Latin Americans

Moreover, for Carr the war was a necessary tool and that it happens due to a structural anarchy. Morgenthau the same demonstrated feeling that Carr, however the same had a peculiarity that it was antagonizava of the ideals of Carr, where it said that the prudence was a virtue in the politics and that the relations politics were a constant fight for the power. These last authors the power was the focus to guarantee a unit politics and to have a small parcel of the control in the politics of the world. In Brazil, what it is perceived currently is a search for allies with the purpose to get investments for the Country and the same reveals to ambitious person for more autonomy and power of voice. Without doubts, necessary Brazil to grow more in social factors as: education, health, infrastructure. Although the Country to present these difficulties, perceives the international recognition in factors as the exportation, where in the last year Brazil surpassed Canada, in the scope to export agricultural products in the world.

Recently, the Brazilians had had a typical example of international relations, the coming of Obama for the Country beyond having caused tumult, increased the bows and reaffirmed economic partnerships, investments. The interest in being allies is common to the two countries, therefore to each day Brazil if presents innovator in power plants, fuel production and discoveries of sources in the layer of the Daily pay Salt. Evidently, an interest of the United States in getting profits with these investments exists; using the realistic theory for this interpretation, the Country looks allies to get more world-wide power. later inside of a certain time, will not be surprise the Latin Americans will witness possible ' ' war poltica' '. Valley to point out that Brazil is considered as a regional power, therefore presents great economic influence of the South America, being its born rivals Argentina and Chile.

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