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In Puertollano

They reviewed many books and a few pages written by another philosopher named Hegel, were light. "The reconciliation between adults and children can not occur in reality, but in an ideal world. "That's the answer I wanted. Our scholar sentenced. Peter assumed he had to grow up to be ready to make their dreams a reality. The sage took leave of him agreeing that henceforth would be required to use his talents to children. 2 – EL RINCON PARK.

In Puertollano, a town in Spain, a few years ago, there was a small zoo in the Park corner, with animals kept in small cages. The most emblematic and admired by all was a cute chimpanzee, the Mona of Pocitas. He had no spouse or offspring, he was always alone, sad, oblivious to the stares, but permanently present in the hearts of children. One day came the empty cage with the door open. The children were devastated and our scientist realized that was the time to get Peter to work.

The expedition landed on the shores of Neverland had installed a phone line with a green terminal which operated in front of Bell. She was responsible for its maintenance and care. One day it sounded like tone, the melody of Offenbach's Barcarolle, which was agreed for times special, and our fairy immediately gave warning to Peter. -Peter, I believe the thing requires your intervention. Welcomes the headset! When the call ended, Peter enthusiastically ordered Bell to be ready to travel immediately.