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Executive Office Furniture

Only one seat head says a lot, because a really solid leather armchair manager is able to create an instant impression in the right business partners and customers. Do not forget about what the general look separate chair? We may have bought you all the necessary furniture in the office. Moscow – the region where the sale of office furniture by well-known manufacturers of us directly with your office sklada.Esli looks boring, you want to revive it by adding a bright touch to the interior. At least one of the situations described above about you? Then welcome to our store office furniture – furniture suite! Our range of products – more than 100 000 items: chairs, tables and accessories. Office furniture wholesale and retail online Mebelux.RU – sales executive offices, desks, chairs, furniture operations of domestic and European manufacturers, the manufacture of office furniture to order. Shop Online. attractive but not flashy – or will not aide in staff is a hindrance. Office desks, chairs, chairs for staff, located in our catalog, fully meet these requirements. Retail and wholesale of office furniture for the staff carried us on favorable conditions for you, offering additional services.

Flights Are Available Now

Did you know that the first flights in 1914 came to the United States and cost $ 5 – a one-day earnings of American workers? For that amount of people carrying a small airplane across the bay 20 miles wide, cutting their way twice. Held out a couple of months, the venture went bankrupt. Germans seized the initiative in 1919 by organizing regular flights, which initially were also unprofitable, but because of the importance of the case the carrier received a grant from state. And the first airline to offer different levels of service, is considered to be Britain's Imperial Airways. In 1927, the passengers of "London – Paris" were the choice of first class tickets cost 9, second-class ticket – 7 pounds and does not include a steward.

Stewardesses in those days was not, the stewards helped passengers to climb and descend the ladder, and in-flight provided first aid. The largest passenger aircraft in those days was a Junkers 34 passenger. Part of the seats for passengers standing in the compartments in the wings with large side windows that give a panoramic view. Sitting in the cabin did not have such a review, and flights to these places cost less. The dramatic shift in cost of flight began in the late 1930s, when Pan American started to operate regular flights across the ocean.

A ticket for this flight was a few people can afford, but the same company pioneered the policy of mass air travel. Price reduction tickets almost doubled and the introduction of "tourist class" at first caused a boycott of the airline, but it soon became a tourist class on flights commonplace almost all companies. Now a passenger aircraft is part of ten most successful businesses of the XX century, surpassing in popularity the railroad. Comfort and accessibility of air travel has undergone fundamental progress. Cheap airline tickets can now be done from anywhere in the world, not leaving the house. Managers of the services will pave the route, given the transplant, the interface with other transport modes and your wishes about the cost of travel. Time to get rid of ordinary passengers from having to stand in line and pay exorbitant prices for exotic travel; everyone will find the appropriate rate and level of service.

Image Projects

In our post-modern age where the concept of style is very arbitrary, and sometimes tradition is not immediately be distinguished from innovation, it is necessary to mobilize all their experience and creativity to a high art has not lost Honored status. It is also important to ensure a decent advance samples of his work so that people have the opportunity to appreciate them and buy their favorite thing. The company "Meyti-group", professionally engaged in image project and has extensive experience of works of varying degrees of complexity, offers assistance in developing the site and corporate identity in St. Petersburg. The site is a ideal opportunity to create a full showcase your products and remote demonstrations, especially when you consider that your business is based just attract the attention of many visitors from all over the world.

An important aspect of image maintenance business is the availability of the brand. We invite you to create an effective brand that will be perceived by consumers as a separate product category and will clearly identify your product by selecting it from the other. In addition, an excellent means of forming the image of the company is to create a colorful printed products. Specialists of "Meyti-group" will assist you in creating high-quality printing with the original design, which favorably distinguish you from your competitors.


The suitcase is assembled, tickets in hand, traveling certificate in his pocket … Where to stay in a strange city, so it is comfortable, convenient, not in the suburbs, and thus meet the limit for now opredelennnoe Accommodation? It's no secret that the crisis most companies have cut travel expenses. Went under the knife representational costs, reduced the limit on the cost of hotel accommodation, reduced by the amount of travel. In most cases no longer pay for hotel rooms in the hotels. As a result, finding a decent hotel and meet with a limit has been nearly impossible.

In order not to pay extra for a trip out of pocket, you can use another option. Apartments for rent was a good alternative to hotels. Advantages of daily rent apartments are obvious. First, the rent is much cheaper hotel room. Luxury flats are 5-7 times cheaper than the suites in hotels.

And the number of facilities in apartments, hotel rooms are inferior. Second, the price does not depend on the number of residents. If you come three You can live in two room apartment, while you do not pay for each bed-space as a hotel, and pay only for the apartment. In addition, there is no need to pay extra for guests. Third, in an apartment, you have the opportunity to cook himself, and thus save on coffee shops and bars. In addition, many of us eat in the catering is not only bad for the wallet, but also for our health. Fourth, most of the apartments located in the center the city than can boast only a very expensive apartments. You will live close to jobs, cultural attractions. Fifth, the booking of apartments free. You will not be faced with a dilemma – book or not (as reservation does not apply to business travel expenses), and do not worry about the night at the station. Booking serviced apartments – for free. Apartments for rent in Syktyvkar and in any other city in Russia is gaining in popularity. In the idea about most, apartments for rent is somewhat informal. However, firms providing such services will provide you with all the supporting documents that you can attach to an advance report on a business trip. Everyone who often goes on business trips, smelling of tobacco familiar numbers, constant requests for a broken electric … And in an apartment you feel like home, there is everything: appliances, kitchen, TV and DVD, all that work effectively and have a good rest, even away from home. Hotels have long ceased to be the only option for placement in foreign city. A good alternative to them has become apartments for rent. For less money you will receive a greater level of comfort. That's why so many people prefer hotels – apartments for rent.