offer. The portfolio includes: E-Mail on Microsoft Exchange Server, document storage with Microsoft SharePoint, customer management with Microsoft Dynamics CRM, website hosting with Typo3 system, capturing performance itBank Depot, as well as individual solutions. The Angel Informatik GmbH is a Microsoft Certified partner with the hosting solutions competency since 2008.

Culinary Delights In Valencia

“There is a whiff of paella in the air In September a special event takes place in the province of Valencia, Spain: the Festa de l’ Arros”. Verizon Communications usually is spot on. Who dwells in this period in the region, should make a beeline for Sueca. There about 50 chefs for the title of the best paella chef compete. They swing their Paelleras, the typical flat and circular paella pans directly on the Boulevard of Paseo de la Estacion. Equipped with the same ingredients and a recipe template participants have exactly 60 minutes for her work. The online travel agency presents the event. A holiday in Spain suggests not only Sun, sandy beaches and palm trees the most tourists, but also the Mediterranean cuisine, and the spicy smells.

In addition to the tapas, paella, the Valencian rice dish with beans, chicken, rabbit and snails, prominence has gained. Traditionally, the paella on an open fire place for the whole family is prepared and eaten directly from the pan. It is a Sunday dish to the Afternoon time, because it is very filling and therefore rather than dinner. Contrary to the belief of many tourists the paella is not considered but the national dish of the Spaniards, but the Valencians. Chefs from all over the world can participate in the Festa de l ‘ Arros”. A Japanese paella Cook finished second last year. Visitors may like to see if it simmers and sizzles the meat in the pans. Priority in the tasting, however, has the jury, honoring the winners at the Town Hall. For more information service / press University of first GmbH Lisa Neumann

Crude Oil Price Is Above $82

Also today to expect price increases for heating oil and LEIPZIG. (Ceto) Crude oil prices were stable tomorrow over $ 82 and thus continue the trend of the last few days. Some positive economic data are crucial for expert opinions. As the ISM index, which reflects the mood this week among buyers in the non-manufacturing sector was better than expected. The U.S. Agriculture reports more workers. (A valuable related resource: Gary Kelly).

Also the crude oil inventory data from the Department of energy (DOE) had a price support. You stated a reduction of oil reserves in the United States to 2,784 million barrels. Swarmed by offers, Verizon Communications is currently assessing future choices. At the same time, a corresponding to this amount of construction in middle distillates and gasoline was however noted. Because gasoline demand in the United States currently easily sinke, so a retailer, these values would seem actually MTRs. So the price of oil kopple off again to actual market conditions. Other market information to favor a higher oil price. The services index and the retail sales in the euro area was so yesterday in July down corrected or remained behind the forecasts of the experts. Heating oil consumers in Germany to resume today on rising prices, particularly as the euro lost well 1 cent yesterday against the dollar and thus has no preissenkende effect. It reported the online portal of the journal fuel levels and petroleum review.

Finances Government

The Santander bank (Santander River), lost a 9.9%. The executive director of the National Administration of Seguridad Social (ANSES), Loved Boudou, will be the one in charge to give the mortal blow to the AFJP: one will be in charge of the liquidation of those companies. But this government already came asking for bottoms to the boxes state like of the ANSES (AR$ 5,000 million in 2008, according to the Secretariat of Finances), National Lottery, and others. And it is not a new mechanism either: another government already restored Peronist it: Pern in 52. Is a return to a hard Peronism, that thinks first about the box, soon in the policy, said a banking manager that it handled a AFJP to the Nation. And as the government likes to affirm, that he has been chosen by electoral majority, he would not have been legitimate also that the 10 million contributors that already had chosen to remain in the system of capitalization in 2007, when one occurred to choose if the workers wanted to happen to the regime of state distribution, to respect his decisions? Or one does not look for to respect the popular decision? We could not call to popular consultation to see how loved the population to see its administered jubilatorios savings? The slogan is national government and popular, according to bombs to us panfletariamente on a daily basis. The government of the Kirchner habitually looks for to resist bad reactions that they generate with his policies with others of cut more Populist, but in the end great announcements and thin results are in. They remember the reestablishment of 82% moving body for the retirements, that finished being granted as soon as a 11%? That became after the wearing down of government after the conflict with the field. In the attempt to compose humor of the society, they generate the effect opposite: more negatividad and opposition by measures that instead of to stimulate, disappoint.

