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Intact Internet Services Acquires FlyGREEN

Intact expanded the brand intact travel Internet services with the purchase of the Internet portal offers for sustainable air travel. Berlin, 22.12.09 – that intact is known to have acquired to December 1, 2009 the flight booking engine Internet Services GmbH & co. KG, developer and operator of various tourism Internet portals. FlyGREEN was developed with the aim of taking flight bookings only in combination with a donation in suitable climate protection projects and also to familiarize flight interested with alternative means of transport. Dr.

Toralf Kahlert, Managing Director of intact describes the step Internet services: “a speciality provider for active travel, nature trips and group tours providing pure flight never stood up for us in the foreground. However, it is important to provide mainly regular customers with a complete travel offer for us. The overall concept and, in particular, the sustainable approach by flyGREEN we liked it especially, which is why we have chosen for a purchase. With the operation and the upcoming development of flyGREEN the self-developed platform will lead over intact over the medium term intact fly ( Internet services in the newly acquired technology. In the long term, the internationalization and thus step by step operation European target markets are planned.

The intact Internet Services GmbH & co. KG is Internet solution provider. In addition to the development of appropriate software, issues around design, content management and portal operations processed in addition. In this context Internet services has made itself intact a name since 1996 as an operator of tourist websites such as, or. Intact, Internet services is a company of the intact Group ( Contact: Intact Internet Services GmbH & co. KG Ludger Wagner Bartningallee 27 10557 Berlin 030 20616488-8 press contact: Pumacy technologies AG Claudia Philipp Liebknecht Street 24 06406 Bernburg 03471 346390

Pharmacy Services AG

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