The Difference Between Second Hand And Classic Silver Jewelry!

Silver jewelry as an investment – the modernity counts! Silver jewelry – cheap, easily manufactured in Asia and on the international market? The range of jewellery made of silver is unmanageably large if one assumes from the material. A disadvantage? Not only: Silver erlaubt(e) the manufacture of jewelry pieces that are affordable. The material offered and offers possibilities for designers and creatives, which form and portability are more at heart than the material value of a piece of jewellery. Criteria such as designers, manufacturers, quality and appearance for silver jewelry become the decisive factor, they increase the value of a piece of silver jewelry often beyond its pure material value. You can see in the last century, especially the Scandinavian countries through their creative jewelry designers stand out. Quite a few of them were not “only” silversmiths, but sculptors, painters, architects, or came from other creative sectors such as the glass design or interior design. Of course was also in Germany, Benelux, or vglw. the United States (American modernism) produced time-typical silver jewelry, Scandinavian jewelry but characterised by their Nordic clarity and consistency in the design.

Identifiable by their stamp and brands the Nordic jewellery can write too well. Creative contemporary design, modern design and craftsmanship had thus become objects silver piece of jewelry. Not only the unique, best used in the so-called midcentury of. 20th century emerged, but also the semi industrial or industrially manufactured pieces of ‘ 50s up ‘ 70s a stir. To heute…es the term “Collector jewelry” was formed, which includes all of the objects from the jewelry sector, which are collectable, this includes the classic silver jewellery from the middle of the last century also and preferably (in addition to the jewelry, the so-called “costume jewelry”). Searched and collected especially the object – jewels with Plexiglas a Bjorn Weckstrom be sculptor and one Finnish the co-founder of the jewelry company Lapponia, committed to the so-called artist jewelry today. Plexiglas instead of valuable gems – the artistic character of the silver jewellery here receives the appropriate support.

But also the anatomically adapted chokers of Swedish Vivianna Torun Bulow-Hube objects of desire, here the silver in its softness is emphasized and resigns almost behind the form. The no-name thing from the mass production can be so no! Professional galleries for you’re looking for silver jewelry pieces have become – as well as it collectors and collectors for the fancy cufflinks a Henning Koppel from Denmark or of chokers and bracelets by bent + Anni Knudsen, also Danish, is willing, for their classic jewelry, so he also worn and used may be a reasonable price to pay. Worn and used? Yes. Silver Gets a patina, which makes only lovable to some piece of jewellery by wearing. And some things will appear the real collector or the collector Silver piece of jewelry by his age and his use only authentic. Of course, no damage or repairs performed poorly must be present.

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