Social Investment

1.1 Nature of the Projects of Investment As we indicated, the investment projects have two defined directions good, first they are the strictly economic projects of nature investment, and second it is that they own a social character net. We see its concepts: 1.1.1 Economic project of Investment It is that one project of investment where the central objective is to demonstrate to its economic yield – financier and technical and economic justification, leaving in background the probable social benefit (this aspect this taken much importance by the strong environmental exigency). In other words, the yield and justification are based on verifying that in the market a real demand of or or the proposed service exists to take place or that in any case to demonstrate that the market is in capacity to respond before a product and/or totally new or nonexistent service. In both situations must be understood that the true and effective demand is able to assume the anticipated price of or or the service that the project generates. The economic projects of investment, generally are caused by the deprived companies of industrial, mining, commercial type and of services and, also by companies of the State. 1.1.2 Project of Social Investment This type of projects is characterized to look for the social benefit, that the beneficiaries are the population of low economic resources. Said of another form, the social nature of an investment project, settles down when the price or leaves from the same are assumed by the community, by means of systems differentials of tariffs, taxes, subsidies, among others. These projects are because oriented normally to sectors like the education, house, health, agrarian development, citizen security, development of the micro and small companies, etc. where the S-state the main promoter and executor, but also it they can promote organizations like the NGO for charity.

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