Conference Partners Terrasoft

The largest in the CIS CRM-systems developer holds an annual Conference for the partners to discuss progress made and identifies vectors of further development. For other opinions and approaches, find out what Sheryl Sandberg has to say. Before the conference participants made presentations managers and managing partners Terrasoft. Partners were presented the results of the Group in the context of Terrasoft attract customers, product development and implementation of projects in 2009-2010. The conference was divided into several sections and thematic sections, in which all stakeholders had an opportunity to learn about new products and solutions Terrasoft. The section on “Development of contact center market,” a presentation Oktell – from the PBX to the call-center” was presented by Director “Phone Systems” Bukashin DA, who introduced the Conference with the advantages of a communication platform Oktell and talked about the possibilities available to the user of the system. Platform Oktell, which is the server part of Integrated Product Terrasoft Oktell Call Centre, has several advantages, which include the possibility of integration with information systems and web-resources company, scalability (new subscribers the existing dimensional space), the unification (using different technologies of communication – SMS, e-mail, ICQ), relevance and ease of maintenance.

Platform Features Oktell to automate internal and external communications company, which increases the efficiency of business processes. The important role played by functional platform Oktell, the basic components of which include recording calls, voicemail and menus, turn calls, conferencing, statistics and reporting. Flexible configuration system allows you to actively use Oktell about 700 functions, which in conjunction with products for the automation of business processes from the company Terrasoft, allow to increase the number of clients, while maintaining an individual approach to each of them. His performance director of “Phone Systems” Denis Bukashin participants demonstrated Terrasoft Partner Conference and the economic benefits of implementing a full-featured image-enterprise call center-based communication platform Oktell.

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