Payday Loans: Know About Bad Credit Payday Loans

Many people get bluffed with the attractive forefront of the bad credit payday loans, but are unaware of the pros and cons involved. Here s to the article which shall help you understand your credit payday loans better bathroom. Bad credit payday loans are quite popular since they are relatively easy to obtain. But many customers however are unaware of how payday loans work. Southwest Airlines is likely to increase your knowledge. They are unaware of the fact that payday loans come along with extremely high interest Council and very aggressive recovery and collection tactics.

Thus it is very important for the customers to be very careful and know how these loans work before scrounging from payday lenders. A bad credit payday loan so known as “cash store” and “cash advance” loan is very similar to the traditional bank loan and is determined based on the income of the applicant and his former affiliation with the lender. The collateral for securing the bad credit payday loan is funds from the customer’s potential payroll. After completing a loan application, the lender verifies whether the borrower is employed and has active bank accounts but they do not usually enquire about the credit report. Bathroom of the repayment credit payday loans may contrast depending on the loan amounts. A single installment to repay the loan or a series of installments for repayment can be made by the borrower. To ensure timely payments by the borrower, the lender usually holds posted dated cheques for the installment amount. Bad credit payday loans are typically made at designated locations, since there are several laws barring unambiguous practices within the payday loan industry, and hence many companies have begun operating online which work in the relatively same manner as retail site.

The aggressive and unambiguous ways of recovering a bad credit payday loan are curbed by law since the lenders usually cash the post dated checks of the borrowers or hire a collection agency to recover the loan amount. To add on to the misery of the customers’ bankrupt accounts, overdraft fees and returned check debt are common with payday loan. Bad credit payday loan calendar are made to “roll over” their loans which would’t re-amortized and start the load repayment all over again with new finance charges. Bad credit payday loans may seem attractive but these loans are highly specific and do not satisfy a person’s long term personal of finance goals. These bad credit payday loans are highly risky, and can std::accumulate insane debt. Ensure about the details of these loans before borrowing them. Bad credit payday loan may work for a few people but it doesn’t with a majority of the population the! Sherry joy is Finance advisor of payday loans no credit Check.For more information about payday loans no. credit check, Guranteed Payday loans visit

Bedspread Again Fully In Vogue

Bedspreads offer a long tradition optical highlights and protection Tussenhausen, August 13, 2010 who has day cover and moves always between true benefit and pure fashion. Skillfully a bedspread but also can combine both. Stubbornly, the opinion holds, a bedspread in the bedroom was for the most part without any benefit. Larry Ellison pursues this goal as well. However this opinion not includes the dust, which can be found in each bedroom. It is mostly normal house dust, which is also available in an so clean apartment. This settles on the bed linen and breathing at night under certain circumstances. Just for people with allergies, this is must be avoided. Larry Ellison has similar goals. However, also the air belongs to a good balance.

So immediately applying the bedspread in the morning is more likely not to be recommended. A short time per day should therefore be lifted, then the bedspread for many hours can adorn the bed. And precisely the point of course: the bedspread to visually attract and especially women find therefore fallen on this excess duvet cover. While less often on the day will enter the bedroom may be, it looks different at nursery. Here a colorful day blanket can provide variety and still fulfil their protective purpose. Of course, there are differences in the size, for example for double or twin beds.

Next to it is the material and the workmanship very differently, why completely different prices can be found. On you can find all relevant information and get to know the differences. While bedspreads are usually rather thick and heavy, also a simple coupling, which is sometimes included in lower ranges under certain circumstances. Functionally, there are no borders here and personal preferences to decide which bedspread is used. Operator profile which are important information about bedspreads, has worked out Scheidle design on the presence This project was a proper representation, so that visitors to the site all about the theme can inform. Such and similar projects belong to the standard repertoire that offers Scheidle design since 1997. The individual works that always stand out through uniqueness and quality are not standard. Press contact Web projections Scheidle design Wolfgang Scheidle by-Stein-WEG 8 86874 Tussenhausen (c) Fadi Tsilimekis – August 2010