Mexican Magnate Carlos Slim

Cuban revolutionary leader Fidel Castro described as an intelligent man to Mexican magnate Carlos Slim, the employer of the planet, according to Forbes magazine’s richest. The former Cuban President alluded to Slim in a wide column on the Mexican opposition leader Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador posted on Thursday 12 August, 2010 on the official website Despite being the richest of all, with a fortune that exceeds $ 60 billion, is an intelligent man who knows all the secrets of the bags and mechanisms of the capitalist system, he wrote. Slim owns an empire of telecommunications that extends from United States to Argentina. It is also a major shareholder of the New York Times.

I always visited when I went to Mexico and once visited me in Cuba. He gave me a TV more modern then that I kept in my house until recently, barely a year, Castro recalled. It did not do so with intent to bribe me. Not I asked him never nor favour, He added. Do castro, who will be 84 years old on Friday, devoted his column to comment on 2012 and the book the mafia who won in Mexico?, Lopez Obrador.It is a brave and irrefutable complaint against the mafia that gripped Mexico, said the Cuban leader. Castro regretted, however, that the book denounced not to the United States as the source of the drug violence that shakes Mexico, nor address the problem of climate change or the danger of a nuclear war imminent if, as he believes, United States and Israel will attack Iran. However, Lopez Obrador will be the person’s moral and political of Mexico more authority when the (capitalist) system will collapse, and with it, the Empire, wrote. By Leonel Morales.

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