Mc Gregor

3.0 – Motivacionais theories All the companies want to have optimum possible result in the branch in which they act, they best look for to be always searching the points weak to be able to fortify them, and one of the factors that more worry is the man power human being. The frequent questions are: How to make with that the individual carries through its tasks with devotion? What it influences this individua to practise an action? You vary theories motivacionais approach this questions of as and because the people exert an action to reach an objective and the concepts that make to carry through them, such as, will, dream, effort, among others. & ldquo; As some researchers had taken a vision global and others had adopted a more specific perspective, situacional, it is difficult to create a total including project to simplify the study of motivao.& rdquo; (BOWDITCH; BUONO, 2002, p.39) Some theories that we will see in this work are only small samples of the innumerable boardings in the area administrative, dividing in more specific research and more complex research with the one vision all. According to Arnaldo Mazzei Walnut (2007, p.141) & ldquo; In the field of the administration, the theories most important summarize it the theory of the hierarchy of the necessities of Maslow; the theory of the two factors; theories X and Y of Mc Gregor& rdquo;. Following the order of the citation of Arnaldo M. Walnut, we tell one brief description on these theories. 3.1 – Theory of the hierarchy of the necessities of Maslow Maslow Props a pyramid of necessities human beings where would start the base of the pyramid with the necessities most primitive and would arrive ties the top with the auto-accomplishment necessities. In which the order would be established in the way to follow: Physiological necessities and of survival; Necessity of security; Social necessity; Necessities of esteem and I sanction; Necessities of auto-accomplishment.

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