Flights Are Available Now

Did you know that the first flights in 1914 came to the United States and cost $ 5 – a one-day earnings of American workers? For that amount of people carrying a small airplane across the bay 20 miles wide, cutting their way twice. Held out a couple of months, the venture went bankrupt. Germans seized the initiative in 1919 by organizing regular flights, which initially were also unprofitable, but because of the importance of the case the carrier received a grant from state. And the first airline to offer different levels of service, is considered to be Britain's Imperial Airways. In 1927, the passengers of "London – Paris" were the choice of first class tickets cost 9, second-class ticket – 7 pounds and does not include a steward.

Stewardesses in those days was not, the stewards helped passengers to climb and descend the ladder, and in-flight provided first aid. The largest passenger aircraft in those days was a Junkers 34 passenger. Part of the seats for passengers standing in the compartments in the wings with large side windows that give a panoramic view. Sitting in the cabin did not have such a review, and flights to these places cost less. The dramatic shift in cost of flight began in the late 1930s, when Pan American started to operate regular flights across the ocean.

A ticket for this flight was a few people can afford, but the same company pioneered the policy of mass air travel. Price reduction tickets almost doubled and the introduction of "tourist class" at first caused a boycott of the airline, but it soon became a tourist class on flights commonplace almost all companies. Now a passenger aircraft is part of ten most successful businesses of the XX century, surpassing in popularity the railroad. Comfort and accessibility of air travel has undergone fundamental progress. Cheap airline tickets can now be done from anywhere in the world, not leaving the house. Managers of the services will pave the route, given the transplant, the interface with other transport modes and your wishes about the cost of travel. Time to get rid of ordinary passengers from having to stand in line and pay exorbitant prices for exotic travel; everyone will find the appropriate rate and level of service.

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