In addition, these services will be very relevant, if your guests are not oriented in a big city or not speak Russian. In this case, you should only specify where to meet your guest and to what address to deliver it. Contact our company and any problems associated with moving through the city you do not darken. You can contact us at phone or send a request directly from our website, then you will contact our operator and confirm the order. If you order us a taxi service to the VIP you protect yourself from moving around the city with heavy luggage on public transport which is very tiring, especially affecting when you eat at the airport or train station for a rest, or go back to him. brothers and our operator will confirm the order.

tsya us by phone or place an order directly on our site, and then with you, but keep in mind that many companies VIP taxi service is the name of a purely nominal, in other words, in fact it may be limited only by calling a taxi to the address, and the included services can end. Of course, the car will be comfortable, but what if you have heavy luggage and tired after a long road, but more services are not provided. Today, many companies include VIP service Taxi additional options, such as aid the driver in the delivery of luggage. If you are looking for full VIP taxi service, then you've come to the right place. Contact our company, we answer all your issues relating to prices and tariffs, and will render services to the VIP taxi at a high level. After all, enjoyable to navigate through the bustling city, in inclement weather, lying in a comfortable car, which can be safely snack or sip a drink.

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