Fund System

This behavior seemed strange to me the seller and, as it later turned out, not in vain. In the analysis of motivation and training of staff has learned that the system of awarding a one-sided, only the total premium fund, without considering the personal contribution of every employee in an increase in sales. This has led to disgruntled employees, reduced employee motivation and reduced the overall amount of money earned. Weakly Motivated sellers (like my counterpart) have tried to sit behind the counter or in stock, sometimes neglecting customers who are in the hall. When working with a client interested sellers to the events was low, workers tried as quickly as possible “to push the client.” In agreement with the management of a network of salon was designed system correct incentives for workers, in which the variable portion of employee compensation divided by the “General” and “personal” part. And she and the other awards were calculated based on the performance and over-fulfillment of the plan delivered to all staff and this particular salon employee. Immediately after the announcement of the new system encourage some employees (including the young lady serving me) have left because they disagreed with the set conditions. As expected, the overall profit even in the passenger compartment to reduce the number of staff has increased: the remaining members began to work harder, boychee.

It should be noted that as a result of the new system of awarding personal gross income are active sellers in the next two months increased by an average of 10-15 percent. 10 simple steps to create an effective system of incentives for staff 1.Sozdayte their “rules” under which you will implement a system of stimulation of workers. K “Laws of the Game” include: monthly sales plans (in the piece and quantitative monetary terms), algorithms for operations during the sales, work the cash register, receiving the goods, refund and exchange of goods, canned reply by telephone and Other schemes of service processes that are amenable to a clear description. 2.Razdelite “game rules” in order of importance of compliance. What is more important to observe this rule, the greater the penalty for his failure to follow. For example, coming to work drunk should be punished harder and tougher than a retreat from that adopted in the company uniform. 3.Obyavite “Rules of the Game” for all workers.

Bring your “rules” before employees can be written in as annexes to the job description of staff or orally, in training, meetings, and personal shopping or cabin. 4.Dovedite to employees the amount of sanctions or the gift for violation of the “Laws of the Game”, which after previous step are common. 5.Dovedite to staff the frequency of sanctions and distribution of prizes by dividing the stock and punishment for disposable and reusable, as well as specifying how to change your actions when re- violations of the “Rules” 6.Ne forget to bring to the staff can change the “rules” unilaterally on your initiative (and how do you plan to increase sales or introduce new restrictions?) 7.Sozdayte Fund encourage employees salons (shops), select some money to fulfill their promises 8.So their part constantly and monotonously follow you installed the same “rules of the game”, so staff was to be someone 9.Primenyaya promotion or punishment, bring to all staff, on what basis you made any decision. Be sure to explain any of the items of the general “rules” have been broken. 10.I MOST IMPORTANT: DIFFERENTIAL walk to the distribution of rewards and punishments!

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